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 S_E d00ds (DONE-ISH)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: S_E d00ds (DONE-ISH)   Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:00 am

Song: Throwdown - By: Fox Stevenson

Not Totally Powerless Human Template
Basic Information

• Name: 神娘 - Kamiko - 桝目 - Masume
• Titles: A Legitimate Genius
• Age: 19
• Gender: Female
• Affiliation/Rank: Shier Technologies, Inc. / CEO & Founder of Shier Technologies, Inc.

• Appearance Description:
Height: 5'2 ft
Weight: 101lbs
Kamiko tends to have few common features with her own self. Confusing, right? Well, the reason stems from the fact that she's constantly changing her 'look'. One minute, she might had stylish clothes fit of a noble lady, the next she'll have green hair and a hoodie on. Her natural feminine expertise allows for complete facial remodeling through the use of make-up. Combine that with a few light-bending and even photon-generating patents she has created, and how she looks is ever-changing. It has gotten to the point that her very own upper-management staff lack knowledge on her original appearance. The only thing certain is her youthful age.

There are a few common looks she prefers, some being closer to what she actually looks like. Of those looks, a natural oriental appearance is a favourite. Combine it with her European heritage, and a rather attractive look is conjured. Naturally, in this form, her hair is--sometimes--let down in full length, pitch black in colour. This easily contrasts her almost always soft-white skin, something that seemingly fails to hold any imperfections on it, whether it be acne, moles or any of the such.

Following this look is the accompaniment of generally warm clothing. At times, she'll even wear a scar and full-on coat, as if she was extremely cold. From it, one might deduce that she lives or is used to cold areas; on the other hand, some have even taken the assumption that she prefers being extremely warm, as she has even dressed in this manner in mid-summer. Quite the peculiar girl, but most of the time it doesn't take away from her genius.

A few accessories seem to be a constant, as headphones are the norm on Kamiko. In fact, she may even simply rest them on her neck and shoulders, if anything wearing them as a fashion statement. In reality, those headphones often serve a major purpose, something later to be discussed as we get down to what technologies she utilises.

Now to get to some specifics. Her natural eye colour is actually blue, but contacts easily change this. Oddly enough, she's been seen to actually develop bursts of iris-change, even with contacts on. What generates this is unknown, but its often the result of a rise in emotion. The colours changed into often vary with no discernible pattern.

Her European looks give her a sharp nose, but the oriental blood within her diminishes the sight of a bridge. For the most part, its petite and thin, failing to have any drop or distinguishable features, aside from its unnaturally blessed form. Despite being one of the easy body parts to manipulate in appearance via not only technology or plastic surgery--something Kamiko has never done, in fact--but through the use of make-up, her nose is actually something rarely changed throughout her random 'image-changes'.

The lips on her face are easily manipulated in appearance through lipstick, make-up and general presentation, but this is also something rarely changed. Generally, she doesn't even need to put on lipstick or lip-gloss--generally anything of that sort. Instead, she usually only puts on chap-stick to keep them from drying out. Reason being is that her lips are already pretty incredible. They possess a natural pink-beige shade, contrasting well against her fair skin. Combine the fact that they're also soft and thin, and there's little reason to manipulate their look in the first place.

One of the few defining features that fails to change is Kamiko's eyes. Inheriting her European father's look, her eyes are wide, crowned well by a subtle indent from her eye sockets. Kamiko's bone doesn't protrude too far out, her eyebrows resting directly on it. With that, much of the 'white-part' of her eyes are shown, causing focus on her deep blue irises that simply pop out from her face. Of course, there's the frequent change of coloured contacts, but generally choosing deep or bright colours, it all remains the same nonetheless.

What often accompanies her seemingly 'flawless' face--despite her random bouts of desire to change it--there are in fact a few things that put it out of place, not to say that they're bad. For one, her facial structure is ovular, but the base of her jawline is a tad broad. Now, this does tend to go along with her overall look rather well, but with her changing appearances every so often, sometimes her jaw structure seems to actually go against her change in look. This is often manipulated through make-up, but sometimes she'll be required to take a step further and use technology to manipulate her look and make it seem fitting overall.

The jawline is not the only quirk that can stand out from her, though it is one of the very few. Something else that tends to be less-appealing is her ears. While they aren't anything like unnaturally big or weirdly small, a far less noticeable quirk exists on the side of her head. While an open earlobe is often desired, often going well with more extravagant earrings, Kamiko's is an attached earlobe. Now, this doesn't pose any problems whatsoever, and hardly manners, but its still something that doesn't always fit the 'perfection' look. Though, considering she's never undergone surgery for a permanent change, its understandable why Kamiko has yet to manipulate the state of her earlobes. Besides, they're just earlobes--who really cares?



• Personality: Being incredibly Random is easily Kamiko's defining factor. She proves to be entirely random and thereby nigh-impossible to predict. She truly does what she wants at essentially all times, giving little care and putting only a small amount of thought in what she does. The result is sporadic behavior filled with random moments and actions. Suffice to say, she's a wild and hard to control gal, and unexpected is one of the few words that comes to mind.

Seeing as how what makes Kamiko who she is requires randomness to the extreme, the only sensible thing to be coupled with such a trait is a lack of judgement and attraction to actions without sense. With such a combo of traits, one could easily see that she's in a constant state of frolicking madness with a worrisome absence of attentiveness to time, place and appropriateness.

Now, common sense is a tricky subject with Kamiko. While she's quite definitely lacking in such a subject, its not to say that she's completely without it. In fact, its accurate to say that she applies common sense only in certain situations. In terms of the setting, common sense doesn't come into play, but when it concerns her well-being or desire, common sense suddenly plays a factor.

For example, in a state of danger and imminent doom, common sense might make a guest appearance from nowhere and warn Kamiko that the road she's headed down leads to plenty of flags popping up. On the other hand, she might not heed these words of her sub-conscience echoing throughout her mind, something semi-expected considering her wild and untamed behavior. In a way, one might see Kamiko to not put much seriousness and consideration into living 'life'.

Needless to say, Kamiko puts herself foremost. Self-centered and narcissistic is one way to put it, but its not as if she holds herself in the highest regard. Arrogance isn't necessarily something she possesses, though the importance of preservation for her is quite definitely a factor in her actions. More or less, while Kamiko isn't crazy-about herself in terms of self-love or placing herself as a god amongst all, its more of a need to put herself before others--as in, before she could even begin to care and handle other's well-being, her very own comes first.

Take all these traits of hers, and you get one final characteristic which should have been expected: a loud exterior and soft inner-personality. Considering she puts herself first and foremost, not actually praising herself but rather seeing to it that her own welfare is sought out before she does so for others, humble is something that she could loosely be labeled with. Her extent and boundaries are very apparent to others and herself, and while she may present herself to not give a damn about them and go along with whatever she felt like, this may be a front to protect her own self. In a way, she's determined to push herself to the limits and live without reserve or worry, in hopes that a satisfying life was something she could say she had.

A very apparent trait of Kamiko's is her joking manner. Constantly, she'll throw out jokes that sometimes don't even sound cohesive, and is more than likely funny only to her. Now, most of this is attributed to her self-awareness in terms of OOCness, but that only occurs in random moments where the things she is aware of has no significance whatsoever. For the most part, she might only throw out a idiotic joke that makes everyone think she's crazy, when in reality it might be funny to the people who also had the occasional bout of self-awareness as her.

By now one might think Kamiko was some spunky, hyper girl that ran around like a puppy with the littlest of cohesive and sensible actions committed. Wrong. While her brain certainly operates in a similar manner, her exterior seems far more subtle. In fact, for the most part, she might even be considered a calm person. Of course, this doesn't note everything just stated, but in a shoddy way, it fits.

One would have to take into consideration how Kamiko expresses the wildness that is herself. Certainly, given the chance, she'd take a chocolate chip cookie even if the depths of hell was where she was, and the situation at the time was totally unfitting and would have deemed such an act, by far, inappropriate. But, as one might have assumed, Kamiko wouldn't giddily run towards the cookie and dramatically grab it in a totally hectic manner. Instead, she'd more or less calmly gun for it, and what she might say would clearly express this, such as "Don't mind me, I'll just take a cookie." Calm and totally unfitting of her, right? Still just as wrong.

By saying this, her intentions are quite clear, and she's still just as random--the only difference is that she wasn't as energetic as one might assume. Sure, she's loud and ridiculously annoying, but all that is paired with a straight face, or composed exterior--which simply adds to her craziness. Her actions rarely fit with her expression, and while she may shout things out or wave around in the oddest manners, she'd do all that with an indifferent expression--most of the time. Combining her serious demeanor and spastic personality, and one will find that few things phase Kamiko--in most cases, she'd either find interest in something or brush it off completely.

All in all, Kamiko is a weird mesh of several quirks and traits all fitted together in one body, some of them almost seemingly contradicting each other. But that's simply who she is, and while the details cover a broad spectrum without going too far into detail, there's not too much more to what makes the prodigal genius of Shier Technologies--something else which has actually affected and shaped her personality. Contributing to her composure despite the odd and totally unreasonable set of actions she would prefer to take is the fact that, despite her young age, she runs a powerful company, simply adding suite to the forming of her 'business expression'.

Human Traits

• Human Capacities:

On-Par Intellect: Contrary to her current standings in the business world, Kamiko doesn't actually possess any sort of special intellect. Far from it, really. While today's geniuses are proclaimed as such with enough brains to process complex mathematical formulas within an instant, Kamiko is content with and functions at a far more average level. In fact, she's not too different from what a normal human is capable of. Left to her own devices, she would generally need a piece of paper to write down long division, and sometimes slows down when calculating 3 digit addition equations. Now, for the most part its not THAT hard, but not something she can do instantly like many people these days are capable of.

Instead, she has something more along the lines of common sense and deductive abilities. In terms of common sense, this applies more to a logical aspect. When faced with difficult problems and situations, while she doesn't have the capacity to look at something and be able to calculate how long it'll take to get to that point in space while taking into account gravity, acceleration and her personal max-speed--nothing along the lines of that nonsense. Instead, she'd take a logical guess based on memory of previous situations, such as how fast she's run before and apply an estimation from that knowledge.

Now, such a thing is applicable in different situations, but suffice to say, its simple logic that comes into effect. This includes several differentiating occasions. For example, what if someone was to give her a riddle? Well, she'd basically work off of what she already knew and take some sort of leap, but most often with some ground to work off of. If she needed to figure out the height of a specific giraffe, it's not like she'd go from using an estimated guess to measuring the hypothetical height by tomato-height. A wild and odd example, but true nonetheless. If anything, she'd take a look into her memory banks and take a look at what she could remember on what the average height of a girraffe was, and try to visually compare that image to the specific giraffe she was looking at during that moment.

Okay so in terms of deduction, rather than just logic? Well, in most cases the two go hand in hand. She uses logic to deduce a rationalised theory, and using that deduction she gets herself to another conclusion with some logic to it. The two aspects of her intellect often coincide, and for obvious reason. But her intelligence goes somewhat further than that.

A part of what has enabled her to be labeled 'prodigious' is her memory. While its not actually anything special, like someone with eidetic or photographic memory, Kamiko actually uses a method to retain all the knowledge she intakes. Instead, what she does is visualise everything she's grasping through her five senses in her head, and sort of documents them and puts them into a visualised folder, leading to her reason for saying "lemme search the archives" or "I'll see what I have in my memory banks". Obviously, its because her memory really is actually organised in such a manner. As such, while she doesn't actually possess unlimited access to her memories, she applies a technique to force access into what's been recorded through her senses. Unfortunately, this seems to work rather poorly with illusions, as they would be recorded as her memories, but such a talent also gives way to destroying an illusion. Archiving what her senses remembers also allows her to go back and see something she missed, such as inconsistencies with an illusion and how reality should have played out.

Motor Skills: The messages sent from her brain to her muscles are uncanny, leading to extraordinary results of reflexes and reaction time. Now, Kamiko hasn't taken anything to a supernatural level, but her intellect--while not providing anything substantial and significant in comparison to the gift of other 'hyperintellectual beings'--is still something that has kept her on par with others rightfully labeled 'prodigies' and 'geniuses'. Part of this intellect is applied into processing skills.

Now, these 'processing skills' have innumerable effects and advantages, but an equal amount of disadvantages. For one, her processing skills allow her to take in everything far faster than most other people, widely contributing to the effectiveness of her 'memory' technique, seeing as how she could go into the archives of her mind and pull out the memory of what she war 15 years ago before someone finished saying 'good day'; but this isn't all her processing skills do.

For the most part, they are also applicable to movement and action, adding to what others have commented to be 'unreal reaction time'. Through processing all the information around her at an incredible rate, Kamiko may effectively react to countless things, even acting upon several dozens of different actions occurring at once, all involving her. With that, she'd be capable of taking into account each event and act accordingly.

Now, while it sounds all dandy to be able to perceive the action of someone pulling a trigger and react to it before the finger finished its pull, it also adds a rather annoying effect. Processing information at a faster rate corresponds with time. For Kamiko, time appears to be going at a slower ratio than for most anyone else. Add into it her archiving everything she takes in through her senses into her mind, and it feels like she's lived twice her age by now. This doesn't only contribute to a bored feeling she often has, but any other emotion seemingly extended in all its duration. While this includes good feelings such as happiness, joy and love, this also means that she experiences fear, hatred and angst for a seemingly longer time than everyone else.

All in all, while her reaction time and reflexes are on a godly level, that also means life is far less fun in real time.

Hyperactivity: Due to her capacity to process everything faster--inherently meaning she perceives time slower than most anyone else--a hyper attitude would naturally follow. Given that everything for her moves far slower than for everyone else, it'd only be natural that a mental and physical stamina would be up to par. Considering processing is a matter of the mind, her physical endurance is nothing impressive, but the stress her mind can be put under far exceeds the vast majority of the world(s). It's to the point where most anything thrown at her is pretty much a joke, only attributing to her 'prodigious' nature and constantly joking manner.

There's few things out there that she can't take, but Kamiko still is only human. There's quite possibly a breaking point, even though it has yet to be reached--though, as she's yet to reach such a point, Kamiko's still under the impression that there isn't anything beyond what she may handle. At the same time, this would cause her to have a confident and unrelenting nature, adding to a physically hyperactive exterior.

Given that she 'thinks' there's little that she can't take on, naturally the placebo effect would put her body into the same state. At this point, her body is actually capable of keeping up with her train of thought and rapid thinking, causing it to have above-average capacity, including heightened strength, agility and overall durability--especially durability. But, what stands out amongst all her physical traits is speed.

The defining factor in her processing skills is the slowing of time. As such, to keep from trying to move faster than she really can, Kamiko's had to train her body to the point where it could keep up with her reflexes. Now, it isn't necessarily to say she consciously did this and actually went out to focus on training her body to this point; rather, her speed built up as a natural occurrence in reaction to her faster processing rate. Now, this is actually the only thing that can actually compete with what people seem to call 'supernatural', aside from her mental endurance.

For whatever reason--something unknown at this point--Kamiko's speed has gone beyond what a human was capable of. Unfortunately, this isn't to say that she has the ability to race a jet and win; oddly enough, her supernatural speed is only applicable in bursts. Physical endurance--while she has plenty enough to keep up with her mentality and unnatural speed--is something Kamiko is actually lacking in. To manage with such limitations, on a subconscious level her body has set itself to only be able to achieve its law-defying level in bursts.

Now, to what extent is this 'law-defying level' even? Just as it says: law-defying. When Kamiko is moving through her bursts of speed, it truly is as if she teleports. Oddly enough, a boom fails to occur, but a speedometre would clearly show that she's not going under the speed of sound. In fact, it really does seem as if she's teleporting, as things which calculate speed would simply show 'zero', in whatever scale they use. Now, at that point people really would assume she could 'teleport', but its quite clear that is not the case. Through her own experimentation, Kamiko has challenged her speed and proven that teleportation was not an ability of her's.

This was done by setting up a force-measuring tool, in which Kamiko bursted forward and punched. With such an action, no doubt her entire hand was completely shattered, but the force generated from such an attack clearly showed an unimaginable level of force, proving that there was indeed travel occurring throughout the space. Now, whatever this entitled, it clearly disproved a notion such as teleportation. All there is left to assume is simply that "Kamiko travels through space instantly". Nothing more, nothing less.

Martial Arts: Okay, something totally unsuitable to the brain child super-scientist that is Kamiko Masume--but it was precisely because of that, Kamiko has found it not only a necessity, but a useful tool to have learned Martial Arts. First, what has Martial Arts done to her body, something fundamental when one learns such a skill set?

Firstly, the actual state of her body. It's already been made aware that her body can undergo high speeds, so obviously her flesh is tough as is. To go to such a speed that its nearly akin to teleportation--in short distances of course--one would need one hell of a body to resist the forces that would more than likely tear apart an average being. Now, add onto the fact that its been trained by martial arts, and you get one hell of a trooper.

So, among the wide array of martial arts out in the world, which ones does she have under her belt, and to what extent?
  • Tae Kwon Doe: This is an extremely useful style that plays a big part in Kamiko's preferred usage of self-defence. Given that Tae Kwon Doe focuses around the lower body and an offensive style, her personality and natural body type fits well with the Korean martial art. Furthermore, its focus on speed is more than cooperative with the things Kamiko is already capable of. Therefore, despite not being at such a level officially, its safe to assume she would be on par with some 4th degrees--when using Tae Kwon Doe purely. Not only that, but her talent in Tae Kwon Doe has carried over in her mastery over other forms and sub-styles of the martial art. As a result, she's also aware of one of the lesser known forms, "Renewal Tae Kwon Doe". As such, just with this alone her ability to protect herself is outstanding.
  • Wing Chun: Something else which fits Kamiko overwhelmingly well. This art focuses on the combination of offense and defense simultaneously. The close quarters style is ideal for Kamiko, who can close distances between her and the opponent instantly in most cases. Not only that, but by combining offense and defense in a series of movements based around only three types of hand-movements with assorted combinations in tandem with less-focused footwork--something that tae kwon doe covers easily--keeps the distance between herself and the opponent to a minimum, consistently allowing for an upper-body onslaught. As a result, its not surprising that she could fight evenly with a Yellow Sash (lowest rank in the highest level).
  • Muay Thai: The last martial art in Kamiko's arsenal. The Eight Limb martial art seems to combine and link her talents in Wing Chun and Tae Kwon Doe, encompassing all the limbs in their movements. By now its been made clear that Kamiko is a striking type of opponent, excelling in very close quarters, and is keen on keeping it that way. Muay Thai only adds to her capability to not only maintain such a close-quarters situation, but also to increase the sharpness of her techniques.

So, based on these statistics, its quite clear that Kamiko is more than capable of fighting with highly experienced fighters through the use of her martial arts. But what exactly does that grant her?

Well first off, a very disciplined and in control body. While she herself isn't quite the 'in-control' type of person--at least, in terms of her own psyche, given her sporadic and spotty personality--Kamiko's body control is at an amazing level. Whatever she demands of her body to do, the signal from her brain to her body is practically instant, with little over a minuscule fraction of a nanosecond corresponding. This only further attests to her reaction time and reflexes, clearly empowered by training her body. As they say, a healthy body allows for a healthy mind, and the brain is her favorite body part.

Practicing martial arts also requires conditioning, and as a result, in addition to Kamiko's "hyperactive" trait, she seems to possess an 'above-average' endurance. To be able to keep her speed up as well as perform martial arts at her level with actual prowess, a high level of endurance is undoubtedly necessary. This is only furthered by its natural ability to keep up with her mind, and is effectively strengthened as a whole.

Now, technically speaking those are the three and only martial arts Kamiko has learned. Using each and every style individually would be pretty damn odd, right? Plus, as aforementioned, the styles easily cover each other's weakness with the support of Muay Thai combining the other two--therefore, why simply keep it there? Why not join the three to form its own capabilities? Well, such an obvious thought came to be the conclusion of Kamiko's expertise with martial arts. From what she's gathered, a new style was born: BlahBlahBlahHuhk.

No, seriously, that's what she named it. Kamiko, given the type of person she is, didn't put too much effort into using a style unique to her, that she isn't even aware of yet. For her, meshing the three martial arts sorta just happened, and isn't something consciously done--more of muscle memory interacting with itself to combine small quirks in each style's movements to have an entirely unique one come to existence. A few moves that seemingly defy what physics and biology entails are possible through the combination of these martial arts and Kamiko's own unique finesse.

  • To be created--will add over time

Swordsmanship: Paired along with the hand-to-hand combat is also fundamental knowledge in swordsmanship. Now, considering she already knows a great deal in other martial arts, Kamiko felt little need into going too far into Swordsmanship and its more detailed and advanced properties, for the most part only doing things on a whim.

Of course, now we get to the different styles she knows. As aforementioned, Kamiko hasn't put a great deal of effort into going indepth and learning from these sword styles--instead, while knowing the fundamentals only, she goes on to improvise and let her body instinctively control the weapons in hand as if they were an extension of herself.

  • Kenjutsu: Of course, one might expect kendo to be something Kamiko has dabbled in. That isn't wrong, per se, but when looking into the famed sword art, she felt dissatisfied with simply learning Kendo in its current form. Instead, she wanted to go further and extract the true martial art within Kendo that made samurais so deadly--Kenjutsu. Now, Kamiko only knows a few more extravagant techniques in Kenjutsu, having pristine knowledge only over the basics and the forms. The rest, she uses through instinct.
  • Fencing: Reaching into her European roots, Kamiko has learned the basics of fencing. While just as precise as Kendo in its movements, the two styles use different weapons, just as Wing Chun and Taekowndoe focus on two different body parts. This generally results in her movements showing fewer weak points, as the two styles cover each other.

At that point, Kamiko found it adequate that she knew fencing and kenjutsu, both styles reaching into her ancestry. With that, similarly to her prowess in hand-to-hand combat, she combines the two styles to form her own form of fighting, based around animistic instinctive movements, where kendo and fencing movements are used subconsciously as they've been ingrained into her body as muscle memory. Just as Martial Arts, this has provided her with some unreal techniques as a result.

  • to be created

No Spiritual Awareness: Kamiko is through and through a 'nigh-powerless human'. She generates no significant spiritual energy, and barely retains the ability to see spirits and otherworldy beings. Simply put, she's not especially spiritual. Of course, this is made up for through technology, but without said technology, she is incapable of too much through her own abilities.

• Equipment/Weapons:

Enhanced Contacts: This is one of Kamiko's vital inventions that has been through consistent use, and has been produced in the masses as one of the company's owned patents. For the most part, they have some pretty standard uses, such as giving the person the ability to see spiritual beings, or even something as trivial as enhanced eyesight and zoom, up to 20x the magnifications. Naturally, Kamiko's personal contacts are far better, something only for her personal usage.

These contacts obviously have far higher specs than the company's mass-produced items. In terms of magnification, even 200x isn't an exaggeration. But magnification isn't the only betterment in these special contacts. While seeing supernatural beings is also a function, actual visualisation of energies are something these contacts produce. With this, Kamiko's even capable of fading in latent reishi in the air, though her vision might be clouded as a result. Without such clouding, however, the detail one would see through these contacts would be crystal clear, enhancing even normal vision.

These contacts don't simply have individual functions, however. Kamiko's personal ones are linked up to the IA which manages her home, the entire company and the laboratory. As such, all the information it possesses can be sent through and visually analyzed via the contacts.

Hearing Aid: Kamiko's nothing along the lines of the hearing impaired. Rather, this hearing aid serves similar purpose to her contacts. While this patent is also mass produced by the company, just as expected, she possesses special ones. The common originals allow for enhanced hearing and recordings, also allowing for the user to hear spiritual beings.

Kamiko's on the other hand enables a more intense range of noises, making her capable of hearing noises only animals might hear, as well as acute sensing. For the most part, she doesn't need to manually manage the hearing aid as the IA she developed takes care of the majority of the work for her, doing as she mentally commands.

Transfer Item: Something Kamiko made for the sake of convenience--a concept she's very accustomed to. This item is quite literally a 2in box in height, width and thickness, and has an actual clip that can attach to her belt. Through the help of the IA, it calculates the surroundings and parametres, finds an empty space--unless Kamiko has already specified one, such as in her hand--and transfers an item from her lab into the designated space.

All this really acts as is a teleporter for items from her lab to her person. This item works in reverse, and as something also connected to the IA system, Kamiko can simply command it to transport items from her current location into the lab.

not done yet, ignore while grading for now:

Background History

• Background: Nearing the turn of the 24th century was the birth of a super-genius to an unknown family somewhere in Japan. Now, nobody would actually recognise her full intellect until she came to visit the outside world. Living in a small town, just barely adequately protected from the forces of 'evil' such as hollows and demons running amok, Kamiko Masume, the supposed 'super-genius' who was yet to actually discover just how smart she was, desired nothing more than to create something in the hopes of protecting her family and the friends around her. The town was populated by a minimal few, causing there to be even fewer people with 'abilities' to have been born in that town. A majority of them at least had spiritual awareness, but those with any extraordinary power usually left the town and never came back.

On the other hand, there was Kamiko--someone without any spiritual awareness at all, born in a solemn town with an overall terrible environment; and despite all of that, she had an optimistic outlook--or rather, an ambitious view. The conditions around her were of little concern, and instead she simply looked to the future, in which happiness would be easier to reach.

One of the most popular sites to Kamiko was the nearby metal-dump, surprisingly located very nearby. With such a thing within range, and gears running throughout her untapped mind, only innovation and imagination could--and would--run free. The result was several odd shapes, constructed from the metal scraps she would pick up from the dump, formed into something else with other metal scraps. Eventually, the local metalworksmen would take notice to her interest in the scraps, thinking it viable for her to become some sort of blacksmith. Unfortunately for them, that wasn't the type of metalwork Kamiko was interested.

Around the age of 6, drifters passed by this town of Kamiko's, and before departing from their stop into the lonely town in which she lived, one of the drifters had left quite a few belongings behind--not on purpose, of course. Kamiko, a smart girl with a curious side, was instantly drawn to these items, playing around and fiddling with them. While some were simply odd and seemingly useless, others would light up, make sounds and have noticeable functions. The items in question? Technology.

In these moments, a love for those things that lit up, made noise and did all sorts of things was formed. Kamiko took initiative, and with her skills in metalwork, opened these contraptions to look on their insides. Using the local metalworksmen's shops, she would attempt to replicated these items with corresponding metals that--according to the metalworksmen--acted similarly to what was within the items. From this, Kamiko had unknowingly performed reverse engineering, and despite her lack of formal knowledge in the subject, she had begun to become aware to what she was doing.

Quite a few people began to take notice, and before long, her parents--ones whom wished a better life for their child--saved up money and sent her along to take formal lessons in the big city of Karakura. While the circumstances made it difficult, the technological aptitude Kamiko presented was overwhelming and turned the tide in her favour.

For the most part, she would be on her own, living in a boarding-school lifestyle. She dormed with other children of high intellect, but it was here that Kamiko would notice just how different she was from the other children. Anything the teachers said, she grasped on the first try and replicated to perfection. In a school raising geniuses, Kamiko herself was already a prodigy--she would compare to even some beings with actual hyperintellect, beings with the capacity to calculate equations on a computer-level--Kamiko, on the other hand, seemed to possess a far different type of intellect, and from that, she had exceeded far beyond the others.

Taking individual programs and courses within the school, Kamiko completed the highest level curriculum of the school within a year of joining--this was a school that encompassed all three levels of school. She had pretty much graduated from 12 years of school in the span of 1. This had obviously gathered press.

Pretty soon, the 9 year old Kamiko was on her way to a college, and one of the best in Karakura--the city which had some of the highest rated schools worldwide--and for obvious reason. Going in to study for technology and engineering, it was long before she graduated from there as well, at the mere age of 12--two years early, and nine of the most difficult courses available. By the time she turned 15, she was elligible for a PhD via an accelerated program for child geniuses--something she blew through at double the rate of the other prodigies.

As a result, several connections were established, and Kamiko, who had such inexplicable talent, had already begun designing her own inventions, completing over 200 functioning patents before hitting the age of 16. With such a level of intellect, and the rights of adulthood already in reach, the ample usage of her connections started the renown electronics company, Shier Technologies, Incorporated.

Kamiko, having taken a few courses in business and management, stood at the spearhead of the company as CEO--with fame already encompassing her, the business widely grew to be one of the top technologies companies worldwide. And the ridiculously famous teen Tycoon? Her fame only accelerated, reaches into media as not only a major business figure but a normal teen-star.

Now, Kamiko Masume stands as one of the most well known beings of Earth's society, even having innovations in several fields of physics, biology and chemistry, aside from the main focus of her company.



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This post also is reserved for add-ons and shits for this character. It'll be very useful for Kamiko especially @all the inventions she uses that I intend to add on to the character.



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Moving this to the unchecked.

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« Application Checklist »

• Alright, Here’s Whats Up •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [o]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

  • Comments/Notes: Well someone who can percieve things in slow motion, and nearly teleport short distances (A shunpo of some sort) cannot be considered a powerless person in my book. Someone who perceives time in a slower fashion isn't going to acceptable. Enhanced reactions is one thing, slowing down time(I understand it's not a literal slowing of time) is another. Especially for a powerless human with no spiritual awareness.
    Besides that, personality and history all checks out!
  • Tier:6-0 when fixed

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Lord of the Understream

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Fixed by making her a "Not Totally Powerless Human".

EDIT: Actually, sorry to say but can you archive this app. I've already decided that for the time being, she's not going to go anywhere. Sorry to make you go through the grading of it D: Though, at least it won't go to total waste, as I may be reactivating her in the future.



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Archiving as per request.

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S_E d00ds (DONE-ISH)
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