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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Stagnation [Frost/Shizuo Private]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Stagnation [Frost/Shizuo Private]   Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:45 am

In the light of hueco mundo’s moon, a single entity was illuminated. Walking the grounds of las-noche’s with silent steps. Not a hollow obviously due to her inert lack of a hollow hole, but strange and certainly not shinigami or human due to the devilish look in her eyes. Demonica nightfang had come to the remote corners of the shadow-fall empire, seeking rumors of a girl in their fold which had grown increasingly powerful over the duration of the war in Australia, attaining new heights and becoming a legend in her own respects. Even in the Remote regions of the demon world from where Demonica had been after that war, she could still hear the name over and over. “Rose Mischevang” the word which had been rare originally had become increasingly widely known over the past few months. So Demonica had come here to the depths of a territory which was originally totally non-existant in shadow-fall, or rather the original Sin-Falls Hiarchy. The, infinite and vast land with a silver restless moon.

Its so dark here . . I wonder if they use lighting or not..” Demonica thought, her eyes slowly shifting allowing her piercing red gaze to slowly adjust to the moons slight backlight. While she would have giggled slowly; Tottering around one of the sentries around las-noche’s. This would cause quite the stir as she would begin to be chased through the compound. Weaving and skidding on the sands kicking up plumes of dust behind her before she would have kicked up , using the sand as a front and appeared to have vanished to the guards. However she had in fact launched herself over the main building, landing on its roof with a light thud which would echo through the compound quite nicely, despite her petite frame and diminutive stature. The Black Kings Reddened gaze shifting around as she would have laid back, taking a deep relaxed breath of fresh air while the guards had been still running amok down below , undoubtedly confused beyond what their little primitive brains could actually handle.

With Her Gaze then casting upwards, she had been then gazing into the depths of the moon , without much of an interest in stars, of celestial bodies or any of that mumbo-jumbo. Merely she was killing time until the big fish she had come here in hopes of having a lovely conversation with, took notice and decided hopefully to make a grand appearance. Not that it really mattered to the one known both as the black king, and her name Demonica, but she did prefer not to have made a trip out to this particular place for no reason. Just being outside of the earth, and her natural demon habitat made her feel all itchy, the energy in the air felt different as it was filtered out by her sealed states traits, hollow reishi being slightly different in nature then a shinigami’s or natural spiritual particles amassing in the world along side many other energies, was what she had become used too. In this place, where there was only vast endless sand, and a singular ominous type of lonely feeling energy , made her feel like she wanted to punch something , destroy something and forget her own problems, even if for but a moment.

”I wonder, when these creatures look up at the moon, do they feel the pain of being alone, nomadic and wandering. Not knowing when they will be eaten, or the next meal they might eat. Not knowing if that meal turns out to be their comrades who give their lives willingly to let their brethren live on. I wonder if they even in this system created for self perfection, ever feel the remorse, of a creature that is always bound to the cruel fate of taking lives to live, without wanting to. “ Demonica would think, letting her mind wander as she felt the rash irritability leave her system purged in an instant by the calming silence of this lonely and vast fascinating place. Her eyes partially closed as she slightly smiled while resting against her demon barrier, not wanting to wreck the building she was laying on with her unsightly body. Pausing to think, pausing to take a moment to be human. Demonica raised her left hand up above her eyes and face so it was sillouetted by the moonlight which shown from above. She would part her lips and say to no one in particular.

“..Do they mind That what ever they touch may eventually be killed by that touch? Or do they see it as a necessity for survival.. Not that it really matters to me..”

Demonica would Amend herself and her ramblings at the end, peacefully laying there and allowing her eyes to shift across the blank sky. Her hair moving restlessly in the breeze while she waited , slightly listening to the running of the guards which probably wouldn’t be able to find her from the amount of brains they seemed to have shown themselves to possess thus far. Which was why now she just waited to see if this trip wouldn’t be a total bust after all.

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Stagnation [Frost/Shizuo Private]
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