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 Kururai Osamerukami-Asthavon [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kururai Osamerukami-Asthavon [WIP]   Sun Aug 17, 2014 9:38 pm


» Name: Kururai Osamerukami-Asthavon
» Titles:
» Age: 19
» Gender: Referred to with male pronouns
» Affiliation/Rank: Shadow Fall/Banshee


» Personality: Originally, Kururai's personality started out as a blank slate, no doubt attributed by the fact that he lacked any communication with any being aside from the conscience the Nether. In light of this, there's little doubt that his personality would have yet to be revealed--or at least, lacked development. Well, over the course of his journeys outside the Nether, meeting new people and reacting to them, his characteristics and quirks have been brought to light; furthermore, following the events of his physical transformation, along with the philosophies imparted upon him, while a few unique quirks have stayed true to the young boy, the majority of what encompasses who he is has been changed.

The most noticeable change in his persona is the calm demeanor he now sports. As opposed to before, where Kururai was a bit less mature and quick to react to whatever someone was doing, the kid's now grown up a little bit. He takes things in far easier than before, often even retaining a poker face of sorts and showing little facial reaction to the things that occur before him, even in more outlandish situations. In the case of something going beyond what he can take in? Well, for the most part he probably won't facial react to it and still retain a straight face, but he'll certainly call out the oddity without hesitation.

After becoming a new being, Kururai has also become a bit more verbally honest with himself. In a sense, he's truer to his feelings now, and shows little hesitation in expressing his thoughts--verbally, in the least. If, for example, something was to catch his interest, it wouldn't be a hidden fact that he would have suddenly been intrigued, and he wouldn't attempt to hide that feeling, nor would he resist acting upon it. While not entirely impulsive, as he still is capable of putting thought into his actions and prevent himself from doing something entirely idiotic, its a frequent occurrence of his to do whatever he pleased without much reserve, lest the situation called for it and he recognised such a fact.

Okay, so contradicting a bit here, while Kururai is honest with himself, this wouldn't necessarily mean that the boy was willing to be honest to others. Along with his poker face is the ability to withhold information and just as easily lie. In fact, a deceptive nature is something of his forte, and while there haven't been many opportunities in which such a characteristic would be apparent, that wouldn't mean this wasn't a defining factor in what made up his personality. Generally, he would show a blank reacting in the face of something occurring, whatever it may be. Well, being able to apply thought into his actions, there's no reason for him to not fake a reaction--and, to be honest, he's become rather adept at it.

Enabling a proper mixture of these traits--which often seem to be a bit reliant on his ability to think and process things--isn't necessarily a hyper-intellect, but the innate talent to take in information and process it quickly and accurately. This was shown when he was being tortured by Inami Asthavon--as unfortunate as it was, he was able to feel every slight turn and tug of the threads that flowed through his body, easily and accurately processing this information sent to his mind cleanly. It is at this point, it's rather easily said that while he doesn't have anything to the point of a beefy brain, Kururai has--whether it being recently developed or inherit--the capacity to take in everything, process it and think about it. While this can often be an advantage, it was clearly shown during the gaining of demonic body that such a talent is far from disadvantageous as well.

Seriousness is a term oddly used with Kururai, in two ways. In terms of physically, several might state that Kururai seemed to be a serious person, while others who've stayed by him for a long enough period might say that he abundantly lacked a serious outlook. Technically, both are true. Kururai processes things and takes the in seriously, while his reaction to it might not be serious. It's easier said that he can be mature about situations and react accordingly, but during the process, he'll often make odd remarks or uncalled for actions (As presented OOC-wise in the Xat, where upon being crushed by Nemain, he applied lotion to a spot he released a blast of energy on, while at the same time charging up another attack--so yes, serious, while not serious at the same time).

Among other things, Kururai has been shown to have a curious side, even when the times it comes into play isn't as blatant as some of his other characteristics. Things that provide information beyond his control, his current understandings and knowledge, and most anything that is, one way or another, 'interesting', tends to draw in the boy. Though, considering his now more composed manner, he might go about it in different ways, and expressing this trait--while it might seem more oftne used--is likely to be treated in a more cautious approach, whether he's aware of it or not.

Something which others might seem to think of Kururai is an obnoxious overtone. As a result of some of his other traits, the boy frequently joins in on business not of his own, or inserts himself into situations that he was never invited to. While those are just some examples of how and why he was labeled as a relatively annoying being, the overall comments he expresses tends to be the leading factor in why he's often thought to be so insufferable.

Aside from these attributes, Kururai presents a few more traits that tend to be revealed in different states of mind. For one, the boy retains many of his natural hollow instincts and quirks. Among those is an insatiable hunger for hollow-matter. Even as a Visera Demonio, he still finds it metaphorically irresistible to taste the flowing power of a hollow's flesh in his mouth. Beforehand, he was actually only interested in the gaining of strength via consumption of hollows; however, this interest has turned into a legitimate preference of food choice. Not only is it an inherit trait of many hollows who are on their way to evolution, but this feeling seems to be attributed by Inami's own tendency to eat the creatures--an act actually presented to Kururai upon their first meeting.

This bloodlust is not only for Hollows, however. Kururai has in fact a natural and general bloodlust, or rather an innate desire for combat and the spilling of blood--almost as if he were a scarlet-seeking monster. With this, it's not infrequent to see him really enjoying a fight in the process, even when he himself is one of the losing parties amidst the combat. This is frequently shown through a wide and crazy grin streaking his face.

One of the most common emotional states one might've seen Kururai in during the past was an angry fit of rage. Currently, he's plenty more docile and calm, but there are still times where his patience and anger might be tested and pushed to the brink. In the rare case that this DOES happen, a general animistic sort of act might arise. It's not uncommon for Kururai to go into a ballistic and indiscriminate mode of attack, as he's generally blinded by most things and connects closer to his primal instinct as a hollow, releasing the majority of his intelligence and becoming almost completely reliant on instinct and impulse.

Far from a rare sight, Kururai might also be one to instigate things--frequently, in terms of combat. This is an applicable trait in many situations for the hybrid boy; generally one might see him taunting others to do something in his advantage or into whatever he wants, essentially adding to what might build him up to be one silver-tongued bastard (a name in whose conception was contributed by his ease with facades).

Demon Alter's Psych
During Kururai's transition into a Visera Demonio, throughout the process of Inami Asthavon transforming his body, a sort of demonic alter came with it and arose--enough so that Kururai took notice and actually had a mental battle for control over the body. As such, somewhere within him, there is an alternate psych and its own personality traits. Luckily, throughout the process Kururai instantly suppressed this psych before it could even reveal its inherit personality.


» History
Taken from his other app:

[Begin the Journey]
Since leaving the Nether and going into the real world, Kururai has gone on many journeys, one of his first being in the Wastelands of Earth--the reason to having such a destination being the first was that it was an accident. The true aim in mind? Kururai had intended to land in Hueco Mundo, but it was quite clear how that went. Although, the confusion would be necessary, considering the Wastelands were an arrancar/hollow and demon hotspot, and the only definite difference would likely have been the density of the reishi in the air. Nevertheless, there he was, his first stop landing him in the middle of nowhere; and to make matters worse, he was surrounded by Hollows. Kururai, being the resourceful person, took this misfortune and turned it into an advantageous opportunity. These hollows, albeit seemingly hostile, would serve as a metre to gauge his strength, as well as train Kururai to become stronger than he previously was, no matter how little the margin grew--and that margin was expected to be relatively significant, when two arrancar and a powerful vizard entered the scene.

Now, one might question, exactly why did Kururai desire strength? While it'd be easily said that it was simply a goal in mind, without much back-story to it, the human-bodied hollow did in fact have a reason as to why he'd place growth in strength as a goal. Initially, it was in hopes of giving the Nether what he had promised it: a purpose. But, as he traveled the realms and met new people, whether Kururai was aware of it or not, the reason he desired power shifted into something akin to--but not quite--revenge. The desire to receive closure for what had happened during his conception--and, at the least, this goal would still give the Nether the temporary purpose of aiding the boy in his journey.

[The Start of Something]
After coming to the wastelands, Kururai traveled to Europe, the earthly territory of those that created him. What did he do in this continent? Well, from what he would recall, only two significant occurrences happened there--first, he met someone who seemed to be able to bypass his acute sensing, something never done before. He had a brief conversation with the creature in question, seeming to be a boy not too far off from his own age. In the end, Kururai left the scene, with hopes of meeting the creature once more--a hopeful sign of friendship for the future, perhaps?

[Nothing to Do]
From meeting Dotte, the creature, Kururai found himself in the midst of London, a central hotspot for demons on Earth. It was here that the desire for power in the hopes of revenge was more clearly established, when going to what could be considered his second-homeland in sense triggered an inner rage within the artificial hollow. Suffice to say, it was displayed here that he was more than dissatisfied with what had occurred.

[Zombie Massacre]
A few more miniature excursions would happen, with Kururai visiting Japan and confronting hoardes of zombies as well as a number of interesting characters throughout that visit. It was here that Kururai had also reached a milestone in developing his powers. Here, he had forged a new energy sword, different from the norm. Alongside this new gain was a handful of techniques to be utilised, from ranged attacked which he never had before, to something covering a wide area.

[Already Back Again]
Following the battle against the undead was what would be a relatively chance meeting. Visiting the Wastelands once more, in what would seem to be a purposeful journey, Kururai battled a lone hollow--unfortunately, this resulted with the true body of the hollow--the mask and mask alone--attaching itself to the boy and seeping on the dimensional energy his body produced, while leaving him with an arrancar-esque appearance, as well as a hollow signature being fed off from him. To make matters worse, he was not alone during this time.



» Shometsu-Ken Name: 龍土 翼 - Ryu-do Tsubasa (Winged Dragon-Path)

» Shometsu-Ken Appearances: In

» Shometsu-Ken Release: (What do you say to release your Shometsu-Ken?)


Energy Levels:
Dimensional Energy: Who would Kururai be without his trademark Dimensional Energy? As his history dictates, Kururai has taken reigns of the Nether and withholds absolute control of the dimension, and therefore its energy. As such, while within the Nether, for the most part it's almost as if his energy is limitless, considering he can simply manipulate the energy around him as opposed to that which flows through him. Naturally, he'll eventually tire out, but it's safe to assume that--given the fact that he lived in those conditions for 19 straight years, doing nothing but practice bending the world around him to his will--the time in which his endurance fails him within the Nether is far beyond any time 'soon'.

So, within the Nether it's been established that Kururai has nigh-limitless levels of Dimensional Energy. What about outside it, though? In realms like Earth, Demon World, Hueco Mundo and all that jazz? Well, first we'll have to get into what constitutes Dimensional Energy, and how Kururai is able to use it in places aside from the Nether.

The whole process is actually a rather simple one. Kururai's body acts as a gateway between the Nether and the realm he's present in. Through him, the two realms are forcefully and eternally linked--at least, until the gate, which is his body, is destroyed. Considering he's a gateway, all it is is energy flowing from one dimension to the next--in the usual case of applying Dimensional Energy, from the Nether to whatever world he's currently in.

Unfortunately, there are limitations to the amounts that can flow--too much energy going through the gate will make it break; in this case, that's Kururai's body. So, it all comes down to how strong his body is and how strong it can handle having energy pass through it. So, how strong is it then? Well, before, with a human body energy passing through wasn't something difficult in the least, but he was highly limited, as the stress the body would be put through when applying severe amounts can't be handled.

Luckily, the boy now retains a new body--that of a demon's physiology. As such, energy passing through him is far smoother and easier; demons naturally have stronger bodies that are also accustomed to inter-dimensional travel--at least, moreso than human bodies. With that, it's inherently far easier to channel energy through his body, and in far higher amounts.

Most energies require the body to produce it, or filter and channel it--Kururai's is simply a doorway that lets energy through, so the overall process allows for a higher and purer amount of Dimensional Energy to pass through. As such, with the restrictions and limitations of the past removed, the levels of energy possible to release--as in, past through his body from the Nether--is enough to encompass an entire kilometre. Within a 250 metre radius, with himself as the centre, the amount of Dimensional Energy is thick enough to practically taste, tinting the entire field of vision of anyone within those 250 metres in an indigo.

Due to the density of it in a localised area, Kururai's Dimensional Energy often has several adverse effects for others. For one, those that can't handle an area of super-dense energy will undoubtedly experience paralysis, numbness, instinctive fear and fainting. On the other hand, becomes the energy so densely fills the area, the usage of energy-based attacks prove more difficult than the norm, with lower-level energy attacks something being completely interrupted.

You see, Dimensional Energy is what Kururai would comment as notoriously incompatible with other energies. It has frequently caused problems and put some restrictions on him in the past, but sometimes it works out for the better. As such, the energy-based attacks one might use that requires something aside from Dimensional Energy--such as demonic energy, spiritual energy, chaos energy and the sort--will prove to be more difficult than the norm, as one also has to overpower the latent energies around them first.

For the most part, such an area effect is mostly a testament to how much energy Kururai's body can handle, but the vastness of it has one more advantage to him. In terms of fighting against races such as Iramasha, Human Chi-Users and Quincies, the distinct advantage in combat Kururai holds over them is the innate ability to take control of the battlefield's energy and limit these beings. As said before, within those 250 metres, Kururai's Dimensional Energy is hyper dense, so much that it often interrupts others using energy-based techniques. Well, within those 250 metres, a large majority of the latent reishi in the air, chaos energy, as well as chi, is pushed out. Unfortunately, Kururai cannot inherently push all the other-energies out of the area, but it is still significantly reduced. As such, the thinness of those energies will serve as a large impairment to the more inexperienced fighters.

While it was stated that the Dimensional Energy Kururai can unleash extends to a kilometre radius, that doesn't necessarily mean the effects of it end there. By one kilometre, it's meant that at that level of power, the Dimensional Energy passively reaches out for a kilometre--in this, it is possible to use techniques powered through the energy as far as a kilometre away. So, how far away can one actually notice this energy? And even moreso, how far away does some side effects occur?

Well, considering his energy can grasp things over the effective distance of two kilometres (1kilo radius=1kilo to the left+1kilo to the right (2kilo)), it's easily assumed that several more kilometres--likely up to a dozen--will be subject to feeling the potency of it; however, within 5 kilometres (total, so 2.5+2.5) some people with inadequate resistance to energy may fall subject to adverse effects, such as paralysis, fainting, overall weakness and headaches--etc.

Demonic Energy: Unfortunately, despite being a Visera Demonio, his natural energy that feeds off from the body will forever be vastly different to any other Visera Demonio out there. The reason to this is the fact that he never had any spiritual energy as a hollow before--as such, if anything, the energy as a Visera Demonio he displays seems incomplete, and while it retains potency, it seems as if it's half as potent as it should be, often causing those with experience in sensing energy signatures to be under the assumption that Kururai is far weaker than he really is. For the most part, someone would mistake him to be pure demon, considering only demonic energy flows throughout him, as well as the fact that the majority of his body is comprised of demonic cells.

The effects of his Demonic Energy spewing out aren't as potent to the vast amounts of Dimensional Energy he can pour out, but it's still no joke. While he only recently obtained such a power source, Kururai has proven to have a high rate of adaption, gaining control of his new body only moments after his mind synced into it. With that, his grasp over controlling this new energy source was easily done--such a task was only furthered in its ease combined with the fact that he had gone through such an experience on a larger scale, referencing the fact that he grasped the entirety of an entire dimension's energy.

Attributing to the power behind his Demonic Energy is mainly two things: primarily, the fact that there's already experience in its usage. Practically the moment demonic energy began to be generated from his body, it was already put into use. The state of destruction and regeneration his body went through was mainly done through the use of Demonic Energy, as he had already opened the Gateway to the Nether's Dimensional Energy as wide as currently possible, and had therefore exhausted the limits of using the Nether's energy. With that in mind, the fuel behind letting Kururai physical survive the process of momentarily being stuck in a perpetual state of bordering death was purely Demonic Energy. As such, to begin with massive amounts can flow throughout his body.

The second most contributing factor to the potency within his Demonic Energy is a bloodline. Made certain by Inami, Kururai has the Asthavon bloodline within him. As such, with such hereditary strength, there's no question in the oceanic power Kururai could potentially possess.

As it stands now, while Kururai's still--to a degree-inexperienced with this new power source, the range to which it extends can be as far as 500 metres (Radius). Of course, just like the Dimensional Energy, that doesn't mean it can induce effects for up to that range.

Considering Kururai lacks experience with Demonic Energy, while it is far easier for him to raise the potency of his output, anything like suppressing it and holding control will prove to be a more difficult task. As such, while something like Dimensional Energy is as easily turned off as closing a door, Demonic Energy will require more experience. Not to say that it'll take a while before he gets a handle on it, taking into account his naturally phenomenal learning pace.

Visera Demonio Racial Skills:
Bodily Stability: Visera Demonios as a race tend to have instable bodies. Reason being, their existence is the forceful mesh of an Arrancar and a Demon. As such, there tends to be conflict within their bodies; fortunately, Kururai is able to bypass the majority of the adverse effects that come with this state of being. The reason is mainly attributed by the fact that Kururai's body is entirely demon. As such, there's no arrancar matter to conflict with. With that, physical breakdown and reformation of the body isn't a common occurrence. Instead, the battles Kururai faces from within tend to be on a more spiritual level.

What allows him to be in direct control of his body is a combination of his experience in this process as well as his already capable adaptive skills. However, keeping constant and consistent control is only possible in a calm state. It's been noted that, especially when emotional, Kururai goes rampant, his body included. One of the prime examples of this was, in the midst of his angry state which was directed at Inami Asthavon, his Dimensional Energy went out of control, to the point where his body started to breakdown due to being unable to handle the intense amounts pouring through it, while simultaneously regenerating itself.

Thus, instability of the body isn't a common occurrence, but it's neither an impossible one; however, as aforementioned Kururai's battles are on a more spiritual level. The reason being, along with gaining Demonic attributes and a demon's body, a sort of altered psych seemed to arise from within him during the process. This psych is actually connected to his demonic powers, and is in control of it, nearly akin to a ziamichi-spirit. Luckily, Kururai was capable of instantly suppressing it upon its arrisal, and as such, he was able to take control of the demonic powers it came with as well. With this in mind, it becomes clear that without keeping the demonic psych under check, it's very possible that it may fight back and eventually take over the body, resulting in mental instability moreso than bodily.

Of course, the body is still capable of being unstable. As aforementioned, Dimensional Energy tends to work against other energies (or perhaps vice-versa); as such, the new demonic energy spewing from his body can often conflict with the energy from the Nether also occupying and coursing throughout his body. The result is generally bodily breakdown and destruction--fortunately, because this breakdown is for the most part caused by one of the energies, the other can repair the body, so for the most part any longterm adverse effects tend to go unnoticed and leave Kururai unhindered. The likelihood of actually experiencing something more troubling isn't 0%, however.

Cuerpo Reparación: This ability is easily stated as Kururai's greatest asset. Since before becoming a Visera, he already had a phenomenal rate of regeneration--this was simply furthered as a direct source of energy was applied to his body, as well as a boost in the amounts of Dimensional Energy he could handle. At this point, considering his now newly generated Demonic Energy, Kururai no longer uses Dimensional Energy to regenerate, and as such, he no longer possesses the same type of regeneration as before.

When using Dimensional Energy, Kururai's body tended to be forced into reparation through the energy flowing throughout his body, instantly expending itself to heal him. In some ways, this was an advantage, but there were also complications that came with these specifications. For example, if Kururai was to simply sustain hundreds upon thousands of small cuts? It'd be a bitch, sure, but after a while it would cause little trouble in the moment, aside from the pain--if anything, after finishing the fight that caused him to receive those cuts, he could simply regenerate and be rid of them. Unfortunately, that's not how it worked, and instead those cuts would instantly be regenerated, regardless of what he did. As a result, he could've exhausted energy that would have better use towards fighting the opponent.

Now, using Demonic Energy, there are far further applications to it. For one, there's no need to grasp energy from the Nether to heal his body, eliminating any sort of delay that might be present. Furthermore, beforehand his regenerative skills already reached quite a high point in terms of speed, so simply cutting down on the time in which this rapid healing transpires simply makes the process seem nearly instant. Of course, just as with Dimensional Energy, a lower amount of Demonic Energy frequently causes a noticeable deceleration of the regeneration speed.

The amount of times he is capable of regenerating is significantly increased. Before, not taking into an account of an abnormal, emotional state in which the amount of energy he produces might be significantly higher, he might've become fatigued after regenerating limbs a few times. With his new body and far less limited access of energy, it's easily assumed that his regenerative skills are capable of repairing the bulk of his body aside from vitals close to indefinitely. Something like limbs can constantly be replaced, and organs are even a possibility; however, something of more importance, such as the brain, heart, lungs, and anything above the shoulderes--these tend to have a harder time repairing themselves. While it is possible to his lungs, the amount of energy necessary, for whatever reason, is significantly moreso than regenerating something less vital. With that in mind, the regeneration of it is far more limited in comparison to the simpler body parts. Something like the brain requires even moreso energy, as the energy must completely recreate all the systems that connect throughout the body.

The only thing that cannot be completely regenerated is the heart. For whatever reason, Kururai can't seem to regenerate an entire heart from scratch. If anything, he requires a piece of the muscle to stay intact, and from there regenerate the rest of it through massive amounts of energy. Without a piece intact? It's likely that his body will inevitably die, unless a replacement is found, and fast. In the case that he can heal it? The heart will require more energy to repair it than any other body part. It's expected that all his Demonic Energy would be drained away and inaccessible for at least 1 week (IC) after healing his heart.

Aside from the regenerative side of the Cuerpo, bodily reconstruction or configuration is more than a simple possibility. In fact, while he has little experience in it yet, considering his natural talent in terms of controlling one's body, it's estimated that highly meticulous transformations of the body would be accomplishable for him within a few weeks of using it. Upon the first few times, he'll lack much expertise in it, but undoubtedly, avid use of it is more than a capability.

Transforming the body into different substances will be easily possible as more experience is gained--as for a simple change in appearance, even the first few tries will be shown as something simple for him--at most, he would need to figure out the process of the transformations and simply dictate his body to follow suite. While not a demon inherently, his inevitable prowess with it would often lead others to assume differently.

Mental Capacities and Physical Traits
Pain Toleration: One of the more developed parts of Kururai's mental capacities. Given the fact that the process of his rebirth was likely one of the most gruesome experiences ever, there's no doubt in

Adaptive Body: Kururai's body has grown to be highly adaptive, in more ways than one. Technically, the only development his current body has is the occurrence with Inami, while all the other adaptive traits were built with his human body. Either way, a demon's body seems to inheritly be of greater strength, and combine that with the brief but advancing situation with Inami, and it's pretty clear how and why his physique has come to grow at such lengths.

For the most part, this adaptive trait applies to his body being capable of dealing with foreign entities. The quick signals capable of being sent from his body and mind--thanks to the forced connection of his new demon body and himself--were helpful in making his body able to function perfectly normally even without expelling the foreign entity from him. A prime example of this was the draining of his blood in totality, and replacing it with Asthavon blood. Usually, a body would probably have some pretty big problems with doing that--in Kururai's case, not only did his body not fight it, but it began to utilise the blood.

This also has inherit meaning in resistance to things such as poison, and with a Visera Demonio's naturally ability to reform their bodies, it simply means that much more for Kururai to be able to be more than capable of dealing with problems which attack his body besides spiritually and physically. In short, the boy seems to be physically quite resourceful.

Mental Strength: The strength of Kururai's mind was rather strong to begin with. There are several adequate examples to refer to Kururai's not only immediate ownership of mental strength, but the arduous build of it. One of the first examples is his entire birth. For at least the first 5 minutes of his life, Kururai went on without spiritual energy--something paramount to a hollow such as himself. Not only that, but without spiritual energy, he took his own will, imposed it on a human being striving to hang on to dear life with all their might, and take over said human's body.

Following that was the fact that Kururai went ahead and trained for 19 years, eventually taking over the entirety of a dimension, handling all the backbreaking work that comes with such a feat appropriately. With all these things in mind, Kururai has undoubtedly built a very strong mind, but its growth doesn't stop there.

Along the way, the boy came face to face with Inami Asthavon, who had torn his body apart, to the extent of not a single bit of flesh from his old body being left. In essence, she went above and beyond in mutilating him; from this, practically the only way possible for him to survive was to deal with it. If it was someone else, they likely would've broken down a long time ago, and to have dealt with all that suffering while simultaneously fighting off another entity who had attempted to do the same as himself and take over his body? Mental Strength is not a lacking substance in Kururai's case.

Physical Speed: Likely one of the most

Physical Strength: Nah, he ain't buff in the least--DO YOU EVEN SEE THAT HEADER?! HE LOOKS LIKE A SKINNEH GIRK. Kk. so Kururai had to train a human body, and everyone knows how hard that is in comparison to all the other races. Not only that, but he was a hollow in soul, which means that he would have had the innate power to grow in strength rapidly. Unfortunately, he was tied down by the goshdamn human physique. So, 19years he trained that shit a lot, even gaining experience in swordsmanship and martial arts while watching people do shit from the Nether, like the lil creeper he is. Combine that with the constant regenerations he's gone through, which already strengthens the human body (as we pretty much break down our muscles, and when they heal, boom #+3 to Buffness). THEN, THE NIGGA GOT A DEMON BODY. With that demon body, which also went through the same process as the Human body @shitload of regeneration when it was being made, his overall strength has greatly increased in comparison to before.

Reflexes: C'mon. C'mon nigga. He provided insane reflexes in several situations, such as stopping mid-swing when noticing the minute muscular movements of a hollow behind him, stopping 'zat shit just before he hit another hollow with his sword, backtrackin' up the blvd and killin' the smartass that he sensed (Via muscle movements´ sensing). Also, nigga had inadequate speed compared to Inami Asthavon in their battle, and splendidly made up for the deficiency with OP reaction timing, allowing him to be capable of parrying her hits and landing a few blows (even though she probably took some of them on purpose).

Swordsmanship: Kururai has some experience in all manners of weaponry, gained through watching others perform through the Nether before his 19th year. Throughout the Real Life experiences he's been through, this has only widely increased; however, only in terms of swordsmanship. He's gotten a lot better and shit, yeah yeah blah blah, even using it to combat several people, including training with it against hollows numerous times, fighting arrancar, vizard blah blah and shit--and most of all, going head-on against Inami in a swordfight.


Processing Ability: through the process of Inami essentially sealing Kururai's artificial hollow soul into his demon body, the ties between both entities have grown stronger. As a result, this fu


Nether Powers:
» External Mind: As a result of the nature of his talents with Dimensional Energy, combined with the nature of his being, Kururai has found it to be--while not easily accomplished--very possible for his psyche to exit the body, in a word. Very plainly stated, Kururai attempts to grasp a handle on his actual soul itself, as if it were a physical object, and momentarily pull his conscience from out of his body. In this state, all that sustains him is the constant flow of Dimensional Energy. While this ability in itself is vastly difficult to perform and also incredibly consuming in terms of energy, there are several uses.

Firstly, the process itself. At this point, through the use of Demonic Seals and the like, Kururai's artificial soul isn't only connected to his new demonic body through simply forcing control over it--the two are connected and sealed together, practically inseparable at this point. With that, the difficulties in creating the valid circumstances to perform such a technique are significant. Primarily, the first requirement of using "External Mind" is entering a state of pure calmness. Ideally, one would have to meditate first.

Following this, massive amounts of a combination of Demonic and Dimensional Energy must be gathered, focused and concentrated throughout his body. Without, the process is impossible to complete. The reason of needing so much energy is to momentarily sever the connection between his body and soul. Unfortunately, such an event will take several years to complete (yes, this ability will have significance and use, but only later on--for plot reasons).

» Spontaneous Creation: Given that he is in direct control of an entire dimension and its energy, it wouldn't be far off to assume that he's able to spontaneously create all sorts of things, right? As such, while there is an extent, the possibilities in which Kururai can create things within the Nether are practically limitless. There are few limitations to what can be made--so let's start at the scale of which Kururai can create things.

Being that the Nether is an entire dimension, many things can be made within it. The Conscience of the Nether itself had once commented on Kururai's capability to create a whole moon within it. With that, it's been made clear that such large objects are just as possible. In fact, Kururai can go even further, to the point of making entire planets, full systems and even stars.

The first that comes to mind with this thought is likely: holy shit OP. Let's elaborate. While it is within Kururai's grasp to create such things, the process is likely beyond worth it. Let's take the creation of stars into example. Stars are absolutely mammoth, so the amount of energy and time it would take to make such a large-scale creation is simply massive.

With the utilisation of Dimensional Energy, Kururai is capable of 'creating' things of all sorts and manner. Primarily, this would be used offensively, such as forming blades to fight with.

» Timeline Travel: Okay, so this is likely the oddest and most complicated of Kururai's abilities. This ability stems directly from the fact that Kururai can access a dimension separate from all other known realms. So, what is Timeline Travel in the first place? It's, in a simple term, the access to different times--to be more precise yet simpler, it's time travel. Of course, blatantly stating "time travel"--well, that'd need a bit of clarification on what exactly it pertains to, the limitations and overall parametres of it.

Power Relay: Share energy with others and even help power allies or equipment, etc

Space Linking: Kururai links two points in space, essentially allowing him to go past one point and end up on the other. Teleportation/Portalization, at the core

The Nether War: The Nether War is actually a simplified nickname for a series of techniques Kururai utilises, based around mass production of several weapons, all controlled and fighting in unison. As they are controlled, for the most part, telepathically, these techniques are generally hard to combat against.

  • Nether Blades: Summons bunch of assorted sharp weapons and throws them at shit and fights niggas and whatnot
  • The Infantry: Several weapons are formed to fight against the foe
  • The Ultimate Phalanx: a series of shields surround Kururai in dome or spherical format, with lances pointing outside any of the openings.
    • Shitstorm: The Legit name for this sub-technique. The sphere/dome spins around, with the lances and/or spears repetitively shooting out of it in what seem to be an endless rain of weaponry.
    • Ravager: only used in spherical format. Sphere of shields rolls forward towards the intended target, blahblah

  • Reign of the Furies: Dimensional Energy expands as far away as possible; legion of random stabby-stabby weapons are created in the sky and all of them fall down in a rain of terror--all while accompanied by a punny title (reign/rain).

Point Warp: Can be used in similar aspect to Chaos Warp. Kururai takes two points in space (that Dimensional Energy reaches) and connects their existences. Occupying one point allows you to exist in the next point--can be used as instant teleportation or almost like portals. Difference is since two points of space are connected within the range of Dimensional Energy, there's almost no warning whatsoever.

Hereditary Powers:

[Note: This ability was inherited from Inami due to the fact that the entirety of Kururai's demon body was forged from these threads; therefore, his entire body having hosted these threads combined with his masterful control of his own body, it'd only make sense for him to be capable of utilising the threads.]

Dark threads are a interesting type of power which naturally is found within Inami Asthavons body. While most threads are generally harmless these are not. Using the concept of demon magic, and a special type of energy formed in her body it allows for Inami to create these fine threads of energy; which are fairly similar to a high density object, meaning they would be fairly hard to damage, although to be fair it wouldn’t be impossible to do so. In many instances the main attributes that should be watched for are simple, the threads possess a high level of dexterity and applicability in the field of battle, now this doesn’t precisely mean that dark threads have an infinite amount of situations in which they would be an asset , so it is fairly safe to assume that they have a fair share of both perks, and disadvantages which are commonly associated with using them in normal, or combat oriented situations.

Dark threads have a primary means of affecting or changing the ebb and flow of battle. This would be the fact that the threads themselves have comparable strength to a demons Akuma Kyodo (demonic barrier) which is filtering out and suppressing any outside influences which seek to affect the course or properties of the threads that are in use themselves. Directly from that capability would be the notion that while they can be destroyed, they can’t be altered from the original path by any one person other than Inami Asthavon herself. Although this is only one of the many functions the threads actually do possess; another one of the functions would be the ability to control, manipulate; and attack the opponent or even something like a capacity for creating weapons or even being able to on a lesser level overpower or stop attacks before they can actually cause any severe amount of damage to the user.

Beyond this, Dark threads themselves can be used to create objects spontaneously without much of a warning Inami Asthavon could do something like possibly making the threads connect with her skin, and absorb her own blood as a medium to increase defensive power. Of course to do so would inflict a drain on her blood supply and of course depending on how many times this is done and how frequently it is done such actions could mean a range of side affects could take place. Such as passing out, getting dizzy, lightheaded or even strokes, seizures and possibly even going as far as causing death itself to occur, this is primarily the reason that the threads despite the fact they do have a great deal of benefits; can be not only particularly tricky to use in conjunction with a steady drain on her zao ka, but can prove to be if not used with reasonable levels of restraint, or caution; to be down right deadly.

Adding on to this, Dark Threads also have a range of minor miracles that can be performed, such as possibly for example stitching lost limbs back together or even stitching threads into inanimate objects to allow some sway and change in how the object moves such as making a regular spoon turn into a possible flying projectile; as the threads merge with the objects and effectively become invisible to see. Which is also why of course Dark Threads are closely used with puppetry and other forms of long range, or you could say indirect stealth style combat; because this is precisely what Dark Threads excel at , not direct confrontation, or directly overpowering the foe in a blazing display of power, no they have optimal balance of durability (a skill level below the Akuma Kyodo Skill Possessed) Speed, and flexibility in options which allow these little threads to become a not so little problem while in the middle of either large scale war, or serious fights and confrontations of any general level.

Unique Demon-born Powers:


» Arma Revolución Appearance: (What do they look like if there is any kind of stage?)

» Arma Revolución Abilities: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in separate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)



» Ultimo Revolución Appearances: (What do they look like if there is any kind of stage?)

» Ultimo Revolución Powers: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)


To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Racial Skills
  • Cuerpo Reparación: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero Rastro: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Tānāgati: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Ksetra Pari: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner



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I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
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I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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Kururai Osamerukami-Asthavon [WIP]
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