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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Many Ways To Upgrade Your Character

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Many Ways To Upgrade Your Character   Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:58 am

Upgrading Your Character

You have probably clicked this thread since you are most likely trying to get your character to rise through the ranks. Well, you came to the right place then. In this thread I will be teaching the many ways in order to upgrade your character.


The Tier Upgrade Section: First of all, you must go to the Tier Upgrade Section on the site if you even want to apply for your character getting stronger. Click here to be redirected to that board and click here for the template you will need.


Tier Rise: By clicking on this thread you will see that one of the easier ways to get your character to upgrade a tier is to follow that system. It may take some time for higher levels, but eventually you will be able to get that upgrade for your character.

Also, please note that you can not cheat by adding up threads from multiple characters. This guide is for ONE character each, which means, if you have more then one character and wish to upgrade them, you must also make the same amount of threads for that 2nd character. You also cannot add threads outside of RPing , either. And, once you submit an upgrade request your character, the previous threads your character in does not count towards the next tier. You have to make new ones.


Contest And Challenges: This one of the alternative methods of upgrading your characters. By entering in certain contest and challenges you can possibly upgrade your characters tier AND skills. Things like Member Of The Month, Character Of The Month and the referral contest will count towards that.


Using The Yen System: Another method of upgrading your character is to use the yen system. In some shops, if you buy a certain item or items, you will be qualified for a tier upgrade. Take for example if you do the Deus Ex Machina surgery in the Cybermind. You will instantly be qualified for a tier upgrade after the surgery is complete.


Experimentation: This goes back to what I just said in "Using The Yen System". If you are able to find a scientist type character or anyone looking for someone to test on, you may be able to qualify for a tier upgrade. Take for example if Mayuri performs an experiment on your character that enhances their Shikai. If it's strong enough, you will be able to bump a tier or two.


Mission Threads: Certain mission threads can earn your character a tier boost. Say for instance if you complete a special mission thread and you are able to get a unqiue item at the end of it that helps your character boost up a tier. Things like that.


Special Circumstance: This has been through around alot, but through special circumstances your character can be upgraded. An example of this would be if your character had a powerful spirit sealed into their body and they became a Ziamichi. Or maybe someone was on the verge of death and they gave their remaining power to your characters. Things like these would be considered special circumstances and you could apply for a tier upgrade.


Admin Approval: Admin approval is simply an admin going over your character and determining rather or not they should be bumped up. We usually do this for event characters, active members and things such as that.


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The Many Ways To Upgrade Your Character
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