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 Kimi wo [Mana/Neoveta.]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kimi wo [Mana/Neoveta.]   Sat Aug 30, 2014 10:44 am


Kakeru knew that if he was going into hell completely, he’d have to match the environment to keep the order of the place, and that meant he had to go into often his Corrupted form. This was a gift from Kethel well one of the only few that he personally could keep and not lose, because it was a part of him. This was the darker part of him that he sealed away because he was stuck in this way, because she had disappeared and he was holding the only remnants of that origin that she had left him with. He had to deal with this. He wanted to know something important that only someone that knew Feraki would know. He needed to know where his sister went to. Kethel disappeared to her own thing, and Feraki just fell off the earth, but he had a feeling Asmo’s connections to Hell would bring him to the Viscera plains in search of the two. Since he was in his other form he had blonde hair with black hair underneath it. It was messy so you could often see the different colors when he moved. His eyes shifted from their normal green to a bright red. The noises that were filling his mind were those of hearing others talk around him and people going on about their lives. It wasn’t surprising that he was dealing with a lot lately since the leaving of his family. Life went on and people continued forward.

So why shouldn’t he? Well the reason was that he needed closure of a few loose ends before he could do said things. There was no reason why he couldn’t get a few answers and at the same time get his heart and soul into the right place. That meant that he had to get answers first. Which was the whole reason behind him going into here in the first place, and he was ready to take the answers as they were. He’d take a breath to steady his nerves. This wasn’t normal for Kakeru to be focused in this way, but yet the opening of feelings from this form made him uneasy at the moment because they were very strong and overwhelming at the moment. He knew that they were passionate and strong, but he could deal with it right? Digressing he’d step on to the Nation of thoughts plains and began to search his soul first then going and searching through others words for truth, something that he hadn’t had in ages since he had returned to his post and made himself stronger and more useful not just for his home world, but for all of them. He would restore balance and order to the world any which way he could. He had the oath to order, but within that order was a bit of balance that was necessary for him to find his own balance now. He wondered though, how this day would really end up for him.

Quote: "Her will... I'll be the one to try to fulfill it in her stead. That's all"


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Kimi wo [Mana/Neoveta.]
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