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 Enter Eric Zarathos

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Enter Eric Zarathos   Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:55 pm

Artist: ZUN - Song: Beloved Tomboyish Girl - Word Count: 1272

This was a major opportunity still being controlled like this to have someone pulling his strings maybe the way to go for now still was Inami's plans going to go well. Eric was a mad demon did this mean he would have to listen to rules and regulations what was the purpose for him making this deal with the demon girl. Sooner or later, Eric will have a great power still could this Asthavon now a demon queen by her own hands pull this off it was unusual for another to surface it might lead to a family war. But the only reason the mad demon accepted because not only could Inami be the one remove Engra's seal but also that mad demon was told that she would help him reach a new power base. The mad demon accepted her terms and then joined her and her group by still what else did that woman had planned and then the other thing was bothering him. The events of what happen within the 3rd district the mad demon had some dangerous and un-removable traps put into place and should Lionus break them the mad one will know about it. The mad demon was angry over the fact it took months for the troops to recover now the only weapon capable of destroying shinigami powers permanently are anti-matter soul rounds. Their were capable enough to destroy that shinigami who was killing innocent people and demon families months ago so the demon of madness thought it should be used again.

Eric thought the second trump card would be used but the mad demon wasn't sure if the clone woman should be used against all his enemies and then wait for the real woman to show up. But the clone's powers were almost at their peak but the clone wasn't strong enough since the mad demon created the necro creation into a ziamichi. The clone was now a new member of the Twisted 3 sisterhood and the best part she wasn't like Zorin or Kairaa because she is a perfect clone and special. The clone woman still needed work in battle the ziamichi clone was only 89% good in a battle and still it wasn't good enough the mad demon wanted it to be 110% excellent. Still Eric thought the clone ziamichi was missing something that would fully fool his enemies the mad demon needed to obtain something that an iramasha had a artifical created Zanpakutō. The only known iramasha that could do it was the husband of former guard member and his name was Dr. Hebi but the mad demon was going to try experimentation of creating his own Zanpakutō. If the mad demon is going to create an created Zanpakutō then the element must be strong against any element also the attacks need to be perfect with shikai and bankai and then finally final bankai.

"I will need an experimental lab to make this evil dream an reality and once the final thing is completed then she'll be ready Shiki will have her first mission. Hopefully this first mission will be flawless and then once the certain measures are put into place then once a little fun and tricks are places. I'll order Shiki to strike my enemies and then wound their hearts." He thought. Yet the mad demon thought it was just one plan and the demon of madness needed to become better letting the madness within him calm down and grow into something better and grow with greater knowledge. Yet the mad demon couldn't believe that the only way he obtain greater power was by himself nah the demon would need allies to achieve this once this was done and his power base is greater. The seeds of armageddon will blossom into black flowers of destruction and order into chaos the new way of the world of madness.

"I guess I will make this my home...but we need good resources to make this nation even greater then Shadowfall and the others" He said.

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