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 This is Goodbye. [Kakeru/Kanaku|Solo]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: This is Goodbye. [Kakeru/Kanaku|Solo]   Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:53 pm


"I guess it’s time I let go of this place, it’s no longer a home but a shell of what it was… Ketheldrein I truly did love you, and I’ll have your origin as a part of mine to keep the balance that was lost from Feraki’s disappearance…There was Alicia... All of the older sisters…Mother and Father I know you moved on to better places, and Nico is fine within his demonic appearance… I hope you guys know that one day…maybe I’ll restore this place… but for now? It’s going to remain where it should in the boundaries of Time and Space…I know that maybe I’ll never come back to here, but… this is my home first and foremost, and secondly… You all were people I loved and cared for each in your own intimate ways…I probably wasn’t the best brother… I probably was the worst…So I’m sorry for everything that I’ve caused in each of your lives… Don’t worry… I’ll check into the Sugiura lands… I’ll… make sure of it… I’m…so sorry…I couldn’t ; protect you, keep you safe, and keep the Order of anyone here…I failed in each sense of the word failure. This is the time where I make amends and… break the ties now… I’ll do what I can keep the balance of the world. I’ll… remain the same.. I won’t allow myself to fall back…I’ll rise above this all time low…This is my way of mourning this loss, so forgive me if I don’t allow much time.”

At this point he shifted into his corrupt form and began to focus all of his soul into this. His heart began to beat slower and slower as if to calm himself, and to rectify this issue at hand. Summoning the Void he’d draw out his Katana the unholy blade of Danretsu no Menzaifu. As his hair finished shifting into the blonde and black variant that he was known for shifting into, Kakeru now Kanaku stanced to use the sword. He knew using this origin was dangerous from how Ketheldrein had reacted from using it on him, and so he figured that this was the one time he would do it willingly and without a major threat from outsiders watching him. This was a personal thing that he would do to keep the pain away, and so he could move on in his life. His emotions were already bouncing hard within him as his heart began to beat normally now feeling that pain of sadness sinking in within him. So he had to do this now, it wouldn’t change if he didn’t do this. He had to seal away his home the place where everything important happened to him. This was the place where he met everyone and made them a part of his life. This was where each moment of time was spent learning and getting stronger and ready for the dangerous world ahead. He didn’t really want to do this, but he had to do this.

Taking a breath and focusing on sinking into the fifth and final layer of Eradication, his heart and soul began to beat slowly. He could feel the origin solidifying within him now noting the lack of her existence in the world. It was apparent he was going to be tasked with keeping both Order and Eradication in check and make sure to be the true avatar of both of them. As his crimson colored eyes shifted to a close he began to pray a bit, almost like saying an old sugiuran chant that was to soothe his soul for the changes soon to come. As he prayed more and more he began to wonder what his purpose was now that he had none here. Then he remembered a conversation that began to play out in his head as he began to realize the purpose now that he was going forward. His way of going forward was to completely Eradicate what was in front of him now which was a broken heart of emotions by removing the source. He knew what he was doing, but he knew that this wouldn’t ever come back. There was no way it would ever come back now. This was going to be goodbye for all the memories and things that had happened here. There was no doubts in his mind, but he was definitely sad that he had to do this on his own, but he had to do it… There was going to be no other way in this.

His heart began to hurt as he raised the blade into the air as the Red, Lust and crimson designs upon the obsidian colored blade began to shine brilliantly. Closing his eyes and taking a breath. He’d speak slowly as if he was talking to someone within the building. ”I…am…the one who will keep her Will…That’s all I’ll do…Goodbye everyone I loved you all…” Some tears began to flow down his soft features of his face as his emotions were running wilder because of the state he had sunk into so far. The Energy began to form around the blade as if it was a guiding light. He knew that this was his duty as the final Knight of the Western Sugiuran unit. He felt his breathing slow down as he began to slam his blade down. Veil Off! EXS of Darkness: Final Jail Activate!” He’d focus all of that energy into a focal point creating a laser beam like pointer on the entirety of the Western Sugiuran Royalty Castle. As he’d pour gratuitous amounts of energy into this attack, and well activation of Oblivion ensured he’d be sending it to the boundary forever. He wanted to make sure it’d never come back unless he asked someone from the boundary or he took it back with Order to ensure it would never be used again by anyone else unless they were kin of him, or were related by marriage to him, and that seemed unlikely.

As he’d watch the wild dancing attack around the castle spiral around it then through it removing all of the parts of the castle as if it were made of Lego blocks Kanaku watched listlessly still feeling water flow down his face quite profusely. It wasn’t something that he ever wanted to see, but now that he was seeing it, it was necessary that he had to do this. As he watched it rise up into the air he noticed that there was something else he had to do now that the existence of the castle was almost gone from this world. Kanaku watchied it finally disappeared from the site that it had sat on, and he shifts into his normal form of Kakeru now. As of now the only thing was left was to seal the lands in full casing of his Below Absolute Zero Ice and leave this place behind forever and make sure that the people who go looking for it never find the foot holds that it sat upon while it had existed which meant he had to do one more extremely dangerous thing before his leave was complete. He felt the rushing of Order making a general check throughout his body and mind making sure that he was logical and coherent enough to make a sure judgment on what he was going to do. This was the final step in saying good bye, and he was completely willing to do this now. ”…This is almost over…but”

There was a strong hesitation as he drew out his sacred Nox Nyctores: Yukianesa from her sheath. ”But… I’m going to take you out, then I will restore balance to the world. I… am the Cold steel, the blade that will restore balance to the World… Nox Nyctores Yukaiensa Activate!” As he screamed out the last bit he went into full release and unlimited form as everything around him that was vegetation died instantly around him. As he’d focus once more he’d slam his blade into the ground now as a very large single ice spire rose up from the ground it’d seem as everything within a three mile radius was caught into the Below Absolute Zero temperature and frost as Kakeru smiled. ”Goodbye… I know you’re in a better blace…Therefore… Never Return!” As he pulled the blade from the ground and capped it holding the sheathed weapon in his right hand as the ice that fell sliced the ground up until it was finely tilled sealed under ten feet hardened ice that wouldn’t melt from the sun normally it would take a strong fire elementalist to unseal the newly frozen landscape of the Sugiuran lands. As he’d turn away opening a portal up, and each step he took walking toward the portal, a tear drop would sink and freeze where it landed leaving a solemn trail for people to notice what Kakeru had done to his home now knowing the truth, and now dealing with his new future…

Quote: "Her will... I'll be the one to try to fulfill it in her stead. That's all"


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: This is Goodbye. [Kakeru/Kanaku|Solo]   Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:04 pm

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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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This is Goodbye. [Kakeru/Kanaku|Solo]
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