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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 War Awakens

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: War Awakens    Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:10 pm

How many days had it been since this monster of Chaos slept? It was hard to say, a loud rumble was heard throughout the Kingdom. KIriel awoke and the Savages of this entire country became aware. The Danava of War was awake and on his way, he grinned as he brushed his hair back. Kiriel's body felt decent now that it had accepted the changes completely. He moved his shoulders left to right causing cracking noises. Kiriel was wide awake and ready to brawl if that was was what was required. He brushed back his hair tying the red band on his head now. A marking was on his chest as he simply smirked. Kiriel walked forward not bothering with shows, his clothing revealed his upper torso completely. Murderous intent was so powerful on Kiriel's frame he almost gave it off. Children cower, dogs yelp, and the world cries as War awakens. Kirel had no intention of fighting, but something about him was just fierce. Ferocity Incarnate was the way to view Kiriel it wasn't on purpose. He tapped his chin as he smiled.

"So this is the place where the Savage Lands are, how nice..Got a good air about it..Haha..Let's toss a few back and see what happens." Kiriel grinned a vicious smile but something about it was calming. Kiriel carried a jug on his shoulder as he walked towards Chaos Point. Inami was here, he sensed her she'd matured a bit. Wonder if she'd found herself a good spot to sit yet. Kiriel simply smirked and got ready for whatever awaited him. His eyes were burning with fire of different sorts. The ember like eyes just looked ahead with an interest as he walked through the streets. Kiriel wasn't so simple that this world would embrace him or view him as anything less. He had facial hair and seemed old looking compared to his family. Kiriel grinned slightly as he thought about good ways to knock. He rubbed his beard talking to himself as he considered the many ways. " No, that would be bad...I mean Mana did tell me I had to work on knocking properly..But honestly leaving the door hanging on it's hings works nice.."

Kiriel sat considering things of great complexity such as the many ways to open doors. Kiriel just grinned it off and adjusted his arm guard. This place felt good, he could sense blood lust for miles. The savages of Chaya Nation oh these little dear creatures were gonna be fun. "Just you wait my pretty little beasts we'll have a battle royal..HAHA!" Kiriel was getting excited, so many to fight and enjoy the pleasure of crossing fists with. This was gonna be a really good day, he spun the jug on his finger as he waited smiling. Nothing to do here but enjoy the outcome of whatever came. His frame walked to the door of Chaos Point finally, reaching his destination. He knocked on the door, his digits gently brushing against it. He decided against sending the door flying and saying Hi Inami nice to see you. She most likely wouldn't of taken too kindly to Kiriel doing that. His grin remained as he finally arrived.

Chaos Point, interesting name for a place. Inami had improved, his eyes found her. She certainly had gotten better, must of been a few battles he missed. Kiriel's lips lost the grin now for a moment. He studied Inami's frame now, taking in the details of the female. She had fought fairly often recently. He could see the battles she fought and they were rather fierce ones. Interesting enough, Kiriel simply smiled faintly at the idea. Everything was changing and Chaos Point was simply the beginning.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: War Awakens    Tue Sep 16, 2014 5:43 pm

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"...Of course he..would come here.." Inami had mumbled as she stood from the very top of her palace, her feet on the spire which held her hundreds of feet above in the air. Her expression hidden by the blowing wind which had suddenly conjured up. As the mad one would have entered and seen his sister for a moment, well? Inami would have vanished so completely and entirely that it would be on the border of absurd. Her energy blipping out while she had in the span of not even a billionth of a second, she had appeared directly behind him, as that force caused to when she suddenly slowed down for the entirety of the outlands facing behind her step? It would be engulfed in a dust cloud which would rise and blow before suddenly dissipating. Her hand hovering past kiriels shoulder her hand covered by threads which had super-hardened to form claws the middle one drawing blood probably from kiriels neck while even he couldn't count the hundreds if not thousands of small but potent demon blasts which had using her Ocular demonic prowess been leveled on kiriel. The mere twitch of kiriels body would set them all off as she would have looked from under her auburn hair, her amber eyes vibrating with anger, her whites of her eyes completely showing. "..How.. dare you show up now.."

The queen however now would have let her lips part while she had her other hand wind under his guard and grasp his shirt. Her small mouth coming up to kiss the side of the davana of wars neck. Leaving an audible 'tsk' sound while then with her warm breath still tickling down the hairs on kiriels neck? She would have allowed her demonic tongue to slide along the skin leaving a trail of cool saliva. Cool and intolerably teasing saliva. Her body clearly shivering with excitement before she would have granted kiriel still didn't stop her, she would have parted her mouth and then grinning greedily she would have sunk her teeth into the males neck, her lips pressing against the skin while those perfectly viscious teeth of hers would have bit a chunk out of kiriels neck, as her head pulled back blood would spray everywhere a wicked grin on her face worthy of gin-ichimaru himself. Her eyes half opened while she had hopped back skidding on her heels through the gates, screeching to a halt ten feet away. Her head sliding straight again while she seemed to be chewing thoroughly, and then she'd swallow her tongue sliding out to lick up the flecks of blood on her face, traveling past her nose and to her forhead before sliding back into her mouth.

Pausing then the queen seemed to have no expression. . . However? After a moment passed her body would jerk bones rippling and crackling into place as energy pulsed suddenly around her and she smiled, her teeth clearly like daggers, her clothes rippling around her. She wasn't mad at him.. she was Furious with him, she still had a score to settle with him which was why she would have suddenly vanished appearing with a wicked.. almost inverted personality surfacing, lips curled wickedly, eyes half open half closed. She actually as well .. was very bluntly laying against the air itself. One single hand sliding out before she would have stroked kiriels jaw, and she'd have let out a soft.. "..Pfffftt..." type sound. Soft sinful lips brushing against kiriels as she would have parted her lips rewarding him for the snack in her own way. Brother or not, she then would while this was going on not done anything.. but after? When she pulled back an interlinking trail of saliva between them? She had suddenly vanished her after image or dopple-ganger vanishing. Her foot coming around then from behind to smash into kiriels backside probably sending him flying out of the gates if it hit, as this force was enough to be comparable to a nuclear war-head thanks to the affects of her master in zao-ka. Quadrupling her strength and speed, both of which where being used in spades in this one kick.

Putting her foot down she would now have let the gates slam shut behind her the barrier activating to protect the city from what was going to happen next. While she had allowed for the feild to tremble and erupt, turning into raw lava while she hovered above it her hand suddenly jerking around as the mile and half long and deep lake of lava would through demonic manipulations be contorted and pulled up spiraling and condensing while she would have then spun and transferring energy via the foot which smashed into the flame-ball of lava? She had sent it back down the energy via her visual demon magic transfering and heating up the lava to the point that it would be comparable to a small star which was hurtling down at meteor like speeds to collide with the earth. She was both miffed .. and excited to see her brother which is why one steaming foot later she would have let her foot rest against the air while she would have then raised her right hand and flipped kiriel off while then she had said very blatanly and bluntly.

"..Kiriel.. sweet brother i can't really discuss anything with you until i vent out the anger from you taking the first individual i wanted to fight after waking up in that war. Call me pretty petty.. but.. we will of course as usual.. have eons to converse after.. Right now? I want to pound my fists till they bleed, until i let every ounce of this anger leave my system..Then and only then.. Will i stop.. i mean because.. after all "

Inami had begun as she then smirked in a smug and shrewd way all to much like her sister mana, the wind blowing causing kiriel to get a good eyefull of her White-striped Panties. Her skirt billowing in the wind before she would grin even wider obviously having done so on purpose.

"..You've seen my panties . . You ol' pervert.."

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War Awakens
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