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 The Steel Vizard King, Hakai Chikara [0-2++]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Steel Vizard King, Hakai Chikara [0-2++]    Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:02 am


Hakai Chikara
破 壊 力

Name: Hakai Chikara (破壊力) is the name given to one of the last surviving members of the Chikara family, and former leader of the Monsuta. Hakai's name translates literally into "destruction" in Japanese, whilst 'Chikara' translated to "force." His original name has been forgotten to the ages, but Hakai was not always his name, simply something he has embraced since becoming more known and powerful in the world. For the purpose of this application, he will be refereed to as Hakai.

True Age: Hakai's true age is said to be 970 years old, celebrating his birthday on the 6th of February. His appearance is still rather young though, it is very possible for one to think he is within his late twenties, not nearly a millennia old. He has shown to 'stop aging' at around 25 years old, even for his former appearance.

Gender: Male.

Species: Hakai is a Vizard.

Affiliation/Residence: Currently he is not under occupation or affiliation with any group. He, along with his daughter Hana, are currently wandering the Earth and multiverse and seeking retribution for himself. This means he does not affiliate himself with any organization or even individuals with a personal agenda. Hakai only lives and works for himself, vaguely affiliating with Zin Yuudeshi, but more of a friendship than ideological vision.


After the fight with Zin Yuudeshi in the Australian War arc, Hakai underwent some radical changes, not only to his personality and outlook on life, but on his outer appearance. A unique trait for Hakai is that his appearance shifted according to their mindset. Due to Hakai growing up with having killed his own family when engulfed by this black smoke that he now controls, this allowed him to take on his very tough, spiky long haired appearance. Now, rather, he takes on a much more calm appearance compared to his old self. The hair itself still remains long and black, however is considered much more kept and not as wild. Rather than being spiked up and all over the place, Hakai's new hairstyle is rather straight down his back, a few spikes of hair over his head as shown in the image below. His facial structure was also changed quite a bit, going from quite strong face that held a devilish grin, Hakai's face shifted into something that looked rather slim and slender, not something capable of giving terror the instant a smile was cracked. Alongside this facial structure change, Hakai Chikara now possesses red piercing eyes, rather than his usual shifting colours of green and red from his former appearance.

When it comes to his outfit, Hakai takes on a rather... unique look. To match with his new occupation of wandering the worlds and being a nomad, Hakai dons a red cloak that covers the top portion of his chest, stopping at around stomach height. At the back, however, a flowing cape is shown to be torn at the bottom, holes ripped into it from his travels. Around his neck, this cloak covers majority of his upper body, even sheltering his mouth from any view in most cases. Around his forehead is this same bandanna that is used to push the hair out of his face and keep order to it. This cloak can be taken off down the middle, as black leather belts tie it together on either side. Underneath this, Hakai wears a pure black shirt and pants. Same exact tone, these pants are now shown to be baggy at the upper part of his thighs, but constricted when it comes to the bottom, constricting around his long, golden-tipped boots.

Overall, Hakai still shows as overall muscular body, just no where near in comparison to his previous form. Still with holding all that incredible power and defense within a seemingly frail body can be rather deceiving. His gait has shown to be rather calm atop of everything, he walks rather softly despite weighing an extreme amount due to his Zanpakutō's influence. Never the less, when walking, Hakai is usually found to hold both hands within both his pockets and generally looking towards the ground, as if not paying attention to his surroundings. Atop of this, Hakai generally looks around his mid twenties if one were to guess, despite being nearly a thousand years old in reality. Standing at a good 6'8, Hakai is often mistook for someone being rather aggressive. Not because of the way he behaves, but his out appearance is designed for him to always be ready to fight. His long black hair is a testament to this as it is always held back with said red bandanna.

In total Hakai weighs one ton, the curse of having his body mixed with his zanpakuto earlier in his life. This weight allows Hakai to use his weight to his advantage in fights however can cause problems throughout his daily life - meaning he cannot typically sit upon normal chairs, stools or certain floors as me might simply go right through it. Atop of this incredible weight, Hakai stands at a total of 6 foot 10, towering over almost everyone he comes across, a total of one foot taller than his daughter in fact.


After the battle of Australia, Hakai had shifted mindsets incredibly. For years prior he had doubts about his position, he wasn't a man always set on being "The Destroyer" everyone labelled him as. After this change of heart, a new personality blossomed through him. It wasn't something instant, it was like the final spark that lit the flame, allowing a new Hakai Chikara to blossom into this world. Never the less, Hakai's new mindset gave birth to a new version of The Nomad. It didn't completely change him, because it is impossible for one to instantly rid themselves of a past experience to change themselves. Never the less, he grew to understand. This new mindset he has taken on drove him into a good relationship with Zin Yuudeshi and the family overall, despite the many years of bad blood between the two.

Hakai's mind is definitely split, because half of him abandoned the destroyer side, whilst he still holds onto portions of it, which will be explained a bit later. Due to this change, Hakai usually tends to think more positively about situations. He is a man that will go out of his way to help someone should they be in danger, or should they need his help. Due to the centuries of destruction and rampages he started, these small acts of kindness, to him, were a way of making up for the lives he destroyed and the general hate he brought to the world. This same mindset of wanting to rid himself of negativity is also reminiscent of why he had decided to leave the Monsuta as it was. With his daughter at his side, he remains strong for her. In the end, the one key goal inside of Hakai's mind is to make up and repent for the life he decided to live prior. His life, as a nomad, is aimed to bring not only himself inner peace, but to find something that allowed him to release his body of all guilt, to make up for his crimes and give back the lives he took away. For this reason, he never settles. He will always wander with his daughter, scouring the lands of Earth mainly, alongside Soul Society and Hueco Mundo to fix the wrongs, to find himself piece of mind midst all of the darkness that clouds his judgement.

Although, getting rid of such a down-trodden personality is not completely possible. Arguably, Hakai has shown to suffer from more severe depression and anxiety issues than what he normally underwent prior to his change of character. Due to realising what he did, due to breaking down and even crying in front of Zin, Hakai had taken on a whole truck load of grief and misery from his own actions. Making his anxiety worse, he began to slowly realise that he could never bring back the lives he destroyed. He could never undo what he had done, and regrets the steps he took every day of his life. This weight upon his chest is one he hopes to lift by cleansing himself of any hatred and negative emotions inside of him. A lot of this anxiety has also been stemmed from the Monsuta and tasks they would carry out now that Hakai had gone. This made him worry, that something he established could destroy something that he wishes to protect. He holds no allegiances to either side, to "Good" or "evil" as some might view them, but this was black and white. He could tell evil acts such as mass murder, something that the Monsuta was very capable, something that they constantly showed time and time again they were capable of.

However, Hakai cannot always keep the temper under chains. Despite his outward and now open personality, Hakai can, in certain circumstances, find himself losing himself and embracing himself as The Destroyer once again, a title he wishes to abandon. His appearance does not shift back to his previous one, despite their bloodline trait, due to it being a temporary shift of mind. Although, not all of the previous traits are taken on. Rather than being a machine of wanting to kill and destroyer everything in his vision, Hakai has a set target on what he wants to destroy; the person whom drove him to that point. If someone got in the way of him, Hakai would crush them no matter the person. Friend or foe, this surfacing attitude would blind his judgement and make him just want to destroy. Albeit it must be noted that to drive him to this point would be almost impossible, this point being somewhere that only very personal things might trigger. An example of this might be when Hakai is faced with the killer of his wife, or learns whom did it. So as one might imagine, his previous personality is very much still in effect despite the new and improved mindset of Hakai.

Once more, Hakai is a man whom prides himself off of his intelligence and temperament. He has an extra-ordinary way of censoring his actions and keeping his calmness under control, not being one to flip out or be outrageous, even in the face of huge opponents or worrying circumstances. Due to this temperament control and intelligence, one could also imagine that he is also very observant. Rather than being the man to jump into the fire, he will observe the fire, take in what information he needs, then strike when needed. This could also be said for most things, rather than interfering in an event that was started by a place like Shadow Fall, he would simply observe the situation. As mentioned, this intelligence level extends far beyond these types of analytically views as well; not only breaking down and quickly grasping a situation, but applying his intelligence to his own fighting and way of life. Over time, Hakai has proven to be rather innovative and experimental with devices and inventions. He has shown to be able to build entire weaponry on his own, defense systems and etc. Due to this, he is the perfect candidate for being a nomad, being someone who can keep himself moving but also have the knowledge to keep himself alive as they do.


Hana Chikara: Hana is the only last surviving member of the Chikara family, besides Hakai, and also his daughter. Hakai looks and treats her with nothing but love and would literally throw down his life in order to preserve hers. Much of this love draws from Hakai's inability to rid himself of the guilt during her early life, she had lost her mother at a young age and Hana had been forced to live in such a protected and inexperienced state that much of her early life was that of seclusion. Hakai looks to educate and help her grow as long as he is alive, and whilst she is still young, fill her with the love and gratitude he once so eagerly dismissed. Even though Hakai was a dangerous and unhinged man in the past, none of this was ever shown to Hana, even at his darkest times he could look upon his daughter and smile. The light that brought out his inner peace, one might call her. If it weren't for Hana, Hakai may have continued his reign of destruction he had been consumed by for the past five hundred years.

Zin Yuudeshi: For a long, long time Hakai had harbored an intense and burning hatred for Zin Yuudeshi. Their ideological standpoints never seemed to fit together and whenever they disagreed, Hakai would get irrationally mad and always fail to beat him, like a student failing to live up to the expectations of their mentor. Hakai's mindset had changed into the present though, he had undergone many moments of meditation and self reflection and shifted his outlook into that of friendship. During the Australian war, the two Vizards were capable of reconciling their former friendship, tossing aside their rivalries and putting faith in each other. Hakai had grown to see Zin as a self-made man rather than a failed mentor, and after this point of change, the two began to live in harmony as Vizard Kings. No malice of Monsuta vs. Vizard Corps and no intense burning hatred, but kings among Vizards; capable of leading and leading their kind into a new age of peace.

Tora Lionus: Despite his rather erratic and growing insanity, Hakai had always looked upon Tora in a favourable light. Even though he was someone who failed to meet basic sanity tests, Hakai had always been treated kindly and found a friend within Tora Lionus. It may have been weird from an outsider as the two Vizards were growing in complete opposite rates; Hakai was becoming closer to his humanity, growing and learning what it was to seek redemption and peace. On the flip side, Tora was seemingly growing into further insanity which only exacerbated upon Hakai's exit of Monsuta, leaving the organization in Tora's hands. Perhaps a rushed and scary move for everyone involved, but Hakai's wish was to get out of there, and even leaving his good friend Tora; removing that negativity from his life in the process.

Nozomi Sumashu: Hakai has a... weird relationship with Nozomi. Nozomi is not someone whom he has fought, nor is she actually an ally she has formed a bond with. Rather, Nozomi has made a connection with his daughter, Hana. She had approached Hakai and Hana mid spar/training and sort of... threw herself in the middle of everything. She had not attacked them, nor had she declared any kind of war, but rather that she felt attracted and something special within Hana. Hakai was careful at first but quickly learned that resisting Nozomi's advancements weren't going to work and would cause more problems than it was worth. For this reason he maintains a wary stance on Nozomi due to her history and overall incredible strength, but lets her remain close to his daughter. He doesn't want to restrict the people whom she forms bonds with, even someone with a notoriety level like Nozomi.

Kin Iramasha: Hakai's relationship with Kin is one of almost irrelevancy at this point. Initially he had given Hakai a safe haven upon attacking and escaping Zin and the Vizard Corps, using K-world as a sort of 'refuge' of sorts. Later down the line he had been allowed to set up the first Monsuta base within the desert of K-world, Jigoku Dezato. Hakai wasn't sure whether or not Kin had personally given the order for this though, as it was sort of passed down a chain of command. On very few instances they had interacted, during meetings of those whom were deemed relevant within K-world and similar events. On a personal level, Hakai had always respected what Kin had built, no matter how misguided or evil his intentions were. For this reason he never truly liked or disliked Kin, although he never truly got an answer to his question of how Kin saw him.

Desmond Hayden: A rather curious encounter between the two sparked during Hakai and Hana's visit to the nation of Vastime. Initially the name "Desmond Hayden" had only been heard through the grape vine, numerous different news sources and people mentioning the name when covering any news about Vastime. Met originally by the eastern harbor of Vastime, formerly Africa, Hakai had a heart to heart talk and discovery of the nation at the hands of it's leader himself. The first thing Hakai had found was that the two shared a similar ideology or thought process, one of which implied progress for ones self and growing into your state of being. Hakai had minor differences in ideology though, saying he did not want to remove his past from the present, for if he had done so history is doomed to repeat itself. Hakai's quest was one of retribution whilst Vastime seemed to be more focused around self help and growth. All in all, Hakai looks kindly upon Hayden, a mutual understanding present between the two.

Kaiedo Moui: Kaiedo is a name that Hakai has not heard for a very long time, originally someone whom he had fought and recruited into the Monsuta as his second in command. The weirdest part of their relationship was not how well they got along but their mutual understanding of strength and ideology. In a similar fashion to Hakai, Kaiedo was someone whom had been given the hard end of life - thrown to the wayside and forced to unite with Hakai in creating the Monsuta. For the most part this was a crucial part in Hakai's growth during his early life, making a friend like Kaiedo allowing him to grow and give Monsuta influence into the world around them. Unfortunately he seemed to disappear from the known world, whether he was dead or living in isolation, Hakai still does not know. It is a relationship he could hope to rekindle one day, but he puts no faith in doing so in the future.

Shadin Yuudeshi: Shadin isn't someone that Hakai explicitly knows on a personal level when compared to Zin, but he does see him in a favourable light. In the past Shadin was always an annoyance and major problem for any of Hakai's progress with the Monsuta, alignment with his brother made it tough to make any moves of attack. In the current age Hakai is much more relaxed and real about the situation, respecting Shadin for what he has grown and as a brother of a fellow friend. On multiple occasions the two had encountered each other, not in battle, but rather on friendly terms. Shadin is another reason as to why Hakai had chosen to step down as leader of the Monsuta. The history between the two organizations of Yayjuu and Monsuta made diplomacy and friendships hard, meaning that Hakai would hope to reconnect and remove all complexities in his relationships with the Yuudeshi clan.

Azure Iramasha: Hakai had never had the opportunity to meet Azure Iramasha in person, but from what he did hear he was a man of greatness. Originally the leader of the Vanguard after Genpaku's disappearance, Azure was highly respected among Karakura and the surrounding regions, making a very big name for himself. While he never knew Azure personally, Hakai had attended his funeral and paid his respects among all the other beings who showed up. Originally this might have been out of place for someone who didn't know Azure to show up, but Hakai thought of it as a step in retribution and atonement, paying respects to someone whom was spoken so highly of and killed in such an ugly fashion.

Stefan Soan: Stefan is someone whom Hakai always treated with a high amount of respect, not only did he take control over the Monsuta after Hakai and Tora had left, but he had turned the once evil organization into a new direction, forcing it to become neutral and sort of a 'safe haven' for all beings; not just Vizards. They had met multiple times in the past and Hakai had never had any issues, Stefan was someone whom was always incredibly strict: he treated the Monsuta with nothing but love but also drove them in a direction that focused on greatness. Although their methods of leading and controlling an organization as power as the Monsuta, Hakai had always thought that he lead in a better fashion -- not with hatred and blindness, but with the idea of neutrality and allowing a safe haven for those without a home.


Yuudeshi Clan Influence: Although he is not highly affiliated or involved in any inner workings of the Yuudeshi clan, Hakai actually holds a decent influence into what the Yuudeshi clan and their allies might do. This isn't to say they are obliged to bend to Hakai's will, no, not by a long shot. Rather, due to his new found relationship with his former master Zin, he is capable of sending out messages and even gain the favor/aid of those involved with the clan. In some cases this might be calling upon Zin himself to back him up in a dangerous situation, or something as simple as medical attention and basic necessities. Whilst he may not call and ask for help very often, Hakai is not above working with the Yuudeshi and Zin to try and form a bond in which they help each other.

Monsuta Ties: Even though Hakai is no longer the leader of the Monsuta organization, many of the past ties and influences he had have remained unto this day. This can range from former members involved with the organization still respecting him, to something like aid during a difficult time. Whilst not officially involved, Hakai had made many connections with people during his tenure as Monsuta leader. This can mean technologies, scientists and even spectacular beings may see him favorably; either turning the other way in a bad situation or aiding him in such. This also generally allows Hakai safe travel through Monsuta owned territories on Earth and even K-world.


Robotics & Systems Engineering: Hakai is considered an expert in the area of engineering, both robotics and systems. Despite his initial rage and domination style personality, he was always a man whose intelligence was at his forefront, utilizing his understanding of robotics for multiple purposes. In the past this meant he could construct items and defenses such as the dome system which proved a vital role in the battle for Australia; stopping a lot of the assaults that could have done ridiculous amounts of damage. Never the less, Hakai has also made personally smaller pieces of equipment. This ranges from things like cybernetic shielding to small robotic allies, some of which could be used for infiltration purposes. In the same vein of his robotics understanding, Hakai also has a profound understanding into the systems of the modern age - understanding and capable of coding and creating life cycles for artificial life. This proves rather useful while on the road, and given the ever growing technology of the world, allows Hakai to survive with his daughter where others perhaps would have failed.

Grand Master Hakuda Combatant: Hakai's strongest and most profound method of assault lies in how well he utilizes hand to hand techniques. This means that all forms of traditional martial arts, that of which are studied upon Earth, are trained to a mastered level. From such techniques as Krav Maga, Muay Thai and Taekwondo; Hakai has mastered the arts. During his near 1000 year life, Hakai had many different opportunities and basically endless time to devote himself to each art. His mastery of the Earths martial arts has even allowed him to devote time to making and growing his own unique styles, mixing in essences of both traits only he has, as well as teachable other perks. Many of these different arts are in the process of being taught to his daughter Hana, passing on his martial art legacy to someone whom could very well use them. The extent of his hand to hand combat mastery will be explored further below.

Incredible Defense: One of Hakai's most intense traits is his ability to not only dish out incredible amounts of damage in hand to hand combat, but to withstand the attacks of others. Due to the nature of both his zanpakuto and personal training, Hakai has been gifted with incredibly tough skin and personal defenses. This means that if someone were to try attack him, even in sealed state, the amount of force behind the attack would need to be considerably high, even of similar tier. Hakai's most trained skill lies in his ability to withstand a number of assaults before falling prey to others attacks. For the most part Hakai will take some attack head on in attempt to attack, putting faith in his natural defenses to take a blow and continue to dish out attacks. Depending on the tier and strength of the attack, Hakai has shown to have people break their fists and body parts upon hitting his body -- sometimes even the sharp edge of others zanpakutos simply sliding off his body like it just hit metal.

These defenses also extend outwards to such things as magical defenses. This doesn't mean Hakai cannot take damage, especially from alternative sources and defense piercing assaults, but it does prove difficult. His extensive training in martial arts allows him to take many different kinds of hits with little effect upon him, even without factoring in his supernatural adopted defenses. Even if he were to take an assault straight on and get hit by a powerful blow, it is also likely the assault would be lessened. To truly hurt Hakai's defenses, a master skill of strength is typically necessary, scaling up with his enhancements due to his zanpakuto. For someone of his tier and power, his defenses have proven to be an integral part of how he fights, mixing in impenetrable defenses with incredible strength to down opponents.

Outstanding Strength: One of the key factors in Hakai's fighting style is his natural born strength. Mixing this in with the power of his zanpakuto and Vizard born abilities, Hakai has shown to absolutely obliterate opponents in the strength regard. Mixing this in with his extensive knowledge of hand to hand combat, both unique and traditional martial arts, Hakai has proven to be one of the strongest physical fighters to ever walk this Earth. Single punches have shown to virtually remove weaker, non spiritual beings from existence whilst even high tiers getting hit by his assaults could break bones and lose limbs due to his training. From an environmental standpoint, punches have shown to erupt the ground almost like a powerful Earthquake, when struck at full force. This means that mere punches could cause drastic and powerful effects on his surroundings, punching mountains or geographical locations and structures in the right area could cause massive rock slides, structures to collapse or obliterate an entire area via physical assaults.

This strength also applies and translates into any weapons he holds, one of his major abilities being able to transform parts of his body into weapons. Due to the nature of this sealed zanapkuto power, Hakai can often turn an arm to a sharp blade and use his incredible strength to pierce through defenses. This also works for kicks and other body parts, kicks perhaps being the most powerful of the set due to the lower strength of his body. To be hit by a kick from Hakai could shatter someone's entire body, depending upon tier and defensive capabilities. For the most part, it would take around advanced to master defensive skill to walk away with some semblance of defense from these attacks.

Natural Shinigami Traits: Among his other skills, Hakai has been gifted the natural born abilities of a shinigami. This means that he uses reiatsu as per other spiritual beings, mixed in with the capability for kido and other similar skills. For the most part Hakai is able to perform techniques such as Konso and use of Jigochuko. Although he is not necessarily a Gotei following Shinigami, he has retained the ability to send souls to the Soul Society to seek refuge from hollows and other beings that might harm them as a plus. Never the less Hakai also retains the hell butterflies, a quick and useful form of communication among other Shinigami and Vizards. Although he has access to such skills as kido, Hakai has proven to only have rather limited knowledge and power.

Advanced Image Processing: Hakai's eyesight has said to be far more advanced than a typical persons, capable of processing the world around him at a much clearer and focused rate. Due to the enhanced eyesight, Hakai is capable of seeing situations from a different light; and almost slower than someone else might. Due to being able to process images faster, he can detect movements in muscles, slight changes in pace and even see things in attacks that others might not have seen. This works especially well in hand to hand combat as Hakai will be able to detect attacks before they even happen - studying body movements, the concentration of reiatsu and other factors. This also gives him a theoretical faster reaction time: as he can predict movements and attacks, giving him more room to react.

Limited Kido Access: Despite the tremendous amount of energy reserves he has, Hakai doesn't utilize or have the capability to cast very many kido spells, if any at all. At the highest level, Hakai has shown to use kido up to the number of fifty in both Hadō and bakudo, rarely ever relying on this technique. As he is not trained in it very much, it would require an immense amount of concentration and energy reserves. He has been shown to go higher, but as mentioned, the concentration required would almost make it not worth the effort, so rather he sticks to his hand to hand style of combat and leaves kido to the magic users around him.



Over the years, Hakai had withstood numerous opponents and even proved himself to be one of the strongest hand to hand fighters to ever exist. Due to his grand-master skill in Hakuda, Hakai is obviously absolutely deadly when it comes to hand to hand combat - utilizing not only the power of a Shinigami's unique fighting style, but all known martial arts and disciplines throughout the history of Earth. Due to being one with his zanpakuto, Hakai's main and only form of combat is with his fists and muscular body. Not only will he tower over an opponent in height, but his brutal strength mixed in with his unyielding knowledge of hand to hand combat can be deadly for absolutely anyone who gets too close.

Hakai has shown multiple masteries over all different kinds of hand to hand combat during his near 1000 years of life. They are as follows, categorized by Martial Art and techniques. The list contains multiple unique Martial Art styles as well as well studied and understood ones from across multiple realms, all with unique twists and standard moves.


Muay Thai

Muay Thai Mastery: One of the most incredible and powerful arts that Hakai has mastered is the art of Thai kickboxing, known as Muay Thai. Whilst a competitive sport these days, the age old art allowed Hakai to learn how to dish out powerful and unrelenting blows of pure force through his legs and punches. Hakai has a mastery over everything Muay Thai, often overwhelming an opponent with nothing but brute force behind his trained techniques. Although he is a master, Hakai uses his amazing understanding of the techniques to mix with his spiritual side, often giving each blow a unique twist and power to them that a normal practitioner would not be capable of. This means intensely powerful attacks that are capable of both removing and destroying limbs in their entirety. This mastery proves a strong point in Hakai's fighting style, having mastered every single aspect of teaching of traditional Muay Thai, whilst also having his own unique additions to it.

Tae Pub Nok: A powerful kick that is aimed at the outside of the knee joint, aiming to crumble someone's leg down atop of them. This is a rather common technique studied throughout Muay Thai, aiming to take someone off their feet and buckle their legs. In the case of Hakai, Tae Pub Nok is useful in a much more powerful sense: if he is capable of getting close enough, he forces a surge of adrenaline and spiritual energy through his body to completely obliterate that location. Many people whom have been unfortunate enough to meet Hakai in hand to hand combat have had their knees completely destroyed, bones shattered into pieces at the join of thigh bone to knee bone. This is a rather simple technique but is a powerful testament to the power of this kick. At his current level of 0-2++, it is entirely possible for him to shatter virtually anyone's knee joint. This is if they took it with no defense however, more often than not entirely removing a leg with this.

Sok Tong: This technique utilizes the elbows, usually only capable of being utilized whilst in extreme close quarters. Assuming someone is right in his face throwing a flurry of punches, Hakai is capable of fighting back with "Sok Tong". This allows him to keep his guard up in front of his face whilst waiting for an opening or whilst blocking incoming hits. When an opening presents itself, Hakai raises his elbow and thrusts it down upon the target with immense force. This is typically atop of their head and withholds enough force to crack open most skulls without any form of defensive power helping. Whilst not so extreme or useful in long range fights, when those whom try to stay in his face try, they will often be met with a cracked and bleeding skull, simply by lowering his elbows. Similar to the technique above, Hakai channels spiritual energy into these blows, utilizing his mastery of Hakuda, a shinigami's hand to hand combat, to enhance every single one of his blows. This also leaves his body and chest down exposed to assaults however, meaning it's only used when the assaults are aimed at his face.

Hak Nguang Aiyara: This technique follows the ability to catch the limb of an opponent whom threw a kick, or similar limb, at Hakai. The focus of this technique is to either entirely rip off their leg or crush it in half by snapping his hand down upon their knee and thigh. When a kick comes towards him, depending on the power behind it, Hakai has shown to channel intense force through his body and even reinforce himself to simply catch it. What he does once the leg is at his side though is where the danger starts. Once the kick his caught, a swirl of red energy begins to swirl around his body as he aims a powerful fist towards the middle of ones knee. Once it hits, the opponent will recieve a rattle throughout their entire body, the power of his fist hitting the knee and bones in the area rattling their very being. Often times the leg will be torn completely off due to his overwhelming strength, but for stronger beings, they will usually find their knee and bones around the entire area to be completely shattered. Often time it will leave large shards of bone out of the skin, or simply vaporize, depending on the defense of the individual. This isn't a unique technique to Hakai, he adopted it from Muay Thai, but it's important to note how strong his understand is of the fighting style when mixed with his brute strength.

Salab Fan Pla: Similar to the techniques of catching the kicks above, this is the same with arms and similar limbs. If the punch is thrown, Hakai will often be able to catch it and lock the opponent into a position where they are almost guaranteed to get hit unless they can figure out a way to break free, or remove the arm entirely. In esscence, Hakai simply catches the punch with his inner elbow on before curling his muscular arms around it, bringing down a powerful elbow to the limb with his other arm. Once the arm is coiled up in the arm, Hakai strikes faster than what most eyes could follow, delivering a speedy and overwhelmingly powerful elbow down upon the arm or similar limb. The problem with this is the lack of ability to adjust to alternate situations afterwards, so he puts his entire focus into breaking or removing their limb. Similar to the previous technique, his body begins to swirl with red energy as the powerful strike hits down upon them, enough force to completely remove the limb of someone. Even for stronger beings, they might find themselves with an arm completely shattered, shards of their own bones sticking out of the skin and similar effects. The problem is Hakai catching this in the first place, once again placing a lot of stock in his defensive capabilities.

Unique skill:

Unique skill 2:

Krav Maga

Krav Maga Mastery: Even the smaller portions of Krav Maga have been mastered by Hakai, spending many years of his life studying and practicing, even after his death and becoming a Vizard. Considered possibly the most deadly and powerful martial art in the world, Hakai had studied this art intensively to focus on not only training himself against oncoming assaults, but how one might utilize their body as a living weapon. With his durability, strength and mastery over multiple types of martial arts, Hakai is a deadly and possibly the world's deadliest user of Krav Maga. Atop of the already mastered techniques, Hakai adds his own unique flairs to each skill - sometimes even creating his own.

Neutral Stance: Krav Maga has two main states of practice. The first state is known as neutral state, also known as 'passive' state, in which the practitioner awaits an opponent to strike, or simply during downtime in a fight. Whilst not typically an aggressive stance, Krav Maga teaches the user to be ready to disarm or kill an opponent whenever the need arises. This stance is typically taken when one might anticipate a situation to arise, but do not require a fighting stance as of yet. There are a few techniques that come along with this - all of which Hakai made himself in order to not switch to a "kill" stance, utilizing his Krav Maga skills.

  • Kutlat Hujum: Since this is a non fighting stance, Hakai has trained himself to deflect and withstand assaults whilst keeping a 'neutral' stance. This isn't a technique taught by typical Krav Maga style, rather 'invented' by Hakai during his training. Krav Maga is an intense sport and art focused on killing and eliminating a threat, considered the most brutal martial art in the world. Hakai took the idea of "neutral stance" to heart and developed techniques based on the deadly attacks. Kutlat Hujum focuses on hitting joints and pressure points of limbs during an assault. Due to his extensive training, Hakai dodges a punch, kick or attack sent his way and sends out a passive strike to pressure points on the opponents body. Due to his passive state, this allows Hakai to move freely and dodge attacks without guarding himself or looking to counter. The best example would be someone trying to stab him with a sword. Hakai will dodge the strike and send a powerful and incapacitate to punch to an open pressure point. Typically this is a strike to the Carotid on the neck, not enough to break the neck, but crush and incapacitate someone by attacking the pressure point. If this doesn't work out, or the neck is not reachable, the next point of attack is the Brachial on the inner elbow. When hit with enough force, this can force the opponents arm to drop limp and drop the weapon, or stop their arm from moving for a few seconds, depending on how hard it is hit. Typically when dodged, Hakai is capable of leaving a small after image and even hardening the air in the area (through reiatsu control) to make it seem like he was hit with the strike, allowing him to easily get the upper hand and disarm or incapacitate the opponent.

  • Sarie Kama Alrrih: Translated to "swift as wind" in Arabic, Hakai has trained himself to flow almost like the wind itself. Whilst not excessively a Krav Maga technique, he considers it falling under the art due to the "neutral stance" he takes during it. For his own benefit, Hakai utilizes Sarie Kama Alrrih to almost dodge most attacks brought his way without so much as breaking a sweat. He cannot strike back, nor can be mess with the environment in any profound way during this, meaning he puts all of his hope into survival and dodging the attacks launched at him. Due to his amazing reaction times, Hakai continues backing up at different speeds, bobbing, side stepping and pulling himself back from attacks sent at him. One might consider this similar to how a boxer dodges punches, but when watching it seems like more. Hakai's body seems to flow like wind, every essence of power within him focusing on keeping himself alive and dodging assaults. For an oberserver, it would almost seem like Hakai's body is incorporeal, the speed and focus put into dodging making it seem like attacks hit him, when they simply phase through. This isn't to say he is un-hittable, but when he puts all of his training into a single "passive" and dodging stance, hitting a master of martial art can be a challenge in itself. The way this technique is built allows him to switch in and out of the stance almost instantly, but keeping his arms and legs in a way, where if he was to switch into aggressive stance, he could strike back at the opponent in a fatal way.

Aggressive Stance: This is the normal, and typical, stance of a Krav Maga practitioner. Due to the nature of Krav Maga as a martial art, aggression is key for this. Otherwise titled the "killing stance", Krav Maga follows the idea of swiftly killing or destroying an opponent before they can get the chance to harm you. This is especially true for Hakai, whom deals with killing blows and destroying an opponent throughout his lifetime. This section is where more of the common Krav Maga techniques will be labelled, but not completely outlined, simply unique and extent to give an idea of how powerful his training is.

  • Straight Death Punch: To give an understanding of his knowledge and power when utilizing Krav Maga, Hakai utilizes his aggressive stance by keeping both hands raise at around chin and chest height, swapping between the two whilst in a fight. The Death Punch is simple, but powerful maneuver Hakai had always used throughout his training and understanding of the Israeli art. With extreme precision and speed, a punch is launched out from one at a time, the arm not used held up right by his face and chest area. Hakai never drops these arms, and after every single punch drops back into his defensive stance, sheltering his upper and chest height from any oncoming attacks. The idea behind this is that even when striking, Hakai has the ability to keep himself guarded on one side, so even if a punch is aimed his way, his free arm will be able to guard it whilst he dishes out the "death punch." This is a rather standard Krav Maga technique and simple, but Hakai has put his own twist on it. Normally named just 'straight punch', Hakai has titled his own the 'death punch.' The reasoning for this name is the raw strength sheltered behind it, and when coated with his black smoke, is capable of shattering and ripping through virtually anything.

    When the punch is sent out, it creates sort of a "ripple" effect in the air around his fist, following it all the way until the target is met. This ripple expresses the force behind it, breaking and travelling faster than what sound can keep up. There are three locations in which this punch can be aimed. First is the chest area, if hit capable of crushing in someone's chest and even punching right through them if their defenses aren't proper. The second location is the neck and wind pipe, with a flat palm or opened fist crushing into it. When aimed at the neck, this is typically softer than the other punches, as he is aiming to cut off their ability to breathe, not remove their head. The final location is the nose and square between the eyes. Those whom are unfortunate enough to get hit by this punch directly to the face can find their eyesight to be completely shattered, if but temporarily, as the punch knocks the optical nerves and damages them. This is if they even survive the punch however, the name "death punch" not having a reason. Whilst these punches in themselves are simple, even in sealed state, Hakai has shown to force the power of his zanpakuto to coat portions of his body into metal. The punches can be so hard that once he hits each location, he shatters portions of metal off his coating, meaning that even if someone is capable of blocking or taking the hit, they are suddenly dealing with an explosion of shrapnel onto the area around them. If Hakai's punch actually opens up a wound, the opponent might also get an abundance of metal shrapnel right into their wound, making it not only difficult to fight back due to the agony it causes, but actually make the wound worse by moving the shrapnel within them even more, cutting up their insides.

  • Disarm and Shoulder Break: Due to the nature of Hakai's defensive capabilities, the Krav Maga technique of disarming a knife would be impossible with larger weapons such as a sword or axe. With intense focus, Hakai is capable of catching similar strikes, especially from overhead. Assuming the distance is closed, Hakai can get right up close to the attacker and place one of his arms underneath the descending arm, blocking the attack before the bladed edge can hit the target. Before they know it, Hakai plants a deadly blow into their shoulder, similar in power and fashion to the 'death punch' mentioned above. It releases shards of power into the open wounds and immediate surrounding area, splintering metal shards right into the body. With the amount of power behind the punch, if the shoulder isn't shattered completely, Hakai then follows up with a flat palm to the pressure point on the inner elbow, usually causing the opponent to drop whatever is within their hand.

    On the surface, this is a rather standard technique. Assuming someone gets close enough, Hakai has proven to disarm and destroy opponents. Krav Maga is a very deadly art, and Hakai knows it, hence why every single attack he uses during this stance and fighting style is aimed to either kill or absolutely destroy the opponent. These aren't amazing techniques that draw upon unimaginable power: this is simply a man drawing upon both his natural born spiritual power to enhance his strikes, looking upon the amazing traditional fighting styles of humans and improving upon them. Assuming the shoulder shatter and disarm worked, Hakai typically stops fighting, only using this particular technique to stop a fight before it truly gets going. This isn't to say it is impossible to switch out and break free from this, however. If one puts enough force into it and finds a way to counter the shoulder attack and block, it is very possible to avoid being disarmed entirely. It is just dependent on how strong and quickly the opponent can react.


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Hakai Chikara
破 壊 力


Zanpakuto Name: Iwa Kinzoku (岩の金属), translating directly into "rock metal" in Japanese, is the name of Hakai's Zanpakuto. The Zanpakuto spirit is a direct older brother to that of Hana Chikara's own Funka Utsukushi-sa, keeping the bloodlines flowing even through Zanpakuto spirits. For the purposes of this application, he shall be referred to as Iwa.

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Hakai, and only Hakai.


Body Type: Iwa's body is rather... different when compared to most other Zanpakuto. Most notably, his body type could be considered muscular; but not through human flesh, through that of cybernetic enhancements. His build is that of a rather strong male with broad shoulders and strong abdomen, but rather than flesh - metal, enhancements similar to that of robotics present throughout his body. These cyborg like enhancements cover his entire body up to his chin, someone whom would punch Iwa would likely have their fist shattered before penetrating the metal defenses. Due to the metal, Iwa also is said to weigh at around five ton; the same as Hakai. Similarly to Hakai, Iwa Kinzoku is also rather tall, standing at a height of 6'9, just one inch shorter than Hakai.

Face, Hair and Eyes: Most notably, when it comes to Iwa's facial features, is how entangled it seems with the metal on the rest of his body. Although his head and face seem to be the only portions of his body not entirely covered in metal and cybernetics, Iwa still has small metal "plug" like areas both on the back of his head and strips of metal up his cheeks. Beyond his metallic face is his hair though, that of which is entirely silver in colour, almost to the same length of Hakai's own black hair. Running down to the back of his shoulder blades, Iwa's hair flows rather beautifully with the metallic tinge of his body; even when wearing a coat being a defining feature of his body. Iwa's eyes on the other hand are much more human in nature, no resemblance of metal in and around his eyes, just a strong and piercing orange aura, vibrantly glowing with the amount of spiritual energy he lets off. This is possibly the most natural human looking part of Iwa, keeping a little resemblance of humanity within those eyes.

Abnormalities/Tattoos: Whilst his entire body could perhaps be seen as an irregularity, Iwa's humanoid looking face appears to have small tattoos under his eyes and down patches of his neck where human flesh still seems to be vaguely present. Under his eye there is a tattoo with two numbers underneath: 01. At this point in time not even Iwa knows the purpose of this tattoo, nor does Hakai, but it almost seems branded like a serial number. On his neck there is a bar code like tattoo running down the right side of his neck, stopping at the point in which metal is hit. Other abnormalities among Iwa's appearance is that the right side of his body, metal and all, seems to be somewhat crushed in; like he has experienced heavy trauma in that area and had the portion of his chest caved in. The metal seems to be absolutely destroyed in that area, all bent inwards as if stabbing inwards to his body. At this point it's much less important however as it has been there for as long as both Iwa and Hakai can remember.

Attire: Iwa's outfit is rather heavy, adding even more weight to his already incredibly heavy body. Over the top of his body is usually a very large trench coat -- the collar of which is perpetually raised and runs down to the back of his knees. The colour of the coat is pitch black in colour, oversized as it hangs off his rather muscular looking body. Beyond the coat appears to be not many other forms of clothing, simply letting the complexities and hardness of his metal legs be all the cover he needs. Although he is typically only found wearing the coat, in very rare instances Iwa has said to wear a tank top mixed in with black jeans over the top of his metallic legs. Iwa is not a polite nor formal man, however for when the situation calls for it he can summon these as per necessary. Similar to Hakai, Iwa also has a folded red bandana atop of his head to push back the long silver hair that normally would drape over his face.

Reiatsu Colour: Unlike Hakai, Iwa Kinzoku's reiatsu colour is said to be a vibrant orange. Typically Iwa doesn't release bursts of his orange reiatsu, but when he does during combat it is highly likely he'll drown out and crush opponents simply with the amount of pressure he can release.


Serious: One of the most obvious traits which Iwa holds is his intense seriousness towards almost every situation he is involved in. Even when it comes to Hakai and matters between Zanpakuto and owner, Iwa treats it as serious as he would a fight or a life or death situation. For all intents and purposes Iwa will not make jokes, passing comments or even vaguely insult someone in the coarse of their training and conversation. For this purpose Hakai considers Iwa the best zanpakuto, as he will go above and beyond, not beat around the bush and get straight to the point instead of leading others on. Iwa's serious attitude also extends to himself - even on a personal level rarely ever finding room to joke or treat himself in any manner that isn't professional. This means that even jokes made towards him, at his expense, are treated as threats and incredibly threatening.

Ruthless: In a similar line to his serious personality, Iwa will often treat everyone and everything he comes across with an incredibly ruthless vibe. This means that if he feels threatened, or Hakai or anyone whom he is involved with gets in harms way, Iwa will take personal offense and completely destroy an opponent in hope of removing them. All sense of morality is thrown out the window; Iwa will not spare any love less for simply killing others or even attacking towns/cities on large scale. For this reason, Iwa was a very strong force in making Hakai become as savage and scary as he was previously. Although Iwa used to look at Hakai in an unfavorable light, Iwa seems to have changed his outlook since his mentality change. From now they seem to work together, as partners and friends, something which Iwa himself had never experienced for his entire life.

Unbreakable Will: Due to the intense amount of training and refinement Iwa has undergone throughout his years of being united with Hakai, Iwa has gained an unbreakable steel will. This means that even in the face of incredible punishment and mentally troubling situations, Iwa has shown to overcome these situations and remain strong. This typically means Iwa will be able to stand up over and over again despite getting hit with extreme punishment. While on a physical level allows him to get back up over and over again, he has proven to withstand mental assaults and even fend off things like mind control by pure unbreakable will alone.

Silent: Through seriousness, Iwa typically is found to not talk. This doesn't mean he will not share any words, specifically talking to Hakai quite often, but when it comes to outside interactions or other beings, Iwa will not talk to them unless he truly trusts them and gains them as an ally. This usually lines up rather well with his other personality traits, as when he is focused he will not speak; using all of his energy into the task at hand. Even when killing another, Iwa typically won't say a single word, having no remorse or love loss for the person in which he killed. In this fashion Iwa somewhat clashes with Hakai's current mindset, but luckily Iwa doesn't get the opportunity very often.

Tactical: When in battle or giving advice to Hakai, Iwa has proven to be very tactical and analytical to the situation surrounding him. This allows for very focused any direct plans of attack, mixing in with his skill of martial arts and sword training to cut down opponents before they even know the plan he has in motion. Although he shares this knowledge with Hakai, Iwa typically won't let his plan be known until entirely necessary, trying to keep the secrecy of plans paramount in case of mind readers - or others whom might have alternative ways of looking into his mind.

Lack of Trust: Similar in fashion to how he treats everyone but Hakai with complete silence and wariness, trust isn't really a factor to be brought into Iwa's relationships and mind. Due to the happenings of Hakai's and his own past, Iwa doesn't trust a single person with all the details of himself - not even Hakai whom he has bonded with for a long time. Iwa treats every single person he comes across as a potential threat, not ruling out the possibility of being attacked by even random people in the world. He has consistently tried to put this idea of trust into the mind of Hakai, however it has never worked to this point, simply make Hakai more wary.


Hakai's inner Zanpakutō world is a rather interesting one. It is seen as a large city, many, many tall buildings sprouting out across the landscape and as far as the eye can see. The world seems far more advanced than the typical real world on earth in 2413. Not only this, but many of the buildings tend to sometimes appear to be transparent in some area - the buildings being see through. Once Hakai enters his inner world, there are cars, people being able to be seen walking around - and many other life-like things. However, all of these lively thinks such as cars, birds, people, trees, etc; are all transparent. Only Iwa, Hakai and some of the buildings appearing to be in completely normal colour.

The city that is within Hakai also resides by a bay, so there is water nearby. The colour of the water is a deep blue, while lighter as it get closer to the city. The ocean spans out farther than the eye can see - implying that the inner world is massive. Although, he has quite an interesting Zanpakutō inner world. It's really unlike other people's versions and types. The inner world, as he progresses, grows according to how much he has progressed. So, say, he went up a tier in a single point of time - the inner world's city would expand across the water and build an even larger city. At full strength, the highest tier he can get, Iwa's world would become fully stretched over the water - the ENTIRE city now being farther than the eye can see away. At his current tier, the inner world spans over almost majority of the water. In other words, he is near completion of his entire strength.


Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance: Prior to his mentality change, Hakai's zanapkuto took on the appearance of hundreds of metallic piercings sticking out of his skin all over his body. This is due to him uniting with his zanpakuto, literally cutting up his blade and forcing the shards into his skin. This literally means he was his own zanpakuto. However this has seemed to change yet still allow him to utilize intense hand to hand training via his zanpakuto. The zanpakuto now takes on the appearance of a golden gauntlet that protrudes over his right hand. The tips of the fingers seem to be sharpened to the point of being able to stab as well, running up to just below his elbow in a vibrant and golden colour. Underneath the golden hue of the gauntlet appears to be a black silk attached, creating a padding and barrier between the gauntlet and Hakai's skin.

Sealed Zanpakuto Abilities: Many Shinigami and Vizards are capable of utilizing sealed abilities, Hakai is among them, having a rather intense and powerful set of sealed capabilities.

Appearance Augmentation: Hakai's zanpakuto has a rather drastic effect upon his body depending on his mindset. Ever since Hakai had forged the union between himself and his zanpakuto, his state of mind has shown to warp his outer appearance within certain restrictions. This also changes the form in which his zanpakuto appears. As of his post-Australia appearance, the zanpakuto takes the form of a golden gauntlet as mentioned above. In future, and prior to his fight with Zin, Hakai's zanpakuto is liable to changing back into piercings spread throughout his body. There are a few characteristics which remain the same throughout all the changes: the strong, broad shoulders sporting large muscles. Long black hair which goes down to his backside, and piercing red eyes.

Hagane no Kyodo: Translating directly into "steel strength", Hakai gains quite an insane amount of strength as a gift from his zanpakuto. As previously mentioned under natural traits, Hakai's strength is quite formidable on it's own, however when adding in the strength adopted from his zanpakuto he becomes even more fearsome. The extent of his strength has already been outlined but the power in which it holds has yet to be explored. As a result of his zanpakuto uniting with his body, Hakai has equated that he holds within his body quite literally the strength of two beings. His overall conditional training as a Shinigami merged with the strength of a Zanpakuto spirit made this possible. Although the merge of zanpakuto and shinigami's spirit allowed incredible results of strength and defense, it also was a major factor in how unhinged and insane Hakai had become throughout his time leading the Monsuta.

Each punch, kick and assault from Hakai is like a rocket or bullet flying out. If he punches too hard, it's possible to tear limbs and cause massive internal bleeding even upon higher tiered targets. Although this isn't a passive skill for Hakai. To adopt even more strength into his being, he contacts and activates the strength through Iwa directly: meaning his body can punch with the force of two beings instead. This strength usually cannot be a constant active due to needing to focus on connecting with Iwa, but it can prove to be quite powerful. Any punch, kick or assault performed before would be doubled under the influence of Iwa Kinzoku. By adopting the strength of his zanpakuto, if he could crack a mountain with a punch - with this strength he could topple the mountain entirely.

Hagane no Boei: Otherwise translating to "steel defense", this sealed skill is a passive trait that has been briefly explored under natural skills. Due to the nature of merging with his zanpakuto, Hakai has been given a natural and amazing growth in the area of defensive capabilities. This means that he can straight up ignore some attacks that are performed at him, intense amounts of power needing to pierce, break or traumatize his skin. As briefly mentioned it would require someone of master tier strength to break through his defenses in some regard, and equivalent for all other methods of attack. Although this isn't to say lower tiered people cannot pierce his defenses - however the assault in question would require intense focus and force. Although Hakai's defenses aren't impenetrable, it proves a rather strong ally in both his hand to hand combat and ranged fighting - often taking a ton of punishment, keeping him standing before he can actually get a hold of the enemy and destroy them in close range.

Due to the nature of this being a "natural" trait, Hakai's skin has become permanently darkened as a result. Without this trait Hakai would be a rather pale individual, a typical Japanese man whom may have not seen any sunlight for extended periods. This has darkened his skin forever though, meaning he resembles a man whom is not extremely tanned, but has a slight darkened skin tone. Even beyond effects of appearance, Hakai's defenses have proven to be extremely formidable in the past. He has shown the ability to tank and walk through the heat and flames of Zin Yuudeshi, surviving while surrounded by fire and continously putting out crazy powerful assaults in the progress. In a similar fashion he has taken ceros, sword strikes and powerful crushing blows from the once great Zefonse during their fight within Gotei.

Hakai's defensive capabilities have proven themselves over and over, becoming a key part in his fighting style. This defensive capability is grown as he progresses through the zanpakuto forms however - once hitting bankai, becoming nearly impenetrable without intense focus and power directed at him.

Body Producing Metal: One of Hakai's most incredible skills during the sealed state is that he can actually turn portions of his body, typically limbs, into metal rods that can be used mid combat. This can change from things like turning his arm into a blade, or altering his fingers to be all tiny individual blades. This has become a byproduct of his merging with his zanpakuto, as in essence his zanpakuto "united" with his body, giving him the capability to turn himself into a living weapon. Although this is not just limited to limbs and turning them into things like swords or long blades, but he can actually coat his fists, feet and other portions to add a powerful blow to each attack. This is rather limited in his sealed state, but this can add a rather powerful force to each attack - a once normal force being hidden behind a steel coating.

In similar fashion to how he can coat or turn body parts into living weapons, it's important to note that he can actually extend and widen these different limbs for distance purposes. Although in sealed state the largest weapon he can create is around fifteen meters long. Typically this might take the form of a steel pike, capable of impaling anything that it touches, or a giant bladed sword that reaches beyond what his body normally could. For obvious reasons Hakai cannot extend beyond the fifteen meter mark for limbs, within sealed state, as it begins to literally tear and rip at his muscles. This can create physical damage and trauma to areas on Hakai's body, thus leaving him with a rather close quarters fighting style whilst sealed.

As one might imagine this can also be used to cover portions of his own body in a thick coat of steel. This means that if a sword was aiming to be stabbed through his torso, Hakai might be able to reinforce the area further with a highly durable burst of steel. Although the most important part of his sealed abilities is that he can only use one metal formation at a time. This means that if he were to block and create a more formidable defense behind an attack on himself, he wouldn't be able to maintain a sword or metallic coating elsewhere on his body. Though this changes the further he gets into his zanpakutos powers, for a sealed power it can prove to be quite troublesome. Although the growth of steel over a limb happens insanely fast, there is still a very small periods of time in which Hakai cannot swap his body changing metal to another location, leaving him open.


Release Phrase: Gōon, Iwa (轟音岩: Lit. Roar, Rock.)

Shikai Appearance:


Enhanced Vision: Upon ascending into his shikai state, Hakai's vision undergoes that of immense upgrade, his once hastened image processing turning into ability to see things from quite a distance away among processing movements and frames at a much faster rate than what a typical person could. This enhanced vision allows him to further break down and analyze situations as more 'frames' are added, meaning that even slight motions can seem like they are in slow motion, once more enhancing his reaction speed. Whilst abilities and attacks would fly out at exactly the same speed in reality, to Hakai it can seem somewhat in slow motion - capable of capturing even the most minuscule of muscle movements and things of similar effect.

While he can also capture movements and attacks match earlier than prior to Shikai state, one of the most important skills falls upon his ability to see great distances. In total, Hakai is capable of adjusting his eyes similar to that of binoculars, adjusting and viewing things from up to five kilometers away like they were right in front of him. Although the weird part of this is while he can zoom and focus on an area for more precise movements, Hakai's eyesight doesn't need to be zoomed in to actually capture movements in the area around him. As it can see in a cone in front of him, everything within that field of vision is taken into account and can be viewed at any given moment. Beyond the five kilometer mark, things tend to become blurry and mixed up; the distance becoming a problem once again.

Analysis with his eyesight is one of Hakai's biggest attributes for devising tactics during a fight, and it's for this reason that his shikai bestows upon him a remarkable ability to 'sense' what a strike might be made up of. Simply by looking at it, Hakai has shown intense ability to not only find the chemical compounds which might make up an energy or natural attack, but how they interact with the environment. A good example of this might be analyzing magical fire that freezes whatever it touches rather than burns. As long as it has been summoned and he has been given reasonable time, around 2-3 posts, his enhanced vision can view each particle individually, giving him information as to how he might fight the attack before him.

Strength Boost: One of the most important aspects of Hakai's shikai is the immense strength boost he is given. Prior to shikai state, Hakai was capable of immense damage via hand to hand combat mixed in with intense physical strength. Once activated Hakai can enhance his attacks to that point and beyond, punches that were capable of flipping cars would not obliterate them and near vaporize. Alongside his immense increase in spiritual pressure, Hakai's strength becomes most obvious when simply punching the air. The amount of kinetic and spiritual force he can build up behind his fists is so deadly that when he strikes air, it is very possible that each punch could leave a wave of destruction in it's wake, ripping up ground and even smashing concrete due to how much force he exerted. When the punches, kicks and other assaults hit a target? That is where his true damage comes into play.

Depending on the tier and durability level of opponents, a punch from Hakai's shikai state could literally shatter someone's bones in a location and send a rattling sensation throughout their entire skeleton. Straight up being able to remove limbs off opponents simply with strength alone wouldn't be uncommon. For someone of equivalent tier, currently 0-2++ to take a full strength punch from Hakai would even have incredible trouble defending. If blocked, it is very likely that Hakai's strength can straight up shatter the block in question, depending on the individual skill of the item/move used to block. It must be noted this is at full powered damage of his shikai, meaning he can throw weaker and less impactful punches at will to keep up constant damage rather than putting all his stock into a single assault.

Durable Skin: Once he has ascended into shikai state, Hakai's skin actually becomes harder in the process. Upon activation of his shikai, his skin becomes darker, signifying his increase in defense by making his skin colour closer to that of a metallic silver, but still remaining human in tone. The defense enhancement he receives is vital to his fighting style of close quarters combat, even being able to straight up tank some of the shikai abilities of Zin Yuudeshi and even some attacks from similarly tiers individuals. Through vigorous training and intense focus, Hakai has honed his shikai to the point of where weaker and lower tiered assaults may not even leave a mark on him, or even notice it. To break his defenses even vaguely with physical strength, one would typically need a skill of master or above. Of course this depends on the amount of spiritual power and enhancement added to attacks that people with less than master level abilities could damage him, but it becomes highly unlikely. And even if the defenses were to break, it is more than likely the damage will be lessened in the process.

Speed Enhancement: This is a small but rather important aspect of Hakai's shikai. Due to the ascended nature of his powers in shikai, to substitute his normally lower tiered speed he gains a very slight boost to his speed capabilities, but only very slight. This doesn't move up his skill level in general speed nor does it effect Hohou skill. Rather this allows him to not only attack faster through his hakuda assaults, but he also gains overall faster movement. Some attacks which might have hit him before are now dodge-able. This means that his increased reaction times can now be slightly compensated through general speed of his heavy body.

Kuroi kemuri: 黒い煙, literally translating to Black Smoke. One of the most powerful and important parts of Hakai's power lays in his ability to manipulate a deadly black smoke that is capable of being excreted from all over his body, as if the smoke itself actually seeps from his skin. The smoke is completely pitch black in colour and floats through the air as any other smoke typically would - the difference being it is under Hakai's control and can be moved at will. The smoke in question has many different properties underneath it's belt, all interacting different with the environment around him, somewhat even influencing others abilities once they are launched at Hakai. Before the smokes effect is described it must be noted that this acts exactly like proper smoke in behavior. This means that it can be directed into areas through the tiniest gaps or even flood an area before one even knows what happens, surrounding their body entirely.

The main property of this smoke is how it continues to break down whatever it comes into contact with, similar to how an acid would eat away at certain materials, Hakai's smoke eats away at whatever it touches. Be it concrete, steel or even human flesh -- nothing is off limits to what can be destroyed via degradation. Of course there are limitations and certain applications for this smoke, however if one were to let themselves be engulfed/surrounded by the smoke, it is very likely they would begin to feel their skin literally peeling and melting off from their body. Skin would begin to melt as if put in acid and if within long enough could get to the bone and continue to even eat that away until they were nothing but a memory. This, of course, is highly dependent on the exposure to the smoke atop of their spiritual power. Even if surrounded by smoke, someone might be able to counteract and slow the effects by releasing enough reiatsu, making it harder to overpower and eat away at them.

The smoke is useful in multiple other ways, including and not limited to blinding and destroying the senses of people. If one were surrounded in the smoke, the first thing they would notice is that their eyesight would begin to fade, blurring into eventual darkness as the black smoke began to eat at their eyes and other senses. Whilst Hakai only has a limited portion of smoke he can release during his shikai, he has been able to control this smoke into hardened clouds, capable of actually using the smoke as a 'ram' in a sense whilst still being able to attack with smoke. In total, Hakai has been said to fill up an area of five hundred meters in nothing but black smoke. This is the extent of his shikai's smoke, however to fill up an area that large in shikai would require much more focus and spiritual pressure than he would typically allow, meaning he would often use it in smaller bursts.

One of the key effects of his deadly smoke is how it interacts with elements around him too. Whilst weaker in shikai state, Hakai's deadly smoke has been able to not only influence the direction and aggression levels of fire, but actually 'turn it off' by smothering it. This is highly dependent on the type of fire used. Atop of this, Hakai has actually been able to turn fire into his advantage, somewhat mixing it in with his smoke and sending it flying right back at the opponent - just with a different, acidic effect influencing it. This doesn't just end at fire however, if he was capable of harnessing electricity or water, he might be able to force the incredible natural traits of these into attacks. This can be rather useful when a water user tries to attack him. This means he might be able to intercept assaults with his smoke or even destabilize such things as energy based assaults, causing them to explode/degrade before they reach him.

The scariest part of Hakai's smoke lies in what happens when it enters someone's body. If someone were to be careless, either breathing in the smoke or other avenues, the person would literally be finding themselves burning and being eaten from the inside out. Due to the nature of Hakai's smoke, he can actually continue to control the smoke even whilst in another's body. This means he can circulate it throughout their entire body and slowly melt away at important organs or locations. There is a way to counteract this though. The main method is by overpowering the smoke within via person spiritual pressure, drowning it out and either excreting it or eliminating it entirely. Secondly, the smoke cannot be poisoned nor can it be given an "antidote", thus vomiting or other excretion methods may be required. With a bit of focus people could eliminate the smoke within them, but it is dependent on how much they let inside their body in the first place. This can also enter a body via wounds that remain uncovered or sometimes even forced down their throat if the opportunity arises.

Vibration: Naturally, Hakai's smoke is capable of breaking down targets or objects it touches within seconds - acting like an acid which eats away at the opponent. However this is another addition to his Shikai skills which focuses on vibrating the area around him and his smoke to the point of precision cutting. At will, Hakai is capable of accelerating the motion of molecules at the edge of his body and in small portions of smoke. When applied to the edge of his body and hand to hand combat, Hakai is capable of turning his hands into literal living weapons, vibrating to the point of slicing through virtually anything. This is dependent on the nature of the object/person in question, but such things as seki-seki wall have proven to be less of a problem that what others might have. This works so well for Hakai in hand to hand combat particularly, as the edge of his limb may begin to vibrate and blur upon use, moving and splitting any particles and other molecules that come in the vibrations way.

This can also temporarily be applied to his smoke in small portions, if he broke off a small slice of his smoke and launched it at an opponent, he could vibrate the black smoke within to not only slice the opponent or object on contact, but break defenses and maybe enter the wound in question. The vibration typically is very visible though, as the air and picture of the vibrated area becomes all blurred and scrambled, easily spotted from even a long distance away. It is also a relatively high focus skill, as he is individually moving molecules to create a vibration so intense that it can cut through other molecules. Typically this won't be done so much in shikai due to the focus and reiatsu it might take to maintain, he will use it in short bursts. If someone is capable of counteracting the molecules being split apart, it is very possible to stop this vibration from penetrating skin and defenses.


Release Phrase: Bankai, Iwa Kinzoku (Rock Metal [岩の金属])

Bankai Appearance:


Extreme Strength: One of Hakai's most defining features during bankai is his absolutely incredible strength, capable of outputting absolutely insane levels of damage with just his fists and the strength gifted to him. Upon activation of his bankai state, Hakai's body becomes invigorated to near peak condition, unlocking a combination of both his physical strength and his zanpakuto. My mixing and uniting their physical prowess as Zanpakuto and wielder, Hakai's body quite literally becomes a master in the physical department, dishing out attacks that obliterate entire areas upon making contact. From this strength, at full power, Hakai could quite literally rip and tear through virtually any physical defense. At full power, Hakai has shown to not only obliterate opponents, but quite literally remodel entire landscapes with punches, kicks and powerful applications of his strength.

With different kind of assaults, Hakai's punches and overall strength seems way more powerful that most people could bare; even those with heightened defenses would struggle to withstand some of his assaults. Although his strength is not absolute, punches to the ground and other areas have shown to literally rip up the ground in certain areas around him, capable of creating a giant crater in said location. Hakai's bankai strength is not something in which one would want to deal with, even those of high skill defense having troubles following it. To balance out his high defensive capabilities and strength however, Hakai still remains slow, his once five ton body growing to twenty tons after bankai is activated. Just by walking in areas, it is very possible Hakai's weight alone will crack and damage the area he's in. Due to the nature of his defense, he can also punch so hard that sometimes he can shatter the metal coating over his body, sending splinters and metal shards in the area he used to punch.

Extremely Durable Skin:Upon activation of bankai, Hakai's very skin becomes coated in an insanely thick layer of steel skin, the same coating that is of one's zanpakuto blade. Not only does his entire skin become coated in a thick metal, but his overall shade and aura begins to dip; a dark aura floating around his body that mixes in with his crimson red reiatsu. From his appearance alone one might pick the purpose of this metal skin - and that is a near impenetrable defense. Many different attacks that would have previously pierced his skin become mostly redundant, for someone to pierce his metal skin through sword strikes or even punches, they would need a level of grand master and above. This shows how incredibly powerful of a passive state this defense is to Hakai, being able to tank and withstand a unbelievable amount of damage before falling.

Although atop of his defense comes some inconveniences, especially after bankai has been deactivated. Once the metal fades away and bankai is closed, Hakai will often find himself covered in intense bruises and even life threatening internal bleeding as he was able to tank and receive very little damage from many attacks. Although this steel and natural defense is tough, this isn't to say portions cannot be shattered temporarily or pierced. When hit with enough force in a specific area, Hakai's steel skin can be cracked and leave a vulnerable spot for a short periods of time, a total of two posts. This is still a question of whether or not someone can break his skin in the first place, but when they can, it is often up to Hakai to try and defend it whilst it regenerates. Although for someone to break it with their body could prove quite dangerous, shattering the steel skin could force the metal to impale into the opponents limbs, stabbing and injuring themselves in the process.

Overall Hakai gains rather powerful defensive capabilities, truly reaching his peak and true power as a close combat fighter with it.

Extreme Vision Enhancement: Although his strength and defense are immense, to forget his vision during bankai would be a major mistake. This expands upon his vision enhancement from Shikai, allowing him a larger understanding and insight into the world around him. Prior to his bankai he was limited to five kilometers, but upon activation absolutely anything that lays within an area of fifteen kilometers is visible. He does not need to 'zoom in' like binoculars would, nor does he require any focus to visibly see an area. The best way to imagine this would be omni-vision in front of his body -- capable of picking out the small details, seeing things from further away with little to no effort. This is a rather weird skill considering distance for humans becomes an issue, but imagine that limitation is removed - we can now see writing, people and other intricate creatures from a distance with no effort at all.

As this is an enhancement upon his previous vision, Hakai is capable of analyzing compounds and the nature of attacks/elements even faster. Previously it may have taken Hakai a solid post or two to figure out how an attack worked -- or what the attack consisted of. Typically Hakai can analyze it upon seeing it now. Of course this is reliant on vision and depending on the complexity of the physical creation/ability, may take longer than normal. A good example would be Kakine Yuudeshi's creation; he might not know how he forces items into reality because the compounds of his power is literally the reality around him. This can work for unique fires, water and other typical elemental type assaults too.

Kuroi Kemuri & Vibration Increase: Possibly the most iconic and powerful technique for Hakai's bankai is the sheer amount of deadly black smoke he can now output. Previously he could only fill up a comparatively small area of 500 meters. Now, with all of his amplifications, the smoke he can use seemingly appears to be endless. This is to say that if he continues to exert smoke, it is very possible for him to cover up an entire battlefield in smoke. This typically is not done due to the lack of control he would have over that much smoke; exerting a lot of his spiritual energy in the process. The acidic smoke can still be dumped into larger areas now, often Hakai will position himself above locations and drop a massive clump, or bomb-like move, atop of a location and force the smoke to absolutely decimate anything below.

It must also be noted that the increase in smoke brings about an increase in potency and overall power when clumped together. Even for highter tiered opponents stuck within the smoke, or hit by it, they would feel their skin and anything in it's way, to get eaten away and sort of melt by even less than a second of contact. This is especially dangerous if he can keep an opponent or rough object within the smoke for a long periods of time. Using his unique fighting style, Hakai will coat portions of his body in this thick smoke, not only adding power by controlling the smoke to push outwards from his fist, but incinerating defenses and locations upon touch. Although, like his shikai, this isn't absolute. Although one would require a larger and more focused effort to keep the acidic smoke from eating away really quickly, it is possible for one to slow it. Atop of his smoke skills, he also attains the following vibration enhancements:

  • Shindō Shi: 振動死, lit. Vibration Death. Due to the increase of smoke usable, Hakai can also generate intense vibrations to larger portions of his smoke. At maximum, Hakai has shown to slam down five hundred meter waves of smoke with a 'vibrating' edge, piercing straight through whatever is within it's path. This is particularly useful for removing defenses or quickly dispatching a large amount of cutting power onto an object. Although his vibrations seem to grow in their capabilities beyond shikai, Hakai is now able to cause objects and air around him to vibrate to the same point of slicing. So while he can still coat his limbs or smoke with intense cutting vibrations, within a hundred meter area Hakai can cause small rifts and air around him to vibrate, causing objects or beings to pass through them to be shredded or cut in some fashion. This is typically done in straight horizontal or vertical lines, splitting objects in two. Although he has shown to cut materials and sometimes people whom do not see the vibration, he cannot seem to cut through a zanpakuto, a persons soul within their sword.

The idea of his smoke influencing elements and the environment around him also is enhanced during his bankai, capable of controlling and consuming large portions of energy or natural based assaults. In some instances Hakai might be able to permanently take fire from his surroundings and add it as fuel to his smoke, creating a burning sensation atop of the acidic melting. This also works for enhanced techniques involving elements too, depending on the power and said force thrown at him, Hakai may be able to consume it. Of course to even consider merging his smoke with an element like fire would require intense focus, thus even if he tried, it would typically only be done on higher powered abilities to weaken them or try fire back. He has shown to do this multiple times with Zin Yuudeshi's heat and fire, capable of withstanding but also throwing it back in some instances. It is important to note he is at no point immune to the elements he controls, meaning he could even accidentally hurt himself controlling it.

Atop of this, because he can fill locations with more smoke than before, one might imagine it becomes harder to control. When a large amount of smoke is summoned, some people would even find themselves capable of moving and blowing the smoke away with wind or other movement techniques. This means it can be difficult to keep someone encapsulated within the smoke.

Smoke Solidification: Hakai's zanpakuto has always been focused around two things: Metal and acidic smoke. This power literally allows Hakai to combine the two, making him capable of turning large portions of black smoke to blocks and shapes of steel. As one might imagine this means he could clump giant portions of smoke together and drop it on locations, literally dropping clumps of steel upon enemies. Although this has much more practical use overall, one of the most important capabilities of solidifying his smoke into steel is that he can do it at speed. For example, if Hakai were to send his smoke flying forward at a bullets pace, he could solidify said smoke mid air, creating giant cannon balls of attacks, or smaller more penetrating bullets. This method gives him a form of attacking from distance too, proving to be quite valuable when he cannot find targets to hit.

Another valuable technique for this is making difference sized weapons for himself. Initially, this might seem a bit of a waste of energy as Hakai's body is a literal weapon - capable of forming limbs and body parts into different bladed edges. This actually allows for more complex constructions too, meaning he could create a giant lance or spear and either launch it at an opponent or fight with it as a normal weapon. The craft typically happens instantly, the formations of black smoke condense together and form the construction in which he wants. Hakai considers this a pseudo-creation technique, as he cannot make anything beyond steel, but can also create and replicate quite unique designs at a whim.

He can also use this solidification to add distance or size to each of his body modifications. If he were to make a blade out of his right arm, it is possible to extend it by forcing smoke at the tip, then solidifying into one long blade, perfectly welded together. This works for constructions in the surrounding area too, meaning any form of steel - or metal for that matter - present in the environment can be welded together as an extension. At his will, the construction in question can burst into a cloud of smoke and return back into his arsenal at any given time. Due to the smoke, Hakai is also capable of surrounding enemies in a casing of steel - sealing them within a thick walled cell. If one were to get stuck within this, they would need to exert an incredible amount of force to break the shell -- or find some other alternative method of escaping. Although this can be harder to do as one would literally see the shell beginning to form around them, giving a moment of time in which they could run out or shunpo to safety.

Obviously this becomes a major problem for his energy reserves after consistent use. Even for someone as powerful as Hakai, constantly making large constructions of steel out of mid air can be quite taxing on ones body: if done in excess he will tire himself out. This isn't to say his threshold for solidification is weak, but more that he needs to watch his limits. The constructions itself has said to be nearly as tough as the armor in which coats Hakai's skin, meaning it would require a very high potency skill or power to crack open and break the steel. Typically he is only capable of creating one creation bigger than 100m squared per post, however pushing himself he can create more at a deficit to his stamina and overall condition.

Tengoku Kemuri no Ken: 天国の煙の剣 (lit. Heavenly Smoke Sword) is one of the most terrifying skills in Hakai's arsenal. Not only does it have a wide destruction range, but it also utilizes a plethora of bonus effects upon the area struck. My raising his hands above his head, Hakai is capable of quite literally darkening the sky itself - seemingly splitting the sky itself and condensing large amounts of black smoke over head. By condensing this smoke, a large red flash is shown across ten kilometers in the sky. The swirling abyss of red and black smoke begins to forge thick steel swords to appear all throughout the sky. Each sword is incredibly durable, about as durable as Hakai himself, and appear to spawn over two hundred of them. Each sword is said to be around 250 to 300 meters in length, while still holding a very thick edge atop of them.

Once they have formed in the sky, the thick swords appear to have large "vents" on the sides, coming into practice once they are actually used. Hakai is capable of, all at once or individually, bringing down these large swords from the sky above and slamming them directly into the battlefield. This leaves massive room for destruction, if using them all at once, can cover up to twenty kilometers area of effect. Each blade slams into the ground with tremendous strength, crushing absolutely anything below them. This has shown to completely disintegrate buildings, entire portions of cities purely on impact alone. Assuming there is no evacuation before hand, it is highly likely that this skill would cause immeasurable loss of life. Once it actually lands however - things become much more complicated - and even more dangerous.

Once each blade has reached the ground, every single sword will release a massive plume of Hakai's black smoke. This gives him not only a massive amount of smoke to control and enhance himself with, but instantly starts to fill the entirety of the twenty kilometers in this thick smoke. Having all the same properties of his normal smoke, the battlefield before him will entirely be decimated and eroded into seemingly nothingness. This black smoke also continues up into the sky and creates a massive pillar of black smog, destroying and even absorbing any fire that comes into contact with it. As one might imagine, he is also capable of solidifying this smoke as he normally would - meaning with enough energy and focus he could drop the entirety of this on a location. It must be noted this skill uses immense amounts of energy and even ends up wounding Hakai in the process, it leaves him more vulnerable to attacks than he might normally be. As one might imagine, this skill isn't focused on single combat but large area of effect destruction. Outnumbered, Hakai has been shown to even cast this down upon himself - forcing others to retreat out of the area or suffer the consequence of giant swords rupturing the earth and air, or being consumed in the black smoke that eats away at literally anything it touches.


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見 落 と す 力

Name: Miotosu Chikara is the name given to the inner hollow of Hakai. While not officially a part of the Chikara family, Miotosu still takes the name for himself. Miotosu translates vaguely to "forgotten", titled by both himself and Hakai upon connecting and merging into one body. The name was chosen due to Hakai's lack of connection with the hollow, by the time they met he could only think that he was "forgotten" or "ignored", thus the name was born. For the purposes of this application he will be referred to as Miotsou and Mio.

Age: Miotosu is around 800 years old, nearly 200 years younger than Hakai. Miotosu also does not have a birthday in which he celebrates.

Gender: Male

Species: Hollow, making Hakai a Vizard.

Affiliation/Residence: Due to being a hollow spirit living within Hakai, Miotosu does not have a clear cut occupation or affiliation outside of anyone but Hakai or Iwa. Similar to the zanpakuto spirit, Miotosu resides within the inner world of Hakai's zanpakuto, sitting and watching the events of the outside work from within that safe haven.


Body type: Miotosu's body type is actually quite comparable to Hakai, he is rather tall (standing at 6'5) and very muscular toned throughout his torso. He appears to be a little more stronger built than Hakai, his chest and stomach region sporting a rather impressive six-pack atop of broad shoulders. Similar to both Iwa and Hakai, Miotosu weighs a total of 10 tonnes naturally, making his style of fighting also reliant on strength and defensive capabilities. If one were to look at Mio, it is very possible they could be intimidated purely by his muscular toned body mixed in with height. His lack of clothes, as mentioned below, serves to do this as well: being rather proud of his body, thus showing off his visible strength.

Hair, eyes and face: Unlike the others, Mio's hair is rather short -- but holds a pitch black colour all throughout it. Running down the the middle of his neck and above his eyes, the hair is spiked up in portions all over, some laying limp, but naturally all 'roughed' up. Most people would consider this a rather messy look, but it is as presentable as Mio will get. Below his black hair are a set of golden eyes, the iris' leaning closer to orange in colour. These contrast rather beautifully as they glow through the gaps in hair, staring down the opening with a menacing cowl. The rest of Mio's face is shown to be rather mature, yet surprisingly with very few irregularities. Across his forehead and under his left eye, there appears two medium sized scars. The one under his eye drags down to the middle of his cheek whilst the one across his forehead extends from the inside edge of either eye.

Tattoos: This is probably the most interesting and terrifying part of Miotosu's appearance. From head to toe, literally, he is covered in black and red tattoos - that of which stem from the center of his hairline all the way down to the very tips of his toes. The tattoos don't seem to be symmetrical on either side of his body, but on both arms and legs, there appears to be a sort of "tribal" style mixed in with "clockwork" or "steampunk" styled tattoos, cogs mixed in with traditional art styles. All of these tattoos are coloured in completely black, some thinning out as simple black lines across his body. Each line is surrounded in a red glow, outlining each black tattoo. Whilst chaotic around his arms an, feet and body: Mio's face is the least tattooed place on his body. While he has many tattoos on his face, even under his hairline, the most her had is a few strands of black and red lines going across his face.

Darkness Aura: Rather simple in appearance, but terrifying all the same, is the black sort of 'aura' that seems to radiate off Mio's body constantly. This isn't thick like reiatsu and it cannot force an opponent to their knees by exerting more force; rather it's just a natural trait to his body. The dark aura that surrounds him extends out to around five centimeters from his body, like a outer glow fading off ones body.

Attire: As previously mentioned, Mio doesn't exactly sport a lot of different clothes. Instead he will typically be found wearing a cloak similar to Hakai, but not around his back, rather tied in a knot around his waist. His chest area is completely void of clothing, arms and chest exposing his copious amount of tattoos and muscle to the world. Around his shins and wrists is a black wrapping, the style of which boxers or MMA fighters would use. Atop of his head, Mio also wears a red bandana similar to Hakai, his instead tied to the left side of his head in a knot. The red cloth around his waist is mildly parted at the front: giving a small look at the tattoos on his inner thighs and legs. Underneath this he has shown to wear simply just a pare of pure black shorts should his red appearance ever be removed.

Reiatsu Colour: His reiatsu colour is the same of Hakai's, a crimson red, the same colour as both their outfits in fact. Due to the immense spiritual energy transferred to him during his growth and life with Hakai, Mio has been able to exert and explode into a powerful burst of reiatsu, soaking and coating everything in his surroundings in a thick red reiatsu for the duration.


Psychotic: The first thing one would notice about Miotosu is that he isn't exactly... stable. Mio has shown himself to fly off the handle at even the most important of times or be ignorant and arrogant to those whom he loves. This is often coupled with fits of intense violence and hatred, hurting or trying to hurt anyone whom pisses him off. For this reason he doesn't really care for the damage he causes to himself, opponents or even random people he would meet. Hakai considers Miotosu the incarnation of his former life, someone whom lives for destruction and hatred, even dubbing him as "The New Destroyer" in a joking manner. This psychotic style of behavior has often meant the downfall of himself, often causing Hakai to seal him away for a while or even not gain access to the outside world at all. This is highly dependent on how he acts at the time, but if given the chance, it is very possible he would kill someone or cause carnage.

Loud Mouthed: Fitting hand in hand with his murderous personality, Miotosu will often find himself insulting virtually anyone in a multitude of different ways. Typically this is done by swearing and degrading an opponent or random people through speech, but is not averse to even using offensive or disgusting body language. He will take his own word above anyone else, his level of cockiness being a rather unfortunate side effect of this. Yet despite his loud mouth and crude sense of humor, he seemingly takes everything Hakai says seriously and sort of feels "less of a being" when compared to him. Which is a big thing to admit when it comes to Hollows, especially one whom is as loud mouthed and crazy as Miotosu has proven to be.

Ruthless: Similarly, Mio will spare absolutely no measure in order to obliterate an opponent. This means he is not afraid of utilizing extremely dirty fighting styles in order to win or gain the upper hand, even humiliating the opponent once they are dead at his feet. In the rare case someone survives an encounter with this Hollow, Mio will often spend his time hunting them down in a "ruthless predator" style hunt, looking to remove them. In a way this could be seen as an obsession. When Mio has his mind set on killing a target, it will die one way or another. Either they will die, or he will. Hakai compares this trait to a wild beast in a sense: yet it does not hunt for food or to survive, but rather for sport, eyes set on the kill and never wavering. He is not afraid of the blood and gore that might emerge from such a scene either, meaning his kills can be rather... messy; to put it lightly.

Confident: This sort of fits hand in hand with his loud mouthed persona, often propping himself up with confidence and talking down those whom would oppose him. Miotosu truly believes himself above and beyond basically everyone who isn't Hakai, his level of confidence proving to be a rather dangerous trait for himself. This can cause him to underestimate opponents in a very dangerous fashion, either causing him to go easy and get one shot, or toy with them into eventual death. The confidence he exerts is constantly on a knives edge, capable of falling either way.

Unforgiving: Given Hakai's, and his own, past: Mio has a very hard time forgiving or trusting anyone whom crosses them. As a spirit prior to being a Hollow, Mio had experienced extreme injustices and pain from those he once held dear, so even prior to being the inner hollow of Hakai, his unforgiving attitude carried over. This is most obvious whenever Hakai meets someone new, or someone from his past. Mio will often speak up and pester him to ignore and move on from a target who he cannot trust or might have a conflict of interest to his own. Similarly, once someone has wronged him, there is nothing they can do to regain that level of trust. If someone were to cross Mio, either causing him or his partners to be hurt; it is very likely he will treat them as an enemy, hunting them down with his ruthless tendencies.

Determined: For better or worse, when Miotosu's mind is set on something, it will be done eventually. Mio says that dedication will carry you anywhere, as long as you have the willpower to overcome the obstacles thrown at you. For this reason his determination to finish projects or reach a personal goal is unwavering. Yet this is also a great example of his ruthless-killing like personality, determination to remove someone from existence. This goes for all aspects of his life really, even the minuscule things. Should he exist in the open world, Miotosu could be someone with intense potential, growing into someone of great power by his dedication and will power alone.


Mask Name: Kui (食い, lit. Devourer) is the name Hakai gave to his Hollow mask.

Enhanced Reflexes: When one dons the Hollow Mask so iconic with Vizards, the user is said to accelerate in almost every aspect of their fighting capabilities. This includes such things as heightened reflexes, which is incredible for someone like Hakai whom already has such intense training in this area. There are very few things that pass but Hakai whilst his mask is donned, and reacting to them is much easier, meaning that he might even be able to dodge a bullet pretty much as it's fired or continue reacting and dodging punches. This is useful in not only normal hand to hand combat, but also when it comes to his zanpakuto powers. Hakai has trained himself (with the mask on) to even notice the slightest muscle movements and react as necessary. One could consider this heightened or altered instincts too.

Attack Speed Increase: When fighting against Hakai's mask state, it is very noticeable that the pace and overall speed of his attacks is increased quite significantly. Passively, Hakai is no push over with his speed and momentum able to put behind each strike, but this hollow power seems to give it that extra "push." When activated, each punch or kick is said to travel at three times the speed of what it normally would, creating for some powerful and incredibly fast attacks. This isn't to say his base attack speed is low, but rather a testament to how blindingly fast he can return an assault with his mask. This could be compared to his daughter Hana's own attack speed, capable of attacking so fast her spear may not be visible. Sometimes the opponent may not have even seen him strike, maybe a few muscle movements. This would be dependent on an opponents focus level and whether they could catch these strikes.

Mask Protection: One of the even more obnoxious things about Hakai's mask is that it gives him yet another defensive boost atop of his natural and zanpakuto skills. Whilst not his most trained skill, nor does it need to be, when his mask is active Hakai has shown to take comparatively far less damage than before. Sometimes damage can even straight up be ignored, some portions of his body simply blocking pain or damage to certain locations. Given how powerful of a skill this can be, Hakai has taken it to an advanced level while wearing his mask, making him even more of a powerhouse type fighter, tanking and destroying absolutely anything that gets in his path.

Strength Increase: While far less potent than his other skills, all Vizards seem to receive a impressive strength boost when their mask is activated. This is rather potent for Hakai whom already has such high power and strength, adding that extra power can be devastating. Some opponents whom might be able to withstand his hits and powerful blows would find themselves being on the back foot or even forced back from their locations. Even with people on the same tier as him, this extra strength mixed in with his other skills might even be enough to crack someone whom he was once equal with. This is not to be underestimated.

Hollow Skills: When the mask is donned, Hakai gains a handeful of different hollow skills. As shown through many different Vizards, they have gained access to some things like Cero, Bala or even Garganta. Te most important part to be noted about Hakai is that he cannot use these skills without actually having his hollow mask on, needing that extra power and Hollow presence to actually bring out such a powerful skill. Most commonly this will be used for cero, but all of the skills are as follows:

  • Cero: Upon activation of his Hollow Mask, Hakai has said to gain access to the ability known as "Cero." This technique is one of the Hollows signature moves, creating a rather devastating cone of destruction wherever they aim it. By condensing spiritual energy into the tips of limbs, Hakai has shown to be able to fire off a pure red cero, similar in colour to his own reiatsu. The crimson ball of energy flies out and has shown immense potential in crushing/disintergrating anything in it's wake. Whilst he is not exactly the most amazing practitioner of Cero and magics, the long years he has lived were spent honing this skill and becoming stronger. His cero has shown to obliterate even some people whom stood in it's way, his advanced level of cero coming in use. Hakai typically fires his cero from the tip of his index finger.

  • Garganta: This is a rather advanced skill for a Vizard to use, considering they are mostly Shinigami in nature. However with enough energy and focus, Hakai has shown he is capable of summoning a Garganta portal to travel to and from Hueco Mundo. This is useful in not only moving to Hueco Mundo back and forward, but Garganta has been used to swallow enemies whole and spit them out at another location. This has been used on a large scale in his fight against Zefonse Kaizme, dropping both himself and Zefonse through black portals of hollow origin. This can also be used for such skills as cero creatively, if timed right, he could fire a cero into the garganta and reopen from another angle.

  • Sonido: Upon the hollowfication, Hakai's own shunpo becomes replaced with the Hollow's Sonido. Whilst not a massive change, this goes far in understanding the amount of control the Hollow has over Hakai during this state. Due to the intense increase in strength the hollow mask gives Hakai, it is also said his switch to sonido also increases in speed -- meaning that his prior shunpo is considerable slower, allowing him to catch up and punish people so much quicker with his new Sonido. This isn't really a testament to sonido being stronger than shunpo, but rather both Hollow and Shinigami side working together to increase his sonido speed.

  • Resureccion Access: One of the very important abilities accessed by high tier Vizards is their Ressurecion state and the abilities that go along with it. Over the years, Vizards have actually gained the ability to train and unlock this skill with intense focus and training - however for some it remains something they cannot control. For Hakai, he is somewhere in the middle. Hakai can willfully activate his resureccion state, but his loss of control once using seems to be overwhelming. Hakai acts very similar to Ichigo's own Resureccion during his fight with Ulquiorra, seemingly a beast that works of the basic senses and instinct: fight or die. The problem with this is that he loses all sense of who he was and will sometimes kill even allies, thus making sure he is alone if he were to use Resureccion. His abilities will be explained below.

  • Black Cero: The effects of 'black cero' is rather mysterious and unique to Hakai, and Hakai alone. There are many effects of this infused cero, for a start; the black smoke that surrounds Hakai in both bankai, shikai and resureccion state becomes infused with his hands and surrounds the cero. The smoke shoots our from all over his body, and gathers around his tongue which takes the shape of a charging cero but however instead of a red light it shoots out darkness, making the area darker in rays of light. Imagine rays of light shining from a source, instead it is rays of darkness. The black cero charges up until in front of his tongue appears the head of a dragon. The dragon is black in color, and is quite big. Depending on how long he charges it for, the dragons head changes in size. To be hit with this, due to it being infused with the black smoke, it would cut the opponent up on impact as well as burning them. The smoke would also act and seep into their wounds, causing intense agony throughout their body. Once the dragon is shot out, it can be controlled and aimed in any direction and changed even in mid flight. However, the pace is so quick it is often hard to change course.

    Stage one charged is when the dragons head appears to be rather small, around the same size of his own head. If you were onlooking from the front it would seem as if Hakai's head transformed into a dragons black head. If an opponent was to take a direct hit from this blast it would likely send cuts all over their body, or at least where it hit. Stage two charged is when the dragon head would be as big as around 3 times the size of his head. The dragon would also show signs of a rather lively looking emotion and destructive announcement just by it's presence. If someone was to take this head on, it would definitely send harsh wounds up their body, possibly near fatal to low tier warriors.Stage three charged takes on the size of a door frame, same length and depth. The dragon would now be fully developed showing major signs of life and emotion just by sighting it. If someone was to be hit by a fully powered version, stage three, it would be a drastic and harsh attack, often even causing high tiers to feel over burdened.

    Once the black cero shoots from the tongue, following behind it is a tail of black smoke, acting as if it was the black dragons tail flying through the air. Even then, it would still be illumination black light, but not at a pitch black level. Drawbacks are always a problem, if he was to use this he wouldn't be able to usually for the rest of the fight. In dire situations, he can use it more than once which normally over works himself, putting his body out of action for at least 1/2 posts. Even then, after this attack is complete he normally goes onto the defense to regain the stamina and battle mind he normally has.


Upon activation of Resurrección, Hakai's entire body seems to fade away into the ether of reishi that explodes around his body, a crimson reiatsu bursting everything over kilometers of land. Whilst the explosion of reiatsu is large and overwhelming for most, Hakai himself seems to find of simply "fade away", his body literally sinking into the crimson reiatsu that surrounds him. Within moments, Hakai emerges a near completely different being. His previous outfit seems to be warped along with his overall appearance, becoming much more in tune with his Hollow. Once his Resurrección is fully activated, the crimson burst of reiatsu will fade almost instantly, revealing a black haired man with a plethora of changes. His personality is completely different: losing all sense of friend and foe, becoming in-tune with his primal instincts and simply looking to destroy anyone around him. He also seems to not have the capability to talk during this, or rather never has talked during it.

Body type: Comparatively, Hakai's body has not changed that significantly since his activation of Resurrección. He still sports a rather slender physique yet muscular undertone, broad shoulders and muscular legs and arms. The main difference to his body type, yet hidden among everything else, is that he now is said to weigh a total of one hundred tons, signifying an incredible shift in his overall body. This is considered his pinnacle state: utilizing both the weight and power of his inner Hollow, Zanpakuto and his own body to make himself weigh as such while keeping a rather lean physique. He is said to stand at about seven foot when in Resurrección state as well, gaining a few inches after activation.

Face, hair and eyes: One of the biggest changes is to Hakai's overall upper half. Although his pitch black hair is kept, it seems as if a lot of it is hidden underneath that red bandana that now flows upwards and covers portions of hair atop his head. Coming down over his left eye is the same bandana, covering his eye yet having a small portion of cloth cut out, allowing him to keep vision. His skin tone is completely silver in colour, similar in colour to that of his bankai, simply tinted much darker. This is most prominent on his face as it is rather menacingly contrasted with the golden and intense glowing eyes - no iris or anything - simply a golden glow that emits a few feet from his face and into his location. The only other change seems to be his teeth, even when having his mouth closed he seems to sport wild and large fangs capable of ripping enemies apart via biting.

Wings: The most obvious transformation to his appearances comes in the form of large and demonic like wings that now protrude from his back. The wings themselves are around twenty meters in length total, from tip-to-tip when fully extended. The wings themselves are coated in a thick metal layer, yet the edges remain razor sharp. Coloured in a crimson red tone, the material of the wings vibrates into the surroundings, the shine of metallic skin even coating the red portions. The skeletal like structure that runs across the outside of the wings is pitch black in colour as well, the edges sharpened to their maximum extent. The wings themselves seem to be torn at the back end, fading in a manner similar to Hakai's previous red coat, tattered and torn.

Attire: Although he does not utilize the gun, as pictured above, he does retain all of the other physical appearances. This includes the black and red styled clothing that seems to wrap around his chest in a skeletal structure, mixing itself in with the golden hue his zanpakuto sports. The golden gauntlet seems to remain in the same location as before, yet now shards of golden metal seem to run up and down his body, creating golden guards that appear on both knees, feet and either side of his abdomen. The red head-scarf as mentioned before seems to be one of the main focuses here, whilst covering a portion of his face, giving enough information to identify him as Hakai Chikara.


Steel Wings: At a base level, one of the most useful things Hakai gains during Resurrección is the large steel wings that sprout from his back. As one might imagine, these wings have a multitude of uses beyond appearance, one of the most important being the speed in which they allow him to travel at, both through the air and on ground. Due to the intense amount of reiatsu and powerful within his body during Resurrección, simply flapping the wings back once is enough for Hakai to supercharge himself into a bullet-like speed, flying at blinding speeds into the midst of combat. This also allows him to travel immense distances within the blink of an eye, even outside of combat, chasing down enemies too. The speed is typically not useful in the midst of combat with someone who has mastered speed, the reason being it takes a few moments to charge himself like this. To launch himself at such speed required usually a second set up, meaning the opponent would have a moment to react. This can be done within the same post as the charge, but it is very obvious he will be charging his wings to launch.

Beyond speed, flying and overall travel -- Hakai's wings are also deadly in the middle of combat. Though the red portions seem to flow like soft cloth in the breeze, the edges of the black skeletal structure as well as the red webbing are capable of slicing open even the toughest of materials. If Hakai were to simply spin when enclosed in a situation, it's very possible even the toughest of materials could be sliced open and destroyed, combining his strength and wings into devastating assaults. The black skeleton edge is typically what Hakai uses to attack however, as the edge is sturdy and more durable than the rest of the wings, he can slam it into things without risk of it breaking of tearing. In the right circumstance he is also capable of turning the red cloth-like steel onto an enemy, especially at close range. An example would be bear hugging an opponent and then enclosing them in on all sides, slicing into their back with the red steel wings.

Although these wings can be removed, a very important thing to note. If someone of incredible strength, typically grand master (or skill equivalent to a grand-master in any given power), were to grab onto the wing and attempt to remove it, it is possible. This puts Hakai into a sort of "downtime" on his wings, not being able to regenerate them for a total of two posts. This isn't to say one could easily remove these wings, but with enough focus they could hurt and remove a method of attack for Hakai in the same attack.

Overwhelming Strength: As if Hakai's level of strength wasn't impressive before, once Resurrección is activated he reaches the pinnacle of what he is capable of. Hakai has said that the strength adopted in this form has never been fully utilized, meaning that his strength ceiling is sort of 'blurred' during Resurrección. It must be noted that this strength adoption is also not a constant active, and only lasts for a total of one post per thread/activation. On the inner wrist of his right arm appears to be a small 'yin and yang' symbol, when activated by will, glows and emits as a 'mark' on the middle of his chest, like a bat light of sorts. Without this active, Hakai is otherwise at a cap of mask plus bankai when it comes to strength. To fully understand the limits of his strength adoption, one must imagine that all forms of attack are forced into his strength department. This means that all bankai, shikai and Resurrección abilities are locked out and his reiatsu is pored solely into strength category. This means, that with his full power, it is very possible to even split open the ground and create a massive creator the size of small continents. Splitting earth apart like earthquakes, sinking cities and even nations into rubble. Obvious this depends upon his own personal wellness and what the opponent does to counteract it, too.

If nothing were done to stop the destruction? Hakai's punches, kicks and physical prowess seems to be completely unmatched for the duration of a single post, a few seconds in real world time.

High-Speed Regeneration: One of the most important things about Hakai's Resurrección lies in the access to high-speed regeneration. This is not only a major sign as to how strong the control the Hollow has taken over his body, but is extremely useful in fights. Outside of his wings (which have a delay on regeneration), Hakai's body is capable of regenerating absolutely any damage he takes. Although this would first require piercing through the near impenetrable skin he has retained from his zanpakuto, making him quite a powerful fighter in both defense and regeneration. Unlike many other users of regeneration, this does seem to take a toll on Hakai when used however. As his use of magic and similar abilities seems to be limited in many aspects, Hakai will often tire himself out and keep the energy loss of being injured despite regenerating his own body. This regeneration is mostly used as a "keep fighting" tool from the subconscious Hollow mind that controls Hakai. This extends to all portions of his body however, meaning that if even his head were to be removed, or vital organs, he could regenerate them at a cost of both pain, injury and energy loss -- proving that even though he has regeneration, it is not absolute and he is beatable.

Zanpakuto Abilities: Despite whether or not he has been within shikai or bankai state, when Resurrección is activated it seems as if bankai is 'forced' out of Hakai's body to accommodate the increase in power. This means that Hakai will retain full access to all of his zanpakutos abilities; including the likes of his steel skin and black smoke. The most powerful part of this is how his new abilities interact with the old ones, the usage of smoke capable of coating even the wings to a large extent. He has also said to control larger portions of smoke during Resurrección, virtually having absolute control over every single millimeter of area covered in his black smoke. In the same vein, Hakai can also solidify larger areas into that giant chunks of metal, sometimes even covering kilometers on end in giant coatings of metal.

Honō no Hitsugi: Honō Hitsugi (炎の棺, lit. Flaming Coffin) is one of the most powerful skills within Hakai's arsenal. As one might assume from the name, this skills works by boxing in an opponent from all angles, like a coffin, and obliterating them by crushing them within the box. This is capable of being done in a few ways, the most obvious and powerful would be surrounding an opponent in his black smoke. Once surrounded, the smoke will seemingly condense and focus in a rather small box around the opponent, hardening over time and the longer the opponent is within the smoke. After enough time has passed, usually the span of the enemies post, the box will completely form around the opponent; locking them in from all sides. Within this box appears to be around ten meters to move in all directions: width, length and depth - changing depending on opponents height.

By this time, the surrounding black smoke will have turned into an eerie blue flame that begins to condense around the box from all angles. Within seconds, the box itself seems to burst into the same blue flame yet retains it's solid state. Almost instantly, the box itself will collapse in on itself and aim to crush anything and anyone caught in the middle of the box. This could be comparable to a coffin, hence the name, that literally crushes and aims to destroy anything within it's path. If someone is unlucky enough to get caught in the middle, it is very possible they would not only suffer burns from a flame that seems to be inextinguishable, but also intense physical damage from compressed together within the coffin: the equivalent of a thousand deep cuts appearing all across the opponents body. Depending on defensive capabilities, this could entirely put someone out of commission or even kill them.

There are a few ways to escape the Flaming Coffin - the first lies in avoiding the maneuver all together. If Hakai cannot surround the opponent in his smoke at all, this means that he cannot actually force the coffin to materialize, making it a useless skill. If one does get trapped however, it is very possible for one to break out of the coffin with enough focus and power in their respective skill. In the example of strength, someone like Kenpachi or Radioactive could perhaps punch or slice a hole through the coffin and escape. The same could be said for magic users, exerting and blowing out enough damage to obliterate the coffin from all angles. This flaming coffin, if broken, also has a cool down of two posts before he can summon it again.

Although Hakai can summon one, at the expense of his energy reserves, Hakai can summon multiple layers of the flaming coffin. This means that with enough focus, time and energy -- Hakai could continue to layer and layer upon the original coffin, encasing the opponent further and further into a thicker layer which they would struggle to escape from. In total he has said to create five layers at the cost of intense amounts of energy -- very few people, if any at all, escaping from it. As the skill happens so fast, it is very possible some people wouldn't have time to react to all the layers. It must also be noted that the damage also stacks with each coffin - so unless each and every layer is broken, the opponent that is trapped will take at LEAST the damage of one coffin. If two coffins remain? The damage of two; so on and so forth.

Akuma no Hōfuku Akuma no Hōfuku (悪魔の報復, lit. Devils Retribution) is the final and most powerful skill available to Hakai throughout all of his forms. Similar in fashion to his previous bankai skill that could call down upon giant swords onto the area around him, Hakai's Resurrección takes it to the next level. Similar to the previous bankai ability, a giant sword crashes unto the ground on the battlefield - however only one. Unlike before which spread across a fifteen kilometer area of swords crushing anything below, one sword that spans across five hundred meters. Unlike the other swords which would release copious amounts of smoke and reiatsu into the surroundings across a fifteen kilometer area, this single sword does not. Rather, instead of smoke or some reiatsu soaking everything surrounding the battlefield, the blade glows in a strong red tone.

Within seconds, the red glow seems to radiate and drown everything in the immediate vicinity, an intense heat sizzling and cooking anything that comes close. The heat even causes houses and other structures to catch fire and even crumble in the immediate area surrounding. Once the blade is completely red: an explosion. At this point cracks of light appear all throughout the blade as giant sword itself explodes into the surroundings, covering a total of three kilometers in a pure and powerful explosion: heat and pure force obliterating anything within the three kilometer area. If Hakai were to summon this properly, and nobody were to contain the explosion of the sword, it is very possible everything in that three kilometer area will be completely destroyed. The explosion acts in a similar fashion to the kido Ikko which sacrifices the users arm, in that a pillar of explosion covers the five kilometer area and tears straight into the sky for a similar distance.

It is possible for one to contain this explosion though. As one might imagine they could perhaps physically contain it with the right materials or force behind it, extremely thick layers of metal and other substance to keep it within a set distance. Another might be magically controlling where the explosion is directed, forcing it to be contained or move in one direction to spare a location it might hit. Going without saying, Hakai becomes intensely drained of energy upon summoning this sword: and causing an explosion of that level could also injure him in the process. Despite this powerful explosion and power, it is surprisingly linear in use. Meaning that whilst it does drain him of energy due to the immense destruction capable, Hakai can find himself summoning more than one blade in dire situations. Spread out enough, he can summon up to 3 before passing out/nearly killing himself, covering up to nine kilometers in all directions if placed right.


Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation Master
  • Cero: Advanced
  • Mask Protection:: Advanced
  • Hollow Control: Advanced

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Master
  • Garganta : Advanced
  • Cero/Bala: Advanced
  • Regeneration: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Master
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Grand Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master


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破 壊 力

Chapter One: Blind

Hakai was always lonely. Even at the early age, he was picked on and humiliated in front of his entire town. Being a only child was hard during those times, over 900 years ago. His family wasn't poor, nor were they rich, they were doing absolutely fine in the world financial wise. However, they were not doing fine in other ways. They were rough, cruel and discriminating parents to him. They despised him for becoming who he was, he was a kid with a vivid imagination and crushed his dreams, hopes and everything along with it. He could barely stand it. It killed him inside. They always made him do horrible jobs, ruining his life even at an early age, he did not care about them in the slightest. At the age of 16, he was walking down a dark ally way, the sounds of horse and cattle rumbling past the street. A voice whispered out to him from the shadows, erupting and shrouding him like a bad smell. A figure of black emotion... heartless feelings and a sadness shrouded the air, it stuck to him, clinging onto his clothes dragging him down. It felt heavy, like a massive weight had been dropped directly on his shoulders. What was happening to him?

All was black, nothing could be seen or heard. What was going on? For a good few hours, all he could see was the drowning dark black smog that covered his eyes and ears. He could feel himself moving, he didn't know what it was, why? What was going on? The black smog exploded off of his body, the feeling of a knife grasped into his hand. Blood slipped of the knife, dropping into a wide open mouth on the floor at his feet. The knife was covered in crimson red blood. Glancing around, blood was everywhere, at his feet; his parents. Dead. Cold. Bleeding. The blood from the knife continued to drip into the fathers mouth that was on the floor at his feet. Yet, Hakai didn't budge. Not a single movement or hesitation. Rather... he was pleased. Hakai had thought about taking revenge on them for so long... so damned long! His wish had finally come true.

The blood stained his clothes, his skin and his memory. Forever. He began to laugh maniacally, his parents blood soaking into the floor deeper and deeper. Repeatedly, he stabbed... stabbed... and stabbed into them again and again. Over and over. He repeated for ages and ages until the local police and services came in, pulling him away and repeatedly forcing him away from the bodies of his parents. Almost at this exact moment, they sentenced him immediate death, not trial, nothing. Even to this day, he doesn't know what the smog was... he seeks to find out.

Chapter Two: Hatred

Hakai was always a man that desired victory. Even from his early years as a shinigami, right up until now. At first, he joined the 11th division in an attempt to further his fighting skills, training with his comrades and everything. However, soon this back fired... on everyone. He thought it was all bullshit. The rules, the paperwork, everything. Hakai lost the plot, taking out countless people as he raged. Before anyone of high authority could arrive, he had escaped, injuries covering his body. His Zanpakutō clenched tighter and tighter into his hand. Running further and further, the insane member ran into the forest deeper and deeper until he found the a good place to take refuge. Hakai spent a while just camping out here all up until a group of travellers passed by. They told him they could creating him stronger, maybe him be able to posses the power of what he fought. Without question, the former 11th division member went with them. However... he did not know what would be in stock for the near future.

His eyes widened as he awoke, his muscular body was laying on a table, his hands feet and entire body strapped down onto it. It was metal, freezing on his back and creating him mad and madder. By this time, they had conducted multiple surgeries and tests on him, attempting to create 'the ultimate being'. They were insane, even more so than Hakai. However, they stayed true to their word... they made him what the promised... a vizard.

"What have we created?"

Chapter Three: Broken Shackles

Reiatsu filled the room, encasing everyone and everything inside of it. The scientists crumbled with fear. The shackles broke, letting loose the beast. A long dark mask covered his face, smoke poring out from his nose. A red light filling his eyes. Within a flash the scientists, nameless they remain, we slaughtered. Within a flash, Haiki was gone. Tumbling, the man was weak and filled with rage. Screams yelled out as he grasped the mask and tried tremendously to rip the mask off, using all of his strength. The mask shattered! It was hard for him, this experience haunted him forever, but set up the sadism he now has. Sitting in a forest far away from seireitei, he was camping for years on end. Ever so slowly, going more insane and insane with the overwhelming strength they had given him. He even went so insane, he resorted to crushing his blade up so they became into the shape of body Piercing's.

These now metal pieces of blade, he pushed slowly and slowly into his skin. Into his face, into his ears, into his chest. This gave him sense of security, that nobody could take his Zanpakutō away from him. He was one with it. They were together, as one body. Eventually, he explored his new obtained power, he found he could create the hollow technique, garganta and cero. Using garganta he travelled to the world known as human world, earth. Karakura. He had heard about a vizard group being started up by the well known Arjan brothers. He thought he would try his luck there. However even there, he hated they way they thought, their rules and trickery. They were just like the foul shinigami in his eyes. Like the 11th division, he went berserk. It started to become a cliche thing with him. Tearing up the place, he challenged the leader, Zin Yuudeshi to a fight in honour of ruling the corps. With pure skill and no help, Zin was victorious. This moment was forever scared in Hakai's mind. Tearing away at him, making him hate Zin more and More.

"D-damn you, you filthy corps!"

Chapter Four: Changing a Dynasty

Purely outraged by the fact the only group of people he could relate to, that shared the same power believed in such rubbish rules. Before them, he never knew that there was so many powerful people out there. A thought snapped to mind, the people that everyone was vsing, hollows and arrancar... what were their ordeals? What rules did they have? It was something of great significance to him. Opening a garganta, he travelled quickly and swiftly to the world known as Heuco Mundo. Upon arriving, he was seen a shinigami and nearly struck down by the arrancar, but before that could happen he managed to strike a deal with the leader, Ashlei Clixx allowing a new type of faction to be made... a faction of hollowfied shinigami. The Monsutā.

Under strict orders, he was forced to make and assemble a force powerful enough to work with the arrancar and their allies. They were told to be stationed in K-world along side the Kokuryuteshi alliance. Surprisingly enough, they had everything that was need for Hakai to start the revolution of Monsutā vizard he had a dream for. The type of soldiers that ran under his rules, his choices and his way of life. As he expanded his empire, Hakai constantly trained with the k-worlds warriors furthering his abilities and powers, enough to crush all who a pose, shinigami and vizard alike. Even humans.

Chapter Five: The Vizard Kings

The Australian War. One of the biggest turning points in the world during the 25th century. Despite being originally based around two sides, the Yuudeshi's aiming to overthrow Monsuta's grasp on Australia, a lot of people ended up getting involved. By the time it started, Hakai actually hadn't decided to follow up on Shadin's assault at Sydney. Rather, Hakai had put himself stationed in Adelaide, South Australia. Why was this? The answer was simple. His old master would redoubtable show up. Zin Yuudeshi. And when he did? He would make his way to where ever Hakai was. The rivalry they held was one that lasted multiple lifetimes, spanning over centuries all because of Hakai's actions. Never the less, after but a few moments, they had met. Originally situated in the city of Adelaide, Hakai Chikara had followed Zin's energy signature, finding him among the trees of the outback, just a few houses along with animals surrounding them. Calmly, Hakai walked in. There was no hatred in the way they entered. As Zin waited calmly, they simply shared soft expressions with each other; for both of them, this was far too drawn out. It was not only emotional for them, but they both knew; whoever was victorious here would undoubtedly end the rivalry.

With a brief show of Tsubasa, the Captain Commander at the time, a field of power was erected over the battlefield. This was meant to contain the two and their rampage within. It started. With a clash of power, smoke and flames collided and the two went into battle. They both exchange heavy blows, dealing attacks that would obliterate anyone but these two; flames that would normally burn the skin off someone, and Hakai's smoke that would literally eat you alive. It was a worrying thing for someone to be around here. The entire earth was scorched, trees alight in the blaze of power, kilometers upon kilometers of land destroyed in a single instant of battle. After drawing out the fight, it paused. As if from nothing, Hakai had thrown himself down onto the ground, onto his knees in front of Zin... as tears fell from his eyes. Hakai began crying in front of his old master, the words they exchanged were both heart warming and breaking. Through Zin talking, through many things happening throughout this fight - Hakai was finally pushed to his limits and broke down. As a result, Hakai found himself with a new purpose. He was tired. Tired of being the man who not only hated everything, but was filled with so much negativity that he couldn't control it. It was tiring for him, and now, with his change of mind - he could perhaps repent.

Friends, turned to enemies, become friends again. Through combat, through spilling of emotions onto each other, these two beings became bonded once again through a friendship that would not waver in the face of anything. A friendship once lost to hatred seemed to blossom again, a friendship that seemed impossible to return was once again born, giving a new life and state of mind to these two kings. They continued to discuss themselves, and quickly among everyone, were known as The Vizard Kings. Not because of their friendship, nor the very positions they held. But because they were masters of their race, beings that had ascended above triviality and born with the power for greatness. Kings of their respective race.


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The Steel Vizard King, Hakai Chikara [0-2++]
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