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 Kiku Yamauchi [6-0/Powerless Human]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kiku Yamauchi [6-0/Powerless Human]   Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:57 am

» Name:
Yamauchi, Kiku
"Chrysanthemum Within the Mountains"
» Age:
» Gender:
» Appearance Description:
She plainly looks normal with her proportion apparently subtle compared to those who would have a large something apart from a large ego, regardless of being submissive or dominant. When out in public, she would appear quick to respond to greetings and good morning's. With her vibrant skin bearing clarity, her reflective brown hair mixes to and fro between the tamed diligence of care to the feral nature of wear. When in reference to wear, she is usually clad in modest attire that does not reveal her midsection, cleavage or her lower back. To display her gentle nature, she normally carry her burden on her crown rather than on her shoulders with her posture straight and relaxed.

Standing at an average height of five foot, three inches, she appears quite healthy with a good balance in contrasting features of blush and pale. Her brilliant blue eyes complimented her gentle nature with a chill of a cool morning breeze in the summer. Her smooth lips copies her light blush while the light fill gave the copied color a new hue. Each expression on her face was pronounced while subtle, giving a sense that while she can express her feelings clearly about what is going on around her, she is unlikely to go hysterical over many things as they happen. It is not strange that when she has prolonged feelings about her circumstances, she unconsciously holds onto a gesture with a predictable pattern to those who knows her well.

Note: This is determined with the use of a percentage-based generator found in "Pathfinder: Ultimate Campaign"
» Paternal Grandfather:
Yamauchi, Kouta
Age 86 Retired Corporate Executive Officer
» Paternal Grandmother:
Hayashi, Miu
Age 84 Retired Archaeologist
» Paternal Aunt/Uncle:
Yamauchi, Aya
Survived & Playgirl Sister
Age 58 Hacker

Yamauchi, Jirou
Survived & Widowed Brother
Age 53 Technician
» Maternal Grandfather:
Kita, Hiroto
Age 96 Retired Missionary
» Maternal Grandmother:
Hisakawa, Shizuka
Age 94 Housewife
» Maternal Aunt/Uncle:
Kita, Youko
Survived & Single Sister
Age 70 Kabuki Musician

Hisakawa, Daichi
Survived & Single Step-Brother
Age 64 Shinto Priest

Kita, Arata
Survived & Single Bastard Brother
Age 51 Underground Information Broker
» Biological Father:
Yamauchi, Rikuto
Age 61 Retail Manager
» Biological Mother:
Kita, Naoko
Age 59 Noh Musician
» Biological Siblings:
Yamauchi, Souma
Survived & Single Brother
Age 37 Navy Officer

Yamauchi, Yuuki
Survived & Married Brother
Age 34 Retail Supervisor

Yamauchi, Momoka
Survived & Widowed Sister
Age 29 Corporate Executive Officer

Yamauchi, Rei
Survived & Single Sister
Age 16 High School Student
» Boyfriends:
Yukimura, Tsubasa
Tsubasa lied and cheated against Kiku.

Fujioka, Shirou
Assumed to have broken up.

Minami, Kazuki
Died by cardiac arrest.

Takahashi, Hideyoshi
Currently Kiku's boyfriend.
» Spouse:
» Offsprings:
» Background:
Kiku was born at August 15th of the year 3995 in Karakura Central. While she is little, she spent time with her family during weekends while each week, her father and mother switch places in taking Kiku with them to work while Momoka and Yuuki are at school; at the time, her eldest brother was in service of the Japanese Navy. When Rei was born, Yuuki was dating at the time and occasionally babysat Rei and Kiku with his girlfriend whenever their mother is out on special gigs.

Usually once a month, Arata Kita would come and visit the Yamauchi household to see his nephews and nieces even before Kiku was born. Souma may not like having Arata around, but Yuuki and Momoka treated him like a member of the family. Kiku sees him as strange and soon took him as someone very close to her after the death of her mother, but later noticed him being further away than close after the death of Grandma Miu with no explanation as to why.

When Kiku started school, Momoka would walk her to school and then later Yuuki would do the same during her middle school years while Momoka walks Rei to school. The reason for it is because Arata telling Yuuki through the phone about not feeling right about having Kiku and Rei walking alone after what has happened to both Miu and Naoko, causing Yuuki and Momoka to take up responsibility in walking them to school and walking them back home. While Kiku was at high school, she began having her boyfriend walking her between home and school, alleviating the burden and allowing Momoka to attend Tokyo University in time.

When it comes to her first boyfriend, it started during math class when Tsubasa asked her if he could share a table with her for lunch. At the time, Kiku was into the naive nature of romantic high school love told in slice of life stories she read and they began dating for a few months. It ended with the discovery that Tsubasa was a playboy and she would have been part of his harem if she did not walk in to check for the date they planned a week ago and saw him with another girl under his wing of romance; the result was breaking off from him after he called her naive and treated her like a fool in front of a class.

The second slice of romance started when Shirou Fujioka was teaching her about the game of tennis as an extra credit assignment from his coach because apparently Kiku's head was in the clouds about sports. Then it clicks when Kiku learned that Shirou also goes to her grandfather's Shinto Shrine for archery practice with her uncle, so while trying to be closer to him, she began practicing archery. As much as her archery and tennis skills are improving, she and Shirou felt that they are connected until Shirou's dad passed away in an industrial accident at Tokyo, Japan.

Ever since the funeral that Kiku joined to comfort Shirou, they both learned that they hardly learned a thing about each other beyond simple interests because Kiku learned that Shirou's father lived in Tokyo and worked for her grandfather while Shirou learned that Kiku's grandfather was the CEO for the company that his dad worked for. Kiku thought it was the end of it because Shirou no longer trusted her because her grandfather was responsible for the death of Shirou's father, and it causes her to seek out a new boyfriend. Kazuki Minami entered Kiku's life during Kazuki's weekend part-time job as a gardener in Fuma Park as he saw her depressed and decided to give her a chrysanthemum by chance.

The two began dating during the school days with Kazuki picking her up from school and taking her to different places so Kiku can continue her studies with him tutoring her on subjects she was struggling with including English and Science. During weekends, Kazuki would reward her with trip around the park and learn to enjoy gardening like he does. Three days before Kiku's graduation, Kazuki somehow dropped out of her life until two days after her graduation that she finds his name in the obituary by her father, which caused her to fall into deep depression that lasts for five days until Hideyoshi came into her life.

It started with a phone call and to the amazement of her father and brother while also confusing her younger sister, she was out the door like she has a date to not be late for. In fact, her relationship started with Hideyoshi giving her ground rules and as if she has no choice, she accepted the agreement and dated him, despite the very odd change in behavior and a habit of clasping her left wrist when speaking about it positively. It was for a year that they dated and Kiku is afraid of the future as she has to keep it a secret about what Hideyoshi has about her.

Locally (and formally) in Karakura Central, she was referred as the shopkeeper's daughter. Popularly, she was known to be the younger sister of Momoka Yamauchi, a careered CEO of the electronics industry who made necessary decisions leading to a new model series for mainframes, computers and mobile phones. In her high school, she would be known for her serial dating of four guys and only the last one had some hope of success in the eyes of fellow students who would enjoy a gossip or two.

When it comes to being the shopkeeper's daughter, those who lived in the housing district of Karakura Central would at least one time come across it or shopped there. As Yuuki and Rikuto are the father-and-son store owners with the son soon to take over, there would be some pictures laying about the checkout counter with a picture of Kiku and Momoka spending time cooking before Momoka has to go live in Tokyo. Despite Yuuki's protective nature for his siblings, Rikuto seems to have no trouble talking about his family, including his two young daughters.

When she was at high school, Momoka had a big break and became a CEO for their grandfather's company after the former CEO became bedridden. The news spread quick and Momoka (while in the moment) accidentally mentioned Kiku being her younger sister, which turned some heads towards her for good or bad. As if a bad run-on joke, each time Kiku's relationship with Momoka was mentioned, it is replied with a palm applied to the face with a sigh because she caused trouble for Kiku as students are bugging her about new models of devices; after her graduation, Kiku still hopes that it would be the end of this mess.

While Kiku was dating Tsubasa, the gossip were mainly off the scene and hush-hush as to avoid interfering with Tsubasa's scoring streak as a reputed playboy. The gossip ends up sour for Kiku as it said that the girl was stupid enough to not notice that he does not really like her more than the girl that he was caught flirting with by Kiku. It is said that few days after the humiliation, a boy straight up punched Tsubasa and broke his nose with a pair of brass knuckles before the assailant was suspended from school for assaulting with a deadly weapon.

When Kiku was dating Shirou Fujioka, it was still sour as some girls are jealous that the "dimwit" or "naive" girl gets to date the athlete when he would be better off; however, a few believed that it is better than that playboy and should last longer than a month. It was a year long relationship until the time when a factory worker died at the work site in Tokyo; after that, the relationship seems to have ended with Kiku depressed and Shirou keeping his distance from Kiku while taking up a job as a Paramedic Trainee after graduation. There are still a very few people who thought that they should try to get back together and one was Daichi Hisakawa, the Shinto Priest at a dedicated shrine near Urahara's Candy Shop.

Kiku was still in high school when she met Kazuki, someone who is older than her and probably already graduated from Karakura High School many years before Kiku's graduation by the looks of him. It ended poorly with Kazuki found dead and the obituary reported that it was a cardiac arrest induced by electricity five days before discovery by a passing family at Fuma Park and was deemed impossible to save. While it is believed that there is a power user stalking around the Housing District capable of using electricity, Kiku was in grief over the loss of Kazuki until Hideyoshi became Kiku's boyfriend, which was a shock for her family and friends, including Shirou Fujioka.

It was believed that relationship is not going anywhere as Hideyoshi was just dragging her around and any attempt to find out what is going on ends up in vain for her friends and Yuuki as Kiku told them that it is alright and it is fine, but Shirou Fujioka has his suspicions with Kiku's older brother backing him up in secret. Only in the underground rings of shady folks, Arata Kita's activity as the Underground Information Broker was increasing his activity lately with his visits to the hospital only to talk to his informant. So far, no one was seen taking action about Hideyoshi's possessiveness over Kiku.

» Titles:
by Rei Yamauchi
"Big Sister"

by her relatives and Kazuki Minami
"Good" or "Positive"

by Tsubasa Yukimura

by Shirou Fujioka
"Blue Eyes"

O bakana on'nanoko
by Hideyoshi Takahashi
"Silly Girl"
» Affiliation/Rank:
Karakura High School (Graduate)
Karakura Central (Citizen)
» Relationship Status:
Dating (several relationships failed)
» Courage:
To express her faith in others
» Favorite:
Watching movies
» Enjoy:
» Loathe:
» Animosity:
» Fear:
People with supernatural powers
» Personality:
Kiku was considered a nice person to a fault as she displayed immature awareness or naivete when it comes to trusting people. Given to her gentle nature, she would be seen as anxious or timid, thus easier to simply intimidate her into cooperating. It is likely that she would trust the wrong person and get herself in a mess of things that is too much for her to handle.

While some would see it as vain or childish fantasy, she is a strong believer that if she puts enough faith in someone, they would become stronger. Whenever she would be alone, trapped and not in immediate danger, she would be seen and heard talking to herself or performing silent prayers. However, she does put up a fuss when she is immediate danger, so it is likely that she will not succumb to futility of her circumstances yet.

Kiku appears to be more afraid of people who can summon fire in their hand or fly without wings, and the news that reported some of them being bad and enemies with powers are not helping the situation. To those who know her well, they could say that a little magic show and a smirk will make her run away or fall to her knees easily. When captured, she is rather docile compared to those who would try their hardest to escape, but how much she could be pushed into retaliating is unknown.

When it comes to utilities, she is capable of many of them given she graduated from the senior high school of Karakura Central and was taught by her older siblings on household needs. The only thing that she was a dunce in was with foreign languages like English. However, it is rumored that despite her lack of understanding languages beyond her native language, she can cook various dishes with a personal touch and care, making it her specialty.

Kiku's head was often in the clouds as she daydreams and firmly believes that she does not need to fear the world outside. However, as evident with her past relationships, she has trust failing before her eyes, making her partially, but passively afraid of having it faltering with her responsible for the wading strength of their faith in her. While she would reach out to those who recognize her presence, she has pre-existing damages to her confidence that still need to heal without her knowing about the damage.

Given to her belief that every little bit counts, Kiku is normally optimistic, but it will fade when danger is in front of her. She is afraid of danger coming her way, but she is rationally afraid that there is nothing she could do when up against someone with supernatural abilities or a supernatural being themselves. She is convinced that no matter how much she could daydream of the time that she would be like a Wonder Woman or a Starfire in the future, she does not have the combat experience or the power to take on the passive potential threat of supernatural powers; so if she was in trouble, she can always count on someone or her friends to bail her out.

When it comes to supernatural events such as an encounter with Hollow or a human with chi or powers, Kiku would prefer that they do not happen along her path. However, the futility of having a life without encountering someone with powers made that preference wishful as the news about humans with powers hurting other humans and supernatural beings possessing powers or weapons of mass destruction made her more afraid of them than encountering a mugger at night and they are still scary to her. At first she would try to do the rational way of staying out of danger, but if trapped, she would end up with no choice but to cooperate with her captors to the best of her moral standing until she gets help with getting out of it.

Unlike those who believed they are destined for greater things, Kiku believes that aiming high will not hit the target and the idea of marrying someone who can take care of her is just as good. It is appropriate to her that she can give back to her loved ones with making sure that when they come back, they will have a hot meal and a clean house ready for relaxing. With that in mind, she practiced plenty of time with cooking while she pays back her father with keeping the house clean while her education allowed her to extend it.

» Costume Description:
Modest Casual
» Head:
» » A white, wide-brimmed hat mainly worn during the summer.
» Face:
» » Only when she is sick, she wears a white medical mask to avoid spreading the sickness.
» Neck:
» » A black neck-tie.
» » » 1x Pinstriped, 1x Grided, 1x Plain, 1x Zipped
» Undershirt:
» » A high-cut, tank-top with wide straps.
» » » 7x Sky-Blue, 7x White
» Shirt:
» » A button-up blouse with short sleeves.
» » » 3x Pink, 7x White, 2x Sky-Blue, 2x Lavender
» » A standard t-shirt.
» » » 1x White, 1x Black, 1x Blue, 1x Red, 1x Orange
» Coat:
» » A light hoodie with a set of aluminum zipper down the middle.
» » » 1x Red
» » A puffy coat.
» » » 1x Black
» Arms:
» »
» Wrists:
» » A black, digital wristwatch.
» Hands:
» » A pair of gloves used by gardeners.
» Undergarment:
» » A set of cotton push-up bra and tangas.
» » » 14x White
» Belt:
» » An aluminum-buckled, regular belt.
» » » 1x Brown, 1x Black
» Underpants:
» » A pair of nylon pantyhose.
» » » 7x Tan, 7x Gray
» Pants:
» » Regular, Denim Jeans.
» » » 7x Blue
» » A knee-length, wrap-around, business skirt.
» » » 7x Gray
» » (Dating) A pair of denim mini-skirt.
» Leggings:
» »
» Socks:
» » A pair of cotton socks.
» » » 14x White
» Footwear:
» » A gray pair of running shoes.
» » A brown pair of synthetic leather loafers.
» » A black pair of medium pumps.
» » A pair of blue winter boots.
» Accessory:
» » A silver school ring with an onyx gemstone and an insignia for Karakura Central's Senior High School.
» » A cellular dumb phone that is functioned as backup camera, phone, text messenger, voice mailing device and clock; luckily she has free services.
» » A black and blue shoulder bag that was designed as a laptop carrier, but used as a purse instead.
» Head:
» » (Halloween) A black witch's pointy hat with silver-threaded designs.
» Face:
» » (Halloween) A winged silvery partial mask that is only covers the eyes and nose.
» Neck:
» » (Halloween) A black, laced choker with a floral design.
» Undershirt:
» » (Halloween) A very fine, cotton underdress that is almost transparent.
» Shirt:
» » (Halloween) A white, cotton dress with laced hems and long sleeves.
» Coat:
» » (Halloween) A black witch's sleeveless dress coat with silver-threaded designs along the hems and a small pair of mutton-shoulders.
» Arms:
» » (Halloween) A pair of laced armbands with a floral design.
» Wrists:
» » (Halloween) A pair of black, fingerless gloves with silver-threaded designs.
» Hands:
» » (Halloween) A set of short, black finger sleeves for the gloves.
» Undergarment:
» » (Halloween) A white, pair of laced, single piece with corset.
» Belt:
» » (Halloween) A delicate-looking silver chain loop with a petite latch on one end and a rose-quartz gemstone at the other end.
» Underpants:
» » (Halloween) A puffy pair of white, frilled bloomers.
» Pants:
» » (Halloween) a white, fine, knee-length skirt to protect her legs from the cage.
» Leggings:
» » (Halloween) A narrow, crinoline skirt cage that collapses when weighed off-centered.
» Socks:
» » None for Halloween.
» Footwear:
» » (Halloween) A black pair of flexible long boots with high heels and silver-threaded designs.
» Accessory:
» » (Halloween) A simple, darkwood wand.


» Abnormal Human Talent:
Kiku possesses a talent that Kiku believes by superstition that if she puts faith in someone or a group, they will have greater chance of overcoming adversity. That talent can also be in form of imbued trinkets or gestures called, "lucky charms." Whether or not they actually work is best left up to the person to either believe in that silly notion or not. To some people who wanted every luck they could muster for something very difficult, her charms could make the needed difference.

Kiku wanted to cheer up those who are her friends or just having trouble and seeking her out for help. However, her "lucky charms" are not anything out of the ordinary about them as anyone who can sense it can sense nothing originating directly from Kiku. However, the real trick is that if the lucky charms are used by someone with supernatural abilities, their abilities becomes more effective or efficient because they believed in the magic and bolstered their confidence.
» Abnormal Human Deficits:
Unlike her more strong-willed friends, Kiku has a hard time adapting to changes in spiritual presence and pressure. That means a rapid release of reiatsu will have a chance in incapacitating her or stunning her for a period of time. However, the chances of killing her with just that is still unlikely while it seems she can also be affected by her allies' reiatsu if she is close enough to the area of effect.

She is spiritually aware, but she is also spiritually sensitive, making her more likely to receive spiritual power than normal. The good part is that she can detect spiritual presence for miles away while she can spot hollows and other spirits and extra-dimensional beings as if they are physical beings. The drawback is that she is more vulnerable to spiritual attacks and the suppressive nature of reiatsu due to her lack of training that would allow her to build a personal shield to protect herself from reiatsu and reiryoku.
» Equipment Description:

Her cellular dumb phone are primarily used for texting and calling people, but it is capable of taking voice mails. Other features include storing music from her computer to listen while she is away and taking pictures, but she cannot directly upload it through the network without transferring it to her personal computer first to avoid extra prices for phone services. She always take it with her, so to her friends, it is not normal that they would find her cellphone laying about in her home or abandoned without a good reason.

A wrist mounted holographic computer that looks like a regular digital wristwatch given to her as her high school graduation gift from her paternal grandfather with the help of Kiku's older sister. When activated, it opens up a holographic interface through a nano-operating system and the interface is capable of adjusting its screen size based on its respective resolution. Due to its connection to multiple networks, it is used both as a portable computer to help Kiku with digital tasks quickly, make financial transactions, and as a blind transmitter that respects her privacy and keeps her friends and security personnel up-to-date on where she would be if something happened to her.

See Skill Sheet for More Information

General SkillsRankWill SkillsRank
» Durability:
» Will/Determination:
» General Speed:
» Mental Deduction:
» Strength:
» Pain Endurance:
» Weapon Skill:
» Focus:

» Roleplay Sample:
Kiku Yamauchi -- ( 聞く 山内 )
"A Chrysanthemum Within the Mountains"

It was in the early morning that Kiku recently washed up and was dressed in her pink blouse, blue undershirt and blue denim jeans with socks on. As part of her routine in the morning, she made breakfast for her younger sister and her father. It is during her time eating breakfast with her father and younger sister when the news on the television came on about the War for Australia.

"It is one of the most devastating moment for Australia as Darwin--one of their cities--was completely wiped from the map by a weapon of mass destruction. Officials explained that the opposing party somehow has possession of the weapon and were about to take the entire city with them, including the allied forces and the citizens of Darwin."

Kiku's frown was accompanied by her widened eyes about the news as the thoughts of thousands could be dead in the blast because the opposing forces wanted to keep their power over the country. She looks at her father and then at Rei to see if she is not the only one feeling the shocked feeling. Their reaction to it is shock as the opposing forces are indeed powerful, but if they have that kind of weapon, then even Karakura is not safe.

"The clone army issued by the Yuudeshi Network did what they could to rescue the citizens and the allied forces, but the only casualties are the loss of hundreds of clones as they lay down their lives to suppress the blast to only the city instead of throughout the region. The citizens of Darwin and the allied forces are reported to have been relocated to Sukai Karakura, the sky city above Karakura City as they will be sheltered until the War for Australia is over and the area that was once Darwin is safe to return to and rebuild."

"It is good news, right Dad?"

"It is good news, despite the losses in the process, Rei. With that kind of event, there will be some investigation and more actions in the future in order to make sure that the nukes are not factored into the war."

"Then I hope that they can find them all before the opposing forces could using them again, whoever they are."

"There is nothing we could do to help other than to do our duties, Kiku. How's your job searching?"

"Not so well, Dad."

"He was occupying too much of your time still, dear?"

With all feelings simmering down from shock to mixed feelings, Kiku's feeling about her situation is a mixture of depressing frustration and helplessness as Hideyoshi was still her obstacle to get a chance to become a teacher or have a happier life. It is only known to her father and younger sister that Hideyoshi was very possessive of Kiku and yet Kiku insisted on handling the problem on her own. Her insistence to do so on her own can only make them more worried than before.
Post Concluded

[color=#4f0d33][table width=400 border=3 bordercolor=#4f0d33 align=center bgcolor][tr][td][center][img][/img][/center][/td][/tr][/table][table width=500 border=3 bordercolor=#4f0d33 align=center bgcolor][tr][td][center][size=24][font=Segoe Script][b][u]Kiku Yamauchi[/u][/b][/font] [color=white]--[/color] ( 聞く 山内 )[/size]
[font=Segoe Script][i]"A Chrysanthemum Within the Mountains"[/i][/font][/center][/td][/tr][/table][table width=400 border=3 bordercolor=#4f0d33 align=center bgcolor][tr][td]<blockquote>[font=Segoe Print]
[/font]</blockquote>[/td][/tr][/table][table width=300 border=3 bordercolor=#4f0d33 align=center bgcolor][tr][td][center][font=Segoe Script][size=24][b][u]Post Concluded[/u][/b][/size][/font][/center][/td][/tr][/table][/color]

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  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
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  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
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  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: Good shit, approved. Good to have ya back, U.
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Given THIS and an ample amount of time, I'll be moving his applications into the inactive section.

As per usual, post HERE to retrieve your stuff.

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Kiku Yamauchi [6-0/Powerless Human]
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