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 Memorize the lines(Open)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Memorize the lines(Open)   Mon Sep 29, 2014 1:06 pm

Having awoken in Hueco Mundo, Anise did nothing but wander for about three weeks killing her own kind too satisfy her hunger, for the most part it was going well. She had killed one as of late that had seemed too give a rush of memories, now she was happy and could having gathered all her egos she was starting too get a jist of how she ended up here and why she was so powerful. The hilt in her hand now had a incomplete blade upon it and as the doll walked she would look like a lost child, but looks are always lies. It only took a short while for the doll too make it to the hollow city where she simply began too drool at the sight of so many of her kind all bunched together seemingly for her too eat, but as of late she simply stuck too the shadows making sure too stay out of the way of enemy's far above her level. It was here she gathered her id's all of them having been drawn too this place for some reason, the first was within a shopping store and Anise simply walked in and considering the lack of high level beings they never even knew she was there and the hollow simply dissipated as she walked away only too see that in this memory she got back her vocabulary and with the thrill of knowledge Anise let out a scream for no real reason she gathered a bit of attention but just decided too walk off with people's eyes still wavering over her.

By the time she had left Hueco Mundo she had gathered 12 of her 13 incarnations and was too say a skilled person in her past life having went from a sickly girl too a mere monster to regaining one's true self or was this her true self, she had earrings made of bone and in her hand, a rapier dyed silver with one part of the blade still missing she could not help but wonder what would happen when it was complete maybe she would know who she truly was and how too get about in this world of monster's, either way anise was walking among the vast desert of hueco mundo and there right before her eyes another Arrancar stood however she looks just like me!?

Anise would tense up over looking what seemed too be like another set of her memory's but this one was more defined looking over Anise with the same awe she looked at the being with, they looked exactly the same however the copy had black skin and yellow eyes. Hey! The doll would shout and begin running forward too take out this last piece of her from the past. However the opposite would run opening up a gate to the human world Anise not one too waver would follow tackling the hollow through it and landing on the other side with a thud. The two would roll for a bit...and as they did the doll could not help but notice that the girl still knew that Anise was there or was seemingly fighting on urges no matter she would punch down at the copies face only for her hand to be meet by dirt following this the copy Anise would punch the real Anise they obviously had the same skill level and that was a pain, Anise would move away from her copy and look around too see where they were. She would focus too see if any spiritual beings where near and after a few seconds she had found one and would shout at the top of her lungs.

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