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 Hikari Hayabusa [Shinigami,0-5+] |Finished|

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Hikari Hayabusa [Shinigami,0-5+] |Finished|   Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:03 am

Shinigami Template

    • Name: Hayabusa, Hikari [The Light of Falcon family.]
    • Nick Names: Hiki [Family] Kagi [Zanpakutō]
    • Moniker: めぐりあう鍵 Meguriau Kagi [The Serendipitous Key]
    • Gender: Male [♂]
    • Appearance Age: 16
    • Age: 480 Years
    • Height: 175 Cm [5'9']
    • Weight: 59 Kg [133 Lbs]
    • Affiliation/Rank: Gotei 13. [0 Division]
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual. [Likes Women]

• Appearance Picture:


Analytical: Hikari is very analytical, in fact that's one of the most contrasting things between him and his younger brother. He reads into peoples words, and pulls the meanings out front. Hikari also uses this-high level of intellect and to dissect people verbally as well as on the battlefield. Using his high level of intellect to break down somewhat mechanics and use what he can to overwhelm people. In Meetings, he's the one to read through people and call them out when he think they are full of it.

Deeply Caring: Mainly this is focused at family, but Hikari is very caring and protective of his older brother Kurai. He worries about him because he's very naive and has that I'm a good boy attitude that people can mistake as false about him when it's true. In fact, He worries that Kurai will lose this because of how the world is around him. He wants his older brother to remain happy and that only can happen if he makes sure he's okay.

Alert: Hikari pays attention really well, and that helps him to notice things. He's the kind of person who will look out and watch out for not just his brother but his division even though he does get annoyed sometimes easily. He's the kind of guy to be a light sleeper, and a bit jumpy because he's really sensitive to his environment, especially luminosity. He's managed to cool it a bit on the jumpiness as he's gotten older, but there's only so much one can do about that when you're protective.

Rash: Hikari is surprisingly rash for someone so analytical. He has a sizable push this button for getting him mad enough to kill you. He's not afraid to give you his mind and while at the same time a bit of an ass whooping. Unlike Kurai he has a good deal of anger in him because he's the more aggressive between the two. This makes him more pessimistic unlike his brother who's this eternal optimist. While he's a bit more like that, He can at times fly off the handle a bit, although he's working on controlling it a bit.

• Likes: Good Food, Friends, Training, His family, Most Good people, Balance within the Soul Society and Earth.

• Dislikes: Harm to his Brother, Extreme Evil or Absolute Darkness.

The Past

• History: When Hikari died he didn't remember much about that since it was something that had passed, and that what it was the past. It was depressing that he couldn't remember, but what he did remember his brother and parents, and he had begun to search through him throughout the Rukongai, and eventually he found him and him having a sword. For one moement Hikari felt a pounding headache and woke up in his Soul world, and he'd meet his Zanpakutō Spirit Shirohime, and that began him the process of going into the academy.

HIkari while he was very rash was very adept at offensive combat to the point most people figured he'd join a rough division like the 11th due to his Rash nature and the skill he had with his Zanpakutō. Although a shocker to the Academy was his natural skill with his own clan's natural telekinesis abilities, and the fact he grasped offensive Kido so naturally that most people wondered where to place him now. For the time being he aggred to be a part of the fifth division, and help out there but he had desire to become stronger and join one of the most dangerous divisions, the Zero division. He felt his power could of been used better there.

So he's in the process of applying for that division and just taking his time to train and watch over his bother who seems to get himself into all sorts of trouble. Whom he frets over quite frequently because of his own monstrous power and how he doesn't seem to react as normal as other people making him wonder if he was a sociopath of sorts. On top of the whole situation of him trying to become stronger to protect his brother because it just doesn't seem he wants to unless his friends are in trouble. in short as he began to mature into his role as a younger brother he became more of a the older brother in terms of personality. He's the one who wields the light of the world in his palms.

Basic Attributes

Sword Master: As a natural fighter, Hikari had to master using one sword in each hand, making him highly proficient with a single sword. The interesting thing is that when his brother Kurai only focused on this before his forms came about and allowed him to use two swords, Kurai was much better than him at this in this way, but when it comes to dual wielding Hikari is much more proficient and used to dual wielding which is his preferred form of combat. Although, if necessary he'll switch to one sword if he needs to use Kido.

Dual Sword Master: Hikari's true power lays in this format of dual wielding. Unlike his brother Kurai he's much better at this. As in this his innate style of fighting due to his training and how his Zanpakutō came to him in her existence. While he wields the keyblades they are naturally a bit heavier allowing them to have weight in their swings, but Hikari is able to do multiple slashes in a single movement, so in his hands they are as light as a feather. The downside is that he virtually has no defensive skill, as in if he goes for it, he's going in for a kill or to force them to leave the area. Hikari is also able still to channel his magic through his blades balancing both Light/Holy energy and Darkness in one fell swoop.

Immense Energy Reserves: The oddest thing about this situation is that Hikari was assumed to not endure as long as his brother. In terms of defense his brother is much better than him, but in terms of offense He can conjure up many types of kido on the fly and have it barely dent his energy, but unlike his bother who is long lasting the longer the fight gets, the more wore down he'd get. His reserves are only mainly in terms of using attacks, and not in terms of taking hits. He's definitely weaker in that aspect.

Hyper Speed Combatant: Since he can't take hits as good as his bother, he chose to make sure he was able to move at high speeds, actually to the point he'd leave lens flares when he'd move. A Lens flare is where the light is so bright that it causes temporary blindness, and the way he moves and how he bends the energy around him leaves him all that way. Since he has to use mainly evasive movements his body his naturally adapted to this kind of thing. This also means that if he gets hit with a solid hit he would get completely knocked out of his movements, so for him movement is very important, if not the most important form of his defensive abilities.

Master Kidō Skill: Kuruai's Magical skill in terms of Kido is astounding in terms of Mastering most if not all forms of offensive Kido. Which is his specialty. He has some usage of healing, but nothing worth of the binding kidos. Kuruai is a highly offensive style of fighter to the point where his offense is his defense, and his kido usage reflects that. Whereas Kido for him is as natural as him using his Zanpakutō, his Kido is more or less set for being as destructive as possible to kill someone. Hikari for all intensive purposes has mastery over all Offensive kido, but lacks in binding kidou.

Telekinetic Kido: A kido used by the Hayabusa clan for fighting in form with their forms. It's basically capable of using telekinetic force to effect objects and people. Hikari's especially good at it, but he is capable enough of lifting objects and through them. Diverting large attacks by changing the vector's for the telekinetic properties of the attacks. Hkari's judgment when using his Telekinetic kido is very deadly, although he prefers to dual wield, but when he does use Telekinetic Kido, it's to free a hand up to use kido mainly, since he's a master at that. Unlike Kurai where he has to manipulate it actively, Since Hikari is much better versed in Magic, he does this subconsciously. When Hikari uses it however, it drains on him harder since he doesn't prefer to use this kido at all.

Lens Flare: Hikari unlike his brother developed his version of Shunpo where it's used in the sense of that he breaks a certain speed, and his manipulation of Light makes an after effect of Lens Flare where the luminosity of light is so bright it blinds temporarily the view. This is how that works, that he bends the light at such a rapid rate as his speed reaches a much faster point that he leaves these breaks in the light spectrum when he moves making it harder for people to predict his movements. Each time he moves he breaks a bit of light causing the effect of flares to happen quite rapidly, but it can get draining on him pretty quickly.

Beam of Light: He concentrates his energy and focuses it into a solid beam and can drop this highly concentrated energy into a beam within a mile of himself. The Beam is able to pierce through defenses due to the highly concentrated nature of the energy and at the same time it vibrates against what it's hitting causing the effect of a minor Piezoelectricity which is high vibrations to manipulate the ground or air to your will. The downside is that since it does have a decent AoE Hikari does take some damage himself if he's too close to the epicenter of the blast. The closer someone is in the range of the blast the more damage they take.

Fighting Style
Synch Blade Style: Synch blade style revolves around using two Swords at once combined with Telekinetic kido and Normal Kido to ensure a very highly offensive and damaging style of combat sought to overwhelm and destroy a person over time. As the more offensive he is the more dangerous he is. It focuses on a very strongly aggressive controlling style of play where he attacks often to force the person he's fighting to be constantly in defensive posture the entire time. This falls apart if he can't keep the person defensive, but that's why he uses all forms of offense he can at once. The more offensive the better is his philosophy in battle.

Hayabusa Forms:

Valor Form: This form is focused on using his Zanpakutō to the limit, using the skills and abilities to their limits improving naturally the skills within using them. He doesn't use magic in this form at all sealing it off and using the energy to boost his speed, strength and abilities of his Zanpakutō. This form is based on being as physical as possible. While his magic is sealed off he gains access to a natural movement speed, attack speed boost, but this drains on his stamina heavily since his energy is being focused there. Futhermore, His body is much more nimbler and lighter in this form. 8 turns before he exhausts himself.

Limit Form: This form is commonly used in bursts due to the unstable nature when he uses this form, when accessed, he access deep into his Light nature and is able to drop beams of light at will, furthermore, he naturally floats and uses Lens Flare without having to activate additional energy. This form is commonly accessed so it's the weakest of his Hayabusa forms in terms of raw energy usage, but the most dangerous since he can activate this will. The Down side to this form however is that it drains him quickly since the rapid use of it can happen. Also this is the only form where he doesn't use Dual blades since he's generally using a lot of kido and magic at once. This form is heavy on using energy because it's his main ability is to drop multiple beams of light. 8 Turns before his energy runs out.

Master Form: This form Hikari is using Kido and his Zanpakutō blades at once. In this form he has access to a unique skill called Lens Flare Explosion. Where he rapidly breaks the light energy when he moves around causing explosions of Light/holy energy at once. While he moves using Lens Flare he can detonate the creation of the after images to cause the light energy explosion. This is the most balanced of all of his Hayabusa forms due to it specializing in using magic and Zanpakutous in their fullest ability. He also gains a unique modifier on his Kido where he can charge them a step higher than normal causing them to have a stronger explosion than normal or have a larger AoE than normal. This form lasts 7 Turns before his energy is gone.

Final: The Mastery of both of Kido and swords play, is that Hikari unleashes his true form allowing of his energy to flow freely. He levitates and manipulates his swords also integrating his Kido Mastery. Furthermore, he uses his Lens Flare passively to the point now that he's constantly breaking sound barriers and causing AoE Explosions. Furthermore, he's adding on to that power by being able to detonate them at will when he feels like it. Furthermore, all of his energy is accessible to him. Which means he's not afraid to set everything on the line here. Furthermore, when he swings his Zanpakutō's they Leave a trail of light that he can explode at will. One being holy energy the other being light Energy. The down side is that this form is the most draining and often enough he will tire himself out after it being sustained for 5 turns due to the mass amount of energy being used.

Unique Weapon

Weapon Name: Ultima Weapon++

Main Abilities:

The Key to World's Heart: Like his Zanpakutō he can lock or unlock the key to the worlds Heart, in that he can unlock the energy of the earth and use that natural energy on top of his own to power his attacks, but unlocking it brings out more darkness and evil from the world, which means he has to often keep these locked to not only keep balance, but to make sure his older brother doesn't go insane, because of his part of being to the darkness. Hikari is tied to the light and is meant to be a balance. Although this isn't as strong as his Zanpakutō, but it does give him substantial energy, and often this weapon is used during Limit Break.

Kido++: When this weapon is in use, his weapon boosts the power of the Kido being used by two steps, making sure that he hits hard when his Kido is in usage, but the downside is that while this is active as a passive, it doesn't drain as hard, but it still does, because of that he's forced to use this weapon's abilities paired with the kido as judiciously as possible. This is the most useful skill outside of the Heart of the World. When the weapon isn't in use it doesn't boost his Kido so only during combat when the weapon is in use is when the passive, or active state is used. Therefore when it's sitting around or if used by a non Hayabusa it will drain the energy of that user until they release it or if Hikari uses it and summons it back to himself.

MP Hastaga: When he has this weapon in usage, he boosts regenerating the energy that he uses naturally in and out of battle, due to his natures he tends to use a lot of energy, and this helps to regenerate it properly. Although this means the blade must be in his hands for this effect to go on, and he has to had at least used half of his energy for this effect to have any real weight in usage, and since he often uses large amount of energy through out his battles usually this can really help him out in a pinch, but abusing it can actually make him really weak because it does drain a bit on his own life making this sometimes a dangerous usage of an ability. Therefore, he has to use caution when he uses this ability of his Ultima Weapon.


• Reiatsu Color: White, with black tips, occasionally, with hints of gold.

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Shirohime [White Princess]
• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

• Inner World:

• Sealed/Unsealed Zanpakutôs Appearance :

• Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

The Key to World's Heart: From their basic shape and structure these are the key's to the hearts of the world. Therefore they have a specific property of controlling the good and evil in the area, as in from the core of the area they can manipulate by locking or unlocking the heart of the world. When he locks the core he increases the Holy parts of the world allowing it to have more holy energy and light based to generate. However if he opens it then the world will have a flood of Darkness and Evil Energy in the area for the time being. It's only to help them to balance out the face the worlds are made of Light and Dark, and he has to keep the balance of them being the light of the world so to speak. Therefore, it there's too much of one of the other then he'll lock it or unlock to keep balance. Also this works on people in the sense of if they allowed it, their hear can unlock their potential of good or evil depending on the person. Although this must be approved OOC and IC before this can happen.

Magical Enhancement: From the powers of Oathkeeper being a powerful magical weapon It has the properties of boosting his magical control and penetration power of it. Allowing his Offensive Kido to push through enemies much more easier if they are resistant to Kido etc. This causes a draw on his energy, but until it's released it's pretty much ignorable unless he's using higher level kido then he'll definitely notice the drain on him. This has a bother ability with Oblivion. Also a special kind of energy comes from this called Luminosity Energy.

Magical Destruction: Oblivion is his other Zanpakutō and it's focused on destroying Magic as in when he swings this Zanpakutō at someone's Kido if he has enough energy and is strong enough or has enough magical skill he can destroy the energy based attack and use it in a pool of energy called Dusk Energy which when applied to this Zanpakutō gives his Kidou the ability to absorb other types of magic as long as the kido is strong enough and he has enough energy around it to ensure that it can eat the energy and put it back into Dusk energy.

Luminosity Energy: This is the absolute basic pool of energy that Hikari uses when he's powering up his Kido and or other attacks. Basically this is the energy that was granted when he locked Oathkeeper as a reminder of his bonds to the world's light that he must be to ensure that he's a man of his word even when the times get tough. Furthermore, he can tap into this energy if he wants to power up other light based movements or attacks. Although that can drain this pool pretty quickly so he has to be careful when he does this. Therefore, he has to focus in order to keep this energy with him. Also this energy is convertible into Dusk Energy if needed.

Dusk Energy: Dusk Energy on the other hand is more based on powering up his slashes behind his attacks with his Zanpakutous, although when he uses this with Oathkeeper the Dusk energy is converted into Luminosity Energy. When this active however it slightly and temporarily corrupts him a bit forcing him to use more focus than when he uses the natural energy for him which is Luminosity Energy. Also, his brother has a slight draw to darkness, so this draws out that darker part of his brother, so he tends to not use these type of energies around him for the reason of how dangerous it can get when his brother unhinges.

• Shikai Name: Oblivion and Oathkeeper

• Shikai Release: Kierou! [Lit:Disappear]

• Shikai Abilities:

Light Release: This is the first basic thing that Oathkeeper can do is the manipulation of Light, the Light Spectrum, and how it flows in terms of the waves, and reflections and refractions of light. In short this works around the basis of perception and Luminosity. This means that in the spectrum of things he controls it's a bit risky what light when amplified or removed can do to perception. This also allows him to manipulate the energy that's created from light allowing him to do things that normally people can't do because of the power that light holds.

Light Slash: By manipulating the spectrum of light Hikari can bend the energy of light, and light itself to create a unique slash where it's harder to perceive where it's coming from due to the light being distorted around his weapon. And it adds a light effect when hit with it, causing a searing pain localized to where he's hit or cut into, more slashes causes more searing pain, but this also drains on his energy a bit, so the more he uses it the less energy it has to distort making the weapon more easier to notice when in usage. Therefore he has to be careful when using this skill repeatedly.

Light Heal: Manipulating the vibrations of the light energy into a soothing form, Hikari is able to heal himself in a very minute way keeping himself able to fight minus the fact he can't regenerate limbs at this current state, but as a passive, he slows regains his health over time, when it's active he gains a large amount of wound healing at once, but it costs much more energy than the passive version of this. Also, it takes 2 turns when it's activated as a large heal for it to be able to tapped upon again, and while on cool down no healing from the passive effects happen. Therefore, he must be very careful when he's using the skill.

Strike Raid: Releasing his weapon and hurling it like a boomerang Hikari adds the element of light to increase the power of the weapon making it able to break through guards that aren't enhanced easily, and if he has enough strength and magical energy behind his attack he can break through enhanced guards, the downside is that he has no weapon and he can only use this once per two turns due to the fact he has reclaim the blade back into his hands. The passive of this is that if the weapon is taken away from him he can summon it back into his hands from extreme distances away.

Lunar Release: This allows him to tap into the natural energy of the awakened Oblivion, allowing him to be able access a dark energy that helps him to power up his physical attacks and speed. Although this is limited to 2 steps above his current state, maxing at master, but makes him close to a GM if this was used against someone who was a GM in those stats. It gives him a very strong physical edge, but it also slowly adds corruption to him, because of the nature of Oblivion being tied to the darkness, similar to his brother, it can power him up, but at the cost of Hikari's life he can power up his brother through this energy.

Lunar Aura: Taking on some of the energy of Lunar release, Hikari gains a dark aura around him that allows him to boost his speed and strength by two levels capping out at Master, and making seem on par with a GM, although a GM would have the edge because they are GM's at that stat. While he's encased in the aura, he can imbue another person with it with some cost of his own life, and that can be dangerous, because he can die if he gave too much life to boost someone else. Therefore he can only use this 5 times in a battle and they last 3 turns with a two turn cool down due to the effects on Hikari's health. His attacks gain a dark looking glow, except when using Oathkeeper they still look like light. Therefore, caution with this technique is necessary.

Lunar ExplosionFocusing a large amount of Lunar energy into his Oblivion blade he slams the blade foward as four orbs of Lunar energy appear and swirl around Hikari then explode away from them causing Lunar, light and Explosive damage at once, this is typically used as a finisher from his combos so typically it's used at the end, but if used earlier, it does less damage then at the end of the combo where it can do large amounts of damage, if timed right. Then again this has the downside of he has to place his life into this attack to make it powerful enough to cause large amounts of damage.


•Bankai Name: Oblivion+ and Oathkeeper+

Passive Skills:

Limit Break+: Hikari possesses the skills from his Unreleased form mainly focusing on empowering their skills, at the cost of more energy, but at the downside of the abuse of this can cause him to temporarily go into a rage for three to five turns depending on how much energy is used and how angry he is in a fight. This causes him to be irrational in battle, which can be the deciding factor between life and death.


Holy Release: Hikari over time learned that Oathkeeper is quite an unique Zanpakutō and the power of this weapon is that the release of Holy Energy that allows him to use the full effect of his light abilities empowering them further allowing him to do some amazing things within this release. Also the energy that's light is converted into Holy energy and is able to do more damage to things of corrupt, Dark, or Evil natures or energies, being made specifically to kill or exorcise them. Since this is Hikari's forte, he tends to rely on this kind of energy during his Bankai and Shikokai due to his innate nature as a light/holy manipulator. This allows him to do some pretty amazing things which are listed below.

Holy Slash: Focusing his energy into Oathkeeper, he's able to generate a strong slash of holy energy that leaves his blade's tip and fans out in a wide crescent of damage as it's able to pierce through guards because of the crescents nature of vibrating light energy being boosted by the holy nature to increase the damage potential of the attack. While this is a simple attack Hikari can detonate it causing a large explosion of holy and Light Energy being able to cause temporary blindness if the person isn't expecting the detonation, otherwise a simple covering of the eyes or even turning away could keep them able to see. The downside is that when he does the crescent he can't use another attack until it connects or he detonates it forcefully.

Holy Heal: An Improvement to light heal in that he's able to heal himself much faster than before, and heal wounds better and is able to regenerate lost limbs, at the cost of a large amount of energy, but he can regenerate his own limbs and not someone elses, but when he does regenerate the limb, it takes him some time to get used to it, because it's a copy and it's not fully recognized by his own body, also he can activate it to heal larger wounds completely at the larger cost of energy on him. Although he can do this, if someone makes him abuse this he will run through energy pretty quickly due to how taxing on his own reserves this can be, therefore much exercises in care and judgement is necessary for him to use this. It has a 3 turn cool down when used to regenerate faster than normal or when he regenerates a limb. The passive turns off during the cool down .

Holy Arcanum: Focusing energy into both zanpakutous, as Hikari moves into the air at high speeds doing a high speed, and high damaging combo. As he's moving around he's constantly powering up the magical aspects of his Zanpakutō's as they gain an aura each one holy and one void, and as the aura is on and is impacting someone it gains a counter per hit, after each blade gets 3 hits each 6 hits total, the blades cause a detonation of energy that can cause heavy damage to a person that doesn't have enough endurance to tank a strong attack, but when he uses this attack he's highly vulnerable if he doesn't land his combo making him suspect to people that are faster than him or can handle high amounts of damage, as they could tank the attacks and then cause massive damage to Hikari if he's not careful.

Lightning Circus: The strongest holy attack in his bankai generating a series of seven beams of light imbued with holy energy, he can aim and fire them at an opponent, and he's able to manipulate their trajectories up to a ninety degree angle in a single movement, past that and the beam of light implodes upon itself. The Damaging aspect if all of the beams of light hits the same target as one beam doesn't hurt as bad as a accumulation of Seven beams hitting a person. The more beams that hit a single target the more damage they can do to that person. Although he can manipulate their paths, he has to remain still because it takes a large amount of concentration to manipulate the beams and how they fly out. Therefore, this can only be used 3 times in a thread due to the amount of energy being used when the attack is released, and the amount of focus needed to use this kind of attack.

Void Energy: This is the final evolution of his Lunar energy called Void Energy, being that this is the closest his bond with his older brother is. Therefore, this is the limit of the darkness that exists within the soul of Hikari at the current point and time. This energy is the darkest and most corrupting he personally knows of. He can boost his strength and speed like before, but this ties harder into boosting others because when he boosts others this doesn't only cost his life a bit, but a bit of theirs due to the strong nature of the void drawing things to a close. While he's stronger it makes him much more irrational and wanting to vent his anger and rage in that instant, making him a bit more unpredictable, but also easier to draw into more damaging attacks due to the altered state of mind.

Void Aura: Generating a Void aura around his form, he boosts his power and speed 3 steps, but sacrifices one step of his endurance for the strong boost that happens when he unleashes this aura. When he's encased in the aura his blades take the same glow as if they were imbued with each of their own natural energies, but since it's void it has more of an on hit effect of coldness from Oblivion and heat from Oathkeeper, when he transfers the aura to someone else like his brother, their life is also taxed a bit for using the aura to boost their abilities, but theirs is only boosted two steps unlike the three when he uses it personally, also, this only lasts 3 turns on another person and 4 on himself unlike the original one which lasts the same on either person. This has a cool down of 2 posts due to the amount of energy used, and how taxing on Hikari's being. When placed on his brother, it doesn't affect his life for some strange reason that Hikari can't really analyze or figure out at the moment. Therefore, he rarely uses this on him because of how it makes Kurai react.

Void Explosion: Void explosion works in the similar principle of Lunar explosion instead of four large balls it's doubled to eight large balls that are mixed with Holy and Void energy that when detonated at the end do Void, Holy, and Explosive damages mixed in at once. When used in the middle of the combo it does less damage, but has an increased knock back range that can give him a chance to figure out what he can do. This costs more energy than before, and when the attack is detonated like before it pushes out away from Hikari's person to help him be shielded away from the explosive damage of his own attack. The interesting thing if Hikari would of been ever hit by this it would cause massive damage due to the natures of the energy mixing being able to do a number on him. This has a cool down of two turns due to how strong the attack is and what it can do.

Void Blade: This is a strange attack in that he focuses his void energy around him and he uses shunpo and high speed dashes to move around the field he points Oblivion foward and begins to dash trying to hit with the void energy cone around him and his blade, allowing him invlunerability from the front side, leaving his back open to attacks and making him wide open for getting hit, which means if someone was fast enough to hit him from behind he would take pretty serious damage and he would broken out of this attack. He does a series of five dash attacks, and on the last one he chains a void Explosion at full power to finish off the attack. This can only be used 3 times in a thread due to the immense energy strain of this, and once used it has a 3 post cool down.

Ragnarok: The final attack that Hikari knows at this current point and time, unleashing large amounts of energy he takes to the air doing a large combo, and then generating seven beams of Holy energy mixed in with void energy as he drops all of them on one enemy if a person would be hit by this attack they would suffer large amounts of damage, now if the beams are split up and used separately, the damage from the beams are less so in short he typically uses this as more of an execute skill than a wide AoE skill due to how the beams work in general and how powerful they are as a group than individually, building up damage each time they hit in a rapid succession where as hitting a single enemy with one beam doesn't due that much damage. this can be used 2 times in a thread due to the large amount of energy being used and a 3 post cool down due to how it effects him in general.

The Skill Sheets

General Skills
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: .
  • Kidō: .
  • Zanjutsu:
  • Hakuda:

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: .
  • Mental Deduction: .
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Hikari Hayabusa [Shinigami,0-5+] |Finished|   Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:44 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [-]
  • Appropriate Age [-]
  • Gender [-]
  • Appearance Present [-]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
  • 10 sentences for personality [-]
  • History is of appropriate length [-]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [-]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[-]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [-]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [-]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

Comments/Notes: Being lazy and not checking them all, it's a good app though mate.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Hikari Hayabusa [Shinigami,0-5+] |Finished|   Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:38 am


Upon his request, I'm going to go ahead and move this character into the inactive character section of the site. Whenever he is ready, he can pick it back up.


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Archive Due to Inactivity!

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Hikari Hayabusa [Shinigami,0-5+] |Finished|
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