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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 (Zero+Cameraman) A Murder Scene at Fuma Park

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: (Zero+Cameraman) A Murder Scene at Fuma Park   Fri Oct 10, 2014 11:29 am

Automated Announcement
"There has been an incident. A FAMILY OF THREE discovered a DEAD BODY at FUMA PARK. Dispatching paramedics to the scene. PARAMEDIC FUJIOKA responded and will be your primary contact. This assignment is a test of MENTAL APPREHENSION DURING POSTMORTEM SCENARIO. This is NOT simulated like before; it will be REAL for the participant. Subject: YUUKI, KRAJ is randomly selected to participate in the test."

It is after lunch time that the dead body was discovered and it was in a minute that an ambulance arrived with Paramedic Fujioka and three assistance to create a parameter around the scene. While the assistants are dressing the scene, Paramedic Fujioka interviews the family for any psychological stress. It is rare for people to be murdered this deep into the city without the network's security knowing about it or so as Fujioka thought. When he hears a phone ringing in his pocket, he draws out his ringing cellphone and answers, "This is Fujioka speaking. When did this get the attention of the H.E.P.? A test? Hear this, it is no game for your subjects to frolic about and it will interfere with my work. Fine, I'll babysit him. Just tell hi- He already left? I'll tell him then. At least you guys told him to come to me first."

He shuts his cellphone and returns to the family's needs and by the time Kraj would arrive, the paramedics already set up a parameter of yellow tape and stands to keep the public from getting into the scene and mess up the evidence. Paramedic Fujioka can be seen as a man in blue jumpsuit and slick black hair with a stern facial features. According to the file, he was the son of a worker who died in Tokyo by an accident in an electronics manufacture work space, and it is what motivated this individual to become a paramedic; he was given high marks for his observational skills and accuracy when determining immediate treatment during an emergency.

There is no telling when people will become curious and gather around, so Fujioka's best bet for his new accomplice would be to make the work fast; identify the victim and cause of death and take him to the morgue for preservation.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: (Zero+Cameraman) A Murder Scene at Fuma Park   Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:36 pm

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
┣▇▇▇═─          ☠          ─═▇▇▇┥

It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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(Zero+Cameraman) A Murder Scene at Fuma Park
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