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 Alternative Outcome To Journery To A Goddess

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Alternative Outcome To Journery To A Goddess   Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:31 am

Artist: Abnormal OST - Song: Mata Katenakatta - Word Count: 1020

Tendrils. Thousands of them. That is what emerged from the murky depths of the darkness beneath all of their feet. A darkness that seemed to spiral on forever and ever. However, these spiked appendages did not go after Neoveta, nor did they go after Iriko. Indeed, they went STRAIGHT for Deveta. Capturing him in a series of sharpened tentacles, they were black, gold, white and red in color as the sounds of children and females laughing echoed throughout the entity of The Castle of Causality.

In that instant, the eyes of Deveta seemed to dull into a very pale shade of gray and the descendant into the Heart of himself began. Although his life force was still very much great, something seemed to be fading within himself and absolving into the tendrils themselves. In fact, there were even new appendages spewing out of the void forming in his chest and attaching to the tentacles all around him.

This was indeed -- The Will of The Heart. What was occurring now was something that was bound to happen at some place and time. The damage done to Deveta was far too great, the truth was becoming unveiled to him by the moment and the ascension of Khala was far too great to suppress. The balance of power between the two was skewed and this moment all but proved it.

Therefore, as Deveta dissolved further into this abyss of darkness, he closed his eyes and let out a sigh as burn marks, bruises, black blood and rotted skin emerged all throughout his body. In this warm abyss, the will of The Heart would see to it that his desires were fulfilled and that he'd no longer feel the pain of his miserable existence. By living on within his heart, Khala Asthavon would absorb The Demon God into herself and take his place as the new dominant force.

"Look 'Veta, the sun is rising~"

In that oh-so familiar tone of voice, the sounds of Khala's essence echoed throughout the four-walls of this ever-spiraling prison. And just as quickly as it appeared -- it crumbled. The ceiling broke to pieces and a golden and white sky drowned everything in an overbearing light. Strong winds whiplashed all throughout the darkness and the blacked chains of the heavens fell all around them.

"The world we going to be saved. And the world we leave behind, should be left to sink and return to that of the night."

In those warm words and calm sights, perhaps that is what he wanted. There was no purpose in his existence, so there was no purpose for him to suffer as that meanless shell either. To be consumed into something greater that Khala was becoming -- was only the natural course of progression.

She had built the foundations of the new era into Demon World, paved the path of war and shouldered his burden for so many years. While he lay in the abyss running away from it all, she stood in the light and carried his pain on her shoulder to bare until her right to rule had came. So due to his foresight, or rather, lack of action, he was forced to become the submissive and serve Khala as their natural order so proclaimed. The Will -- Of The Demon Gods Heart was King.

"I suppose it was inevitable that I'd meet a miserable end such as this. Or rather...I yearned for such an end. It can't be helped since I wanted you two to slay this "me" on that day. That is the mission I gave you, after all, Khala. And you responded beyond my wildest, divine imagination"
Sounding soft spoken, as if there were sorrow behind his voice, the Demon God seemed to transition from his shade of infinite to dark to that of eternal light. Turning his gaze to Neoveta, then Iriko, a nod of his head was all that was given to confirm his "end" was coming.

"For the meantime, I'll accept and acknowledge this "me" as dominant."
Closing his heavy eyes, The Fading Demon God seemed to ease back into the pool of shadows that bubbled and foamed into that which was an ocean of light. Despite that heavenly scenery, like an ominous growl, the opening of a singular eye came to be in his forehead and shattered that calmness for but a brief few moments. It was filled with the night that had once filled the room, and had within the center of it -- a shade of crimson darker than the most murky blood.

"However, don't forget that either of us can become the dominant or submissive self. Our divinity is constantly changing, always evolving. So if you leave even the smallest opening, I'll creep in like a plague, proceed to get rid of you and crush you until there is nothing left...much as my state is now."

Following those words, Deveta started to become one with that which was his heart and his will.

But -- not before the faint tapping of Deveta's hand could be felt across Neoveta, Iriko and Khala's own chest; wherever she may be at this point.

"Oh, and here's a warning. If you really want my power to stay stable, do your best not to die until the next time I appear."

And with that -- The Demon God was no more.

Drowned into this neverending light, he had been consumed by his own heart and put to sleep.

For now, The Empty Shell of The Demon God had been silenced and his power was now in the hands of his Heart. The Heart he had so yearned for to guide him through this darkness that was existence. With her new purpose, enlightened religion and heightened sense of self; everything was left to her.

Thus, coming forth from this pool, was a bare girl. Luscious aqua hair, slender body frame, golden eyes with a golden glow; this was -- Khala reborn.

So, this newborn version of The Demon God's turned to Neoveta and Iriko, with a smile on her face, and said these words:

"Thank you~"


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Alternative Outcome To Journery To A Goddess   Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:00 pm

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Alternative Outcome To Journery To A Goddess
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