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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Poet and the National Perfectionist

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Poet and the National Perfectionist   Thu Oct 23, 2014 8:22 pm

Iriko Crow
The Dragon of the North, Seiryuu
The male walked. He walked through pure air... and then suddenly, his hands reached out wide. a she did so, strange blue wings appeare don either side of his body, made otu of a bubble-liek substance that darkened, becoming ice. His eyes closed as he allowed himself to be carried as his body adopted similar traits all along his body to that of a dragon of the ice element. Strange scales appeared all over his limbs, his limbs themselves expanding and growing talons for nails. It was quite a peculiar sight for others, but for the male it represented... freedom.

But alas, it could not last forever, and he was well aware of that. However, before he entered the place without purpose, he stopped briefly, staring at the land mass high in the air, the clouds floating along with it while water poured off of the country, falling into the Indian Ocean below. "... And... What about your history...?" He asked empty space, gripping his talons and gritting his teeth before his body became consumed with a blue light...

His body vanished once more. An interesting sight, a rainbow would appear over the island, cascading over the entirety of it, and so long as the male was in the area, it would remain there. As he arrived, his presence was taken back down to that state it had been on the lowest point of his life. His power level was nearly disabled, his feet did not even touch the ground. He was like a specter, hanging there, with both eyes open. He had chosen to lower the order of his own existence down to almost nothing through his sheer willpower; so therefore, to almost all systems, it would appear that he did not... exist.

"Aah... haa..." The male breathed out as he slowly opened his right eye, unable to even speak while he was reduced to this state. Naturally, he felt the need to do this on account of the fact that he was frankly an uninvited guest. Now, while most would have sent a letter before entering... Iriko felt that dealing with a domestic visitor was not something that necessitated prior approval. A cloak covered his body, and a strange ninja mask was wrapped around the top of his head with the bandana cloth he had been wearing wrapped around his mouth, bandages covering his arms and legs. The only things which could bee seen were his left eye, a bit of dark hair from the front, and his toes. That was all.

"..." Like a specter, the male continued to walk through the city of what was once known as Switzerland. OF course, he knew where he was going. The blinding presence in the distance sensed by that right eye of his nearly blinded him with the sheer amount of pure light it was giving off; but at the same time, he was not one to simply look at what he thought he should. He forced that eye closed, before beginning to look around with the left.

"...The air... is sweet..." He muttered as he took a breath, and perhaps for the first time since arriving in this land felt his heart lose just a bit of that unease. Truly, that was the dominating emotion in his body; a strange kind of tension, an... unidentifiable disease. But this air...

It was sweet. The presence was calming. He encountered no stranger, free to walk in wht felt like a natural landscape. It... was beautiful, he had to admit. And yet.. there was something that felt... wrong about it, and all at once that disease coursed through his body, making it feel like his blood had run cold. "...Urgh..." Silently, the male's right hand turned into a small fire, his mouth opening as vomit poured from his mouth into the fire, so disgusted was he by what he had sensed. "...Even this... tastes better... than the fruit of knowledge..." The Poet remarked as he realized... this nature was unnatural.

"...A convenient, sustainable lie... Well, if you believe it, it is true. And why wouldn't you believe it? Is that so bad...? Is that what the system here is after? Why... Why doe that feel wrong? Is it because I'm old fashioned? ...Ah..." And then, a single thought took root in his mind, and he realized that that was the problem:

i]What's the value...? If i burnt this place to the ground... who would care? Does... does nature... has nature been made so cheap...?[/i] The male wondered, and he realized the source of the need to vomit as he turned his face back around, beginning to take those steps in his black sandals once more...

Finally, he arrived on the doorstep of where that ephemeral being he could sense lived. "...GREETINGS!!" The male called out as he raised his left hand to his mouth, using it to aid him in his call as he shouted outwards at the source, his mouth taking a breath as he allowed for his presence to return at last, and it felt like the Captain Commander truly was there, now...

"I am Iriko, the Poet of Soul Society. I have come to learn of your culture, as well as the thoughts of its designer! Would you spare me the time to learn more of a place the likes of which I have never thought possible? COuld you answer my questions, no matter how possibly inflammatory? I mean no disrespect, and if you wish it I shall leave." He called out, before reaching into his pocket, before taking out a strange black box.

"And I have not come empty handed... I have brought a gift for the owner of the house... But the contents are secret even to I." The male let out, letting out a small breath as he looked up at the sky, before lowering his head once more, wondering what this experience... and if he could get along with or would become an enemy of the leader of the Eldrazi...

Core Elements Devised by Aivee


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