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 A New Thirst[Brazil, Lio]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A New Thirst[Brazil, Lio]   Fri Oct 31, 2014 12:50 am

Unsuccessful, that's all that S Hiroge could have thought of himself to be. It had been months since any of the Kurikku had heard from their marvelous leader. It was just as it was then, he had gone back on all the words he once spoke to his mean. And for what, his pride? While it shamed him to say such, he was unable to predict the strengths of his opponents. The smallest change in his foreseen outcome of the Demonic Incursion, as they called it, had caused a series of changed events and the locations of supers that crowded the area. Never would he of expected to be surrounded by three foes, one not being of an alignment that he was against. The battled turned to chaos within seconds, as they all began to release their abilities. The battlefield turned to a wasteland and he was unable to anticipate the large hit in forces that he would take from such power. Though the death toll of his men were sent traight to Khala to further her goals, he did not share the same goals. He wished to discontinue or stunt the future education for Shinigami. And his antics were all for none, leaving him to nothing but humiliation.

Hiroge couldn't stand to go back to his men after such defeat and had come to realize he asked for this to be a solo-mission so that if he did fail, he would not return. Turning his back on everyone, he limped his way away from Soul Society and slipped into the depths of Hueco Mundo once more. Living off of scraps and killing hollows to hold his sanity, he became infuriated with himself and how weak he was. He was unable to understand how he was surpassed in power. Sure he was just in Shikai, however his power should have been unparalleled to that of their own.

He'd soon come to hear that his men sought him out. They wished to know where their leader was, and could only assume that he had died in Soul Society, or worse was captured. While he knew how they must have felt, he knew he would be unable to return the same leader as what they once had. He had fallen deep into illness and was unable to recuperate mentally. His time with the hollows had darkened his soul, and left a pit where the once loving heart for his own sat. He sat uneasy with himself, wallowing away at his past mistakes and how similar they were to that of those inflicted on him. Thoughts of betrayal came upon that of himself. This left his Zanpakutō and himself to conflict, the hollow within him slowly growing stronger as his mind grew weak. He was fully aware of this... and began to give in to it. His hollowfication slowly growing harder and harder to control. As he lay in slumber, he'd be abruptly woken the white skeletal fluid running out of his orifices solidifying on his skin. Losing himself for days, he would feed upon hollows. Clawing his way to the human world... However, this time the little part of Hiroge that still thrived inside knew this trip would be different.

Falling to the ground slowly, the half hollowfied man ruffled in the wind. Six in full control of the functionality of this body. He slightly chuckled, his shoes clicking to the ground. He thirsted for more than just human, spirit, or another hollow... He wished to exceed the lines of humanity that still existed for Hiroge. He wanted to taste the blood of a Vizard. Snarling as he set his eyes upon the Monsuta Stronghold, he smirked.

"Knock, knoooock. It's time to wake up!" Six proclaimed as his face was lost within an orange hue cero gathering in his mouth. Two fodder sprawled toward him, however he fled to the air letting the blast bury the ground beneath him and expedite his flight to a higher altitude. Reaching his hand behind him, he grabbed the skull of the Vizard that escaped the blast and shunpoed right into this grasp. Whipping the head in front of him, he brought his hand to a point and pierced the abdomen of the VIzard before him. He snatching all the internal organs he could hold and pulling them from the soon to be corpse.. Unable to contain himself, saliva spat from his mouth in laughter of the sight before him. His held no echo to it, as most Vizard's do when they are in their hollow state. The Vizard before him turned pale and Six released his grip letting him fall to the ground. Descending once more, he stood in front of the bodies and began to inch toward them to feed...

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: A New Thirst[Brazil, Lio]   Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:03 am