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 Sassy Cat [Renewed Demon; WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sassy Cat [Renewed Demon; WIP]   Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:40 am






» Name: Sassy

» Age: 2 Years (That's 24 in Cat Years)

» Gender: Female

» Personality:

» Shifter Appearance:

» True Appearance:

» Height: Four Feet, Ten Inches (147 centimeters)

» Weight: 132 pounds (60 kilograms)


Legend tells of a most ancient king, King Midas, whose very touch turned anything to pure gold. The beloved king became wealthy beyond measure, more fortunate than any man in the world. His great power brought him followers from all stretches of the land, who sought to share in this wealth with no end. But this man came to curse his gift as it turned food and drink to gold as well, and flesh and blood. He could not eat, nor drink. He could not touch a man or woman, for fear they would become a statue of gold, as he had mistakenly made his daughter. This boon became a curse, and in his misery, he took his own life and ended his short rule. It is believed to be a myth in history, of course, for such a power was impossible to conceive of.

Coding In Template By:


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Sassy Cat [Renewed Demon; WIP]   Wed May 13, 2015 12:12 am



» Energy Color: Gold

» Natural Abilities:
  • Aza'zel's Shadow — Demons come with the inherent ability to utilize shadow movement, an answer to the Shinigami's Shunpo or Arrancar's Sonido. Sassy has her own variant of shadow movement that is infused with Za Koa to serve a dual purpose. When activated, Sassy's shadow leaves her body and becomes a spiritual entity of its own. The shadow is unnaturally dark, unable to be sensed except in very specific circumstances. No senses but the eyes can witness this existence, and only if they are looking directly at her and not from the peripherals. She still cannot be seen if she is not within ten meters of the person. However, once seen, the shadow will appear as a black silhouette of Sassy herself, with wisps of darkness that blur her outline and make her even more difficult to track. This shadow is not bound to the limitations of the physical body in this form, granting it an insane Mach 10 speed, and allowing it to also can slip straight through any physical material without interacting with it, as though it were a mere illusion.

    This form becomes even more dangerous as it can attack foes while disconnected from Sassy, using the Reaper's Scythe as its primary weapon. The scythe is ethereal like the shadow, with no definite form to speak of, nor position. It can attack from multiple angles at once, in close quarters or at range. Tracking its movements is nigh impossible as it follows the same rules in order to detect it as the shadow does—focus on it and you lose sight of the shadow, but focus on the shadow and you lose sight of the scythe. The blade of the weapon is the only part of the weapon that interacts with the physical and spiritual realms. In most cases it is simply an enhanced blade capable of clashing on par with other weapons of its caliber. However, when it comes into contact with an opponent's flesh, regardless of their power, it treats it as though it were soft human flesh, easy to slice straight through. When it does, however, there is no feeling of metal slicing through them—the laceration merely appears on their body and they experience pain afterwards.

    Given that this is also a Shadow Movement technique, Sassy is capable of substituting herself in place of the shadow at any time, instantaneously. Afterward, this teleportation technique cannot be used for two posts.

  • Royal Cat Demon — Sassy, believe it or not, was one of the royal demons on the Kendriya nation, on the brink of becoming a Princess, and yet such an option vanished from her when she mysteriously vanished. While such a past is convoluted and buried away, the fact of its occurence gave way to some unmistakably powerful ties to the Demon Core. As is right of royalty in the Kendriya nation, Sassy is astonishingly capable in all things demonic. She is used to performing spectacularly, and she becomes confused whenever people are impressed with such relatively small feats. Her demon magic can release catastrophe-level spells if Sassy truly tries, and her resources are vast enough to supply her for a vast array of equally strong abilities without hitting exhaustion. In her past life, Sassy's wealth came second in gold, but first invested in Za Koa. Her family sought out many ways to increase their connection to the Core so that its magic flowed incredibly strongly through them than above other royal families. Then, they would pass everything down to the next generation to further increase their affinity, and so on and so on. Generations passed before Sassy's time, and the results of her ancestors' work truly shows: Should all the energy within her body release at once, a world-class crisis could emerge. Thankfully, with deeper connections comes the ability to control them. Sassy is truly an exemplar to the whole of the demon race, on just what level of energy one can possess.

  • Solidarity in Spirit — Often, there is both the physical body and the spiritual form of an individual, with one being the anchor to reality while the other is the source of power and vitality; it is a symbiotic relationship. Sassy uses that to her advantage, using her formless spirit to interconnect all the parts of her body, no matter the obstacles that may come in between them. To put it simply, she is able to move any part of her body even should it become detached from the whole. More than that, she leans on her spirit, so that she is not hindered through lacking any body parts nor feels pain from them, not if they are only separated from her. With this advantage, Sassy has developed an ability to split apart and inversely meld back together parts of her body at will, for whatever use she may have for that. Through training, she's practiced closing off wounds and cutting off bleeding from severed areas, and running body parts without blood when necessary. A lot of this stems from Sassy's powerful bloodline, as the power requires a strong spirit in order to utilize it.

» Unique Abilities:
  • Read the Lenlines — It is a known science that magical threads exist in worlds filled with energy, such as the Living Realm and Hell. These threads are called leylines, linking together certain sources of energy with others, and often converging onto one another to mix the magics together and form new ones. While it is very rare that a leyline ever be linked to living being, that is exactly what occurred between the pair of Len Washi and Sassy. This thin leyline connects the two together to a degree that has permanently bonded them, allowing them a deep connection that transcends emotion and physicality. With it, the two may always sense each other no matter the direction nor distance, whether separated by barriers or dimensions. They may not always be together, but nothing can sever them from knowing where the other is. On the same merit, this leyline grants the two the ability to think to each other, and essentially synchronous their thoughts if they so wished. While one's mind can be closed at will, mentally speaking to one another is as easy as breathing. Furthermore, the leyline often reacts to the powers of either party and usually affects the other. In certain scenarios their abilities can be amplified to preposterous degrees when used in conjunction with one another, and in others some completely new abilities can be unlocked because of it.

  • Hand of Midas — It is a strange thing when the stuff of myth comes to be unveiled, the true story told. Such is that of the King named Midas, who had the fantastical power to turn that which he touched with his hands to gold in an instant, both a blessing and a curse. Before the discovery spiritual beings, it was always believed to be a simple legend, that there could exist a human such as that—and, the truth is that it wasn't. Midas Araghos was a demon among men, with the supernatural power they told stories about, though not quite as accurately. That capability was always within his control, and it was of his greed that he turned everything he touched to gold. This was the signature gift of the Araghos bloodline, to possess such an affinity with the element of gold, and primarily why they rose so prominently within the Demon world. Sassy, an Araghos herself, also has the touch of Midas, the ability to swiftly transmute any material into gold through sheer touch. As long as she holds her hand against a solid or liquid surface, she may spread her bloodline magics throughout it. She may use gold itself as a medium, to affect materials as though she were touching it directly, meaning there is no range limit as long as the gold makes one solid path to the target.

    The gold in question is not the average element; instead imbued with sorcery to greatly enhance it. It transcends mithril, offering the lightness of air, the durability of adamantium, and the sharpness of plasma all in one. It has an extremely high melting point, a small stone capable of surviving solidly within the core of the sun for a good few minutes before it turns to liquid—this is because it is extremely tolerant of energies and energy-based attacks. On the other hand, any sharp edge of this gold will seem to slice through matter like it was its antithesis, parting unbiased through everything like a hot knife through butter. While impressive, it's truly its ability to pierce energy-based defenses that stands out, taking them out with ease. Regarding its weight, it seems to be as heavy as regular gold, except when fashioned as a weapon, it will be light as a feather to its wielder through an enchantment, while still retaining enough weight to make for a good weapon. There are additional enchantments that can be placed on the transmuted gold by Sassy when it is created, depending on what the original material was: when any object is gilded by her power, she may have its various properties enhanced, such as making a silk cloth even smoother and softer to the touch, or a flute capable of playing entrancing music. These properties will vary from piece to piece.

    The touch of Midas works very much on flesh as it does on any other bit of matter, just as it has in the stories of past. Her enemies may see themselves encased in a coffin of gold, becoming a statue with no more thought nor life within it. While yes, they will preserved in a rather powerful metal that will maintain its form for generations, they will remain that way so long as Sassy wishes it, so it's best not to get caught by her enchanting touch. Of course, this ability can also be used to help her allies, protecting them from a powerful attack by transforming them into this nearly-indestructible gold. She has the ability to shift her golden possessions back into whatever they originally were at will, in the state they were at the time, even living beings. It's a stasis of a sort, preserving them frozen in time until she undoes it. This ability can also be utilized on herself, however, she is the only one capable of life, moving and thinking and using her powers while gilded, providing a rather large advantage.

    As a final note, Sassy has general manipulation of all gold she has created with her touch of Midas, allowing her to sculpt it with her mind and move it as she wishes. Any shapes or sizes she sees in her mind, she can make with the gold at her disposal. Whether wholly solid, scattered into dust, or melted into liquid, it bends to her will. This power utilizes extra energy however, and thus it will be noticeable through the heat that begins to come off of the gold while she manipulates it. While she free-form controls her gold, it will reach temperatures of up to ten thousand degrees celsius, though often averaging in the thousands.

  • Deity of the Suns — It would not be incorrect to say that Sassy has an affinity for the element of fire, though the way in which she hones it is quite unusual. It is not quite free-form, rather, collecting into a great ball of fire before it can be utilized. Sassy can form a miniature star, from the size of a basketball to over a kilometer in diameter, depending on the amount of energy used to initialize it. Then, the star is moved through the air at Sassy's beck and call, projecting temperatures a tenth that relative to Earth's own Sun. The flames that make it up spin slowly around the core, and occasionally shoot out flares as a result of the intense elemental reactions occurring within. Even alone, the threat of being consumed by the star is terrifying, capable of incinerating enemies in seconds. However, even that discounts the additional attacks that can be launched from the star, like it were a weapons platform for Sassy's fire. Depending on the size of the star, the attacks can range from damaging to calamitous. On the other hand, the bigger the star is, the slower it moves; Sassy can throw around the smallest-sized star like a comet, but the biggest-sized star would be utterly immovable for her.

    Besides providing a bright light and giving off immense heat, Sassy can attack through her star to devastate her enemies. Primarily, she can launch fire balls from the surface of the star, akin to missiles being launched from a missile launcher. They travel fast, lock onto targets, and explode into an inferno when they smash into their targets. Each fireball can be as large as half the star's size at most, the destruction it causes relative to that size. Another attack of the star is a beam of flame, cutting through even the toughest materials like a plasma sword. It is more powerful and much much faster than the fireballs, moving at the speed of sound, but it has much less collateral damage due to the focused blast. This beam leaves a searing hot trail of fire wherever it cuts, and often turns foes to ashes in seconds. Then lastly, for attacks, the star is capable of releasing either a small pulse of flame, or going supernova entirely. It is very much like the explosions of the fireballs, but originating from the star itself. If the star sacrifices itself to fuel the explosion, the radius and damage of the attack will be vastly increased to several dozen times that of the star's diameter. A star the size of a globe would destroy a common two-story house, while a star the size of a car would obliterate a small city.

    Sassy is capable of producing multiple stars, but each one taxes on her constantly, and the more and the larger stars she has to maintain, the faster her energy depletes. She also has limits, in that in total, she cannot maintain more total mass than that of her biggest star at once.

  • The Phoenix Flame — Another aspect of Sassy's fire manipulation is the Phoenix Flame, a finite resource she houses in the gems she wears along her clothing. If she loses this specialized fire, she cannot get it back in any way; or at least any known way. This fire, ranging from shades of royal red to rich gold, is much more potent than her normal fire, and also multi-functional. First of all is that it is the only fire that Sassy can freely manipulate, allowing her to weave it around her with her thoughts and movements. Offensively, it only has two outcomes when it comes into contact with a foreign substance: If the flame would be capable of burning through the object in any way, then instead, it will instantly turn the object to ash where it touches. However, if the object is ultimately superior in defense than the flame is in offense, then it will not leave the slightest mark. It's do or don't, with no shades of gray in between. The threshold depends both on Sassy's own spiritual power, and on the strength of her resolve in wanting to cut. Most defenses are imperfect, with some weakness or other to be taken advantage of. More often than not Sassy's Phoenix Flame will push through all obstacles with ease, making it hard to find a barrier that resists it.

    However, the Phoenix Flame is more than that: It has another function in that of restoration. When the flames are golden, they are used for attacking, but when they are crimson, they will heal what they come into contact with. It works much in the same way: If the flame could cut through it, then instead it will instantly heal the injury (so long as it's physical). It does not matter if it is organic or synthetic, it restores it to peak condition nonetheless. However, if the object could not be cut by the flame, then Sassy will not be able to heal it, instead having no effect. She only has enough to create a star of her own height in diameter, and in this form it has one additional special ability: If she encompasses herself or another within a star of Phoenix Flame, then she can cause a massive reaction that slowly sends the star supernova. After the massive explosion clears, those inside will be utterly renewed with all of their energy returned to them due to the product of the reaction. However, this process takes three posts and can be interrupted by hitting the star with overwhelming force. Striking the core will prematurely end the reaction, still causing the supernova, but causing the restoration to backfire and instead greatly harm those inside. Choosing to use this ultimate ability is not one to be made lightly.

» Equipment:
  • Sin'dorel's Staff — An image, etched firmly into Sassy's mind without fully understanding why. She can recall the weapon in perfect detail and recreate it with her abilities, gaining power by giving it specific form. This prevents the necessity of needing to carry it, as there really is no place on her perso nto store it. Sin'dorel's Staff is a pure golden rod four and a half feet in height. The majority of the rod is solid and straight with two indented lines swirling up its length, mirrored from each other. It is one and a half inches thick from the base up to near the head, and hums low when it vibrates or moves through the air. It has a sheen good enough to reflect like a mirror, but everything is warped by the rounded shape. The base itself is flat and plain, but the head is decorated with a golden skull, as though mounted atop a spear. This skull is easily a quarter the size of an average human school, and fictionally represented: Many of the rounded surfaces are replaced by polygonal faces, and spikes decorate the upper half in an intimidating manner. On either side of this skull are razor sharp blades like the side of an axe, referring to the nature of the weapon's power. In place of the eye sockets are ruby gems that glow with an eerie light, and the mouth is left ajar. This staff comes with all the enhancements from Midas' Touch, from extreme durability to extraordinary lightness.

    Beyond appearance, of course, the Staff comes with powers of its own, inherited from the Midas' name. In its base form, it summons a familiar that surrounds its wielder like a suit of armor. This familiar takes upon a demonic form; like a bull upright with tough black hide, with one great horn on the left but a broken stub on the right. Its teeth are jagged and rough, yet ivory white. Its eyes are bloodshot red and with no pupils, so that no one can tell where it is looking. Its size easily surpasses Sassy with a hulking 10 feet height, and thickness that encompasses hers several times over. Many chains wrap around the beast like a series of belts, with dense iron plating as clothing. In its hands is a great double-edged axe fit to its size, able enough to cleave a car in half. Yet, as intimidating a form as this is, most cannot even see it. The familiar is ethereal, more elusive than energy—others must possess an enhanced sense keen on subtle energy to even detect the presence of the familiar, let alone witness it.

    As Sassy moves or swings the golden staff, this minotaur-esque monster reflects her movements with its own, and swings its axe in turn. And as the familiar is invisible to most, these attacks have extended range and herculean strength that is unseen and unexpected. This beast can cause calamities with its strikes, whether it be magnitude 5 or greater earthquakes from a stomp on the ground, or the collapse of a tower with a jab. The catastrophes grow worse with the use of the greataxe, which cuts things in half without even touching them; just being near the edge in motion is enough. Valleys can be opened by a single swing, as also can cities be leveled to Sassy's height. Furthermore, the axe can be projected away from the familiar, destroying things in an explosive fashion as it impacts targets at high speed. When using this technique, Sassy merely points her staff in the intended direction but does not let go of it. A moment later, the target is smashed to pieces by an invisible force, and usually the only warning is a sonic boom at the source and the subtle dispersion of air on the path there. Sassy can identify certain individuals to be immune to the familiar's sheer existence, meaning that they cannot interact with it; they would simply pass through each other without harm.

    Ataxian Absolution Form: Sin'dorel's Staff is a weapon like a Shinigami's Zanpakutō, possessing a heightened form of its own, separate from Sassy's own power. In this form, the skull heading the golden rod shatters into hundreds of small fragments, revealing a blood red ruby orb to be hiding within. This shrapnel is caught and suspended in an invisible net surrounding this orb until directed, while the orb itself gives off a constant crimson haze that quickly fades moments after leaving the source. These golden fragments are purposefully serrated, for Sassy is granted the ability to manipulate them each independently at speeds beyond even Shunpo or Sonido; several times the speed of sound. This is the primary weapon of the new form, and yet it alone is a force to be reckoned with, not to be underestimated. The fragments are hard to see, and deadly swift—just one could perforate an enemy a hundred times over in a few seconds, destroying their vitals to kill them. The limit of this technique is distant, only falling off in speed and accuracy a mile away, and being impossible to move past a mile and a half. While within those limits, however, the fragments act as mediums to other abilities. One of the most crucial of them is that of detectors, each like a separate eye that feeds information about movement and energy to Sassy from afar. The range of this detection is fifty meters in radius around each fragment. Another ability they possess requires them to work in tandem with each other, creating a fine red beam from one piece to another that slices with laser precision. Afte a short delay where the beam is visible but non-harmful, it begins to cut away at anything between the two fragments with plasma-level heat. Together with the rest of the fragments, entire nets or prisons can be created to restrict movement and attack from multiple angles. Finally, at the heart of each piece of shrapnel is a condensed core of energy that can be released in a chaotic manner, shredding matter surrounding it, disrupting the flow of energy, and otherwise making a big mess of that which is organized and structured. A complex technique can be undone this way, as chaos is introduced by the energies being released.

    The familiar that surrounds Sassy also is upgraded by this form as well, growing up to a menacing one-hundred meters high. Sassy remains at the core of the beast, seeming to float if others cannot see the familiar's form. As it has grown, so too has its strength in proportion to the size; a strength boost of nearly one-hundred times greater. No longer does it reflect Sassy's exact movement, but acts upon her thoughts instead, leaving little indication of the beast's movement without enhanced sensory. The increase also means more defenses to get through in order to reach the girl within. If that all was not intimidating enough, this greater form comes with black wings that have sprouted from the beast's back, as wide as it is tall, and strong enough to carry it off of the ground. Beyond that, the one new attack the minotaur has gained goes by the name of Brimstone, a dark red blast fired from its mouth. It starts from deep within the throat as if disgorging, taking a while to come up to the mouth, before being expelled at high speed to liquefy anything solid within its path. There's no heat or destruction involved; instead, Brimstone simply transforms solid mass into liquid form while caught in the beam. That alone may unmake whatever is struck, but it could also achieve nothing. A human being that is liquefied will certainly never return to normal.

  • The Bloodwell — Yet again, a powerful artifact that is summoned to Sassy's side in a time of need, but not materially possessed. At the first spilling of her blood in a fight, the Bloodwell is summoned, and it will not return to from where it came until the demonic incant is spoken by Sassy. The Bloodwell is made of three components: The first is a glass container with a thick membrane, crystal clear to the contents inside. Its size is adjustable depending on the volume of its content. The second is an indefinite pool of type O blood that is always nearly filling the sphere, but never completely. Then, thirdly, at the very center is a red ruby orb not dissimilar from that atop Sin'dorel's Staff, impossible to distinguish within the blood. Once empty, the Bloodwell has grown and shrunk with the intake and expulsion of blood—any race and any type. As it appears to Sassy's side, an aura is projected widely across a five mile diameter, quite literally transforming the battlefield into a bloody mess. This aura causes all damage, whether it be to a living thing or an inanimate object, to result in the spilling of blood. Even trying to eliminate the blood will cause it to simply reproduce as itself, making it interminable for as long as the Bloodwell remains.

    The Bloodwell thrives off of absorbing this blood and utilizing it with its power, using Sassy's will as its directive. Logically, the more blood there is, the more powerful the sphere becomes, as it uses the crimson liquid as a weapon to lash, slice, buffet, and crush its foes. There is a distinction between this and other manipulation of blood, however, in that the Bloodwell only uses Type O blood. When blood is spilled by the effect of the well, it becomes Type O as opposed to the source's original type. This means that while the well has near absolute domain over this type of blood, it cannot affect other types at all. It is a pity should any being with natural Type O blood go up against Sassy... Beyond this basic manipulation, the Bloodwell can expend the liquid as though it were a form of energy, and either feed that energy to Sassy or perform special abilities of its own; Za Koa of its own. Using blood to create seals in the demon language is how the Bloodwell could utilize Za Koa without speech, a form of demon magic that predated modern spellcasting.

    Death Mark: A basic seal that is small and difficult to notice, with "Death" written out in Demonic; its power is simple destruction. At the order of Sassy, the mark and everything five meters around it will be consumed in an explosion of blood, causing additional collateral damage to anything near the explosion and searing it with the heat of magma. Then after a short three seconds, everything remaining within the five meter radius will implode into an infinitesimally small point, effectively ceasing to exist. Only a light coat of blood will remain on the outskirts of the mark's area of effect. When the seal is activated, it glows bright orange for a moment and burns away at whatever it is placed on, so those with quick reactions may be able to do something about it before it goes off.

    Crimson Rift: By creating a large seal with the Demonic word for "Whirlpool", and channeling Za Koa through the blood, Sassy can dissolve through any material to create a large hole in it. Depending on the size of the seal, a tunnel will be created that runs in a straight line through everything until it hits a large enough open space on the opposite side of whatever it was placed on. The path between the two openings is cylindrical, its walls made up of blood rushing in a spiral orientation, made of liquid but able to be tread upon like a solid. This allows Sassy to travel through the tunnel to get to the other side even if there is an incredibly inhibitive obstruction in the way. This rift is temporary, and will disappear in a matter of five posts unless manually closed. When it vanishes, everything previously dissolved by it will be returned to pristine condition. Anything trapped inside when the portal closes will be crushed and gored by the unstable Za Koa magic.

    Sea of Sheol: While not a distinguishable seal, the Sea of Sheol can be created through using the blood upon any surface, effectively turning what would be a shallow stain into an endless ocean of blood. Space is warped, changing the blood into a rift that leads to a off-realm that is filled only with blood in every direction, and the corpses of those who have been trapped within before. What's worse is that the liquid seems to act like quicksand, pulling you in slowly while being incredibly difficult to escape—the difference is that it's suited for high-powered beings such as Shinigami Captains, Vasto Lorde Hollows, and other similarly strong individuals. For them; if they ever do get a foot stuck in the Sea, they can find themselves being pulled deeper and deeper inside, and futilely struggling to escape. For those with powerful sensory, they can tell that the Sea of Sheol seems to have a spirit of its own...


True Form

» Lazarus Form Appearance:Sassy's body ages in the span of a few seconds, going from her teenager-sized body to the full height of a mature woman; five feet an eight inches tall. The curves of her body grow proportionately to this height, as does the clothing she dons. The short hair she is familiar with extends down to her lower back, while her feline ears become more distinct. Golden claws accent her fingers, sharp and long and clearly able to remove a head from one's shoulders. The gemstones that are embedded into Sassy's apparel shatter into a multitude of shards and hover just outside their sockets, suspended much like the fragments of Sin'dorel's staff. The golden spiritual energy she possessed before is dull and clouded compared to the rich royal power that flows through her now, teeming with a powerful demon's signature. Her true identity can no longer be mistaken.

» Lazarus Form Abilities: Cybele Araghos, the true name of Sassy, is now a taboo in the demon world. The heir of the Araghos family was cursed and cast out by her own sibling out of envy, with an incredibly powerful spell. However, not even such magics could permanently lock away the power of the Araghos princess. In times when Sassy's life is threatened—when an attack would be fatal to her sealed form—Cybele will intervene, dispelling all offense and seizing control of her body once again. Her spiritual power surges wildly and her memories return to her while in this form, and she assumes the identity that was robbed of her. The personality of Sassy is subdued as Cybele's replaces it: She is a cocky and ambitious woman, born and molded for the position of the Araghos Queen. She speaks to nearly every person as though they are beneath her, nothing more to her than mere peasants; that is, if she even deigns to acknowledge them. If she recognizes one as a powerful being, then she desires them as a servant, treating them little more than belongings. For this reason, Cybele is not always the most reasonable individual. Pampered and spoiled, she often seems bored of her surroundings, waiting for something to entertain her—a very difficult task. She grows bored of most things very quickly and never seems to admit she finds anything entertaining. She has an intense stubbornness and an illogical aversion to being cooperative with others, but also a powerful determination to do things her own way.

  • Soul Foundry — While Cybele will gain several deadly techniques in this form, the primary theme that she unlocks with her Lazarus form is an affinity for souls. This power dates back to the uprising the Araghos bloodline in ancient times, as part of the reason their Za Koa is so remarkable. In human history, many legends have sprung up around supernatural individuals, passed off as mere myths because of the ridiculousness of the stories told. Religions were influenced or even spawned by their existence. Midas, Aza'zel, Pandora... in reality, these were living members of the Araghos family, demons who interfered with the human world during a time when interplanar communion was very rare. The Araghos were nearly alone in their expeditions to the Living Realm, and the truth of it was that they were using humans to further their bloodline.

    They displayed unfathomable power, were treated as deities, and grew a following; stories were passed on often exaggerating the feats of the Araghos, changing from each telling. Then, when they were at the peak of their influence, they harvested the humans for their spirits and used them to grow their own magical power. They vanished overnight and took the lives of anyone who's witnessed their existence with them. The only remainders of them were the misconstrued stories, which eventually became the myths humans know today. Through these exploits, the Araghos family has risen toward the top of demon world, earning their royalty through the merit of their Za Koa power. These travels stopped after a certain time, and the Araghos have kept out of the Living Realm for ages until the existence of demons was discovered across the other realms. Their past is a well-kept secret though, shrouded in the darkness, and myths are still myths. They just have gained for it.

    The dark magic that was utilized in the Araghos' past has carried on to the present. It is usually latent, but shows itself in the most prominent members of the family. Cybele, of course, displayed a mastery for this capability at a very early age. Contained with her chest, much like an organ opposite of where here heart would be, is what is known as the Soul Foundry. So long as Cybele possesses it, she is granted all of its power; that of harvesting souls and using them to further herself. With her mere will, she can suck the spiritual essence of a person out of them, turning their body into a consciousless husk of a being that is living but has no thought nor will. This magic is fairly evident, as Cybele projects a teal mist from around her and directs it to encompass her victims. The mist's speed is swift, at fifty meters per second, and can simultaneously suck the souls out of hundreds of thousands of people at once—no limit has ever been determined. However, this power is easy to resist, only faintly exhausting people if their willpower is strong enough or their tier is great enough. Anyone with a tier of 5 or better can easily shrug off the pull, and if not, then they need only an advanced willpower to resist. This does not mean Cybele cannot steal the spirits of powerful people—they just must be thoroughly defeated, and too weak to fight back against the mist.

    Each soul she takes replenishes her energy reserves and improves the power of her Za Koa. More than that, these souls can be utilized in some of her abilities.

  • Sethias' Storm — In Cybele's true form, the gemstones laden in her outfit shatter into hundreds of small shards no bigger than a marble. They move as she does, normally surrounding her, but they also move at her will. Just like the Ataxian form of Sin'dorel's Staff, Cybele can freely manipulate these shards at breakneck speeds, enhanced to move beyond mach 10. She has such mastery over the shards that she can instantly turn or reverse the momentum of the shards, all independently of each other. This alone allows her to shred objects in a matter of milliseconds, and yet the gemstones are empowered with demonic energy that improves their hardness and cutting power. Where the natural speed and sharpness may fail, the energy makes up for. It surrounds each shard with a thin membrane that vibrates at intense speeds that refuse to stop moving. When they impact an object, the vibrations increase at an exponential rate, cutting at defenses much like a minuscule saw. It happens at a fast pace and on such a small scale that it is difficult to notice, and it puts a taxing draw on Cybele's energy reserves if the defenses are incredibly difficult to breach, but in real-time anything that stands in the shard's way will be perforated without hindrance. It gives opponents little time to react.

    While the gemstones have been destroyed, the various shards are still connected in spirit, acting each as a 'squadron'. This does not mean they must work in tandem with each other, but when doing so they may utilize some powerful techniques. One such ability known simply as The Pit, involves surrounding an enemy within the confines of a gemstone's shards, with only a single foot of space from their form allowed in order to work. If achieved, the enemy is suspended by crimson bolts that lock them in place like chains, chains that sear at the flesh of the victim and drastically interfere with the flow of their energy. While trapped, victims are effectively incapacitated and prevented from both producing massive amounts of energy and utilizing intricate technique. Only small basic abilities may be used by a person trapped within The Pit. Cybele can moves the shards to move the person, swinging them about through the air or stretching their body to the limits (or even tearing them to pieces). The trapped victim also becomes a battery of sorts, allowing Cybele to draw energy straight from their body and transform it into usable demon energy for herself. Once Cybele is done, she can open a series of Chaos RIfts right on top of them and scatter the parts of their body across all corners of different dimensions.

    Chaos Rifts are another ability of the shards, which can be opened by arraying them in the shape of a circle or oval. Space is ripped open so that a fire-rimmed portal may be spawned within the shape. This portal can be connected to essentially anywhere, though most commonly it opens up to Pandora's dimension—a hellish landscape full of otherworldly creatures born of nightmares. Colossal demonic limbs can fit through to lash out an enemies with giant's strength, or otherwise unleash various Chaos Blasts on a gargantuan scale. Other places in Pandora's dimension will cause acidic and corrupting liquids to pour out of the rift, or cause a singularity-like pull from it. Woe be any unfortunate to get trapped within the dimension, prey to the endless swarms of beasts inside.

    The capabilities of the shattered gemstones are still beyond just that, as they work defensively as much as offensively. Given that they are inanimate objects, they do not care if they are struck with great power, especially when they are so difficult to destroy under any means. Thus logically, if they take the hit instead of Cybele, the better. They are purposed for such—each individual shard has a gravimetric pull of its own disproportionately greater than its size. When within ten meters of a shard this pull can be sensed tugging at one's being, while with each meter closer it becomes stronger and stronger, nearly inescapable within a single meter. This works not only on people, but on attacks and miscellaneous objects as well, even in null-gravity areas as it creates its own. This pull is amplified with each shard in the vicinity of another, doubling with each one. So if an attack would be headed in Cybele's direction, a handful of shards could float near the attack to pull at it to at least redirect it, at most cause the entirety of the attack to smash into them and achieve ultimately nothing.

    Finally, back on the offensive side of things, each shard has the ability to explode with the force and fire of fifty tons of TNT, enough to level several average homes with ease. In addition to the powerful outward force, napalm-fire will be spread to all surfaces in its reach, difficult to put out though not impossible by any means. The demonic energy flowing through the shard will enhance the flames so that they can burn any individual as though they were but a mere human with simple flesh. The explosion will not destroy the shard, but prevent it from exploding again for five posts. Cybele only has fifteen explosive 'charges' she can use irregardless of the number of shards in use, and each one recharges individually. These charges also cannot be expended on the same shard twice.

  • Staff of Mukesh — As Cybele has ascended into her true form, so too has SIn'Dorel's staff. While Sin'dorel was an owner of the great weapon, he was not the original. Mukesh Araghos was the creator of the golden weapon, and Cybele has unlocked the full potential of it at the height of its power. In both the base and Ataxian Absolution stages of the weapon, she is granted a new power: with the simple thump of it against any surface, it creates a sound wave. The sound wave is the medium, ensnaring anyone who hears it to any degree, even if they don't realize it. This 'marks' them for the second part of the ability, which can be used at any time after they're marked, irregardless of the time that passes. With a gesture of her staff and the will of her mind, Cybele can launch any being marked by the sound in the intended direction. To her victims, they will feel the impact of a meteor crashing into their sides, enough to easily crush most opponents into paste in an instant. Provided they survive that impact, they are forcibly launched away at the speed of sound to crash into whatever lies in their path.

    The staff being the core of power, is formidable in its own right. The metal burns with the heat of 15,000,000 degrees celsius, the same as that of the sun's core. All of this heat is contained within the gold itself, so that being even an inch away from the surface of the weapon will still be cool as room temperature. Anything it touches, however, is instantaneously burned out of existence. This trait persists whether its in Cybele's grasp or not, so long as she maintains her Lazarus form; the only thing that it will not burn is Cybele herself and all extensions of herself. If it can be taken advantage of, the Staff of Mukesh is a deadly cutting weapon that has not yet found any material in existence that it could not slice right through.

    Mukesh Araghos was a king himself, leading legions of golden-clad armies with his staff. Through the staff, Cybele commands his legacy. With a single thump of her staff on the ground, she can cause the spirits of these armies to rise to her beck and call, still clad in the armor they wore fighting for him—a gleaming army. These soldiers claim no physical body any longer, and do not care about injury nor destruction. They're difficult to even injure with their spiritual make-up, but most energy-based attacks will harm them. They wear armor with the enhanced attributes of lightness, durability, and power of the Araghos gold, with halberds that tower above them with their reach. They are fast enough to keep up with the fastest, strong enough to fight back against the strongest, and skillful enough to outdo the most skillful. They don't have any special abilities of their own, but they were bred to overwhelm enemies with sheer physical force. They use their gauntlets as their fists and their greaves as their feet Their armor is their physical body. As such, attempting to fight them hand-to-hand is likely a poor choice.

  • Pandora's Familiar

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