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 The Arrancar of Sacrifice, Tia Harribel

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Arrancar of Sacrifice, Tia Harribel   Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:19 am



Tia Harribel


» Name: Tia Harribel ((ティア・ハリベル) is the presumably self given name of a Vasto Lorde turned Arrancar by Aizen over 400 years ago. After 400 years, she has chosen to stick to the name of Tia Harribel as it holds a rather strong sway in the universe, once being a major factor and figure. A name that holds weight, if you will.

» Age: It is unknown her true age, some speculate to be around 500 years old from anywhere to thousands of years. Her self proclaimed birthday is on July 25th, however.

» Gender: She is considered to be female.

» Appearance:

» Written Appearance: Aarika's outer appearance is considered to be very feminine and unique, donning a few items of clothing that others might only use with their loved ones. Starting with the obvious features, Aarika has long, flowing black silky hair which travels all the way down, past her butt and to the backside of her thighs. In the middle of her face there is a part of hair, three separate strangs flowing -- one pinned to the left, one to the right and a small grouping of hair down the middle and down to her nose, curling up and meeting with the left side of hair. The reason for this parting are the two small horns that have been embedded into her forehead, each horn around six inches or so long. These horns seems to take on the same colour as her skin colour, a paleish white that covers her entire body, only at the tips becoming more black as it fades into darkness. Beyond these horns, are her pure blood red eyes. Not just used for show, these eyes are mesmerizing to many of people, something that one could use to identify her anywhere. Not only are they red, but her eyes actually seem to be illuminating, glowing and shining on her surroundings and into the air. A rather rare feature that is always active within her.

Despite her pale white skin and red eyes being large features about her body, her physique in general is rather slender, yet also very voluptuous. Standing at five foot four, Aarika has a rather average waist and a overall slender build, but her breasts and chest reach up to a C, making her quite full in the chest area. Her thighs and lower body aren't slender themselves, they actually hold quite a bit of Aarika there, fitting rather well with the proportions of her body. Up her back, Aarika has three markings that are said to be symbols burned into her from creation as a Rakshasa of Wrath. The character imprinted are the demonic lettering for the word "wrath", forever marking her as a demon of Wrath. They are not messily etched into her skin however, they are quite neatly scarred into her flesh. Atop of this, her fingernails and toe nails are also permanently scarred as a pitch black colour. The reasoning for this is unknown, but she believes it has to do with her demon magic and it slowly started effecting her body.

The next noticeable feature is her rather... open and free outfit she chooses to wear. As mentioned, some might believe it's something worn around partners or lovers. A small black dress is donned upon her upper body, not a single tone of white, grey or any other colours mixed in. The runs down to her upper thigh, almost like a lingerie dress, whilst up at the shoulders it's connected to the back by thin straps of the same cloth. Up her legs, there are transparent stockings which run all the way up to just under the end of the dress, black rings about six inches thick at the end of the stockings. At her feet however, she wears healed shoes that slightly raise her off the ground by about an inch. This outfit is purely for comfort on her behalf and makes her feel comfortable, yet might not to other people. Around her neck is a neck tie, almost similar to that of a belt, where it' locked in and placed around her neck like a dog collar, just looser and more fashionable with a white skull embedded in the centre. Around either wrist also appears to be a black wrap, like an arm band. Upon her upper chest, just by her collars bones, she has two tattoos that slowly go down towards her bust. The tattoos are straight lines down, winged out pieces of black lines on the outsides.

» Occupation/Affiliation: Aarika's affiliation is only to that of Ravan Vespara and her job within Hell. She occupies her layer and stands as Guardian over it, just like any other Rakshasa would. She does, however, have more responsibilities than a lot of people. Her job is very vital as she keeps track of every single being that passes through Hell. She follows nobody orders, but she continuously keeps records of those whom pass into the realm of Hell. If you have even stepped a foot within those gates, Aarika knows about it. The best way to describe her is the "book keeper" of Hell. Just like Ravan, she also holds no allegiances to anyone, nor owes loyalty to anyone other than herself. The Vespara family aren't exactly close, but they would trust each other more than others -- making them powerful allies if something were to happen. Even with deals struck with Shadow Fall and such, Aarika does not care and wishes only to do her thing as book keeper of Hell.

» Residence: Aarika occupies one of the deepest layers of Hell, alongside many of the other Rakshasa. Her layer is named 663 and is her haven. Just as every Rakshasa had the power to maintain, change and force their world into different places and appearances, Aarika's layer takes on the appearance of an underwater scene. Not entirely covered in water, but the blue tint of water is present in the very air and illuminates the entirety of her world. A midst all of this under water like vibe there is a rather large blue throne she sits upon, made out of ice and has sharp barbs that pierce off it in all locations. Around this chair are water water holes, all filled with completely clear water, only holding a slight blue tint. Many of the people whom make it down this far are tortured within the water, endlessly suffocating and being ripped apart piece by piece by Hell Beasts and demons/beings of Hell within the water. This could happen endlessly as their bodies regenerate and pick them apart. The reason Aarika chose water as this medium was so she couldn't hear the screaming or noises of the torture. She didn't have to particularly like it, it was just what she was born into -- and her job. She also has a large portion of this world dedicated to storage of records, billions and trillions of books lining her seemingly never ending hallway of records.


» Collected and Level Headed: Despite her sin being that of Wrath, Aarika's personality doesn't actually represent that of a Wrath demon. Due to hundreds of year in lessons of self control and taking records of those whom passed into Hell, Aarika had developed a side of her that was able to handle most situations very levelheaded and safely without losing control of herself. For the first few years of her life, she had proven to have problems with controlling the natural inborn wrath within her as a Rakshasa of Sin, however she quickly learned how to combat it and figure out ways to store it elsewhere. When she introduces herself as the Rakshasa of Wrath, many of people had been known to try and make her blow up and lose control in her Wrath, only to fail and her keep her level headed view on life and everything. Due to this collected personality, she very rarely loses control and she has yet to lose control of her personality and become that of Wrath once again. Even in the face of terrible odds, she tries to keep this collected attitude at the foremost of her personality - not letting herself be consumed by the darkness embedded into her being.

» Twisted Mentality and Sadistic: Just as most beings whom have lived their entire life in Hell, many of these beings will become twisted mentally. Everyone she knows, did know and will know was a result of Hell influencing her. She was born into people being tortured and torn apart for all eternity, she even participated in this form of torture before she even learned how to speak a single word. Despite never having a childish body and always being born into this figure, she could function and participate in horrible things right from existence. Quite honestly, nobody should grow up that way, yet many of the Rakshasa and demons within Hell did, so it became all they know. Even in battle, she can be both collected and rather sadistic. She doesn't 'lose control' and become the Wrath like one might imagine, no. She keeps her silence, her collected attitude and slowly picks them apart, killing them in brutal ways. In a way, this is more menacing and terrifying than if she was to go insane and murder them from anger, or wrath. Most of the time, she tries to suppress these thoughts - but often she will be in public and get urges and thoughts of torturing all those around her until they are nothing but dust, or a pile of flesh carved neatly into pieces.

As a result, she is often using methods such as yoga or many different forms of meditation to try and calm her mind, to try and flush her mind free of all those thoughts and then get back on with her life. She is not objected to killing, her past and personality shows this, but more often than not killing becomes a detour into something worse, which she doesn't wish to get involved in. The best way to imagine her personality might be to that of a bee. She doesn't wish to kill, nor harm another person whom comes in her path, but every now and then someone allergic will come through and get in that path, get stung and it will be over.

» Flirty and Knowledgeable: A primary part of Aarika's personality is that she is very, very flirty in a sense that she will flirt with almost anyone whom she comes into contact with. Most of the time it is not intentional, she just wishes to be friendly to them and it ends up coming off as either suggestive, sexual or gives certain implications. Sometime intentional, sometimes not. However this does mean she can be a very friendly person to talk to, albeit sometimes used as an act. This is an interesting contrast to her sadistic and twisted mind, it shows two sides of her which can often be intermixed. For example, she might be bubbly and happily talking about her day whilst sitting on her ice thrown, the bubbles, screams and blood rushing to the surface of the pools around her. Another example would be talking happily about how she killed someone, or talking happily and flirty whilst breaking someone's neck with her foot. It's not that she's dim witted and doesn't evaluate the situation, it's just that she has had no censor of what is considered appropriate times to 'smile' and 'act bubbly' or flirty.

Just as she is flirty, she is equally as knowledgeable. Due to the amount of processing she has to go through with her job, she has become a walking database of note only useless facts, but names of people, types of jobs they've lived, places on Earth, their lives before hand. It's safe to say it is like she has relived their lives through words, understanding and processing their stories as if they were her own. As she has also processed many stories and kept them in storage, she knows a lot about almost every realm and their secrets. She often works hand in hand with Ravan to be a encyclopedia of knowledge, making them two of the most sort after demons in Hell when it comes to information. There are not many who can outmatch her in this field.

» Proud: One of the largest traits within her personality is that she is very proud in almost everything she does. She believes that her work, her existence is one that is worthy of recognition. Not that she would search it out, but she believes in herself. Aarika is proud of her entire life up until this point, that she was able to overcome many instances of physical and psychological trauma. Especially being able to control her wrath and seal it into something other than negativity, she considers one of her most profound achievements; not letting it consume her. This pride was not always a good thing, however. It can lead her to be very ignorant or make her importance radiate more than it should, or give her false hope into situations. Unfortunately, she isn't exactly aware of it most of the time - making this one of her downfalls when it comes to personalities.

»Unforgiving and Deceiving : In most circumstances, Aarika is a very unforgiving person and will often never forget when someone has wronged her. Aarika doesn't hold onto useless things, she will discard minor issues or threats. However, to come at her, attempt to take her life, deceive her or try and cause her to be crossed in anyway, she will not forget it and make your life a living Hell from the shadows, or sometimes less subtle. She has often been known to use this unforgiving attitude in line with her flirty persona to lure people into unsuspecting situations; making them trust her and then letting her strike. Her deceiving side is always one near impossible to detect, because she often doesn't break character. Not just when she is wronged however, but even to gain something or simply mess with people's minds, she uses a multitude of techniques. Unfortunately, this also ties in with her sadistic side and she loves using this to break people mentally on occasion.

» Enigmatic: Overall Aarika is a very mysterious person, a person whom is hard to interrupt and will often leave you clueless about what just happened. She likes to view herself as working in "mysterious" ways so that nobody can truly get a grasp of her. This isn't to say that she will always change personality, to try and make herself be ever changing. More that she wishes to throw people off, that maybe she can be that "weird" girl that nobody understands, because it works for her. Being someone that very few people can understand, interrupt or work out makes her less capable of being hurt and walked over.



Early Years

Present Day


» Wrath Bringer:

A purple silver tinted scythe crafted by Aarika herself, given the name Wrath Bringer. This is one of her main weapons when in combat, aside from her Demon Magic. This scythe is one of her most prized possessions, something that she loves to keep by her side and summoned by magic. The scythe itself isn't made of demon magic, however a lot of the functions within it are. At it's initial state, the scythe is around one and a half metres long, the blade protruding from the tip extending out over 2 metres. It is curved down like most scythes, both sides sharpened, with spikes at both ends of the shaft, another sharp arrow-head like shape at the opposite end of the blade. Sharp enough to slice through even the roughest of materials, this scythe is nothing to be trifled with, she has been shown to slice open human flesh like it was warm butter, slicing open buildings like it was nothing but child's play. The scythe is said to be constructed of a material known as "extronias", a type of metal unique crafted by Kakine Yuudeshi, but stolen and crafted by Aarika during the comet incident. The metal itself wasn't made to be crafted into weapons, however, in the hands of Aarika, she can craft almost anything with what she's given. The material is a unique metal, considered nearly indestructible, forged by Kakine's power, creating many new elements and forging it into this metal. Due to this, the production and finding this metal is considered near impossible unless from Kakine or someone whom can replicate it.

The first unique trait of Wrath Bringer is the purple tinted colour that runs up the side of the blade once it consumes blood. The more blood it consumes, the brighter and more of this purple tint will be filled over the blade's side. For each litre of blood absorbed, the blade can grow a metre. The maximum it can absorb is said to be fifty litres, making the maximum length of the blade up to fifty one and a half meters long. Due to not always being able to control the amount of blood consumed, Aarika is capable of shifting the size of this scythe at will, as long as it absorbed the required amount to reach that size. Albeit this scythe doesn't only gain size when consuming blood. The second trait of this is that upon contact with an enemy, she gathers a record of how much pent up wrath/anger/rage the enemy has within them -- and steals around five percent each time it slices into the enemy. By stealing their pent up rage, she can store it into either herself or her Hell Beast, also healing and restoring portions of her energy in accordance to how much rage she stole. If the opponent is filled with rage and near breaking point with wrath, she can slice them and restore a portion of her health and energy, as well as add that Wrath to her own. Though this does work through demon magic, making it negatable.

As a final note, Aarika also damages an opponent with this scythe depending on how much rage. If someone is totally calm with no rage, they will still recieve damage from the slash of a scythe piercing their skin, but won't take full effect of the sudden lunge out. Depending on the opponent's rage level, the scythe will do more damage if it is higher, and less destructive damage when lower. If someone is filled with rage, and Wrath Bringer slams into their bodies, it has the potential to not only slice them in half, but send them flying with the massive force of absorbed rage. As previously said however, each strike steals a portion of their rage/anger and adds it to herself, so if she continuously strikes the opponent with this, the slices will gradually grow weaker and weaker over time.

» Wrath Gauge: The black strap wrapped around her right wrist isn't just for show like the others, this black strip is hardwired into her body, making her constantly aware of her Wrath and rage levels. Due to her entire existence being that of Wrath, and passing it onto her Hell Beast, she uses this gadget (designed by herself) to constantly keep track and watch her rage levels, making sure it never falls too low in a fight or perhaps gets higher than she would like. It also allows her to seclude and cut off portions of her Wrath and anger into this strap for long periods of time, making this Wrath Gauge practical in two ways. By storing portions of consuming and absorbing portions of her Wrath born into her, it can be used in times of need where her Wrath might be needed to bring down even more damage. As her unique Sin powers actually work around her strength being amplified by the rage within her, by letting even this small amount stored within this device could turn the tide in a fight and give her an extra edge, more potent magic, strength etc.


» Sonido Mastery: As the former third Espada, even since her time as within the old Espada, Tia Harribel had only grown a wider and wider understanding of the technique known as Sonido. Through endless training hours and years upon years of her time spent into honing her abilities, sonido was one of the first and basic abilities she was able to master. This makes her capable of keeping up with even the highest of speed based users, using sonido in line with her intense battle strength to crush opponents before knowing what even hit them. In fact, it is no unusual for her to simply one shot people and get them out of the way before the fight even begins, sonido being the catalyst for such a hard and powerful assault. She will often use it in conjunction with her other abilities to gain a full mastery of this. As a former Espada, this is somewhat expected of her however, to have this level of insane strength.

» Cero Control: Given herself being a arrancar of beyond most Espada's level, Tia has become capable of using cero rather vigorously - with massive strength. Her ceros have been shown to not only blow apart captain level Shinigami's bankai (as shown against Hitsugaya), but it has also appeared very large. Her cero usually takes up a humongous portion of the area she aims it, spreading out in an arc in the direction pointed. The cero itself is a bright yellow in colour, the same colour as her hair and spiritual energy that flows around her body. Her cero's position it shoots from depends on her state, if she is in sealed Zanpakutō - it will shoot out from her fist like Grimmjow. In her resurrection, it will shoot out from a glow of her blade, swinging it in any direction to cause a wide arc of energy to completely obliterate anything in the direction aimed.

» Garganta/Descorrer: Just like most arrancar upon her level of power, Tia Harribel is capable of opening black rifts within the very existence to travel between realms such as Soul Society to Hueco Mundo, or Hueco Mundo to Earth. It's used as a primary travel tool, the best way to imagine it is that it's like a wormhole being created in existence. Through creating this black rift, Harribel is capable of stepping through into this darkness, and then popping out at the other side as a "short cut" more or less. This is often described like bending a piece of paper and stabbing right through the middle, to get from one end of the paper to the other without the travel time in the middle. She has also shown that this can be used both offensively and defensively, often creating garganta above, below or straight on to attacks to ether redirect them or completely nullify them.

» Bala: Just as her cero, she has been able to use the faster variant known as bala without any problem. Due to her time training over the past 400 years, this has been proven to not only be faster, but also ten times faster than the speed of her cero. Albeit this is not used as much, bala packs less of a punch compared to her wide ranged cero and other techniques - making this ability less of a shown ability. However she isn't unknown to it, she will sometimes use it to rapidly punch yellow orbs of power into the opponent before they can even think what happened. It must be noted that her cero is in no way slow at all, so when this being ten times faster makes them near impossible to follow with your own eyes.


» Overwhelming Spiritual Energy: Unlike most other beings, Tia has an overwhelming amount of reitatsu and spiritual essence within her body. This is used for many things, she has been able to channel very large amounts of this into portions of her body and completely slam down an opponent with complete crushing force and also even drown figures out with it. When releasing, the colour of the aura around her body turns to a yellow vibrant glow. When even half releasing this energy, Harribel has been shown to crush even small creatures that hold little energy of their own. This gives people an idea of how vast and dangerous her spiritual energy can be when applied.

» Highly Perceptive Combatant: Time and time again, Tia has proven herself to be a highly proficient fighter. Not only formulating strategies and attacks almost instantly, but even beyond the physical limitations. She can sense similarities within reiatsu, actually comparing Grimmjow and Ichigo to be fairly similar during their battle. Having a very keen intellect allows her to fight with even the strongest of captains or people in the universe, alongside her incredible power withheld in her body. She is also very keen observant, she can sense even small disruptions within people's reiatsu and even read their emotions in the midst of battle through this. An example of this is feeling someone's concern when something happens, as if she was fighting someone like Shadin and Kakine was injured, it is highly possible she would feel Shadin's concern within his reiatsu. Even when faced with people who can actually "counter" her own, she is a master at taking advantage of their own strengths and turning it against them. An example of this was her fighting Hitsugaya, whom wielded an ice Zanpakutō whilst hers was mainly focused around water. Despite her water being constantly frozen by his, she still managed to fight and defeat him and even use his powers against himself.

»Crushing Strength: Not only are her sonido and cero amazingly complex and strong, Tia also withholds incredible amounts of power in swinging that small blade around and even in fist fights. She has been shown to completely destroy some Zanpakutō upon clashing with them, but also even slicing limbs clear off like it was butter. The strength is highly backed up by her large and vast amount of spiritual energy that overflows her body - often using both her passive strength and reiatsu enhanced assaults in conjunction to overwhelm someone and force them onto the defensive or even kill and injure them in one massive assault. Her strength is her foremost way of fighting, using this in conjunction with her impressive swordsmanship to win fights. Even a single swing of her sword can break the air around the slash, showing the amount of force gone into the strike. Whilst definitely not a weak looking woman, Tia Harribel can surprise many with her incredible strength.

» Master Swordsman: As previously mentioned, Tia's main method of combat is by using her swordsmanship skills to completely embarrass and destroy opponents quickly. She has proven to fight with swordsmanship skills beyond that of a captain and much stronger. Atop of this, Tia is ambidextrous and can switch her sword from right hand to left hand at a whim to surprise an opponent easily. Her cutting and attacking skills are immense, but she is also capable of using this swordsmanship to great defensive lengths. Over 400 years ago, Tia was able to fight of a captain level shinigami and two vice-captains at the same time, without so much as breaking a sweat. For over 400 years, she trained even harder and worked on fighting and defensive maneuvers even more, safely being able to say she could fight off beings of incredible strength as if it was a walk in the park.

» Durability: Durability is one of her more hidden strengths that is only really shown once someone tries to inflict damage upon her. Her hierro is incredibly strong, albeit not as strong as someone like Nnoitra, still capable of blocking massive strikes from people who would try to do her harm. Even beyond her hierro, she has been shown to get up again and again from massive attacks. Even over 400 years ago, she took many assaults from Hitsugaya and walked out of them unharmed. Even being hit with one of Hitsugaya's single most powerful attacks, she walked out unharmed and simply went back to fighting him. It's reasonable to assume this only got stronger over the last 400 years during her training and travelling.

Sealed Zanpakutō

» Zanpakutō Name: Tiburón, Spanish for Shark, Japanese for Imperial Shark Empress.

» Zanpakutō Sealed Appearance:

» Dāgī Tvacā Powers

Majority of Aarika's Dagi Tvaca powers are based around the idea of summoning and magic, that of which can be quite damaging when used correctly. Atop of this, her magic takes a next step. Aarika also gains a level of healing with her magic, being able to replicate her body parts and even replace limbs if it came to that with her magic.

» One Woman Army: As previously mentioned, she has the ability to summon types of demons made through magic. Her Dagi Tvaca, however, works a little differently. Rather than bringing them through the use of Demon Magics, Aarika uses her new found ability from the Dagi Tvaca. The name might actually be a little misleading, for she is not a 'one woman army', but rather she has the powers to summon tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and perhaps into the millions of different spawns of Hell. These range from reaper like beings, humanoids, souls of the dead, creatures that can look to tear people apart even. The "one woman army" idea can be split into three main groups or sections of soldiers. At the foremost area there is the foot soldiers whom are known for thei rampaging and head in approach. Even just summoning them has been shown to crush towns flat, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. The first tier of soldiers aren't pushovers however, they have all shown proficiency with weapons such as sword, maces and so on. These are the main forces.

Albeit they aren't only there for just "slash and hack". These first tier foot soldiers have a unique ability to suck the very essence of Wrath from their surroundings, similar as to how Aarika can do. This not only increases their strength, but their size tends to grow -- and depending on the amount of chaos, can even turn into an entire army the size of small buildings rampaging throughout the entire location. As they grow in size and strength, as does their durability. So the bigger they get, the less likely you are to kill them with relative ease. They are creatures that feed of the Wrath of not only Aarika, but also their enemies. The angrier, more furious her enemies or Aarika is, the more powerful they become. These soldiers take on the appearance of ghostly figures more than anything, their skin appears to be transparent in a blue like haze, which reveals their skeletons inside like an x-ray -- beyond this you can see the slight outlining of their skin and facial features; their bodies covered by a light glowing green hoods and armour, each soldier having different features to each other.

The second tier are the "Soul suckers". These beings, rather than attempting to be up in your face and slashing at you, focus on attempting to rip you apart and torture you on both a physical and mental level. When one is within the range of these Soul Suckers, a single touch can cause a persons mind to snap and go into a frenzy. For as long as the Soul Sucker whom touched them is alive, it will plague them like a bad dream you can't wake up from. This is also highly dependent on the mentality and will power of the individuals being touched by these beings. Someone with extremely high will power could reject these effects almost instantly, however would perhaps need to focus on keeping it at bay. Others whom are lower might not be so lucky. These Soul Suckers work to corrupt a mind, they show images of their fears right before them and make them experience it all over again. One example might be Kakine getting touched, and he becomes plagued with visions of his wife and son's death. As mentioned, once destroyed, they can be rid of these fears. However, they don't only work on destroying their mentality. Their most comparable to a torturer who would peel back skin and do cruel things to their targets. On a physical level they are often very swift and fast creatures, capable of slicing people's heads off before one even notices they entered the battlefield. Their general appearance is that of humanoid figures cloaked in darkness, shades of darkness sliding off from all portions of the hooded cloak that covers their bodies. They are the assassin's of this army summoned. Their skin, however, appears to be completely torn up - massive slashes and gashes revealing scars, torn open flesh all over their body.

The third and final tier is the Monstrous Abominations. These are the largest creatures of the summons, making them the tanks and massive damage dealers. Their size is comparable to that of kilometers tall, their width about half of that. Their main purpose within the army is taking down massive structures, being front line assaults for massive strikes and to take the damage. In total, there are said to be a hundred of these summon-able per activation of Dagi Tvaca. They have monstrous strength that can crush even mega structures with single swipes, depending on the structure itself. Their durability is just as impressive, being shown to tank explosions, attacks and copious amounts of gunfire and still remain active. Their one and only unique ability is Tremor of the Gods. By raising both of their arms above their head, they can send down a massive shockwave of energy once it hits the ground. This not only destroys the floor beneath their feet, sending waves upon waves of Earth flying everywhere, but also the blast becomes tapped in with Demonic Magic, causing any living thing this shockwave touches to erode and die, corrupting it and basically instantly killing it's cells. Usage on higher life forms have proved less effective, however. People have been shown to withstand this demonic magic by only taking a few cuts or using non-organic objects to block the blast radius. "Killing" the cells in a certain area wouldn't be so accurate, but the blast spreads the demon magic to anyone within a five kilometer area and actually 'infects' their bodily compounds, causing their cells to actually kill themselves. Cellular suicide, if you will. If not protected against properly, this can leave entire limbs to be eaten off and flesh rotted away from the cells killing themselves within the body, basically "aborting" and dying. The combination of such a heavy attack as well as demon magics makes for a powerful assault, attacking on two levels: physical and magical at a single time. Their appearance takes on that of a giant demon, horned and cracked skin. However, instead of the red cracked aura, there is a glowing blue aura that floats around their bodies and within their skin. They bleed blue and their cracks skin is blue. Compared to their lower body, their upper body is much larger, they move slowly and use these massive gauntlet, spiked like hands to slam down upon everything below.

» Magic and Energy: Magic and Energy is the core of Aarika's being, the power of Demon Magic and Za Koa energy runs through her body like the current of life itself. Due to this, within her Dagi Tvaca, Aarika has gained a soft immunity to certain types of magic and energy assaults used against her. She can combat most other magic based attacks such as kido or personal abilities by using her own. Due to how potent her magic becomes in this state, she has been shown to absorb the very magic based attack itself, allowing her to work it and understand it. In most circumstances, it will then allow herself to consume it and then force it back at the opponent. Even highly effective and damaging spells can be absorbed, and then fired back either then or at a later time. She also gains the 'copy' idea, in a sense. When she absorbs a spell or type of energy/magic, her body memorizes how it was made can be replicated until she absorbs another type of energy/magic. She can only have one memorized strike at a time, making it hard for her to constantly consume different attacks and then send them right back.


Rakshasa Skills
  • Dāgī Tvacā Skill: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Naraka Jānavara Control: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Astitva Ki Barhata: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Reality Warping: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master

Naraka Jānavara Skills
  • Demon Magic Skill: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Rebirth Skill: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Za Koa Skill: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Demon Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Shadow Movement: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • General Speed: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Strength: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master

Willpower Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Focus: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master

  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master
  • Focus: Beginner/Adept/Advaned/Master


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Moving this out to old wip, as it is about 2 weeks old. You may still work on it there.


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✖| Woah~~ |✚
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Is this App Ready for Check?
I don't see any WIP in the app title so I can only assume that it is ready for check, if not may you reply to be within this month to tell if it is or isn't.

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The Arrancar of Sacrifice, Tia Harribel
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