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 Sugiuran History [US1-US2 Circa: 2000's to PH 2414]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sugiuran History [US1-US2 Circa: 2000's to PH 2414]   December 19th 2014, 9:17 am

The Sugiuran History [Circa US1/US2 2000's to PH: 2414]

Original history:A long time ago historians spoke of a story it went a little like this. "Shimura, a woman born as a defected Shinigami with not a single ounce of notable power, saved the soul society from a dire threat when a legendary and Berserk guardian beast wreaked havoc among their lands, nearly destroying it in its rage. Only when she confronted the beast and used her voice of reason to persuade her to stop, did she convince the guardian beast to cease its rage and destruction. Accepting her as a master, it combined with her body and from thereon, Shimura's life as a Sugiura began. She eventually left Soul society to give birth to a large part of the clan that people know today."This is the core of the Sugiuran history and every Sugiura can trace their roots to this as the beginning point of their existence. Within this blurb gives an idea on what they were originally, and how they can possess Shinigami Kido and the like, but also using their own natural Sugiuran magic.

Shimura and her first lover Yamaguchi Hideyoshi were considered to be the originators of the Sugiuran race. Their children would eventually build the Eastern settlements of the Sugiuran lands, and when Tsubine came into the picture his people were located in the northern lands and began their high conquest of that area. In The West however, there was a group of Arthruian like knights started by Richard Lionheart or Leonhardt, depending on translation of his name. These people would create the main foundations of the three major royal families of the Sugiuran race. They would also shape and change the impact of the sugiura's in the entirety of the world. They are known for their true neutrality, but they are willing to fight back when their race is threatened. Right now the race is threatened and people like Kakeru Leonhardt, Gilgamesh, The Curor sisters are trying to figure out what to do. Each of them have their own individualistic goals, but at the same time they want to restore the glory of the Sugiuran lands and their presence on earth.

They are well known for their skills and understanding with Weapons [Ranged, Tsurugi's Shinnuchi/Mushi or bladed weapons], Magic [Elemental, Spacial, Origin based], and Martial Arts [Hand to hand, Swordsmastery, Gunplay]. Each of these factors are a core in what kind of a sugiura they become when they are born and their concept is formed from time of conception. each of these factors are considered and the sugiura is born with an understanding of their path. Their path depending on how they work with their origin, Guardian Beast/Tsurugi/Divine Contract, Or high levels of magic makes their path unique towards them. A Tsurugi has a machine that's either a custom made forge by a blacksmith, who's a person who eventually gives their spirit to making the Shinnuchi, or a Mushi which is a standard Tsurugi. A Guardian Beast is like a Zanpakutō Spirit where it's unique to the person, but different since they are dependent on the bond they have with the Sugiura they are aligned with. A Divine Contract is something where it's like a guardian beast, but they only gain the skills that the guardian beast allows them to have through their contract so it's only temporary. As in if the Sugiura dies, or the contract is nullified then they lose the abilities until they remake the contract again. A Divine contract can be made with anything of legend, but typically it's made with Legendary guardian beasts that normally can't form bonds with sugiura.

With so many types of Sugiura in this modern age another thing has come to light which is technology and how it's affecting their world. Since both western and eastern are steeped in old history being that they are the representives of Arthurian Eurpoe, and Ancient China/Japan they weren't as fast to adapting to technology, until within the recent 400 years when they realized the good it could do. As they want to remain powerful and in their world, but want to keep good remaining tabs on the earth they have made alliances and friendships with certain other neutral groups in the case that the earth was ever in danger. During the 400 years of technological advancements and their time spent on earth there was a strong decline with their race especially within the leading class. This most present in the war for Australia where there was only a couple Sugiura that represented them. These are grim times for the sugiuran leaders, and for their people who walk upon the earth and within the realm itself. Currently, there's not many high level nor royalty left of the Sugiura causing a huge problem within their race to stabilization, and the ones that are alive are scrambling to figure out a way to make them not only relevant again, but powerful enough to defend themselves and the people they love again. Will they be able to rebuild their lands, make their name well known again and respected? This can only happen with strong leadership, which is the struggle right now within each race.

Eastern Sugiura: This was headed by the original progenators of the Sugiura Misaiko Sugiura, who had three lovers; Otoya, Leo Leoarndo, and Tsubine Fon'Zarkenheinz. Misaiko had Four Daughters, Saeko, Iori, Midori, and Mikoto. These sisters in one way or another shaped their family. The Eastern Sugiura are known for the asian motifs of Knights, which are like Samurai, royal protectors, etc. They are known for also their deep Shinto like faiths with Amaterasu, Susano'o and Tsukiyomi. Another motif of them, is their honor and desire of high skill with Martial arts. They are known as some of the best hand to hand fighters, and as such their poster child of Iori showing her prowess as a fighter is a good way to notice just how powerful they are. For many years the eastern Sugiuran had prospered and had grown into a fine and powerful country, but with the deaths of the fight between Misaiko and Saeko, and the disappearances of Midori and Iori, leaving Mikoto left as the only sole heir being that she's a child and has gone missing the Eastern Sugiuran populace are at a loss for losing their nobles and is struggling to keep their country in tact from all of the political fighting at the moment. Their hope is that the last remaining royal Mikoto comes back and is able to lead them into their former glory and improve on it in her rule. That's their current hope, but since there's a huge void in their leadership it seems that most people are concerned that someone like Gilgamesh will take over, and cause more chaos than good for their people.

Western Sugiura: The west was started by the father and mother of Arturia Leonhardt who was considered to be their most respected and their greatest king. She had ruled for many years with creating the most balanced series of knights for their king who's actually a female, but with how she acts and carries herself most people call her the King when she's very much a woman. Her younger siblings made the roles of Knights, Princes and Princesses. Another noted thing was that most of their family were female dominant besides two who were Kakeru, and Nicodemus. Kakeru who's the only currently living Sugiura and Nico is stuck within a demon being the true embodiment of war at the moment. Their parents especially their fathers were always scared that they would waste their extreme wealth when Arturia and the others were more concerned on making sure they were not only wealthy, but honorable with their people. The main people who are left within this group is Kakeru Leonhardt who still calls himself the Praetorian Knight, when in reality he would be the King of the sugiura, and his younger Mana created sister Anna Leonhardt/Ashtavon who would be the princess and eventual queen if there was a point where Kakeru died or something happened to him. The older men and women of the west are concerned about his leadership since he was gone for many years due to an unfortunate accdient many years ago, but now he's leading he's trying to figure out ways to fix the problems for all of the lands, all but dealing with that bastard of a man called Gilgamesh who thinks he's a God.

Northern Sugiura: The Northern lands are harsh like the men who ruled for many years called the Fon'Zarkenheinz. These people were lead by Tsubine Fon'Zarkenheinz who had loved Misaiko and eventually disappeared to start his own place in the north where his legacies could be left. These people were considered to be the most dangerous people of the realm. They were considered geniuses in combat, and in some ways their diplomatic relations were considered the best until a huge battle within the family of the Fon'Zarkenheinz seemingly killed them off leaving a lesser family the Curors to take lead, but with their parents disappeared and Dead, two sisters who would be considered the princesses of their land is missing and they wonder if they will ever see them again causing the normally stable Northern Lands to become unstable for the very first time. Unlike the situation with the Eastern where Mikoto knows where she's from the twin sisters of Aceldama, and Sidera do not really want to come back and don't really know what power they truly hold at the moment. This is another place where Gilgamesh could potentially take over, but hasn't for strange reasons maybe it's because of the cold who honestly knows, but Kakeru has no desire to rule two places. Hopefully the princesses come home to rule and lead their people into prosperity, otherwise this place will surely sink into chaos for their entirety until someone comes and rules.

Guardian Beast Lands: This is the only place that hasn't taken really any damage from the changing times since this is nature in the raw. The only thing that's different is that there are many guardian beasts that doesn't have a bond and they are looking for bonds so the despair they are feeling is the need to be linked to a sugiura or someone that's capable of handling a beast. For the most part the beasts that are fighting for power to rule are the ones that always have been exempting one person who was just fighting to get back with her people, but she's disappeared into the darkness of the Suguiran lands or maybe Earth itself. No one really knows but it's thought that she too may be dead.

Note: Thanks to Agito, TheFrost, MajesticMoose, Tsubine for their character histories, and helping me get the information I need.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Sugiuran History [US1-US2 Circa: 2000's to PH 2414]   May 25th 2017, 7:51 am

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Sugiuran History [US1-US2 Circa: 2000's to PH 2414]
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