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 The Storm [Private, Nozomi, Sagumi]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Storm [Private, Nozomi, Sagumi]   Sun Dec 28, 2014 2:04 am

The Sumashuu duo had rarely ever been of the same mind; they clashed over many a subject, having such radically different viewpoints. For most it would be a shock that they were still together despite it all, but those people didn't know quite the whole story. Of all the people in the known universe--this known universe--Only three souls had originated from the same alternate that Nozomi had: Herself, Sagumi, and Lilium. And Lilium was all but gone at this point. That meant that no other being shared as much with Nozomi as Sagumi had, and thus they remained together, through thick and thin. She'd be lying if she thought their bond unwavering however, as it was so constantly tested. Arguments often came between them like breathing, leaving bitter feelings but never snapping anything apart. She seemed to be drifting ever further from her humanity as the days went by, while he continued to display such humanity as he insisted on flirting with other females. She didn't even require sleep, or food, or drink for heaven's sake. She couldn't blame him for a lot of the things that were wedging them apart, honestly; no sane man would stay after all that. And yet... the ring was still on the finger, to show otherwise.

The blue-haired woman stood alone in one of many grand halls within Sagumi's mountain base. It was his own little home, a part of Eldrazi territory and yet the only place she'd left untouched, at his bequest. She could have turned this place into an architectural masterpiece, worthy of a world wonder, with limitless resources and beautifully terraformed environments. But, he'd wanted it left alone, and so she gave in to his wish. Still, even without her magic, his dojo was magnificent in its own right. The one's who'd built it were true craftsmen, and she could see that passion of their work in every crevice and curve. She walked down the tunnels aimlessly, with no purposeful destination to reach, just sight-seeing. It was false to say there wasn't a reason for her being here, though, but that reason was eating away at her and it made her hesitant. She could see--as was both a gift and curse--everything, irregardless of her position or orientation. No wall nor floor concealed anything from her eyes, for she could pierce them without effort. She could see him, her husband, sleeping in his king-sized bed, even though she was a flight above him and several corridors away. She saw how he slept so lightly, his body relaxed and calm, but capable of snapping to life in a second with a feather's touch. She saw his beautifully sculpted muscles, lean and lithe, marvelling at them as she tended to always do, even if he didn't always realize it. And... and she saw just the barest residue of another on him, clear to her eyes like a match in a dark room.

Sagumi had a way with her, making her feel human like no other could. He saw a side of her hidden away from the public, vulnerable, passionate... He made her feel human things, such as love and bliss... and jealousy. It took a millisecond to connect the DNA on Sagumi to another woman just inside this mountain, no doubt one of his students. Of course, she did not approve of Sagumi's chauvenistic ways, but she'd always let it slide based on the security of their relationship. This time, it felt different. They were further apart than they ever had been before since their marriage, and for the first time in a long time, Nozomi feared. She felt scared that she'd lose him, and for all of her genius, she couldn't understand how it'd come to this. The intelligence and wit she was famed for was gone here, and she was left vulnerable like a little girl as she wandered through the mountain structure. She was building up courage--another human aspect--in order to face him and find out what was wrong. She knew she wanted to talk to him, but something inexplicable kept her from utilizing any degree of confidence. So, for nearly an hour, she was a ghost haunting the caverns, mustering herself. She would not tell him of this, of her weakness; she wanted no one to see her like this.

In time, Nozomi decided to finally reach out, calling to her beloved like a voice in his head. It was late at night, and she did not want to jar him from his sleep when he looked so comfortable. Instead, she chose an alternative, utilizing her powers to ease the transition into consciousness. To the best of her ability she simulated the act of naturally waking up for him. It would take place over the process of five minutes, slowly stirring him. He would be able to sense that it was her causing it, and he'd be able to tell exactly where she was. She was calling him, in a way that only he could hear, and she'd be waiting in one of the many hallways of the inner-mountain. This one was rather empty, and distant from his students, lit only dimly by mounted torches. If, and when he arrived, he'd see the Quincy dressed in her usual black and white attire, her body leaning against a wall as though she needed it to support her. She gave him a soft sad smile, as if trying to reassure him that things were okay, and ultimately failing. He'd know in an instant that something was bothering her, but it was resulted from her empathy with him. She was distressed, because of the fact that he was, and she would not be able to rest easy until this was resolved.

So before he could inquire about it, she spoke first, a small wavering voice. ''Sagumi...'' she began, letting the name flow from her lips in a breath, allowing the sound of it to calm her somewhat. ''Something's bothering you, something really bad. I know it's late, but... I can tell this time it's worse. Did I... What's wrong, love?'' She searched him with her crimson hues, strikingly red even in such darkness. If he did not come close, she would in turn, sliding along the wall toward him until she could touch him. She reached out for his shoulder, and would wish to soothe him by stroking his gently... but a part of her was afraid, that he would pull away. Everything about this scared her, but she'd gone through worse with him...

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Storm [Private, Nozomi, Sagumi]   Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:52 am