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 Into the Lime Light

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Into the Lime Light   Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:56 pm

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 781

Bright rays of sunshine gazed down upon Soul Society on a fine bright day. Many went about their usual business while a few indulged in the suns warming rays. It was early, around the time that most arose from their beds and set out to shop; true not everyone needed food in the Soul Society but all those that did had to move early to grab the best bargains of the day. To one man, it was fascinating how everyone went about their daily routines with little regard for those around him. He smiled, sat at a bench near his family mansion. The island that bestowed itself upon this man stemmed thousands of kilometres, much like the Soul Kings realm this area could not be found by no individual.

One way that this land differed from the rest of the Soul Society was that it had its own life and essence that was bound to its owner, Izanagi. It had a natural protective barrier that hid it from both the Shinigami and the Iramasha while Izanagi could bestow upon individuals an ability to find the location with ease. He hadn’t disclosed the location as of yet making it impossible for even the best of trackers to detect it. Those that attempted spiritual techniques in attempts to find individuals that resided on the Settlement would fail miserably, the mechanics of the technique have never been explained or documented so the secret lays with this several hundred year old man.

The tall man stood to his feet, being born into a blacksmiths family didn’t necessarily mean that he was the best at wielding a sword but it seemed to shape the way his Zanpakutō eventually developed. A table was in front of the man atop which laid several papers, scattered across them were a series of blue markings at the name ‘Yuri’ and ‘Tsukuyomi’; he tapped his right index finger onto the table while slowly reading through the papers. He took interest in the man, what made this individual ever so interesting was the fact that he was once a member of the Vanguard Warden.

The individual’s power was nothing to scoff at, the alias of The Dark Enforcer wasn’t bestowed upon him by himself, and it was his strength and rather remarkable capabilities that brought about his renown. Izanagi gently untied the string that bound a badge to the page, embedded into the badge was the spiritual energy of The Enforcer. Momentarily dwelling on the idea of recruiting the man led to the formation of a small circle adorned in black patterns, with each coming second the odd circle broadcast the co-ordinates of the energy collected from the badge, the true power of Kakushi Tsuijaku. The man stood to his feet, slowly closing the files while securing the badge by slipping it into his armor pocket; while he placed the badge into his armor immiscible rays of white engulfed his body and transported him to the districts of Rukongai. To Izanagis best knowledge, the individual he sought was nearby and so he relaxed allowing himself to feel all the energies around him and seek out the six foot man.

Suddenly, a child ran toward Izanagi accompanied by a few accomplices; the trio had stolen from the baker and it seemed the stocky middle aged man had decided to chase these young naïve individuals. As they approached they froze in fear of the Shinigami Shukakusho; Gotei officials were often dispatched to deal with these situations and were always told to take the thefts lightly. However, Izanagi simply smiled as the trio approached and came to an abrupt stop; he stepped forward as the baker gained on them and swung his brush toward a small girl at the back of the pack. The fright prompted her to release the five loaves that she held tightly to her chest and cower in fear. Before the bread could touch the ground, Izanagi was knelt before the girl holding the stack of five in one hand while taming the wooden brush with the other. “Here,” he handed her the bread while the baker stood in awe of the situation.

Izanagi smiled as the girl took hold of the bread, “Be careful not to do this again” the girl then turned and the trio carried on with their little escape. As for the baker, he attempted to pursue the fleeing children but Izanagi simply turned to the man and paid him double what the children stole in an attempt to please his thirst to stop them. With that, the duo parted ways and Izanagi began to search for the one and only, Yuri Tsukuyomi.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Into the Lime Light   Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:16 pm

Artist: N/A - Word Count: N/A - Transformation: Dormant - Tier: 0-2+

The day was quite bright, the harsh sunlight beaming through the forest branches that The shinigami man resided in. It was about mid-day, His hands were rested behind his head in a nonchalant mannerism, lounging at the trunk of the tree. A singular blade of grass about eight inches grinding within his teeth. It seemed like its been a long day, even though it has only begun, But, Yuri knew that he couldn't stay in hiding forever. The Vanguard was a powerful organization and they wouldn't just allow one of their highest appointed officer to just seemingly disappear without a trace or a word. It's roughly been about three years since he was last seen in his post. He would probably go back it he could, But, He would most likely get court marshaled for sure actions he took; Not letting anyone know, Taking classified information about the vanguard, his overall attitude. He was quite surprised that not anyone was even looking for him, But, His guard was never down. Opening his left eye slightly, watching a blue butterfly flutter over on the piece of grass in his mouth. The Dark Enforcer slid his eye closed not wanting to disturb the small insect; The days now were peaceful and tranquil, He needed more of this in his life, But, The way of the sword would always be with him. Part of his very soul. Extending his arms outward from behind his head, Bending his knees and standing up fully. His head tilts to the left side of the tree, looking at his Zanpakutō and grabbing it with his left; Yuri's main weapon and best friend- The other half of his soul, So to speak. In its sealed form, Teion-en is a normal katana with a rectangular tsuba with inward-curved corners with curved slits above and below the blade and a series of curved lines embossed on either side of the blade. His Zanpakutō is 76 cm in length With a white and black Handle and a Brown Sheathe, The Guard of the blade is Gold. On the Sheathe, there is a White Rope that Dangles Aimlessly.

"I guess I shouldn't lay here ALL day."

Along with that, He had Yato Issen; This is a Legendary Sword that was forged and Used by the World Renowned Sword smith, Gorō Nyūdō Masamune before his Death- Although, Unbeknown to the rest of the world, He was a Well Accomplished half Breed Shinigami Scientist. This Katana was an Experiment of Displacing Slashes for multiple attacks. The Katana has a Octagon shaped hilt, A extremely Shiny blade with the Kanji (正宗; Masemune) engraved into it. The Blade length itself is about 100 Cm's long, with the handle being 30 itself- Giving it a Total Length of 130 Cms. The Sheathe has a Blue-flame like Design that wraps around the outside, The backdrop of the sheathe being Black in Color. This weapon resided on his back by a strap. Placing his sheathed Zanpakutō over his shoulder, He aimlessly begins to walk out toward the path that would eventually lead him out into the rukongai plains. His pace was nonchalant, Walking without a real direction as he did so. He felt several signatures of energy near by the exit of the forest; Probably just a bunch of pluses. However, there was one that stood out the most as a robust source, It was rather smooth though, No negative malice within it. The sun grew harsh as Tsukuyomi squinted his eyes at the rays of sunshine pushing their way through. Placing his hand over his face as if it was a vizor, tsukuyomi eyes adjust quickly with the terms.

"I need to get back to what matters. I've been gone too long."

He needed to do something. Staying here is going to do nothing for him in the long run. Their were things this man still needed to do. Justice must be enforced, but, only certain people can do it front the stand point such as Yuri Tsukuyomi. He wasn't famous in any sense- More so infamous. And if you saw him with his weapon brandished toward you, with his stern look, You knew you were in for a world of hurt. However, There is one thing that he wants to make sure grows up right- His Son, Ketai Tsukuyomi. Regardless, He knew that to be what he wants, He needs to leave Soul Society. Hopefully, he can escape without anyone coming in contact with him

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Into the Lime Light   Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:10 pm

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Izanagi placed his hands into his jacket as he slowly exited into the outskirts of Rukongai. His spiritual presence was kept to a minimum as to no disturb those who felt his arrival; his walked effortlessly, his Reishi sensing capabilities simply mapped a trail of bread crumbs to the man he sought. His heavy, two ton armor laid on his shoulders as he navigated through the short trees within the outskirts, for a moment his gaze was caught by some children playing a game but only an instant later a fine blade caught his attention. Having been raised as the son of a popular blacksmith it came as no surprise that Izanagi had an interest in swords; true, he didn’t focus on the discipline as much as his brother or father yet he created some of the best blades he had encountered over the past few generations.

What he considered essential when creating a sword or katana was the balance between the blade and the hilt. A balance in weight, and durability between the two allowed for easy and agile movement, it minimized air resistance and effectively cut through armour and skin alike. What he disliked about forging his blades was their intent, hence why he never forged for his father military contracts; a blade can be made to perfection but for it to achieve the balance successfully, the wielder must be at inner piece, something that’s hard to achieve in the battlefield. He was never resented for it, more praised by his mother for his kind hearted nature.

His eyes were set on a blade attached to an individual’s back, a single strand kept the blade secure. The kanji that lay on the blade was one that was hung in Izanagis father’s room; according to tradition the Kanji represented a famous blacksmith, Masamune. This blacksmith took on an apprentice in the early fourteenth century, the very same who grew from experience and later had gave seed to three children. One of the trio took an interest in the art of construction swords and alike weapons. This man ventured far and wide until he eventually settled down, married, had two children, Izanagi being one of them, and finally worked for the military. That emblem was one thing given to Izanagis father, from his father and no doubt Izanagis brother received it at the late stages of his father’s life. It was interesting seeing such an old blade still intact.

Of course, the blade was sitting soundly in the sheath so a question would come about as to how Izanagi could see through to the blades core. Considering his capabilities, those who were aware of what he could do would know that his vision stems far and wide, a quality that made him a good Wisdom of the Spell while operating in the Soul Kings Division Zero. His sight can reach as far as light can reach and as some might know light reaches the darkest of places, the inner constraints of this sheath being one of them.

“Salutations, may I examine that blade of yours? ” his eyes would gesture toward the somewhat legendary weapon while he smiled gently awaiting a reply.

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Into the Lime Light
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