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 Shuuhei Zenshoumaru [Vaizard -- WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Shuuhei Zenshoumaru [Vaizard -- WIP]   Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:45 pm


» Name: Shuuhei Zenshoumaru
» Titles: No titles or ranks.
» Appearance Age: Shuuhei appears to be in his mid twenties, so around 23 to 25 years old.
» True Age: Shuuhei is 1,155 years old. (He was born in 1259 AD.)
» Gender: Male
Affiliation/Rank: Shuuhei is currently rogue but is considering joining the Gotei 13 at some point.

» Appearance Description: Shuuhei is slightly above average when it comes to height. Standing at full height, he is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Although he is taller than quite a few people, he never really stood out because of his height. Likewise, Shuuhei's weight is also unremarkable. He weighs in at an unimpressive 137 pounds. Being somewhat tall and relatively light gives him the appearance of being skinny, which got him made fun of both as a human child and during his time in the Shinigami Academy. However, Shuuhei is not as skinny or physically weak as he looks. He is light due to not having much body fat (he has only 3% body fat), but most of his weight actually comes from muscle. Staying in shape is very important to him, so he works out every day, sometimes for as long as four hours. This gives him enough muscle mass to be able to bench press as much as 250 pounds, but it also causes him to have no muscle definition.

Shuuhei could be described very simply as "a blue-haired Shinigami with light blue eyes and light skin who's somewhat skinny and wears a beat-up uniform." There is far more to him than that, though. One of the first things someone who didn't look at Shuuhei's eyes and hair might notice about him is his skin. From a distance, one might not notice anything out of the ordinary. Someone looking at him from afar would just see that his skin is rather light. It is a very light tone, but just barely dark enough not to be considered pale. Once, it was darker, but years of living under only a crescent moon have turned his skin the color it is. If Shuuhei lived in Soul Society or on Earth, he would have to use sunscreen frequently to avoid getting a sunburn. Luckily for him, one can't be sunburned in Hueco Mundo, where there is no sun to begin with.

All of Shuuhei's scars, combined with the fact that he's been unable to properly clean himself for quite some time, cause him to have a rather unique skin texture. Most of his skin is very rough, mostly because the layers of dust that have combined with his sweat to form a second skin of hard-packed dust. His scars, most of them grooves of thick, rough, brown scar tissue also contribute to this roughness. However, there are soft patches on his skin. The newest scars still haven't formed true scar tissue yet, so they are soft and very sensitive. Shuuhei has one on his neck, about four inches long and half an inch wide. Another is a seven-inch line a full inch in width slashing diagonally across his right rib cage, and the last one is a two-inch rectangle, a full two inches across, on the right side of his chest.

Some people say that everyone has a certain smell unique to them. If this is the case, then Shuuhei is no exception. Being known for his neatness during his relatively short time in the Seiretei, he would shower every day. Because of this, his smell then could be described as "clean." He smelled somewhat like fresh water, if that is even possible. Unfortunately for him, there aren't many showers out in the middle of the Hueco Mundo desert. Indeed, there really isn't any water to begin with. Humans think people who haven't showered in a few days smell bad. They wouldn't think this anymore if they smelled a person who hadn't showered in nearly two centuries. Shuuhei's clean smell is long gone. Now, he smells like the three things that are always around him: blood, sweat, and sand. Since he is alone, this really isn't much of a problem, but if he spent time around people with regular access to sanitation equipment, he would find that his smell repulsed others. Of course, he would start being clean and smelling good again if he had the opportunity.

Everyone also has a unique sound. Of course, there is their voice, which is unique to each individual, but there's more than just that to a person's sound. There's the way they walk, how their steps sound, the way they speak, and much more. Shuuhei doesn't really make much of a sound when he moves. He spent most of his time in Rukongai as a thief, so he is very well-practiced in moving quietly. In the Seiretei, if you listened carefully when he walked by, you might hear the faint sound of Japanese sandals touching a wood floor. In Hueco Mundo, his steps really are totally silent. He goes barefoot there, and of course, walking on sand doesn't make much sound even if the person walking does cover his feet. A better example of Shuuhei's unique sound is his voice. His voice is slightly higher than you might expect from someone like him who appears to be in his mid twenties. Since he died at age sixteen, his voice still sounds like that of a sixteen year old boy. The way he talks, however, is certainly not like a child. Shuuhei mostly talks quietly, in an emotionless voice. This will not change, even if he is very angry or in a lot of pain. All he's gone through, after all, has given him a very respectable pain tolerance. He might raise his voice at times, but nobody has ever heard him yell.

» Appearance Picture: *Note that clothing is not accurate.*



» Personality: First off, Shuuhei lives by a modified version of the Bushido Code. Ever since he was 5 years old, it was the main thing he was taught. Long years away from that environment have led him to forget some of it. Also, there are parts of it he doesn't agree with, such as the part where anyone who acts dishonorably has to kill themselves. However, acting honorably is very important to him. Mostly what this means to him right now is never running from a battle and fighting until the very end, no matter how much more powerful his opponent is. He also used to believe in protecting the weak, but a few weeks in Hueco Mundo was all it took to show him that the weak simply don't survive, no matter how well protected they are.

Another important fact about Shuuhei is what exactly he respects. The short answer is that he really doesn't respect much. The only thing he truly respects is power. After all, he learned really fast in Hueco Mundo that those with power survive and those without it are killed. Because of this Shuuhei respects those stronger than him. This does not mean that he won't get into a fight with them if attacked. It means that he understands the difference in power between the other being and him, and in the case of a fight, knows he will probably be killed. This also means that although he is a very independent person, he would potentially be willing to serve someone stronger than him if he ever met anyone like that who didn't want to kill him on sight. After all, his human life in feudal Japan taught him that his duty is to serve those who are more powerful than him. Tis was originally why he intended to join the Gotei, but obviously, that didn't work out. Of course, this could also be a problem for him if a powerful being wanted to manipulate him for some reason, which is unlikely because Shuuhei wouldn't be that useful.

A huge part of Shuuhei's personality is the fact that he is very independent most of the time. This is somewhat of a surprise considering that he was taught all his human life that his duty is to serve the powerful. This translated into him respecting the powerful now. The reason he is so independent now is mostly the obvious: he spent almost 300 years completely alone. Also, he feels like the powerful betrayed him by not trying to save him from Hueco Mundo. Of course, he also thinks that the powerful beings in Hueco Mundo can't really be trusted by a Shinigami either, and so he has decided to worry only about himself. Depending on nobody is partly what got him through all his time alone. After all, you don't miss others if you don't need them. However, he does still want to be part of a group somewhere in the back of his mind just because being with others feels better than being alone, and that goes for even the most independent people.

Part of any warrior's personality is their fighting style and how they act in battle. Shuuhei, despite the fact that he's only average in terms of strength, (maybe even slightly below average) can be a dangerous being to face in battle. Even if his strength is unremarkable, his determination, will to live, and the fact that he fights to the bitter end are all things that make him more dangerous. He won't give up in a fight, even if he's clearly being overpowered from the beginning. As long as he can still breathe and his heart is still beating, Shuuhei will fight. Once, he was fighting an Arrancar in Hueco Mundo who nearly cut his arm off. Even with his wrist bone exposed and bleeding profusely, he continued to fight until the battle was over. With this mentality, he's also built a very respectable pain tolerance. This may have been something he was born with. Everyone who knew him as a human child noticed that he rarely cried as a baby and never cried after age 3. Once, he was accidentally hit too hard with a wooden kendo sword while training in Zanjutsu at the Academy. The hit caused him to break four ribs, including one that actually punctured his lung. He got right up and said "Good hit." His pain tolerance does have its limits, though, and that punctured lung was enough to make him appear to be in pain.

In terms of preferred battle style, Shuuhei is the same type of fighter he was as a human samurai. He will attack first in most fights and go all-out from the start. Those who have fought him before, even in a kendo match during Zanjutsu classes, know that he treats every strike and every parry like it will be his last. When it comes to actual battle situations and weapon types, he likes close and medium range fighting using unarmed combat or melee weapons. In his case, those melee weapons are his sealed Zanpakutō and his Shikai. Being someone who is fond of Hakuda, he can also use his fists and feet as weapons in a close combat situation. He prefers not to use his Zanpakutō's power very much because it does not fit well with his fighting style. For the same reason, he also prefers not to use any type of Kidou.


» Zanpakutō Name: Hikisaku Nami -- 引き裂く 波 -- Tearing Wave

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: Hikisaku Nami is a rather ordinary Zanpakutō spirit. The only thing somewhat out of the ordinary is that Shuuhei is a man and Hikisaku Nami is a woman. Zanpakutō spirits tend to be similar to their Shinigami partners in most cases. Hikisaku Nami doesn't look much like Shuuhei at all. She takes the form of a woman in her early to mid twenties. She is also significantly shorter than him, standing at 5 feet and 4 inches tall, a full half foot shorter than her 5-foot-10 Shinigami partner. She is also lighter than him, weighing in at 124.3 pounds. Hikisaku Nami also has a different body type than Shuuhei. Instead of being tall and skinny like him, she is more of an average build. She does not appear to have a lot of either muscle or fat. Rather, her weight is an equal combination of both, unlike Shuuhei whose weight was mostly accounted for by his muscles. Shuuhei thinks that her appearance and body type may actually symbolize balance, which would make sense because his inner world is the only place where there isn't constant turmoil.

Adding to the differences between Shuuhei and Hikisaku Nami are the color of the Zanpakutō spirit's hair and eyes. While Shuuhei's hair is dyed blue but naturally dark brown, she has naturally dark black hair that isn't dyed any color. She lets her hair get very long to the point that it touches the floor and doesn't do much to keep it neat other than brushing it once in a while. This is the exact opposite of Shuuhei, who keeps his hair neat and somewhat short. However, Hikisaku Nami's long hair isn't just a product of her not being neat. She can also use it in battle, as her Shinigami partner learned the day he tried to get her to teach him how to use Shikai. With her Reiatsu, she can strengthen strands of hair and use them as effectively as spears. She also has a different eye color than Shuuhei. Her eyes are a combination of grey and dark green. The result actually looks very attractive and dangerous at the same time. Like her Shinigami partner, she would be asked by humans whether she wore colored contacts (if they could see her) because her eye color does not look natural.

Hikisaku Nami does have a very similar skin tone to Shuuhei. Her skin is maybe half a shade darker than his. Most people would be unable to tell their skin colors apart, though. She has perfectly soft, smooth skin without a blemish or mark of any kind except for one scar. When Shuuhei and his Zanpakutō first met, she didn't have that scar. It developed shortly after Shuuhei began to develop PTSD. The scar is a thin white line that wraps all the way around her head, passing right through the middle of her forehead. She didn't get it from suffering any injury, but rather as a symbol of what was happening to her Shinigami partner. She doesn't like it there, but the only way it will disappear is if her partner gets his life back together and stops cutting himself off from others. Until then, it will remain. This scar is the only mark on her skin because unlike her partner, she doesn't have any tattoos.

Hikisaku Nami dresses in modern human clothing. She has done this on purpose ever since her first meeting with Shuuhei because his reaction, one of confusion and surprise, was funny to her. (Shuuhei hasn't seen how humans dress since the mid-1200's) She wears a light, thin powder-blue button-up shirt over a thin white T-shirt. The button-up shirt has a single chest pocket, but she doesn't keep anything in it. She also wears a medium-length black skirt. This might look normal at first, but up close one would notice that there is a cloth loop sewn into the side of the garment over the spirit's right hip. Here, she keeps her primary weapon. That weapon is a wakizashi, or a Japanese short sword. The hilt is black with a steel pommel painted blue. Unlike most Japanese swords, the hilt is not wrapped in cloth to help with grip. The cross-guard, also known as a tsuba, is an oval about 4 inches in diameter and one sixth of an inch thick. There is no special design on the tsuba or the hilt. The blade is two feet long, an inch wide, and a quarter of an inch thick. It is made of steel, also painted blue. The weapon is kept in a wooden sheath painted black.

This Zanpakutō spirit, like any other being, has a unique sound. When walking, she makes a lot more sound than Shuuhei. While her Shinigami goes barefoot, she wears high heels. The sound of Hikisaku Nami walking is the sound of high heels clacking against a stone floor. Her voice sounds like what you would expect from a 25-year-old woman. It is higher than Shuuhei's and also somewhat louder. Unlike her partner, her voice changes in tone and volume based on emotion. It is also known to get a lot higher when she gets really angry or really excited or happy. Unfortunately for Shuuhei, this can get on even the most patient person's nerves very quickly.

Hikisaku Nami:

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Although she looks very different from him, Hikisaku Nami has a personality that is very similar to Shuuhei's. Like him, she is helpful, empathetic, trustworthy, and understanding. Of course, there is a possibility that she could only be this way when dealing with Shuuhei. However, nobody will ever know if this is the case because most Zanpakutō only ever talk to or otherwise deal with their Shinigami partners. Around her partner, she is always willing to help with anything she can. Often, she is the one Shuuhei talks to when he is having a problem. He didn't have many options of others to talk to considering he was stuck in Hueco Mundo for the entire time he knew of her existence, but even if he was around others, he'd really only talk about serious issues to her. She was the one who actually took the initiative to speak to Shuuhei inside his mind to help him learn Shikai. This, of course, was in her best interest too since she would die if Shuuhei got killed. Still, she was far more helpful to her partner than some Zanpakutō are. She definitely is not one of those Zanpakutō who just sits back and does nothing.

Hikisaku Nami is also very empathetic, trustworthy, and understanding. Since she experienced everything Shuuhei went through since the moment he found himself in Rukongai, she knows exactly how he feels and what he's going through. Because of this, it was actually hard for her to fight Shuuhei when it came time to test him and see if he was worthy of knowing her name. She could have found another test for her Shinigami, but she decided that a battle was the best test of a warrior's competence. she actually decided to test Shuuhei in this way because she cares about him. Still, during that fight, Shuuhei actually noticed that his Zanpakutō almost looked like she was in pain when one of her attacks landed. For her, empathy can actually be a serious weakness at times. Other times, though, it is a good thing. She knows exactly how to help Shuuhei and make him feel better if something bad happens, and she's able to share in his happiness if something good happens.

Trustworthiness and understanding are very good traits for most Zanpakutō spirits to have. Hikisaku Nami's understanding sort of goes with her empathy in that it exists for the same reason. She understands everything her partner is feeling and knows how anything that happens might affect him. Like her empathy, this helps her be not only a Zanpakutō spirit, but also a friend to Shuuhei. These two are one of the few Shinigami/Zanpakutō pairs that can truly say they're friends with each other. This relationship is made even closer by the fact that Hikisaku Nami and Shuuhei are both very trustworthy. As a result, they have a very trusting relationship. In fact, the two have never lied to each other about anything. They always tell each other the truth, even about the most simple things. If she were to ask Shuuhei "What's wrong?" while he was obviously troubled, he wouldn't reply with "Nothing," like he might to other people. Instead he would tell his partner exactly what happened, and she would help him out with whatever the problem was. The reverse of this is also true. If Hikisaku Nami seemed troubled and Shuuhei asked her what was going on, she would respond truthfully and he would try to help her out.

The only real area where this Zanpakutō spirit is different from Shuuhei is the negative side of her personality. She isn't unpredictable or disloyal like Shuuhei can be. Also, she is actually very patient, which is good to balance out Shuuhei's bad temper, and she has a very good sense of humor, helping to balance out Shuuhei's bad sense of humor. Her problems are different. She is mostly understanding and empathetic towards her Shinigami partner, but the one thing she doesn't get is his PTSD. Since she doesn't have it, she can't quite understand why her partner is suffering from it. It is one of the few things that the two disagree on, since she thinks he's just afraid when this isn't the case. Another problem is that she can be a little too nervous at times. Since she dies if her Shinigami dies, she is always looking out for his safety. If Shuuhei has a close call, it is very likely that she will freak out, yelling and sometimes even crying, and not calm down for a while. When Shuuhei almost got his arm cut off, it took her nearly an hour to stop worrying about him. In other words, she is too afraid of death even though her Shinigami is not. This sometimes leads to a disagreement when Shuuhei does something dangerous.

One he does know about is the fact that Hikisaku Nami is also confrontational. Just like Shuuhei, she likes to fight. Since she's stuck in an inner world, she is unable to fight. Instead, she settles for the next best thing, which is her Shinigami partner getting into a fight. Instead of trying to calm him down when he feels insulted or challenged, she'll encourage him with comments like "Don't let him talk to you like that," or "You gonna take that?!" This can obviously result in problems in the long run, such as Shuuhei getting in over his head and ending up seriously injured. Without other people around to calm him down if he gets angry and his Zanpakutō spirit only encouraging him, these two make a very dangerous combination, both for others and for them. Luckily for both her and Shuuhei, this Zanpakutō doesn't have any more issues similar to ones her Shinigami has.

Her only other real issues are being paranoid and overprotective. Hikisaku Nami often feels like Shuuhei is being tracked or stalked by people or Hollows even if this clearly isn't the case. If someone were to even look at her Shinigami for more than a second, she would assume that the person was planning to kill him, even if he was just staring at Shuuhei's blue hair or something. Even glancing at him counts as staring in her mind. If a Hollow is close enough for its Reiatsu to be felt, she won't stop telling Shuuhei to be careful until it goes away. If he's away from his sword for more than a minute, Hikisaku Nami gets annoyed and worried. Sometimes this can actually be helpful, but most of the time it gets to be rather annoying.

Overall, Shuuhei and Hikisaku Nami enjoy a very close Shinigami/Zanpakutō relationship. They are actualy close enough to legitimately consider each other friends. They care a lot about each other and will do anything in their power to help each other out. Shuuhei wants to stay alive for her and she wants to do whatever it takes to protect Shuuhei. Unlike many Shinigami/Zanpakutō pairs, they talk to each other very frequently. They often have long conversations that can last several hours. After all, there isn't much else to do in the vast emptiness of Hueco Mundo. Although they each occasionally do things that annoy each other, it doesn't take them long to make up afterwards. Most of the time, everything is good and they're both happy.

» Inner World: Shuuhei's inner world looks a lot different from many other Shinigamis' do. Instead of being some sort of strange place symbolic of something or other related to its owner's personality, it is a place that looks like a normal area on Earth. The inner world is a high-altitude mountain setting. The central part of this inner world is a large, deep, clear lake. However, when Shuuhei enters his inner world, he is left on the shore of this lake. The shore looks like a very harsh, bleak place. There are no trees here at all. There is only dark grey rock everywhere you look. Small shrub-like plants sprout from cracks in the rock. No flowers grow here either, or anything else for that matter. This is because, just like high up in the mountains, there is very little oxygen in the air. It is comparable to an altitude of about 20,000 feet on Earth. This only gets worse the further Shuuhei gets into his inner world. In order to actually meet with Hikisaku Nami, he has to get to the top of a massive, snow-covered peak across the lake. This peak is a further 15,000 feet above the main area of the inner world. Shuuhei can choose to either go around the lake or swim across it in order to reach the mountain.

In other words, there are three parts to Shuuhei's inner world: the shore, or the entry area, the lake, and the mountain. On the shore, as we already know, there are no trees or flowers. In fact, there are no large plants at all, just small shrubs that look as if they're dying. Someone who just arrived here would notice the air first. Even the most fit athlete or trained mountain climber would spend a good ten to fifteen minutes catching their breath. The thin air makes it feel like you're suffocating, but that isn't its only effect. It also impairs judgement and slows thinking processes. After a visitor to this world adapted to the air, they would notice the weather. Dark grey clouds fill the sky, always covering up the sun. It is freezing cold here, with the temperature always below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes, snow will fall for a while. If Hikisaku Nami is in a bad mood, there could even be a blizzard. The next stage of the inner world is far more brutal, though.

After arriving, Shuuhei needs to get across a deep, wide lake in the middle of his inner world. The lake itself looks nowhere near as dangerous as it actually is. The water is light blue, like the sea in tropical areas on Earth. It is also extremely clear, allowing a visibility of nearly one mile. He could choose to go around it, but that is a distance of nearly five miles, and the terrain is extremely tough. That trip could take as long as twelve hours on a good day. If the weather isn't good, it could take a whole day. The better idea is to swim across the lake. This isn't much easier, though. The distance itself --500 meters-- is much shorter. That isn't the problem. To start off, the lake is a bone-chilling 33 degrees Fahrenheit, only one degree above freezing. Chunks of ice float in the lake just to give anyone thinking of swimming across an idea of what they're getting into. A 500 meter swim takes the best swimmers about four and a half minutes, plenty of time to develop hypothermia in this type of cold. If you were to get a cramp or become too tired to stay afloat, it would be all over. The lake is 2000 feet deep, so anyone who started to sink would certainly drown.

Finally, there is the mountain peak. It is a massive, jagged spire of black rock towering 15,000 feet above the rest of the inner world. It is often covered with large, thick drifts of snow. Climbing the mountain may look impossible from a distance. It is, after all, three miles of nearly vertical snow, ice, and slick rock. However, there is in fact a path carved into the side of the tall peak. It makes for a slightly longer trip, but it is also far less steep. The terrain isn't a challenge, but the air is. As you climb, it gets even thinner. Any climber would have to make increasingly frequent stops to catch his breath. Because of this, the climb takes about six hours. The air at the top is as thin as it would be at an altitude of 35,000 feet on Earth. There is only one place in this inner world where it is possible to breathe properly. This is the dwelling place of Hikisaku Nami.

She lives in a traditional Japanese house atop the mountain peak. Within the house, the air contains as much oxygen as it would at about 1500 feet above sea level on Earth. Inside this building, it is possible to breathe properly. Inside the house, the floors are made of tiles of the same black stone that makes up the rest of the inner world. The house has sliding wooden doors painted with various nature scenes that lead to several rooms. The most important room in Hikisaku Nami's house is the dojo. It is here that she trained Shuuhei to use his Shikai. In the dojo, there are padded walls and floors for the safety of the combatants. There are also posters on the walls with ornate Japanese writing. Against the far wall, there is a table with a single sword on it. Hikisaku Nami eventually gives this to Shuuhei as a symbol that he's earned the right to use Shikai.

Inner World:

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: The Soul King never made a rule one day that said all sealed Zanpakutō have to take the form of katana swords (as far as we know), but most of them just do. Shuuhei's weapon is no exception. It too is a relatively normal-looking katana in its sealed form. The hilt of the sword is made of steel and painted white. The pommel at the very top of the hilt is left un-painted, so it is just a dark metallic color. Like most Japanese swords, this one has the hilt wrapped in cloth for a better grip. On the hilt of Hikisaku Nami, this cloth wrapping is dark blue. The hilt itself is nine inches long, so it has plenty of room to be gripped with two hands, although Shuuhei's fighting style usually involves gripping the hilt with one hand. He usually only uses two if facing an opponent with a heavy weapon or one who is very strong in order to avoid having his sword knocked away.

The tsuba, or guard, on Hikisaku Nami is the standard circle shape. The circle is five inches in diameter and one fifth of an inch thick. It is made of steel and left un-painted. There is a design on the tsuba in the form of a tsunami wave "flowing" across the metal disk. It is raised maybe two millimeters above the rest of the tsuba. Finally, there is the blade, possibly the most important part of any sword. The blade is made of hard, reinforced steel. It is 3 feet 6 inches long, three inches across, and a quarter inch thick except for at the edge, which is paper-thin but strong and razor-sharp. Hikisaku Nami's blade is also slightly curved. Along the edge that isn't sharp, there is a curved line in the metal. Every katana has this, and it looks different on each sword. On this one, it looks like little waves on the surface of the open ocean. Like anyone who knows what they're doing, Shuuhei keeps his sword in a sheath. Hikisaku Nami's sheath is made of wood and painted blue. It is 3 feet 8 inches long, big enough to fit the entire blade of the Zanpakutō with room to spare. A small blue ribbon is tied around the top of the sheath.

Sealed Zan:
» Release Phrase: "Let the waves rise up and tear apart the sea wall! Flood, Hikisaku Nami!!"

» Shikai Appearance: Shuuhei's Shikai takes the form of a Naginata, or a Japanese samurai spear. This is especially helpful to Shuuhei because as a human samurai, he often fought with a Naginata. This weapon also gives him a lot of options in battle. If he wants to start out a fight without giving away his power, he can use the released Hikisaku Nami as a very good melee weapon. The shaft of the spear is five and a half feet in length when fully assembled. The blade of the weapon adds another eighteen inches to Shuuhei's reach when fighting with his released Zanpakutō. The shaft of the spear is black and may look somewhat metallic, but it is in fact made of wood to keep it light. Of course, it is still as durable as one would expect of a Zanpakutō and can only be broken by someone who is strong enough. Breaking the spear's shaft would decrease Shuuhei's reach, making him less dangerous. The blade is made of steel and takes the shape of a katana blade. As stated earlier, it is 18 inches long. It is also 3 inches wide and one eighth of an inch thick. There is a squiggly line down the flat of the blade that resembles waves in the ocean.

The most useful feature of a Naginata is its ability to separate into a pole and a short sword when necessary. Because this is possible, the upper five inches of the spear's shaft can separate from the rest of the weapon to make a one-hand hilt. Also due to this Shikai's ability to separate, there is a small tsuba just below the blade. It takes the shape of a circular ring and is a very light powder blue in color. There are no special designs on this tsuba. The diameter of the circle created by the ring is three and a half inches, but the ring itself is only half an inch wide. It is a quarter inch in thickness to provide better protection for the user's hands. This is because the enemy's sword blade will be much closer than it would if both combatants were using katanas.

Going along with this separation ability, there is another feature of this Shikai. Instead of separating his weapon into a staff and a short sword, Shuuhei can choose to extend his reach even more. He can do this by separating the two parts of the Naginata and joining them with a glowing red chain of Reiatsu. This chain is three feet in length. Each link is two inches long and half an inch thick. On the downside, it weighs as much as a metal chain of the same size would, and it is actually easier to break than the rest of the Shikai. If the chain is broken, it cannot be fixed during battle, and the weapon cannot be joined together again until after the battle unless Shuuhei seals and then re-releases Hikisaku Nami. It is also worth noting that if Hikisaku Nami is damaged three times in a row while released, it automatically seals in order to repair itself.

» Shikai Abilities: Shuuhei's Shikai power is actually one that could be considered quite dangerous. Hikisaku Nami is a water-element Zanpakutō, and its power puts a rather unique twist on that. It is not just your usual water Zanpakutō that shoots pressurized water projectiles or something of that nature. Instead, it gives Shuuhei the ability to change the temperature of any water near him. This doesn't just mean atmospheric moisture or maybe puddles from rain. He can change the temperature of the water inside a being's body. With a few exceptions, nearly all humans, Shinigami, Hollows, and Arrancar have some form of water in their body. If that water was to be suddenly boiled or frozen, the results could be catastrophic. This ability, however, is not just limited to boiling or freezing water. For example, if he wants to kill an opponent more slowly and painfully, or if he just wants to torture them, Shuuhei can lower the temperature of the water inside them just a little and keep it cold, causing them to suffer from hypothermia.

Like all powers, Hikisaku Nami's ability has limits. First of all, the water Shuuhei wants to change the temperature of has to be within range. The moment Namikire is released, it produces a cloud of blue mist that spreads out until it encloses a roughly spherical space about twenty-five meters in diameter. This cloud moves with Shuuhei, although it travels slightly slower than he does. Anything within this mist cloud can be chosen as a target. To escape attack, the opponent only has to move out of the area enclosed by the mist. In other words, someone who can move a lot faster than Shuuhei is nearly impossible to hit with this ability. The other limitation to this power is that Shuuhei has to be able to directly access the water he wants to heat or cool. The main setback that occurs because of this is that Shuuhei cannot target the water within another being's body right off the bat. He has to have cut them with his Zanpakutō first. Because it is protected by the skull, liquid within another being's brain also cannot be targeted. The only other area Shuuhei cannot attack is water in or within two inches of the heart because it is covered by too many layers of skin, muscle, and bone.

» Bankai Name: Tengoku Hikisaku Nami -- 天国 引き裂く 波 -- Heavenly Cutting Wave

» Bankai Appearance: Shuuhei's Bankai is one of those that does not look huge or impressive. Instead, releasing it causes a change in his appearance as well as a slight change in that of his weapon. Shuuhei's appearance change affects both his body and his clothing, while his weapon only changes a little.

To start, Shuuhei actually grows a full six inches taller after releasing his Bankai. He also becomes far more heavy and muscular. He changes from his average 5-foot-10 and a mere 137 pounds to a far more impressive and intimidating 6-foot-4 and 210 pounds. His muscles also become more defined, giving him the appearance of a bodybuilder. If someone were to see him in Bankai and then see him again later with his Zanpakutō sealed, they would think they had seen two different people. The other change to Shuuhei's body is the fact that he grows two pairs of feathered wings. These wings are each four feet long and a foot wide, giving him a full wingspan of 8 feet. They are black in color and almost evil-looking Finally, Shuuhei's eyes glow bright blue, which is his Reiatsu color, in this form.

In Bankai, Shuuhei's clothing changes. He no longer wears a Shihakusho uniform, though his new clothing looks vaguely similar to the traditional Shinigami uniform. The top part of his uniform disappears because it actually transforms into the wings he grows when transforming into his second released state. Therefore, Shuuhei is left shirtless in Bankai. His hakama, or the bottom part of his Shihakusho, remains, but it becomes even more torn. The stains on it, however, disappear. This, of course, ends up adding to the almost "evil" theme of Shuuhei's Bankai. His Japanese straw sandals disappear as well, along with the socks he wears with them. In other words, he is barefoot in this form.

Finally, Shuuhei's weapon transforms when he releases Bankai. Instead of being a katana or a Japanese spear, (depending on what form he was in before releasing his Bankai) it becomes a broadsword. This sword has a two-hand gold hilt. The middle of the hilt is covered by a sort of cloth-like material for a better grip. This grip is blue. The pommel of the sword is a circle with the Japanese character for "water" engraved in the center. The cross-guard is also gold, and it takes the shape of a five-inch gold cylinder that is about half an inch in diameter. A piece of it extends out over the flat of the blade for two inches in a triangle shape. This piece is gold with a small steel triangle set in its center. Finally, the blade of the sword is made of steel. It is sharpened on both sides. This blade is four feet in length and two inches wide at the base, getting narrower towards the point. The blade is half an inch thick except for at the tip, where the thickness decreases to one eighth of an inch.

Shuuhei Bankai 1:

Shuuhei Bankai 2:

» Bankai Abilities: (What type of additional abilities does your character get in Bankai? Please describe them in 3 paragraph's; six sentences each)


» Inner Hollow Description: (What does your Inner Hollow look like? Please use a picture or 1 paragraph)

» Inner Hollow Personality: (What is your inner hollow's personality? Please use at least two paragraph's with 5 sentences)

» Inner Hollow Powers: (What powers does your inner hollow have?)

» Hollow Mask Appearance: (What does your characters mask look like? Please use either a picture or describe it in 5 sentences)


» Vizard Powers: (What benefits does your character get from transforming into their mask state?)


» Resurrección Appearance: (What does your character look like when they transform into their Resurrección state?

» Resurrección Abilities: (When a character ascends to this state, they at their peak power. As such, you will need to post at least 5 paragraph's describing their powers.)


» Background: (Please post at least 5 paragraph's describing their human life, death, progression to shinigami and how they became a Vizard along with their inner battle and the resulting conclusion of it)


» PhatomTech: (Does your character have a PhatomTech brain installed? If so, you'll be able to qualify for upgrade at the Cybermind or add other Cybernetic parts to your character to make them stronger. Click here for more information about Phantom Tech)

» Phantom Tech Abilities: (What can your character do with his or her's add-ons? This applies to any upgrades your character has gotten from places like The Cybermind as well.)

» Phantom Tech Powers: (This refers to things outside of Add-ons unlike Abilities. What Phantom Tech Powers are, in a sense, is basically what kind of power did your character gain from having a Cyberbrain? For example, Shadin Yuudeshi gained Imaginary Computation with his Cybernetic upgrades and has the ability to bring tangible things into existence with his computers Quantum Calculations.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Power Augmentation Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mask Protection:: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hollow Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


» Role Play Sample: (This is to test where your level of role playing is at. Please paste or create an example how you role play if this is your first app on the site. If this is not your first APPROVED app, then please remove this section of the app.)

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Shuuhei Zenshoumaru [Vaizard -- WIP]
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