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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Imp&Bat(Nix and Circa)

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Imp&Bat(Nix and Circa)   Sat May 09, 2015 4:08 pm

But as quickly, this awkward moment passed and Nize was all alone on the ground, as Euryome was already up and standing, cleaning the sand of her slim shoulders. For some reason he felt a bit down, seeing how the girl kept distance between them and it even stung the male in the chest, another feeling he wasn't used to. He didn't get up as fast, as she did, taking it slowly, with a bit hurt expression on his face. Though, it disappeared, when it was needed for Nize to face her directly shortly. The Arrancar smiled again and leaned his black, messy hair, chuckling
"That was sure awkward! I apologize once more! Won't happen again!" His smile also grew apologetic, as the males left arm scratched the behind of the males head.
"Yes, lets go! No need to..."

The earth suddenly started to shake and tremble, as a hole in the ground opened and a giant Hollows head popped out. It was huge, as big, as Gilliante, and had a black, scaly snakes body. The head was a white bone ball, with five holes as eyes. The mouth reminded of a smiling clowns, only it was grey, not red. The real hole was in around the neck region and when it spoke, the creatures voice was surprisingly high pitched, to the extend, that even Nizes ears were responding irritatingly about the noise.
"Food...It...Hurts...Food..Fill...The..Hole..." Then the Hollow, Nize couldn't say was it a regular Hollow or Adjucha, dived in the direction of both the male and female, opening his mouth to feed. While the Fraccione didn't know, if his partner avoided the attack, he did with his speed. He felt very well as the beast dug in the ground.

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The Moon Above

"No need to apologize. I should have moved myself more properly. If I positioned better, you would not have fallen and I would have caught you. My apologies for my error." It wasn't odd for the calculating bat to put the blame of something so simple upon herself, especially with so much to gain. This man was going to teach her, after all. Noting the male's slow movements, the young nocturnal creature couldn't help but feel a tad responsible for his sluggish movements. A faint pout coming to her lips before it fading and she returned to fully facing the male. A light smile over her lips, though it was covered by her mask.

As she moved towards the man before feeling the rumbling in the ground, before she could thin the bat stepped away from where the creature then sprung forth. A grin forming on her lips as it spoke. Her head shaking slightly at the sight of the primitive creature. Quickly and without hesitation she drew her Zanpakutō and jumped backwards, away from the oncoming Hollow.

"Primitive disgrace..." She voiced to herself. Her eyes glancing over to where the males were. As long as they were out of the way, she didn't have any qualms with the quick swing of her blade, letting the sound of her butting the air ring before the wave dashed towards the large Hollow.
"Do you wish it to live or be slain?"

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Imp&Bat(Nix and Circa)
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