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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Justice is Best Served Sunny Side Up

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Justice is Best Served Sunny Side Up   Mon Feb 02, 2015 6:06 am

Song Name: How to be Eaten by a Woman Artist: Glitch Mob
Word Count: 686

(This is my first post in MONTHS, as well as its with a new character, so bare with me as I break her in a bit...)

"They're returning soon... I suppose I could make everyone breakfast as they're waking up or something..."

"Do as you wish, I'm about to fight the boss..."

"I understand Nanashi... Come..."


Emerging from one of the rooms of the Elites within the Monsuta emerged a girl with both white and black hair. She wore a thematic outfit that complimented her white and black hair, with occasional blue hues that set an off tone to give her an icey vibe. She was known as Norah Bright, a young girl from England who experienced the fall of her Nation first hand, and from the collapse of the world around her, emerged with a desire for Justice and vengeance against those who took the life she had from her. The girl behind her had short black hair with fox like ears, and a black fox tail to compliment the set. Wearing an all black outfit and blue scarf to compliment her attire, she roamed closely behind Norah with a Nintendo 4DS in hand, playing it while following the one in front of her. This one was named Nanashi, and she was the Spirit to Norah as to fight along side her. Norah did not know that she was not really a shinigami, but believed she was from Nanashi's capabilities to grant her abilities from a silver ring around her finger. The thing that stood out most was that Nanashi was capable of manifesting into the real world whenever she wanted, and was perfectly capable of interacting with reality as she wished, which was normally unheard of for Zanpaktou spirits.

But none never dared question it, otherwise Tora would have words with them...

Taking a couple turns from their quarters, Norah and Nanashi finally made it to the Kitchens where the food was prepared and eaten for the higher ranked members of the Monsuta. While Norah hasn't been within the Organization long, she was aware of who everyone was, and to her, their job was to purify the world and bring about true Justice to the false corruption taking over their home. To Norah, that meant getting revenge upon the Demon Queen and Blood Queen that took everything from her, as well as liberating the free people, and allowing them to live a life worthy of innocent souls. With that opportunity, she would gladly do what she had to do in the Monsuta to make such a dream possible.

Entering the Kitchens, Norah didn't expect anyone else to be there, so it sort of caught her off guard to see someone present within the mess hall looking as if they were some sort of Maid. Was this one of the other Elites doing? Did they bring some poor girl here to service them? As soon as such thoughts entered Norah's head, she got a little agitated, and decided to speak to the girl, no hesitation or fear whatsoever. Nanashi on the other hand, just walked over to an open seat, and continued playing her games, oblivious to the world around her.

Excuse me, Miss? I'm Norah Bright... The Light of this Organization... May I ask your name and why you're here? If someone forced you to do this, tell me their name and I'll ensure Justice is served swiftly..."

Showing no fear in her words at all, Norah stood firm, looking at the Maid, as if she were some Social Worker, trying to enforce equal labor rights to employees, or trying to stop some sort of Human trafficking fiasco that was going on under her nose. Norah of course wasn't going to stand by for no response either, so if the Maid attempted to remain silent, then Norah would tone it down a moment, and attempt "Girl talk" in which to see if she can understand why she was there, because to Norah, they didn't need a Maid. Everyone there was capable of taking care of themselves, as well as Norah cooked for everyone sometimes...

Was her cooking not good enough?

Norah awaited an answer from the Maid, as thoughts of beating up all the other Elites ran through her mind if they hired a Maid because her cooking was bad...


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Justice is Best Served Sunny Side Up   Sun May 01, 2016 2:05 pm


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Justice is Best Served Sunny Side Up
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