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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Searching [reigen/Animum]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Searching [reigen/Animum]   Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:44 am

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In the midst of the depths of chaya nation, in the city which housed demons which could be considered the farthest from saints possible, a place of gothic architect and back-alleyway dealings, there would be a figure which seemed to float down from the bloody heavens themselves, golden hair billowing outwards if by intent and design. There wouldn’t be any serious energy radiating from her body, nor any real malign intent. However? From that petite figure a sense of strength could be clearly discerned. A tense interest and a morbid fascination about this nation, was the root of this feeling. Of course such a rudamentary interest in such a nation was a complex matter in itself; and the reason she came was thought out but whimsical at best. ”..Interesting, so this is chaya nation. “ Was really all Animum thought while her wings seemed to be hidden, although for now it was bulging the back of her clothes that is.

From the sound of rending flesh, and breaking bones; wings would burst from her back, one of the ruby red. The other of a sapphire blue, shimmering with electrical energy which would zap the ground momentarily. Only after though had she let her eyes slowly narrow, staring around the capital of chaya nation. Thinking just about what was going on, and how it was going to happen. It was a small idea but it was a serious one none the less, given she was indeed interested in the affairs of such a prominent nation in demon world. Although was it really just that? That simple thought , which could be dismissed by just a vague notion of childish interest? Na.. it was also something else, she was here for a very specific reason other than sight seeing and interest.

Thinking back, to her meeting with hakai chikara, what she had gleaned from that encounter, just what it meant and just how it would be done. These things clearly stuck in her mind from that exchange. How she would deal with it still, although was something she had yet to clearly discern, to think about. Or to really learn about, instead she was more so interested in what was going to happen from now. The place that sunshines mother was closest to, or she thought possibly that she might be, was something she was going to look into, investigate some. For now however, she would look and walk across the threshold of the palace gates, slightly looking around a vague interest.

Architecture , innovative but slightly crude. This place seemed to have more a reminiscent air about it. Almost like it was clinging to the past rather than looking towards the future. She also was here for another specific reason which was .. well more to her own interest. Beyond her interest in the affairs of this nation was another more, specific reason for coming here. A little birdy had told her , something had been interfering with the affairs of her beloved patron. It had taken her some digging in the grapevine, but she had gotten a clear name. Tsubasa, and that was enough for her to go on for now, so she would cross her arms over eachother as her voice would raise , no energy. Just her voice had raised, enough that the ground would begin to tremble.

”..Is there someone of command that i can talk to, i have some questions.”

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Searching [reigen/Animum]
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