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 New Student for Karakura High School [OPEN]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: New Student for Karakura High School [OPEN]   Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:19 pm

She was hoping it wasn't true but she had to face facts the mad demon was her father but does he realize that his daughter maybe alive. Kristen still have that single spark of hope that maybe the hero that she felt safe being around a person that was also her father and more importantly her only family. But she couldn't worry about that right now she was adjusting to real world which is Karakura town; Kristen finally had a new apartment but right she needed an education. The strangest thing she managed to pass her GED exam but the guidance counselor wanted to see if she was ready for the next step but someone else had other plans. The Board of Directors of School wanted Kristen to becoming a student of the school because one of the directors were told who she was. Someone from the board of the directors informed one of the members of the Yuudeshi clan about Kristen Hiroshima and that Eric Zarathos was her father.

The others didn't want to believe that but the evidence was concrete; Kristen was the last remaining member of Eric's lost family. Anyway, Kristen was allowed because of her GED test sources to become a sophomore at Karakura High also the principal believed she was about 17 years old. Not knowing that she was a demon but that might work to her advantage for a demon coming out of an coma and starting a new life for herself. Everything was happening so fast but it was still morning and she didn't realize this will become a major turning point for her. Kristen went inside the high school looking around and then she went inside the principal office to find out she was registered for classes. A teacher was just filing papers and then Kristen told her she was told on the telephone to enroll for sophomore year here then the teacher told her to fill out some student forms. A few minutes later, Kristen was done filling out the student forms putting them in the teacher aid's hands and one of them started typing the information. One of the teacher started reading Kristen's information and history and some phone calls we're made and one of them were to the Yuudeshi clan center. "Hello, I'm calling on Kristen Hiroshima a new sophomore student of our high school and I do believe you might be interested of her family history. She is a daughter of Kade Hiroshima (a.k.a.) Eric Zarathos truly between you and me she so nice and innocent but I thought the Yuudeshi clan should know. Because, Even though I'm talking to the Yuudeshi answering machine hopefully this won't become a problem but thank you and hopefully we'll hear back for you." Teacher said.

Kristen was told to go to the third floor and there go to room 310 and she meet her new teacher and her new classmates too. This was going to be a new experience for her hopefully she'll meet new friend along the way too and this might be the start of something great. The teacher was a nice lady and then she told to go in front of the class and introduce herself and she was a bit afraid but she was calm and then she did was she was told to do. "Hello, I'm quite new to this but I'm Kristen Hiroshima there is not much to know about me considering that I was in a deep dark coma. Hopefully, This will be a new experience for me and I can make some friends along the way. In short, I'm a girl with a very dark history on her shoulders. Thank you Karakura High.....and I'll try to the best student here of your school" Kristen said. Some of the students were talking while some of the freshmen were quite amazed by the student until a girl taps her on the shoulder and whispers something in her ear.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: New Student for Karakura High School [OPEN]   Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:19 pm