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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 A Flame Flickers

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Flame Flickers   Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:07 am

Artist: Boy and Bear - Song: Walking on a dream (Cover) - Word Count: - 1121

Caressing darkness lay laden within his heart, the world was no longer the same place he once saw it as. Tsui was a man taken within his horrors and could never escape, he was the doomed falling into the abyss.

His dreams plagued him, every vision awake or asleep cut deeper at the mans soul, losing who he was ... losing everything. Tsui could no longer be the man who they all saw as a pinnacle of hope for the Yazaki, he was a pillar that had fallen, toppled and crushed him below. Insomnia wrought his sleep, crushed his soul, Pills made him see every failure he make every moment that broke his heart, and the pain wouldn't go away. Burns littered his body, ways to stop the grips of death taking him, they stranded from his wrists to shoulder blades, from his chest to his ribs .... he was running out of places to hold the scars. It was so hard to hold on anymore, fruitless everyday brought more torture to his mind and body. The man had caused so much pain, all who came close to him seemed to just fall away. His wife couldn't even stand to look him in the eyes as she died ... and he knew why ... he was nothing. A nobody hiding behind a smile, he hated himself despised all that he was.

It was the pinnacle of his life to see what he was now, staring into a mirror washing the filth from his face and staring at that which he was, a scarred shell. His back riddled with his failures, his face marked and now his body tearing away, how long would it be? how long would he fall. his mind wandered to the idea of what if he was gone? would there be a tear shed? would anyone even give a fuck for someone who fell to his grief. All his name amounted to anymore was the light for those who he tried to see as his "family"... but he could even see them anymore. It was like he was blind, only a haze staring him in the face, the ones he held as babies, staring into their eyes weren't there anymore ... his family was gone. A lie he could live with was one thing but a lie of telling himself he was worth a damn, worth any of these people worth a second chance ... now that was killing him.

His fist crashed to the reflective surface before him, repeatedly hitting this object as tears ran from his eyes the sounds of scream echoing through this room of his. His hands grew dripping with blood, trembling as the glass collected in his knuckles, but he didn't stop. His fist kept smashing within this mirror, like every thing he hated lie within... because it did. He saw himself, what he was what it was to be nothing more than a waste of life a waste of everything around him. his hands only stop as each piece of glass shattered, lodging within his hands and then within his feet as he crushed and ground it into the floor bellow, his cries of hate continuously ringing through.

And then with the crimson blood dripping round him and his white knuckles staining red and his feet collecting the shards below he walked. No sad smile collected his face, only a vision of anger. As he reached his wooden door that lead to the center of this compound he ripped the red blade he once saw as his only friend from its place on the wall. The blade of deathly heat still sheathed yet it still burnt at his hands, like it was just waiting to be unleashed and reveal a hell fire one could never return from. As the door flew open with Tsuis rage behind it, the hinges almost clear snapping from its wooden constraints at the pressure, those members of the Yazaki hold would jump with surprise, the gardeners and workers in shock and terror leaving them to flee the center of the hold as he coldly motioned for them to leave.

Now he was alone, just as his heart truly was. He knelt the anger and contempt in his face contradicted by the tears streaming forth. Sitting there he looked to the sky shaking his head trying to find his way, trying to cling back... but he couldn't, he could no longer stay holding on, he had to let go. Unsheathing Hyrule within his hands the heat burst forth almost instantly in began burning at his face and torso, as though he'd just unsheathed pure fire upon himself. He smash the blade into the dirt and garden in front of him, the center of the Yazakis square. his breath was ragged trying to push him as he reached forth, grabbing a hold of the unsheathed blade, grabbing that which would kill him. He held it his skin charring in seconds, spreading across the entirety of his body, his teeth gritting literally cutting within his tongue forcing blood. As the embers spread to his face the man would turn seeing something that made his anger wash away, this time forming a true smile, a smile none had seen for along time.

Her hair black as night and his a deep crimson hue, a mother and son holding hands ... waiting... waiting for him. His eyes closed as his tears continued, but not tears of sadness for what he was, but tears of joy for what what awaited. He laughed a little the brimming smile unswayable, even as his skin turned to ash, the bones of the man fading with the skin. even now he could envision it his very essence already walked with the people that were his everything, holding his unborn son, now so grown, within his hands and touching the smiling face of his lost wife.... he was home. His shells mouth moved the moisture gone from his entirety but the noise came forth, a question for those he loved.

"Is this real?"

It crawled along taking his entire left half of his body and then engulfing over the rest ... he was gone, nothing but ash that fell to the wind, drifting away as the garden became hell, igniting but always reaching in to this sword, never spreading.... waiting like Tsui ... waiting for someone to come take this sword from the hell that was this place. the hell that once stepped into would tear away your skin and leave you charred corpse ... this place though wasn't hell, it was palace .. the palace of the king of heat, the palace and resting place of Tsui Yazaki.


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A Flame Flickers
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