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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Lost in Time, Rebirth is Key (Open)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Lost in Time, Rebirth is Key (Open)   Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:22 am

The baron wasteland sweeping up a storm that could tear down someones body to the bone rvaged the area, the bone on the ground that were covered by a thick layer of snow rattling as if some kind of omen was stirring in a near by village that would be chanting away at their native ancestors in a long forgotten language. Life would have seemed easier then, simplistic life that everyone could enjoy there was no need for money only natural primal based instinct but then again isnt the world slowly returning to such a thing with all the hollow attacks and the entities of the spiritual realm? The snow blizzard rocked the bones sending some little chunks soaring into the air, the sand was nowhere to be seen under the clear velvet blanket that was the snow. Like a blank cavas that had yet to be painted into the modern day life as if the world was stripped of all it’s surrounding and was starting a new with a new sheet of life. If only things like that were that simple.

Though amost the death ridden land footprints freshly made was being placed with each pacing moment, life as we knew it returning from the dead and the dying returning to the wasteland to when they came to take their new breath on life. A Thick tattered rag flying in the snow breeze as if trying to escape the harsh abyss to a calmer softer time. Unfortunately for the rag the clothing was wrapped around the shoulders and neck of the being that was walking, Was it human or was it inhuman? Maybe both or maybe neither how could you tell these days? The petite like figure hidden underneath the tattered slime green cloak that looked like it had been nestled deeply in the earth for a thousand years was slowly but surely getting tired. The tracks on the ground that looked like semi heeled boot markings started to scatter as it’s body wobbled to and fro from it’s neutral standing position. The boot marking behind started to vanish from sight as new layers of the snow built on top, freckles of snowflakes settling on the figure as if softly comforting saying that death is close and it’s cold as the darkened abyss that laid out infront of it’s path. Such a sweet and dark gesture from snowflakes if they could ever speak but alas they can’t they can only let you feel what is to come and what there is yet to lose.

Panting heavily as the heat turned to a cold thick mist that covered the pale cold face of the only living inhabitant in this forgotten land. The being started to wobble and shake violently as the cold started to rip into her skin and peel off leaving cold sores and burn marks from the freezing cold ice that laid ontop of her skin. Blood started to rise fast to the base of her skin seeping out of the ripped flesh that was on her face and arms, she wrapped her arms around the width of her breasts to keep the body temperture at a constant level so it did not drop any further than it needed to or she could go into hyperthermal shock from the steady decrease of her body temperture. Eventually her body would start to shut down adn she would be left with nothing but the ruined corpse full of frostbite and silky blood. Looking up ever so slightly her bright blue eyes that used to hold nothing but happiness and good fortune and the strong willed power of her soul was nothing more than desolete grey-blue mixture, showing she had lost all sense of power and strength he once had. She only took aother couple of steps forward before her knees gave way and buckled under the intense strain she was putting herself through.

Quickly he placed her bare skin white hands into the snow and yelped in pain as the cold numbed her feelings, whimpering loudly as she growled lowly to herself as she tried to contain her frustration, dense violet reiatsu flares escaped the pours of her skin and soul as she was unconsciously releasing her spiritual essence. This would most likely attract hollows and even more deadly creatures than them if she wasn’t careful but at this time if she knew what she was doing she could not have cared any less than she already does at this moment in time. For this was the end of her life it felt like. During her brief awakening in the outskirts of Karakura she has no memories of her past. The only things that appear in her mind are the gruesome nightmares of the faded black creature with a redhead being offering his essence to her and the sweet sweet bliss and warmth of a werebeast like creature. Nothing was piecing together. All that she knew was what she could do, The tails and ears of a fox like creature nestling tightly around her body to stop further depth of her cold rigid body andthe darkness that laid inside of her. Panting heavily the tears dropped down onto the snow and suddenly turned into ice without a second warning. She had nothing else left, no memories of who she used to be or why she was here. This infuriated her to no extent the helplessness seemed to trigger something inside of her being as if she was never like this, it empowered her giving her the strength to stand up once more, her legs shaking with weakness and fury. Standing up tall against the harsh snow and the darkened terrain that laid before her. She felt ready and raring to move forwards in finding out the truth of her past. A cold bitter smile formed over her face as she looked beyond the horizen where the sun weakly glimmered past the snow storm to show her which way to go. She had something to do and she was going to do it. Yukichiyu was on a mission to retrieve her past, her revival arc now in fruition the rebirth of Senoku was now on her shoulders.

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Lost in Time, Rebirth is Key (Open)
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