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 [Scraps Of Past] The Desrt Of Once (Lydia&Nix)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Scraps Of Past] The Desrt Of Once (Lydia&Nix)   Sat Apr 04, 2015 5:49 pm

Both were flying over the desert, seeing the eternal sea of sand and death. Nix had been here in different times. Once this place was a massive of forests, which he had himself walked, still being a child. But wars, pollution, new weapons and so destroyed this beautiful place and turned it into a lifeless desert. This was again a time, when the male just hated his ageless life. Seeing everything change and die, while you stay the same...While it was now a common thing, so finding a partner wouldn't be hard, Nix still hated the immortal feeling time to time.

After ending the talk with Lydia, he called and arranged both a hovercraft to reach the desert. And by arranging a hovercraft, it was meant, that it was brought from couple of hangars he owned and landed on the roof of his house. The thing was huge and even now some armies in the world used this kind of tech. It was big enough to fit a large attack group and the originals were also armed to the teeth. Was this one, who knows! When getting in, Nix explained.
”We are going to a territory, in which war is constantly being waged. It even had been given the 4 level in toxic pollution. Water is undrinkable and Reishi level is almost reaching the Soul Society levels. One of reasons, why numerous people want to get the hold of it. Hollow danger level, B. So, nothing new! It is wise to take this baby, as these kind of hovercraft’s are usual sight there. I got a shot for you!" When both got in, Nix took out from a First-Aid kit a medical needle, full of blue liquid.
”Pump this in vein and you will be immune from the toxic radiation for the next week or so! You don't use Reishi in battles, right?" The male raised his eyebrow, before getting in the air.

They were almost here and Nix decided to repeat the To-Do list once again.
”So, because our boss isn't contacting me for now, we are going to make a little investigation, to find out, where Pain is hiding! It would be good to actually..." Suddenly something beeped in the computer of the aircraft and a blow, that made the hovercraft shook, could be felt somewhere in the back. Red lights and a loud beeping noise was heard. Nix went through all the buttons and cursed, when noticing, that one of 6 motors had gave away. In a window, next to Lydia, she could see one of the machines wings and how it just froze into a blindingly white ice and exploded after a moment. The glass in window cracked, but didn't brake.
”Alright! Take what you need now! We are jumping out!"
With that the male grabbed a army bag from the ground and opened side doors, waiting for Lydia to jump out.

Suddenly Nix ducked from seemingly nothing, but when the girl would watch closely, a slow, but in the same time fast, string of white smoke came in the hovercraft and touched the ceiling, making it suddenly to turn into pure, white ice. A sound of snapping fingers could be heard and the ice shone...And blew up, as the wing. Nix would see all of that and using Soul Dash pin her down on the ground, covering her with his body. Then he would cover both with seemingly golden aura, his Soul Matter, and pull Lydia out of the craft with him. Next, he would warp his arms around her, put his palms together and form a small cube of Reishi in his palm. It would also shine in golden color, before wrapping around both and making them disappear in the next moment, reappearing on the ground below. The male lay on the ground, puffing lightly and watching as the hovercraft blows up.
”Maybe...It won't be as easy, as it seemed."

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