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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2419, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Bleach: Platinum Hearts - Starter's Guide

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Bleach: Platinum Hearts - Starter's Guide   Sat Apr 04, 2015 11:42 pm

An Updated Guide to Starting Out and Joining Bleach: Platinum Hearts

Sup. Interested in roleplaying on BPH? Confused and overwhelmed by the information on the forum? This guide is intended to help you get through the preliminary stages of becoming a member.

To start off you should read the Xat rules so at to gain some insight into what type of community we are. While most sites have you take a look at the Forum's General/Basic rules first, learning to communicate with the other members of the site is invaluable in terms of adjusting to BPH and its unique systems. Normally, I would just go ahead and link the Xat rules, but an important part of joining a site is knowing how to navigate it; that in mind, here's a step-by-step process to get you to the Xat Rules yourself. (Notice: this step-by-step process is obviously intended for those unaccustomed or unfamiliar with forumotion or forums in general. Those of you already experienced in this aspect, feel free to skip ahead. Step-by-Step processes are marked with an asterisk at the start of the paragraph (*).

Xat Rules
*For those who are uninterested or simply cannot access Xat, simply skip this entire paragraph. Scroll down past both the Xat (the big blue chatbox in the middle of the homepage screen). Go down further, past the actual Chatbox (which is labeled chatbox) and you should find "Rules" as a link. Clicking it will bring you to the "Rules Board". If not, you must've done something wrong. Scroll down until you see another link saying "Rules of The Xat". The link will be a darker blue than the rest of the links. Clicking it will bring the page to the actual topic/thread. Simply read the the post and you should be good to go in terms of what boundaries not to cross on the Xat.

The only two things slightly lax in terms of these rules are the spamming, which sometimes even the staff will do. Keep in mind, however, this happens only on certain occasions, and is in good fun--never with negative intent. If you sit in the Xat long enough and get to know the other members, you should be able to discern when spam might be appropriate for the sake of comedy, and when it's looked down upon. Second, the Advertisement rule. Please do not post advertisements in any of the main Xats. The only time it's okay is when you have consent from some people, and you provide explicitly those people with the link to another RP site through private chat.

*To get to private chat, simply click on the member's Xat username in the userlist on the right of the Xat. It will pop up a window with a button showing "private chat". Click it, and a private chat will open.

General Rules
After learning what not to do in the Xat--and the Xat rules are few as is--you might want to take a look at the rules of the site.

*Go back to the "Rules board" and find "Rules (MUST READ)". The link is in red, therefore extremely hard to miss. Clicking it will bring you to the topic, in which you'll find a hell of a lot of text telling you the base rules of BPH.

Keep in mind that there are some rules on the Xat included in this topic, so express some humidity and modesty in the Xat until you read this topic as well. I've provided a sort of summary of this topic by underlining and making some text red, so the more experienced RPers can quickly understand the rules of PH without having to read all the details. While it is most definitely recommended for everyone to read this thread entirely, the annotations should cover the bare minimum. Just pay attention to anything red, underlined, bolded, italicised--pretty much anything that looks like it's trying to attract your attention. Most of the time it's emphasised for a good reason. Also be sure to visit all the links provided in the Rules.



After reading the general rules (which, again, I recommend reading all of it, but if you just want to understand the basic boundaries go ahead and read the abridged ver.) you might want to make an introduction thread. While not required, it serves as a way to get to know your fellow members through methods outside the Xat.

*Going back to the main page, under "Getting Started" you should find the "Introduction" link.

Simply post a thread (assuming you've already made an account) and, well, introduce yourself! You'll get the typical "Welcome aboard!" and "Hi there!" welcomes, and you'll get some people helping out and suggesting where you should start off to get accustomed to this site. Some people might even link you to this thread. Once in a while, you'll get some crazy-ass greeting that's, if anything could tactfully describe it, wild. Be appreciative of all these people, as they took time out of their "ever-so busy lives" just to greet you in a post. Don't be scared to interact with them as well; we're nice people. We don't bite.... Well, just the kinky ones.

Race Specs
After finishing an intro, you'll likely be good and ready to go for making a character. But what kind? Bleach has so many different races, and BPH--being a custom/canon site--has added a plethora more. That in minded, the next step to take is reading their specs.

*To access the race specs, there are two ways. One, take a look at the side bar, where a there's a variety of quicklinks to take advantage of. As it turns out, the links I have discussed--Rules and Xat Rules--are listed on the sidebar as well. Scroll down any page until you find on the left side of the page "Race Specs". Depending on what OS (Chrome, Linux, Windows) you run, you can just press "Ctrl+F" and type "Race Specs" to automatically search for it. Some browsers are case-sensitive when using "Ctrl+F", so keep that in mind. In it you will see plenty of links, including "Demon", "Human Chi", "Iramasha", Sugiura", "ziamichi", and even something called "Human Soul Evoltion". All of them, and more, are custom races, made by the members and staff of BPH for BPH solely.

[At this point, you should understand how to navigate the site. From here onward, the topic will no longer provide step-by-step procedures for navigation: only direct links for ease of access and efficiency. Enjoy. You should already have made an account by this point.]

If you went to Race Specs through the board as opposed to taking a look at the side-bar quick link, you will see two sub-boards labeled "Canon Race Specs" and "Custom Race Specs". In each board respectively, you will find information on the custom races created by our member base and information on the canon races of Bleach. If you intend to create a character from one of the canon races, it is recommended that you still read these topics. Platinum Hearts is set in the 25th century; over time, the canon races have progressed and evolved. They are vastly different from their origins in the manga and anime.

PH Laws on Energy
Be sure to take a look at the laws on spiritual energy and the sort for the site. Considering how powerful beings may get on Platinum Hearts, it is highly recommended that you read the boundaries and capabilities achievable through Spiritual Energies alone.

Character Tiers
Character Tiers are akin to "levels" of a character in an RPG. The lower the number of your tier is, typically the stronger your character is. While that is not always the case, it can be taken as a standard in terms of how tiers generally operate. It's important to know what constitutes these tiers in terms of power-output allowed on every level.

Simply go through the assorted topics until you find a race that satisfied you. From there, after reading the information in the topic (which will not be summarised for the time being) go to The Application board. In here, you will find the multiple character templates for their corresponding race. Find the correct template and begin to fill it out. It is recommended that you keep a copy of your application in a document that you may periodically save, in case you accidentally go off the "Create a Topic" page and lose all your data.

Works In Progress
If you would like to post a WIP of your character application, post it in the board linked above.

WIP Checking Thread
Upon finishing the application, simply change the name of your topic to "[Finished]", and post in the WIP Checking Thread.

Unchecked Applications
You may also submit your application directly without going through a "Work in Progress" method. To do this, create your topic directly in the provided link above. Posting in this thread does not require any sort of notification such as posting in a WIP Checking Thread or adding [Finished] in the title. If a character application is in the Unchecked Applications board, it is automatically assumed that the character is complete and awaiting review.

Staff Checking/Moving/Locking/Archiving/Request/Help Thread
However, you still do have the option of notifying staff of this completed character application. In this case, you should follow the form in the provided link above and post. This thread can be used for essentially anything that requires staff as well, hence the "Moving/Locking/Archiving/Request/Help" in the title.

IC Role-Play Section
Once your character is approved, you may go to the provided link above and begin Role Playing!

Training/Combat System
When entering combat in a thread, know what the rules on that are on Platinum Hearts. The Training/Combat System guidelines provide key information necessary to role play a fight properly by our standards.

Of course, there are more mechanics available on the site to spice up your role-playing experience here in BPH. At this point, this thread will be providing optional threads and steps in starting out on this site, as well as supplementary threads designed help you along the way.

Face Claims
Although not necessary, it is super duper highly recommended that you utilise the Face Claim System. More information on the subject is featured here.

If you are interested in any Role Plays different from the main time-line of BPH, you may visit the Arena Board, which features the option of making Mature Role Plays, Role Plays from a character's past that does not effect the present timeline of BPH, and even an alternative-timeline section, which allows for threads that do not follow BPH's current timeline and aren't even restricted to using BPH characters or Bleach mechanics!

IC Skype & Xat
In the Arena board, you may find another sub-board labeled "IC Skype/Xat". While primarily a Forum RP, Platinum Hearts does allow for IC role-plays through Skype and Xat. Click the provided link to learn more about this.

PH Space
If you ever find interest in role-playing in outer-space on this site, take a look at the provided link for information and rules on what is allowed and what isn't in space.

RP Info Section
The RP Info Section is a valuable resource for starting out on the site. There are multiple sub-boards which include additional information on characters (such as families and their relations), information on the defenses of each faction, and a sub-board where you can set up some RP threads with people. It is recommended that you take a look at this after finishing your first character.

Application Section
Want to add more to your character? The Application Section features not only the sub-boards necessary to make your characters, but some sections that allow you to make your own Kido, equipment and inventions, or apply for Power Upgrades earned through the use of your Yen or Character Development.

If you are interested, you can apply to have your character be a part of a large faction, or even take a look at some smaller groups created by members. You can even form your own! It is recommended that you become more accustomed with the site and the community before making your own group. It is recommended at any stage that you join a major faction, but it is not required.

Announcements and Updates
Periodically check the Announcements and Updates board for... well.. announcements and updates. They aren't frequent, but when someone puts up one of the two, it's good practice to take a look.

We near the end of the Starter's Guide. The final links this thread will provide are to topics designed to aid you during your stay here on Platinum Hearts. They are not required to be read, and are intended for the less experienced Role Players. Hopefully, this starter's guide served it's purpose, and thank you for reading.

Supplementary Help Threads
Note: Some of these threads are old. Take the information in them with a grain of salt respectively; they may be outdated.

Help/Feedback Centre (Board)
Expressive Dialogue HowTo - [THEFROST]
Grammar/Vocab Tips - Urufu
Upgrading Chars HowTo - [THEFROST]
Char Timeline HowTo - [THEFROST]
Powerless Char Guide - UHCM
Avatar Sizing Guide - S_E
Youtube Linking in Xat - S_E
Character Alignments Guide - Hayuko
Low-Tier Char Guide - CPKallday
Char Powers Guide - [THEFROST]
Writing Levels - [THEFROST]
Killing Characters - UHCM
BBCode Guide - Chao



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[mod]Suupah outdated. Get outta here with 'dat inaccurate shit S_E.[/mod]



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Bleach: Platinum Hearts - Starter's Guide
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