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 A Passing Grade is But a Benefit [PRIVATE-SOLO]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Passing Grade is But a Benefit [PRIVATE-SOLO]   Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:33 pm

Amada Kamimura, 6-0

As with all the other projects assigned by his professors Amada held no interest in participating, but the one in question particularly caught his attention. Amada was to come up with a theory and write a thesis on the conversion of one spiritual race to another. Each student was assigned a specific portion of the whole theory that, went combined, would explain the entire process from a scientific, metaphysiological perspective. Writing was never one of Amada's forte's and it never would be. Instead, he was more interested in actually applying his thesis into physical practice. The portion Amada was assigned to was identifying, explaining, and giving cause to reason in how different types of spiritual energies were to be converted to different energies, such as how beings can be turned from Shinigami to Iramasha, Humans to Demons, Hollow to Arrancar. As likely one of the more difficult parts of the theory, Amada supposed that his professor purposely assigned energy-conversion to him because he knew that Amada would rather apply the science as opposed to theorise it. In that aspect Amada was reluctant to follow along, but the temptation was all too great.

As soon as the lecture ended--which he normally didn't attend to begin with, but was threatened to be kicked out of the University if he didn't "apply himself"--Amada raced out the doors and to his personal laboratory; a customary and provided set of utilities freely given to the certain STEM majors as a part of dorming there. Without a second thought Amada decided on how he was going to prove it. He was to enter the Demon World, take a live sample from a living specimen, do likewise with his own tissue and mix the two together to analyse directly what kind of process would take place and from there, reverse-engineer the process and replicate it. Of course, in theory this all seemed good and well but actually carrying out all the steps to this very rough and barely thought out plan was... well, impractical to say the least. But, as usual Amada was not concerned in practicality.

With haste he grabbed a basic syringe, the LLS, and took care to bring along his Insta-Tool bracelet along, in case he should ever need it along the way. How lightly he was packing only served to further prove how unprepared he was. But, again; preparedness, practicality--rational thought was something others thought very rarely as possible with the "Mad Engineer, Amada Kamimura".



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A Passing Grade is But a Benefit [PRIVATE-SOLO]
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