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 Here are some upgrades!

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Here are some upgrades!   Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:15 am

  • Name Of Character: Nize
  • Link To Character Profile: Nize
  • Reasons For Upgrading: I hope good enough ^,^’
    What Are You Upgrading:
    Unique Abilities:
    Despertar: By taking the Du Ex Implant as the base, Nize, with the help of his companion Rem, created armor like device with quite a range of abilities. While others are extras, the main function of this invention is to give a Arrancar constant Ressurecion, something like Shinigamies constant release. It works, as the armor, that covers every part of ones body, except head, and is connected with the Arrancar nerves system, by replacing skin. What it means, that to attach this device, the Arrancar needs to be skinned, so the armor could be added afterwards. Another note, no medication can be used, as they can effect the nerve system and the connection with armor can be ruined. After that, one needs to insert their zanpakutō, their Hollow parts core, into a certain slot and activate the Ressureccion. The process will summon first immense energy, that can even destroy the Arrancar, if he is too weak, but, if successful, fuse the armor, Arrancar and the Hollow core into one being, so entering a constant state, Despertar.

    The secondary task, what the armor can do, is provide a base for many mechanical upgrades, that can be possible to do on ones body. Nize use it to somehow control his passive Reishi absorbing, that creates quite a damage in inside building of Hueco Mundo and so.

    Núcleo profundo: Additional to already mentioned gun, now, as his body is the Hollow essence, Nize can create various guns and weapons as extensions of his own body. As few examples, there are these three weapons, additional to the gun already mentioned in app.
    One is a cannon, as long, as his body and even wider, as it. Tho’, even knowing the size of it, Nize can easily carry it in one hand, only because the cannon itself is his arm. When formed, the male can shoot from it max. to 50 Ceros in strength of Grand Ray Cero, in one minute. Tho’, if used in that kind of amplitude, the next two posts Nize can't shoot Cero at all. So, he uses the weapon in 30 Cero in a minute, that way avoiding the drawback.
    Second one is two mini guns (imagine those in the movie Predator), that are attached to his back and each follows one Reishi signature Nize appoints them on. The mini guns shoot Balas in size of a regular bullets, but having a almost unbeatable piercing damage, that can go through even master level defence with ease. The max speed is 600 bullets a minute, but then it is a posts cooldown, when Nize can't use them. So, the usual speed is 300 bullets a minute.
    Third weapon is a sword, in which his left hand turns in. Being black, with a empty middle, the blade is quite wide. When activated, black Cero energy fills the empty space in the blade, sharpening the sword to the level of cutting diamonds, mountains and the strongest defences like butter. The secret behind that is how concentrated is the energy in the blade.

    Tier, skill and other upgrades: So, because I'm not quite sure about this place, I just note, that he is now in the level a Arrancar is, when entering his Ressureccion, so I don't know, if he receives any upgrades in tiers or skills. What I want add tho', all Ressureccion powers are now moved to Unique Ability section and the Ressureccion itself is removed from the app.
  • Any Extra Notes: Be gentle ^,^
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Here are some upgrades!   Wed Apr 15, 2015 8:37 am


You seem to have a pretty solid thing going on. Therefore, I'll go ahead and approve this for now. As far as when it comes to Nix? I'll also boost him to 1-2 since he's been pretty busy getting his grind on. I won't give him a skill upgrade, though. Anyway, moving to accepted upgrades.


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Here are some upgrades!
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