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 A Calling [Bahamas] (Thrane/Horus/Open)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Calling [Bahamas] (Thrane/Horus/Open)   Mon May 11, 2015 8:34 pm

Cero Telca
Beast of Sound, Yayjuu

A day, for Cero, could be spent in a numerous amount of ways, from killing off hollows, patrolling Karakura Central, and being a diplomat to the Kokuryuteshi Realm. One like this never could truly find peace in that which was a vacation, or a true day of relaxation. For in those moments, could very well be his most fatal ones to himself, and those around him, however, things seemed to be like Cero had few enemies, now. His only true threats were against that of Shadow Fall, and their leader, Mana. One could call it a great time to rest after making a deal with the Kokuryuteshi, but Cero knew that it was the best to get straight into the work that laid before him. He was now considered an adult, a responsibility that he long was readying himself and practically acting upon for the most part. A great majority of his life, so far, Cero didn't answer to a adult of any form, he made his own decisions, over his own life. Haru offered him guidance, but he never made Cero's choices for him.

So on this day, the Hohl Arquero found himself in a very great place to rest, a place known as the Bahamas, a island just off the coast of North America. It fit that purpose very well, but Cero had different intentions and uses for it today. He would try his best to not be a major disturbance and disaster for the people that lived here if he could. Today, he was seeking out hollows an Arrancar. Whatever else that came, was not an intended target, hopefully nothing bad would come back on him from this. So, from that moment, Cero let his presence flow ever free, calling out to the hollows an Arrancar of not only North America, but also to the ones that rested in Hueco Mundo. Those that his presence, would feel the calling, the calling as if to serve as the hollow hierarchy was, but the Hohl Arquero was a unique twist on the system, but none the less, they could fill the place of any of the Menos level. "Come forth, Brothers of the sand, accept my calling, come and seek me out!" Cero stated this with no regrets, many in his current state could reject this calling, but none the less it would at least catch their attention, and maybe even their interest.

Upon one of the Bahama Islands, Cero stood, waiting for whatever his bait caught, or whatever forces that he might of caught the attention and interest of along the way of doing so. He stood in a spot as far as he could from civilization on the island for their own good and safety. Cero regretted, none of these actions, so long as he protected the innocent and made at least made one ally in the process of defending. He had no idea exactly what to expect though, he had already told the Network to not trip it's alarm due to his presence, giving his current intentions, it stood on standby though, watching ever so closely most likely, for another being to approach him, whether they be good or evil.

"I'm Ready for whatever may come." He would say to himself.

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A Calling [Bahamas] (Thrane/Horus/Open)
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