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 The Shadow Cast By The Wayward Shinigami (Closed w/ JWC)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Shadow Cast By The Wayward Shinigami (Closed w/ JWC)   Mon May 25, 2015 2:50 am

Gabriel was always the odd one. He was never motivated enough to do anything, but lay around. Nothing ever motivated him enough to even act. He was always forced to do things within his division. Though it was supposed to be where he specialized it wasn’t anywhere close to something he enjoyed. His hands ached to tear life from those who he deemed to be his enemy, his feet ached to take him across the land and his blade thirst for the blood. His brothers found their places within the Gotei 13, but he found nothing. He found weak people and their weak ideals. Surrounded by cowards within his own division which was supposedly the most cutthroat within the entire Gotei he didn’t know what else he could do. Earlier in the day he laid under a tree and just stared in the sky. Looking at the vast nothingness was exactly what his heart felt like, empty. He cared for his brothers, but that was it, and they no longer needed him. So it was now time for him to find what would compel his soul. What would allow him to do something that would truly make him want to draw his sword?

While he laid there he stared into the sky and a message came to him from one of the officers within the 2nd division. He was to be in a group to assist the vanguard in a Karakura scouting mission to make sure nothing illicit was happening within or around the city that could put it in danger. He was obviously less than happy. He hates having to do stupid things like this. Useless missions that had no effect on anything. The Vanguard was strong enough to protect themselves, but for some reason they needed the help of the Shinigami. Gabriel hated it all, but he still needed to follow orders. So he unwillingly jumped to his feet and made his way over to the portal to Karakura.

He wasn’t in any hurry at all so he just strode on over there. Showing up about an hour late and all of the other members of his team were pretty pissed, but expected it out of him. Once they were ready they went through the portal and appeared in a group of four outside of Karakura. They were then debriefed on the situation. They would meet up with representatives from the Vanguard that they would team up with and assist in order to scout the area and deal with any threats. Gabriel didn’t really care, but he just rode the back of the group and did what he was told. They had a single guide once they got there who led them to the point where they would meet up with their allies.

Karakura was an interesting place. He had a few trips to it, but there was actually something to do here. All he did in the Seireitei was sit around and wait for his next assignment, but here it was actually interesting. Though he doesn’t know what would fulfill him, it was a hell of a lot better than doing absolutely nothing for a place he hated every day. They came to a stop at the rendezvous point right outside the roughest area of town in order to wait for the team that would show up from The Vanguard.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Shadow Cast By The Wayward Shinigami (Closed w/ JWC)   Mon May 25, 2015 11:30 am