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 Saving Innocence. (Shirou)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Saving Innocence. (Shirou)   Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:08 pm

Mission Start
Change The World: Saving Innocence

Days in the wastelands are some of the worst for mankind, those that even have to travel through here are often considered the poorest souls of the world known as Earth. Sadly, they must travel by some form of means, even if it might be by foot still in this day and age. So we find those innocents can be easily taken out by the darkest creatures known to the world. On almost a daily basis those that wish to prove themselves in this world, go out in this world, merely for a fight, to grow stronger, or make the better place. For all intentions though, there was an ultimate goal in this, to make the world a better place for those that lived in it. Hollows, Demons, Humans, and others roam these lands, the lands that could be known as the place of endless conflict and death, The Wastelands. The land that was forsaken, long ago, abandoned long ago, as a ditched effort to protect what still remained intact.

Today, the wind blew low, and the sun was set ablaze in the sky, it was a small breeze that broke the heat of the land, but few could truly consider it a blessing. Those that planned on making this journey were typically trying ot be as best equip as they can be as some of them showed minor spiritual capabilities, to at least keep enemies at bay as they escaped, but that would truly only last so long. So, as things began this day with the sun rising only higher in the sky, our hero was dropped off into the area by aircraft. The day was only beginning but screams could already be heard of troubles, he was told that he meant to help protect and terminate as many enemies to ensure everyone's safety.

It was his choice, on how he approach the scene, none the less, he would be able to observe a small group of four human travelers being attacked by one rather large hollow, this one was being distracted by one of the travelers, via anything that he could toss, as tow other hollows that were average size, seemed to be chasing after the other two. The heroic traveler's curses rang out into the area, as he was incapable of keeping so many of their attention and in order. Those screams came from the quickly moving and fleeing travelers, they seemed the be running right across the entire area. If something wasn't done quickly, everyone of them could be joining the lost that were found all across this wasteland.

One person could only do so much, but one person can change the world.

One person can save these people.

It was up to them to change the wheels of fate against these travelers.

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Saving Innocence. (Shirou)
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