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 [JJ Bounty] Rust In The Waste

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [JJ Bounty] Rust In The Waste   Sat Jun 20, 2015 12:36 pm

Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch - Song: Courtesy Call - Word Count: 612

A explosion could be heard in far. After that another one. Small clouds of dirt could been seen rising and falling. But it wasn't dirt. If a person would be a more careful viewer one could see that this dirt shifted and moved and that the cloud wasn't created by a blow of some sort, but to encircle a being. And yes, from one of these clouds a person broke out. He wore a leather jacket, bare chested under it, tight jeans and black leather boots. One side of his head was shaven bald and his eyes were completely black, with red circles in center. A excited smile decorated his face as he landed on the ground. This man was Koga Shimaru.

He quickly turned just in time to put his palm in front of a brown stream of rust flakes. The palm covered with a black mass a moment before it was hit, but soon the mass started to change from black to brown and crumble. The source of these attacks were a creature made of floating rust petals, having two holes as eyes from which white light shone. It had a form of a bear or something like that and at the moment from its back the stream came.

As his palms defense would crumble in any moment in his other hand a ball of black miasma concentrated, swirled and became transparent, changing into pure wind. Then he released the ball at the Demon, Danava Of Rust, and back away as a giant hurricane escaped, blowing the unstable creature and disturbing its form. Koga was really curious about this specimen, as he could imagine thousands of ways for it to be able exist and the possibilities were torturing his mind. In so he wanted to capture it.

Upon the wind fading a huge mass of rust flew at his direction, aiming directly at the Visiore Demonio. The land, their battle field, was all covered in it and all trees and grass had turned into it. The man didn't desire to turn into rust himself. Because of that he would strike his hand in his stomach, making black liquid ooze from the wound on his hand. Quickly he would pull out a human size knife and make one powerful slash, creating another powerful gust of wind, which did not only slash the rust cloud in half, but also made a huge hole in the ground.

It did much stop the Danava, but gave Koga time enough to act. Black energy came out of his hand, in the ground and from it around two parts of the rust cloud four rock walls merged. He would then jump above this roofless trap and make a ceiling from more of the Reflective Eclipse he manipulates with Ksetra Pari. Then jumping on this roof he would put both palms on it.
"Now for some alchemy!"
Inside the chamber on all sides a symbol would appear. Right now Koga had created something of a primitive transmutation chamber, where usually Shadowfall scientists experimented how one matter could be transformed into another one. The Demon inside struggled to get out, but the symbols already started to light up, power surged in them and then heat started to radiate from the stone prison. All this time the male was mumbling something to him about iron, electron particles and changing of polarity.

The stone walls fell like domino, the ceiling disappeared and a iron ball was on the ground. Koga had trapped the Demon in his own body. A black portal opened under the poor creature and swallowed it whole. The Masked Demon was cheerfully whistling, feeling a bit tired, but happy! This was a good hunt!

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[JJ Bounty] Rust In The Waste
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