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 Operation: Dragon Root [Open for all Vanguards and Demons]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Operation: Dragon Root [Open for all Vanguards and Demons]   Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:52 pm

Now, after all this time Nix had finally been tasked in something Vanguard related. It had been almost four months when he had joined the organization, but till now he hadn't had almost no orders from them. Of course, time to time he needed to attend a operation or two, but it always ended up in him siting aside, while his boss did all the work. Maybe it was a bit his fault, as the male had took upon one after another private missions and was mostly unavailable, but when he was no one gave a shit. Well, this time for his luck, both, the leader and second in command had their own missions to deal with and it was left for Nix to take care with this small incident.

At hour 7:34:53 AM massive group of Demons, led by a creature named Dragon Scales, took over one of the countless flying cities which were scattered around the desert lands of Botswana. They were like small, green biotops, where life had actual chance to live. This city was though special with the fact, that it had seemingly invented a artificial Zanpakūto. Vanguards and even Soul Society wanted to get their hands on it for few years already, but always it had ended with failure, as Botswanas government didn't want to hear about it.

But now the city was under the control of mentioned Demons and the country was forced to ask for assistance from Vanguards. What was problem, the city had a force field. It was extremely powerful, being able to absorb and return any projectile landed on it. Hacking into it also had been tried, but for surprise the tech to operate it was so old no one had the ability to do it. As Nix had a few days off and he was specialist, when it come to hacking in different techs, old or new, he accepted to lead the mission and free the city. Of course they had also the clearance to retrieve the artificial Zanpakūto.

Soldiers, machinery and little tents surrounded the flying city. All of them were obviously under the city and a shining, green dome covered it. Nix landed in his giant battle hover, stepping out in his usual battle uniform. Black, tight one piece suit, on it black vest with many pockets, each holding some sort of tech or laser cartridges for his gun. A small laser gun was attached to his right side and a backpack was also strapped on. He liked to feel ready, even if it wasn't possible. His posture showed others self confidence. His face was calm, concentrated and a bit...Happy. The male quickly went to second in command in this operation, saluted him and asked for the situation. It seemed, that the Demons had tried three times to leave the city by land and sky, but every time Vanguards were successful to push them back, not letting to escape. The sword was probably in their possession and it was crucial to retrieve it.

Nix sighed to himself, seeing on how everyone was so coughed up by such small toys. Alright, he was too, but it wasn't that well seen...If one doesn't know what goes on in his closet. Listening to the end the soldiers report, Nix took the group, which was going to accompany him in this assault, put on a pair of jet boots, his preference, and went next to where the shield started. Raising his palm, the male put it on it and in one million part of the second his brain first, told him that this shield was energy based, second, that he was possible to connect with it. And so he shall.

His brains through the energy of the shield traveled up, in the cities wire system and then into the computer. Nix made a low whistle in amusement. The computer was as old, as the world itself. From...20.century, if not older. Nix was surprised, how it was able to sustain this defence, but it looked like the scientists had kept it in perfect condition and had put some extras for the task it had. His mind traveled from one piece of information to other one, absorbing it and reading what it carried. From a bystanders point of view it looked like he would be just standing, with one arm attached to the shield, and time to time talking about central processors or other computer related terms.

After a minutes ten or so Nix finally moved his hand away and simple stepped a bit back. Nothing happened for a moment more and some thought nothing will. The dry desert wind blew, a lone bird flew in the sky and sun was burning everyone in their gear. Then suddenly, like a glass vase, the shield shattered and disappeared into oblivion. Nix smiled in pleasure. He did burn everything that was burnable in the system, so now they won't be putting the shield back any time soon. The male turned against the soldiers.
"Lets move boys!"

And they did. In quick pace everyone turned on their jet packs, howercrafts and flew right up. Wind hit in his face, messing up the hair and making twigs hit in his face. From nowhere the sky quickly turned yellow and it could be seen, that some of the soldiers too covered with this color, as well, as all mechanic and world around them. Soon Nix landed in the cities, cursing to himself.
"Secondary shield, why I'm not surprised!?" Quickly calming down, he turned to see what had managed to follow the male. It could anyone and only him at this moment.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Operation: Dragon Root [Open for all Vanguards and Demons]   Tue Jun 23, 2015 2:26 am