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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The PH Shout-Out Thread

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The PH Shout-Out Thread   Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:33 pm

Your Personal Shout Out

This is more or less an honors thread. Have someone on the site that deserves a shout out? Given you a good experience? Go ahead and toss it in here. I'll start with my list. I'm only including active people, as of the date of this post, because it'll be too exhaustive to dig into the past.

JJ: I consider him to be one of the few people able to bring out my muse proper on the site and one of the worthwhile reason to log on. The reason for this is because I believe he has a strong understanding of how my characters work, my writing style and understands me personally. So I find that we are able to have many great threads that can be greatly expansive in its development, length and progression. Furthermore, he's helped me out quite a bit in the past and knows how to work with me. Therefore, he is my best RP partner on the site bar-none at this point.

Blade: For obvious reasons I'm throwing him in this list since he is my son and seems to otherwise want to look after me. So I can accept that and I try to look out for him when I can. He seems to be doing well in his admin work, has positive intentions and I can trust him. RP wise? I'll have to see when we start RPing with Radioactive VS Azure, but he is a good guy and definitely a good staff member and son.

Cookies: I'm also rather fond of Cookies because he is a good source of GUTS, a nice person to talk to when he gets serious and a good person to RP with. I find that my battle RP can be pushed to a far extent with him given our long track record of threads and he seems to be one of the few people who can push me to do better in thread. Along with that, I like him because he seems to be hard working, reliable and honest with his actions and words. Plus he is pretty funny at times, but can over-do the cock stuff. Otherwise, I consider him a good friend.

Forsaken Crow: This is another that I have a good back and forth with. Most of our threads seem to go without a hitch as we understand what the other wants in terms of fighting and casual threads. So I don't have much of a problem with him and he seems pretty easy to get along with from my perception. So I like him and consider him a friend. I would recommend him for a good RP partner.

Kakeru: Lastly, Kakeru is a good friend of mine. He seems to have stuck with the site through thick and thin and I consider him loyal and trustworthy. RPwise? We have some good back and forth and I'm looking forward to future threads with him.

That's all I have for now on my mind. You all can share yours next. I may add more later.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The PH Shout-Out Thread   Tue Jun 23, 2015 12:37 am

Hayuko, Kyle, and Kenji(Kira) I don't feel like sounding like a huge sap, but if it weren't for these three I wouldn't feel like I had a real life family. I've considered them all my brothers and sister since the day I met them. They were there for me just as I was for them. I couldn't be more grateful for the ideas and plots they helped me form, the times they helped me through growing up and generally being there as if they were my immediate family. i couldn't ask for better siblings.

Frost This is a complicated one... where do I begin. He's the one that cemented me to the site as soon as I had come. He's the one that spoke to me 1 on 1, he did his best to make me feel comfortable and feel welcomed here at Platinum Hearts. He helped me hone my writing skills, he pushed me to points that at one point in my life I never thought I'd reach. He knew of my problems in real life just as everyone else and never treated me any differently. He was a Father to me, one that I'm proud to call Dad. He's done things for me even my own family hasn't. He means a lot to me, and without him i don't think I'd ever be here. Honestly.

Shirou He won't see this, but he's always been family. He'll always be family. He helped me create Azure. He helped me keep writing. He furthered my interest in Visual Novels, Anime, everything. He's done everything and anything you can imagine he'd offer to me. i can't be more grateful, and for that he'll always be apart of my heart.


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: The PH Shout-Out Thread   Tue Jun 23, 2015 12:39 am

All right, I'll go next then. I call out...

Andy: for being the person who introduced me to this site in the first place. Despite being against joining new forums because I always lose interest in them, I trust his word on where to go. I never imagined that Platinum Hearts would become my home but here I am, and it began thanks to him. Additionally, he's always encouraged me and treated me nicely despite it not being his normal attitude towards others, so it helped me ease in next to him.

JJ: I can shamelessly say that JJ is my favorite person on the site to roleplay with. More than that, he is way too nice to me, and trusts me a lot, which makes me happy. We exchange ideas often and help refine each other's work. I am thankful to the effort he puts out for me when he has so much on his plate, and the wonderful posts I see from him. Then I come along taking forever to post and he doesn't mind at all... Just far too nice to me. I can only try my best to pay him back in kind.

Frost: Can't really go without mentioning, as he is the head admin and founder of this place, and he's crafted it into an incredible community where I can fit in. That alone is enough for me to throw his name in, but more than that, he's always been extremely supportive both in words and action, allowing me to do pretty much anything I want on this site. The freedom I have is because of him, and it's what makes this place so fun for me. For that, I thank him. Keep up the good work!

Kakeru + Kyle + Blade: I'm so sorry that I don't have enough to say for all three of these people, and that they don't get their own section, but they deserve to have their name called out for everything they've done for this site. I recognize their hard work, their selflessness, and their kindness. So thanks to all three of you.

Kade: For being the most evul being I can think of. My hat's off to you.

Lilith: For coming in fairly soon after our resident Aivee was kicked out, and essentially replacing her as the site's cute factor. Brownie points to you for being the kawaii this site needs (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: The PH Shout-Out Thread   Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:01 am

Everyone: Yup, as written, every single person in PH deserves my shoutout, regardless who you are or what you are, where you are neither do i ever regard whether you existed or not, but everyone deserves their credit, and i won't be picky about it. Frost, Blade, Nix, Indexterity, JJ, Lilith, Blank, Kyle, as many names as i can fit in my mind, all of you in this very site deserves the love you need.

You guys are already willing enough to accept the good side of me, the bad side of me, the drama side, and tolerate with it, even giving constructive criticism for my own good to change. I won't write as much, but you guys have given so much support and love, despite me having to deal with irl problems, PH is a hard place to just leave off and do what i want, because this is where changes within me started, and brought my cheery personality not only in this site, but along with me irl to bring those positivity and GUTS to those around me. I don't want to see others always drown in depression and look like they are suffering so much from their personal problems, which my dream in PH is most likely see everyone having their guts exploding everywhere without a worry in their life. There is always an obstacle in what you're doing, so let the GUTS flow in you and never give up on what you aim for even if it is rough in your journey. I gladly thank everyone in PH for your love and support, and this is a debt i can never repay regardless of what i do, but the only way i can show my gratitude is staying around and trying to spread love and joy, so expect me to crank your GUTS up if you are ever down to the drain.

Cookie's out.

Cookie's House
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Subject Post 5PostSubject: The one who gotta name everyone   Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:56 am

Hmmm. I've never been too good at these things. I have so much in my thoughts to say but I struggle with putting things in words. So I'll try to be simple and not push myself too hard.

Sumdum: You were the one who brought me here in the first place. I can't thank you enough for that. Because that other Bleach site was just D: to me.

Ima: I'm pretty positive my memory isn't wrong that you were the first person that I rped with. Thank you! You helped give my character a more concrete role. There's other things too but the above definitely applies for those, not sure how to put it into words.

Moosey: For the 1 on 1 talk(s) and conversations that made me realize something about myself/others. That I'm very grateful for that happened.

Cookies: You are definitely an interesting person. The first time we "met" was through my introduction thread. Your post was all bright and red....and...didn't prepare me for your personality in xat, like at all. Thank you for helping me with my ability.

Frosty: Thank you for letting me sit in your lap~ jk. You've been very helpful and I'd like to say that you're probably one of the greatest admins I met. You're quite dedicated to this site. (plus you seem pretty fit. With all the running) And you seem to actually really be part of the site. Usually at sites like this that are here for years I dunno it seems like some admins just lose something, I can't put my finger on what it is though. I'm just going to end this with a simple Thank you, since this far surpassed the few sentences.

JJ: Yay for still rping! So there's totes been inactive spikes for me definitely and there's like a month gap between when we last rped and now. So I am happy and thankful that we are still rping. I've become used to people being like: "No. I dun wanna RP this anymore. There's a time gap and it's old and etc. etc."

I saved the best for last!
Okay you guys I'm totally struggling at this point. I have no idea how to put the rest of my thoughts in words. So..

I'm pretty sure all of you in some way have contributed to my time being amazing here. This site is like the only site that's felt like home after the first RP forum I joined died. D: Thank you:

Blank, Blade, Kade, Lilith, Taichou, Kakeru, Moosey, Circa, lionus, Crow, Nix, Zaz, JJ, Frosty, Ima, Hayuko, Taichou, Natalia, Horus, Mecha, Dansen, Blank, Cookies, Tei, JWC, Tina, Luda, Portal, Chao, Styn, Shizuo, Shirou, Helion, Zets, Sum, Rin,

I had to list all those names (I'll probs be editing this later cause I just know I'll leave out someone). It always makes me kinda sad when I don't see someone's actual name in a thread like this. I know I could just say everyone and that includes them to but I think it's a bit different from actually taking the time to name people.


Human: Champagne "Chammy/Wine" Inoue
Demon: Nanaya Asthavon
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The PH Shout-Out Thread
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