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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Ruining Innocents (CTW) (Rukuro)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ruining Innocents (CTW) (Rukuro)   Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:28 pm

Mission Start
Killing Civilians/Bringing Havoc

Across the wastelands, many travel, those that are the very unfortunate, must cross this land, by foot. They are open to the many horrors that this world now contains within itself. There is a small balance though as some of the people that travel through here can handle themselves well enough at least to make it out alive, and then there are those that try to protect those that are traveling with them. This within itself for even the strongest can be an extremely difficult task, this is where those horrors of the world come in, they just stroll along until they have finally found just the target that they want. It could be that they have found a pack of travelers, or maybe even a lone wolf type of person. Either way, they see the kinds of things that they can get if they succeed in taking down, these people. The final line of defense tries to stand here, the organizations of the world have sent many of their people into this area, but none the less, there are so many cases, distance, and people, that they can't try to keep an eye on everyone.

At one point or another it is likely that the horrors if they are active enough will cross paths with some of the defenses, and there, it will determine, who is the real hunter, and who is their prey.

(I'll allow you to decide your target(s), your hollow will obviously be stocking a certain group up to a point unless you would like try to something different. None the less, I will be NPCing all of your targets. Have fun!)

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Ruining Innocents (CTW) (Rukuro)   Wed Jun 24, 2015 2:28 am


Artist: Dead Can Dance - Song: Crescent

The Garganta opened with an ear-shredding noise, ripping the fabric of space and time open to expunge an agonized, tattered creature. It seems that she has run into something beyond her power in the nightmare realm of New Hueco Mundo, and as she closed the Garganta hastily, she spread her wings and glided down to a desolate outcropping, leaving a trail of her own blood behind her.

There was no telling where her journey had taken her. Wastelands such as this exist from Argentina to Tajikistan, and by the 25th century, the people of Earth were so intermingled that none could determine their nationality by their ethnicity anymore. Even if that would have been possible, no one was in sight, near or far. Life was all but absent from this barren place.

The sun scorched her pale eyes. She pulled up one of her huge, black wings to shield them, and looked upon her body with disgust and sadness. Her armor was cracked in multiple places, and the flesh was torn from her left ribcage by a swipe of bestial claws. She wanted to end this existence once and for all, but death betrayed her once already - she feared that he would readily do it again. It took a while until she mustered the strength to enhance her regeneration to a point where the wound edges began to ooze again, slowly obscuring her skeletal frame. It was about time. Three clouds of dust appeared on the horizon, in the valley below the rocky pass she was hiding at, and the humming of large transport hovercraft could be heard in the distance.

She took flight as their silhouettes appeared below, gliding past them and taking a turn to follow them just above the dust trail. Little did she knew what obsolete technology they presented, for she died in the 21st century, where wheeled vehicles were still commonplace. This was the first time she used a Garganta to exit into the real world - at least the first time she remembered. She didn't know much, suspected a lot however, and no matter what their defenses might be, her agony and fear took the better of her.

Survival is paramount, for death brings no salvation.

Feeling faint traces of reiatsu beneath those huge metal caskets, she decided to tear them open, one by one if need be. If that *something* would follow her from New Hueco Mundo, she had to prepare. She had to feed. The Hollow changed her flight pattern and darted downwards to the leading hovercraft - her flight took her almost a mile. She grabbed the huge propeller which pushed the vehicle forward by the middle, sinking her claws into the spinning steel with ease, bringing it to a screeching halt. She ripped it out shortly afterwards with her inhuman strength and hurled it into the rotor of the left one, her reward being an explosion that ripped the top of the scrounged hovercraft open. Screams started to fill the valley as the injured began to emerge. Would someone be able to see her?

A Cero blasted into the rear of the third vehicle, crashing it into the ground. An unneccessary display of power, maybe, but she didn't want to take any chances. The avian hollow let out an abyssal screech, summoning the Cardúmen Repugnante - a shoal of hellish, eel-sized lampreys to her feet. They'd weed out the weak ones quickly, while she searched for something her swarm couldn't subdue: likely the protectors of the group.

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Ruining Innocents (CTW) (Rukuro)
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