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 Yuuki Mizugaki[APPROVED 3-3+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yuuki Mizugaki[APPROVED 3-3+]   Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:53 pm






Name: Yuuki Mizugaki

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty-Eight

Title: One-Eyed Mizugaki/Tobu-Kun

Affiliation/Rank: Rogue


Unlike his Mizugaki family members, Yuuki's appearance is off putting compared to his siblings. While both his mother and father had bright red hair, Yuuki came to them with a bright brown mop head in comboniation with his bright brown eyes. Multiple shades of brown can be found in the man's eyes a majority of the time, the sunlight adjusting the shades as if by command. Other than this, there's nothing truly special to the Mizugaki's face. The only feature that could be taken from Yuuki's face are his eyes. A majority of people would describe his look to be a captivating stare, one that they happen to have a tough time snapping away from.

In regards to his wardrobe, there's nothing special to the Mizugaki. Solid colored shirts are always adorned on his chest alongside a jacket that could be described as a track jacket. The base color is white with lines of blue stretching diagnally from the center of the jacket. Each solid colored shirt contains a different color. Red, black, blue, shades of each color being worked into the track jacket that he wears over the shirts. As for his lower half, simple pants are normally found in combination with his upper body. The jeans range from blue to black with little room for change. As said before, there's nothing special to Yuuki's appearance despite how people see him.


Unstoppable Willpower: The largest trait in Yuuki's arsenal known as a personality is his formidable willpower. No matter the situation, the reasoning behind his feelings or anything in between, Yuuki will stand behind what he has chosen. Battles, conversations, life choices, even grocery shopping. Yuuki's will is near-impossible to diminish, almost reaching levels of egotistic confidence. In reality, though, the willpower that Yuuki possesses is there in order to keep him alive, unlike some of his family members. Stuttering and going against what he believes could mean the death of him and others, stopping in a battle could mean his life would be forfeit. To Yuuki, the ultimate defeat is to remove his will to continue on. Without the will to power through anything and everything, Yuuki wouldn't exist. Not in his own eyes at least. With that being said, he isn't exactly impossible to be reached by reason or logic, in most instances these are already factors associated with his choices. One can always give their own words as some type of aid to his views no matter the moment.

Compulsive: Like a majority of his family, Yuuki has an issue with acting entirely on an instinctual urge that he finds within his own thoughts. Now, the fact that his words and actions have no filter whatsoever doesn't mean its an entirely terrible thing. Yes, from time to time Yuuki is known to say rather obscene things or hateful things, but just because a portion of things obtained from the trait are bad does not make it entirely detrimental. On the contrary, speaking one's mind could be many good things, especially for someone like Yuuki. One one side of the coin Yuuki is know for treating others without compassion when his opinion of them falters. Opposite of that is when his own compassion and feelings speak without notice, words that any person would usually keep in due to embarrassment or worry are nothing to the Mizugaki, his words constantly flowing whether good or bad. His actions react in a similar way, a forced approach or a retraction of himself can speak volumes when most would rather refrain from the same situation.

Self Absorbed: The second largest flaw that Yuuki Mizugaki contains is being entirely Self Absorbed. He wasn't always only content with himself, but in his recent past he had lost contact with everyone that was previously within his life. With that being the case, he took an approach to only care for himself from there on out. As the few short years passed, the stay of self absorption stayed, his entire reasoning for a majority of things he does being because 'he just wants to'. Nearly always, Yuuki disregards those that are on the streets or within the buildings he walks in, a simple focus usually revolving around things like eating, relaxing or going out of his way to mess with those that look susceptible to ridicule. He wasn't always a crass and rude man, during his younger years he actually cared for a majority of people. Without much to care about in recent years however, he became his only friend. This very reason is why this trait has stuck with him into his present years, his care for others becoming entirely non existent.

Captivating: A trait that Yuuki has gone without noticing a majority of his life is how captivating his personality and looks are to others. Wherever the Mizugaki goes, no matter the time or place it seems that others attract to him as if they were a flock of birds. As if humans and spiritual beings alike were simply robins, attaching themselves to an odd looking fellow of reasonable demeanor. Now obviously, not everyone is entirely attracted to the man in such a way. Some look at him in terms of physical attractiveness, others read an air of a leader or companion upon looking at him while most simply feel an unwelcomed urge to approach him. Given Yuuki's stance on others, these actions usually fly instantly over his head before he can really comprehend them. Others find it frustrating, some ignore it entirely while even the rare few can find little interest in the man. In response to others interacting with him because of this trait, Yuuki takes pleasure in others viewing him as great or captivating despite not knowing why. Normally, one can see the Mizugaki going out of his way to show off or one up others when people are slowly crowding around the man. Nevertheless, hounds of people are known for surrounding the Mizugaki, a majority of his average day being filled by women and men alike attaching themselves to him for some reason or another.

Unrealistic: Yuuki's largest flaw of all is his ability to think unrealistically. The thought can be in regards to anything, each situation always following the same outcome with how Yuuki perceives it. The man believes he's able to go beyond the possible no matter the case, a flaw that could eventually lead to his death. Unlike most people, the thoughts are always logical and based around stuff he can do, the biggest issue is that he believes he can do anything if he tries hard enough. In the end, Yuuki can be known to be a bit stubborn when it comes to his way of doing things. His unrealistic things pose to be a real big issue for others whenever they try to reason or talk to him, his normal responses always being something outrageous and impossible. On the other side of the coin however, this unrealistic way of thinking gives Yuuki the ability to reach limits others would believe to be impossible. There is not limit to how far one can reach in Yuuki's eyes, the only truly good thing that has come out of his unrealistic thoughts.


Advanced Intelligence: A large base for a majority of Yuuki's abilities stem from his ability to learn and retain at a high level. Logic was always something that interested Yuuki while growing up so reading and learning was never an issue for him, school being something he almost liked. Of course, school was never the reason that Yuuki would use to explain his ability to learn and adapt so quickly. The Mizugaki family sheltered the boy and his younger siblings from a young age, constant training and studying being a staple for the family. That being said, growing up in the enviornment only allowed him to learn more and more, eventually reaching a level of intelligence many didn't happen to have. No, Yuuki cannot create technology and inventions that the genuises of the world can but that didn't keep him from being able to stand with the best of the best. Logic was his strong suit despite his unrealistic thoughts.

Athletic Perfection: Unlike a lot of normal humans, Yuuki Mizugaki is at the very cusp of perfection in terms of athletic power. Running at speeds that are near impossible for average humans to reach, lifting weight levels that are beyond the scope of many body builders, these are all things that Yuuki had eventually reached from normal training with his family. Of course, he wasn't a normal man but he had never known of anything that amplified his own ability to grow physically so as it stands, his belief is thatof being the best, as usual. Yuuki can jump faster, lift more, push harder, pull longer than most humans will ever be able to fathom. To accompany his ability to be so strong, Yuuki also holds a stamina level of disgusting heights. Hours and hours of training could be mere minutes of loss stamina for the man, a feat that most humans truly knew nothing about.

Supernatural Durability: Another trait that many of the Mizugaki have been known for is their ability to take a beating. Yuuki stands above a majority of his younger siblings with his level of durability, showing in his past that during fights or harsh training, Yuuki is able to withstand endless amounts of damage and punishment before giving in to the pain. A majority of the durability Yuuki contains is from mental strength, the man;s willpower leading directly into his ability to withstand until the last moment of breath. That being said, the man does not have the ability to withstand blades and bullets to a point of not being penetrated. Yuuki's skin is still human despite his insane capabilities, so, weapons would do just about anything you think they'd to a normal human without any supernatural capabilities.

Pseudo Evolution: During Combat or intense situations, Yuuki has shown the ability to adapt and learn new abilities and powers at a whim. Normally, these situations and combat moments are so intense that it could mean nearly life or death at any point during the fight or moment. With that being the case, Yuuki's Pseudo Evolution can't just be triggered at will nor can simple things trigger the man's ability. When the ability is activated, the outcome is normally the same every time. During the moment of activation, Yuuki's brain processes the very moment hundreds of times before his body and mind react in the same way each time. Moving from the situation to a successful outcome, things that amplify his own powers or movements are normally the abilities learned during the evolution. A trait of the powers that he obtains via the evolution are also always ineffective at first, each one being strong enough to save himself from death or the terrible outcome only once. Instinct causes the ability or power to work due to Yuuki's thoughts having little to do with the ability itself. After extensive training however, the abilities gained from Pseudo Evolution can be a main stay for the Mizugaki.


Flame Creation: Yuuki's first and most powerful trait as a supernatural human is the creation of flames. Simply put, Yuuki is able to concentrate the reiatsu around him into creating what could be called a spiritual flame. The conjured flame acts just like a physical flame, reaching degrees of a blow torch (around 3,000 degrees F or 1,600 C). The flames can be created in multiple different ways, spraying as if it were a type of napalm, being directly sent from his hands as if they were balls of flame. Another application of the flames is that they can be used to manipulate the things around him, heating the air to cause tough environment, melting things in order to create obstacles and the like. Along with that, the flames can be wrapped around any weapons Yuuki uses in order to amplify their strength. For instance, any blades that Yuuki uses can be wrapped in the spiritual flame, keeping the metal intact or, in the case of his own hands and feet, his clothing and skin safe.

Willpower Projection: The second and lesser trait of Yuuki's supernatural arsenal is the ability to project his willpower physically and mentally. On the physical half of the ability, Yuuki is able to project a wall before him, being at its strongest while he isn't faltering. When the man's willpower is at its highest, the wall is able to withstand things like bullets and blades for a short time, normally being able to withstand at least three or four attacks. Spiritual attacks can be blocked, generally only one or two of these attacks can be blocked before breaking finally. On the mental side of the ability, Yuuki is able to speak and act his will on others, pushing is own ideas and ways of life on others in the process. The ability itself is able to be denied if the person has equal or stronger willpower but even then, mental logic can deduce that Yuuki is projecting something that isn't actually there. The ability is never one hundred percent, giving him the option of outright missing in the first place before the willpower/mental check is intiated.


Tantō: The main two blades that Yuuki uses are Tantōs, long daggers that are made of simple steel. With sheathes constantly attached to his right hip in a parallel position, the tantōs are never known to be left alone. Yuuki is able to use the blades in multiple ways, a majority of them being related to slicing others quickly and efficiently while also stay in close range to their being. One special trait that the tantōs have is that on each hilt there are characters inscribed into the metal. On the right tantō, an inscription of his name can be found which means Courage. On the left tantō, the characters for End are inscribed. Below is an image of the blades and the characters inscribed.

Right Blade|Courage:
Left blade|End:

Composite Bow: The other mainstay of Yuuki's weapons is a Composite bow that he had gained from his father at a relatively young age. Just like most composite bows, Yuuki's was made of multiple materials, its largest material being of an interesting wood known as Sitka Spruce. Alongside the wood that is found in the bow, small bits of metal have been placed in each section in order to strength it's ability to withstand force. A simple draw string made of hemp. Along the bows edge is an inscription of his fathers initials, A.M. The bow is normally stationed against Yuuki's back, although it is common for the man to leave it at his residence.

Simple Metal Bracelet: Yuuki's last item he constantly carries on him is a metal bracelet that is attached to his right wrist. There's nothing special to the bracelet other than sentimental value. Other than the sentimental value that Yuuki holds for the item, there's also an inscription of the phrase "Fly Broken Bird" on its surface.


Early Life (Birth to Twelve)

Ever since his birth, Yuuki and his fellow siblings were sheltered until quite a late age. Starting from the age of three, Yuuki was thrown into the spiral that was the Mizugaki clan. Being the first born, the boy was forced into training from a young age to become a successor to his Father, Amon Mizugaki. First came the studying, physical working was too much of an issue for Yuuki when he was younger, completely contrasting his athletic perfection in his later years. It was here at the Mizugaki Clan home that Yuuki had learned, school being relatively distant in his future. Amon was harsh but nothing else could be expected from the leader of the Mizugaki towards his first born son, the family held such a position in high regard. Yuuki wasn't given a choice, not that it made him worse for wear in his later years. The first of studying was based around learning multiple languages, an impressive selection between German, English, Japanese and Korean were all passed down to the boy from his father, his mother taking a backseat when it came to his teachings. After he had learned quite a few languages, the years had past and his studying started to become broader and broader. Sciences, writing styles and history were pushed into the young childs mind as quickly and forcefully as it could be. Without much of a surprise, the information always came to Yuuki easily and without fail. As his early years came to a close, physical effort was introduced into Yuuki's life. Sword combat, martial arts training and endurance training were a massive majority of his training, something his father personally took pride in. With that being the case, once Yuuki had turned Nine he was introduced to a large man who he would learn was a Shinigami. He, his father and the mysterious men ventured to the Soul Society in order to view the Gotei, his father's friend seemingly high up given his ability to do as he pleased.

In the afternoon they had visited, Yuuki was taken to what he learned far later was the academy that potential shingami were sent to in order to develop their training. There wasn't much to the trip, the young boy didn't know much in the ways of Shinigami, hell this was the first time he ever laid eyes on them. That being said, one person seemed to etch their appearance into Yuuki's mind before he and his father had been sent to visit one of the captains of the Gotei. They never truly met, Yuuki could only gather his name from a teacher yelling at him due to a failure in a recent test. The Mizugaki child knew nothing of the man or the teachers in the academy, but the name never left him. Thus, the trip ended and Yuuki and Amon returned home without much of a word. Upon returning home, soon after came the birth of his twin sisters, Mizu and Yachi. Soon, the years past and so did Yuuki's age.

Ten, Eleven and Twelve passed as if it were a breeze. Training increased exponentially, his physical and mental schedules only increasing in load as the days stretched on. Finally, the Mizugaki child was introduced to quite a few other children, the children themselves being close cousins of the family. From here, they were integrated into his training in order to pose some type of threat, at least this is what Amon intended for the children. Eventually the year came to an end, his thirteenth year coming to a quick start.

The Middle Years (Thirteen to Sixteen)

Yuuki's middle years were empty and dreary, his interaction with his newly introduced cousins growing dull as his training began to matter little to him. The training and situations he was placed into were just not cutting it, the boys talent was starting to show rather quickly now while he blew others into the dust. Funny enough, his cousins nicknamed him Tobu in order to mock him, a japanese word meaning Fly. They would insult him during training at times, yelling Tobu-Kun to poke fun at out outlandish his abilities were. As if to say he was flying beyond the rest of them yet meant litte to them either way. The very start of Yuuki's haughty behavior stemed from these moments, their disrespect and jokes fueling his need to be better and to stay better. With that being the case however, training continued until he had reached the age of sixteen. Once turning the age, Yuuki was enrolled in Karakura High, staying within Karakura alone in order to study at the prolific school.

The Latter Half (Seventeen to Present)

Karakura High was something completely foreign to Yuuki. Here, he learned of the different races of the world as well as learning a majority of the things he was taught during his training with his father. Yuuki was beyond surprised, Humans and Shinigami were just the start of a mass amount of races that were considered spiritual in some way or another. There were demons that had hundreds of different types it seemed, Iramasha that held a portion of the Soul Society alongside the Shinigami. Hollows and Arrancar, a generally evil race that could have their good apples. it was beyond him to think that these were types of things that existed in the small world that people like Yuuki existed within. As the years continued so did his schooling, all of it eventually reaching an end in graduation. Upon graduating from Karakura High, the Mizugaki child planned on returning to his clan home. Despite this choice, his future was already chosen for him.

It had only been days since his departure from Karakura High, Yuuki had been readying his belongings at the dorm in order to return home for quite some time. In the process of packing, there was an empty knock at the door to his room. Opening and closing the door led to the delivery of a small envelope and a disheartened messanger. Without much effort, Yuuki slipped his fingers against the edge of the envelope and ripped its edge clean. With a quick read, the few sentences on the paper only made things clear to him. The Mizugaki planned on no longer interacting with Yuuki and had given Yachi the duty of taking care of the head position once his father stepped down. The man had nothing but silence, something that completely blindsides you could have such an effect. Without another word, the paper was torn to pieces and forgotten, Yuuki's new future beginning rather soon.

After quite a few years of empty work and travel, Yuuki had finally settled down once again in Karakura, enlisting with an organization by the name of Force Feedback. They were known to be an Organization focused on pushing the human race forward. Despite them having a cause, Yuuki had only a single reason for joining. Becoming stronger seemed to be his only motive for work ever since graduation, the Mizugaki being alone in the world ever since. The years with Force Feedback stretched and stretched, his soldier position putting him in situations that he knew nothing of. One faithful night, he and three others were given the task of recon outside of Karakura's dome. Things didn't turn out the way Yuuki had planned, life and death becoming a large part of the mission.

It was a simple mission. Watch and listen to discover the reasoning behind the installment of arrancar outside of Karakura's borders. It was supposed to be simple and easy, the outcome was far different however. As the mission commenced, the group of four were captured easily by the leading officer of the arrancar that were there. Hours stretched for what seemed days for the group of Force Feedback soldiers, their torture growing into death eventually. Finally, the leader of the group was left the only one alive, his torture having little effect on his will. Yuuki wasn't one to back down, despite this being the case he was brought to his limits. Before the final carving of his skin was had, instinct had once more taken over Yuuki's mind. Both mind and body acted as one as the rope binding his burst into flames, his movements becoming fluid and filled with anger. Upon coming to his senses once again, Yuuki was left in the center of a group of corpses, Arrancar and human alike laid before the blood soaked man.

Soon, Force Feedback was disbanded and in replacement came the Vanguard. Yuuki left once the organization had finally come to a finish, to this day he hasn't spent time doing anything else but fighting and training. He cared little about the world and only existed to care for himself. It's what he had been taught from harsh life. There was little change for Yuuki at this point, he was set in his ways.

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Moved to Unchecked for grading. <3


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Yuuki Mizugaki[APPROVED 3-3+]
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