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 Ikari Murakami [APPROVED, 0-4+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ikari Murakami [APPROVED, 0-4+]   Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:50 pm

Iramasha Template

Midgardsomr [|ミドガルズオルム|]

• Name: Murakami, Ikari. [村上怒り]
• Callsign: The Dragon of Infinity. [無限大ドラゴン]
• Age: 20 (二十際) [Twenty years old.]
• Gender: Male. [♂]
• Sexuality: Heterosexual. [|Likes Women|]

Quote: "I'll follow you, encourage you. We'll be steadfast in our way, and as we make it back to where our lives branched off. We will take the path we should have taken all along."
• Branch/Position: Medical Leader Unit Leader / Royal Angel Iramasha Head.
• Race: Angel Iramasha. [Formerly: Ascended Human]

• Blood Relationships/Friendships:
  • Mother: Inari Murakami. [Decased: Child Birth. |Deceased before knowing.]
  • Father: Kazuya Murakami.[Deceased: Suicide. |Around Age 10|]
  • Uncle: Sorin Murakami. [Deceased: Old Age |Around Age 15|]
  • Former Girlfriend: Yuuka Aoi.[Deceased: Death Penalty. |Around Age 15|]
  • Former Fianceé: Aiko "Noelle" Yamamoto [Deceased: Manslaughter. |Around Age 18|]
  • Friend: Azure Iramasha. [Active: Alive |Met age 18|]
  • Friend: Reimu La'Miou. [Active: Alive |Met age 19|]
  • Adopted Mother: Yakuin Iramasha. [Deceased: Missing in Action. |Around age 18-19|]
  • Adopted Father: No One [N/A]
  • Current Lover: No One.[N.A]

• Psychosomatic: Ikari is that one guy that if you fall in love with, and is true to, nothing can separate you from him. He's the guy that's kind, considerate and loving. He's true to himself and the other people around him. He's deep in thought always it seems, but he always tries to give a good answer for the situation at hand. He's blunt in nature, and that's represented by how he talks to his mother especially. He can be quick to anger on certain issues, like love and other issues like that. He's also very determined a bit hard headed on certain issues. Furthermore, he has a focus that's so strong that it seems like he has a target on someones head. He's highly calculating in battle and out of it, giving an air of a detached assassin. Furthermore, he can detach himself emotionally on missions to do what's needed even if it means killing close to home. He's absolutely loyal to a fault to family and people he loves. If It means dying for his friends, he's more than willing to do so, but he's more than willing though to protect and save if necessary to do so. All in all he's diligent on everything he does from simple chores to advanced battle tactics. Ikari's greatest personality trait is benevolence, where he's kind and gentle to others, but if they get on his bad side well good luck.

Ikari is normally very patient, to the point where it makes him more willing to talk things out instead of fighting, although he's no stranger to death and violence. He will try to use that as a last resort in fighting, he doesn't like violence, but he knows it's a necessary evil when you need to protect the things you care for. Ikari is protective by nature, because losing everything that meant deep significance to him forced him to learn that he had to become stronger and protect the things that he loves and cares for. Ikari can be quite emotional and passionate depending on the circumstances. which means that he could be either cold or very hot. He mentally isn't unstable. he's passionate he wants to become stronger, he wants to protect, he wants to love, but doing that means he has to open up a damaged heart. Not physically but by the trials of his life which to most are petty, but to him having to kill his own beloved, and yet he had to keep going, and emotionally it's been more difficult for him to form healthy relationships because he's worried that he would have to fight more because of the unstable nature of people around him and in general. People are in his eyes the most confusing things ever, and he wants to understand, but he knows that he cants, so he tries to accept them as much as possible..

If Ikari falls into love again he's that kind of lover where he'll do what he can to ensure that his lover is taken care of and loved properly by him. He may say stupid things or not be able to show it the right way, but he's not afraid to try again. He wants to. A deep part of him needs love from someone that can understand not judge him for his ideals. It's hard for him to not be forward with them. They are as simple as doing the right thing to complex things like valor, honor, and honesty. Those things are the way he knows himself. Because he's a deeply idealistic man, he also has some things he does to a fault, and those faults are what makes him weak, but strong at the same right, it weakens him because it forces him to know that he can't be perfect but strengthens his resolve to become better for the people he loves and trusts. He hopes that there's someone for him some day, and that she'd come and take him from the darkness that sometimes tries to take over his heart and soul and become the thing that makes him happy in life and makes him appreciate the small things that are missed by pride and squalor. He knows that his major weakness is also his strength, and that to make that strong is also being able to know when to be gentle, which he's learning naturally. For him he's trying to become stronger emotionally and spiritually which is a difficult task for the young man, but he strives to become better. It's a struggle, but he keeps trying learning from his mistakes, and asking forgiveness for his faults.

While Ikari can be a very fluffy and kind person, once his limit is reached he can snap, and Ikari when he's like this is a completely different mindset, he's aggressive, violent, malevolent, sarcastic, and slightly sadistic in the way he fights, presents himself, even reacts to normal situations. It takes a lot for him to shift into a mindset like that, but once it's shifted into Ikari goes from upstanding to purely violent and destructive. This also means when speaking to him, his voice drops from a normal vibrant, life filled, to lifeless, cold, and sarcastic. To the point where it's clear he's very upset, angry, confused etc. When Ikari's in this state, most people would be advised to stay away, because he's not afraid to go into battle and begin to knock people's heads in, kill them, for force them severe damage due to his holy nature probably the effects of raw unrestrained purification would do to someone's mind and soul when being forcefully changed would probably fuck them up pretty badly. Also in this state, his eyes depending on what state they are will immediately shift on, and actively trying to do what he must. The sadism comes in the form of he will meticulously kill someone, by making well aimed cuts with heat to ensure as much pain from the cuts and searing pain is inflicted to the most highest degree possible before death will be inflicted. Even when death is coming to take them he will make sure they know the fear of someone who's been through hell and back, After the person dies, Ikari will incinerate their bodies to ensure that if the soul wants the body they will have to forcefully ask for reconstruction which means in the end he's playing with their life and actions when they are killed by him in this state. Being coated in the blood of his enemies happens often when he snaps so seeing him covered in blood after this isn't something unusual.

Once he breaks out of this state he's immediately filled with regret, because he lost control of himself, and will be in that state for a bit because he's repenting for his sins in the sense of he lost himself, but once he realizes it was just a temporary weakness and setback he will immediately bounce back. Which that time of down period is when he's shifting back into his state of being normal, he'll go into himself and retreat. This is a necessary process for him to heal from the state of breaking. Like when someone is wounded and needs time to heal the wounds, this is the same with his psychology. He gets hurt. he retreats back, is more prone to being snappy and tries to keep a good distance away unless he needs to talk. Typically, this is a short process of days, but... when it's deep seated like break up of a lover, or being forced to kill a person he doesn't want to kill. it takes much longer due to the pain that's been inflicted on his own psyche. Therefore, with Ikari he exercises great amounts of care when he has to fight or kill or deal with negative stimuli.


• Historical Documentation: Ikari when he was a human was an assassin. Yes the guys who go bump in the night, but he was a rare type, since he had spiritual powers and well.. a unique curse you see. The kid was also given a curse of hatred, basically when someone he loves dies around him or he sees it, it triggered the curse into the full form causing him to become not only hateful, but spiteful, and destructive by nature. This cold nature transitioned into how he felt in general about humanity as something that was nothing just a bunch of fools thinking they had the right path, and people just trying to rule because they thought also they had the right and power. in Ikari's mind at that time it him saying that people as they were, are always major forms of pieces of shit that should of been, redone, but at this point and time, he was trying to heal the wounds he had sustained, the pain, the loss of pride, the loss of family and understanding of himself, and yet he strives to be a good person. To be happy, is one of the things he constantly strives for even when his heart is hurting and wanting to break, he will place a smile on his own lips and push for the person he cares for to be happy. He knows that it's damaging to himself, and he can tell through throughout his history that he wondered if him trying to be happy and make others happy has only been his purpose for now. Until he finds his purpose for living helping others find their life and makes his goals as such.

Returning back to when he was younger, this cold nature transitioned into how he felt in general about humanity as something that was nothing just a bunch of fools thinking they had the right path, and people just trying to rule. When he was a human his mother passed away giving birth to him, and that wasn't the worst thing he had seen as a child. As he grew older and more responsible, he began to train in the arts. His father and his partner resumed doing missions together and one day the mission went sour and the father's partner died. So one day while Ikari was training late, he decided to end it all and began to slice his legs and the insides of his arms up while he was in the family prayer room. While that was going on Ikari had activated his bloodline to it's final form that he knew of at that time his Father while he thought his son wouldn't of returned early to take care of him came in as he began to slice through his throat and began to bleed out as blood not only got spilled out, but into the esophagus due to the large slash across his throat. While he watched his father die right in front of him, not once did he shed a tear until they had burned him and scattered his ashes amongst the four winds so to speak. This broke him as he got older and more wiser, about what happened to his father and mother. He had also to decapitate his girlfriend because he had committed the crime of treason against their government. He had a fiancé some time afterwards, whom he was going to marry, because of bad intelligence she had killed the wrong person, which started a series of unfortunate situations which had gotten her killed, because she wasn't herself, and Ikari ended up accidentally killing her, when he wanted to run away with her. After that moment, he was thrust into a new position seeing on how well he had did as a young man doing missions faithfully for his government and people. He did not do too much as a leader, until he became the leader of a large group of stealth unit that were designed as an independent group from the main forces. After a mission he'd watch his entire crew get wiped out due to bad intelligence, and betrayal by a person whom he had trusted yet again. Ikari sought to kill himself due to the fact he was the responsible party, because he had gotten the intelligence and had trusted the person who betrayed him. That's when an angel descended upon him in that grief taking pity on him and sending him to the Iramasha Island and into a place where she could teach him, nurture him and show him the love a parent impacting a child.

The Angel that had saved Ikari from doing something he would of regretted for the rest of his life? Her name is Yakuin Iramasha, but to him she's mother or mom depending on the mood he's in. She was the head of the Medical Unit, and she treated him like a son. She was strict, but she always showed him the love that a mother could only show. Her name was Yakuin Iramasha, and he was her "son" so he called her his "mother." Although he knew he had a mother that died birthing his sorry ass, but this one taught him not to fight, but to heal and to protect. He taught himself how to fight, and eventually the Seishin Buki he had received was made with his fighting style in mind. Also he got a gift from a stranger on earth. It was a handgun that he could use his elements and energies through, but once Yakuin had left, he decided to leave the gun sealed away. All of those things happened so fast. He was then announced as the heir of the medical division. His goal now? To protect his new family and the people he loves. He will do anything to protect the people he loves to the point once he read his history about his original parents he was moved on how much they really loved him. This helped him to figure that he needed to be stronger, and more open to people, so he would. He decided to learn more about the people around him as in the Iramasha, and then people of the earth that inhabited there. Upon hearing about the other races all but the hollow/arrancar races, he wants to meet them and learn from them. Although his home is always with Yakuin his "mother". The most ironic thing is that he'd drop his life for hers at a drop of a hat. He heard rumors on how she was considered insane, and to his testament of his short life he hasn't seen her ever go nuts or act like she was possessed. He wonders now if there is someone for him that would love him unconditionally, knowing that he couldn't really be a human again at least until his purpose is done, he searches for his purpose and someone that he can call his own. Upon his various training and getting stronger he had ran into a spirit and the problem of him not having a home so be brought him into his world and bonded him to himself to help him become stronger.

After gaining the bond between him and Seiryuu, he learned a plethora of things about himself that were surprising, from what he could do in the Iramasha. As he had progressed his powers and understanding of Seiryuu he had also learned about his position as a medical unit heir. He has become stronger and more used to the things of being a leader now. Some time later once he was on a mission helping out people, after he had finished them he returned home and found the letter explaining the situation. At first he was shocked that she had to go take care of something and told him to lead that it was his destiny to lead. From that point on he coordinated the medical unit, and learned that she was the royal Angel Iramasha heir that when she left. Now being forced to assume two leaderships he forced himself to assume the roles taking notes from the other Iramasha leaders and got the help he had needed to ensure that he could run everything smoothly. Once being thrust into the black world and facing himself he learned within his darkness, there's a stronger light within himself that helped him to accept it and become stronger through it. As he's gained more wisdom about himself and the people around him he realized how powerful and necessary his emotions are when they are used properly. Not only is he strong physically but a bit more now spiritually and emotionally. He's taking his positions very seriously as well as still searching looking for that one person that can potentially complete him, but he's not sure that he'll find what he's looking for, but he's hopeful. He just does what he needs to do for the most part. He's stronger than he was before, but he knows that eventually he will have to decrease, and that means a lot for him. he's focused on his goals and has the drive to achieve them.

• Innate Natural skills:
Master Swordsmaster: While Ikari tends to not to use his Seishin Buki as much as other Iramasha, it doesn't mean he can't use it effectively, especially with his magic. He can use magic and sword play at it's peak using magical skills and sword play at the same time making his mid-range and close range pressure styles are something to be feared with his swordplay. Although he likes to use Battojutsu, he tends to use a single hand sword style so he can have an open hand for generating his magic from his other hand so that in case he'd have to be ambidextrous he could be. He also has dipped into dual sword play, but tends to prefer the single handle sword play.

Deep Reserves: When Ikari became an Iramasha from his past as a human that used Reishi, he gained access to the Chaos energy allowing his energy to become tenfold effectively giving him more energy to use and allowing him to create stronger and more complex attacks. Furthermore, this increased energy allows him to string magic and sword attacks back to back with no problem, but it can get draining quickly. Although this energy is there, he typically tries to not to use it, because it's bad for his health to do so. That deep reserves is what keeps him able to deal and help his mother out when shit happens especially since her job is quite difficult to do.

Gunslinger: This isn't a well-known fact about Ikari, but throw a handgun into the hands of Ikari and he with his precise aim and skill can do pretty devastating things with it. While he's a good gun user, he's better at swords than guns, because he typically fights with a sword, but his Gunplay is serious. He can do hand to hand while using a gun, developing a sort of gun kata style. Using his high amount of skill with a gun with his hand to hand skills to create a very harsh offensive style, that uses more of hand to hand and close range gunplay to make him a very aggressive style of fighting while allowing him to keep mobile at all costs. He tends to not use this outside of showing off to friends that he can use a gun in this modern age.

Magic Slinger: Ikari can use magic up the ass, being that Ikari's strength with magic is something to be feared. He uses magic so much, that it's normally not an issue until he starts using high levels of it back to back or if the magic type is unique such as Enton, his clans original skills so on and so forth. Although, he can string magic back to back with no problem it still drains him in battle, but normally if he's using it domestically then it's fine and it doesn't drain him, because of the skill he has with magic, and how much energy he has in general. Furthermore, He can use this also to coat his arms and legs with energy to keep him able to do hand to hand without using a weapon.

High Speed Fighter: This entails the fact that naturally as he's a very deft and fast due to his training as a human, and later on as an Angel iramasha learning their form of high speed movement called the Chaos Warp allowing him to learn the fastest potential movements with his eyes being enhanced allowing him to see clearly when he moves at top speeds, allowing him to be deft as possible while maintaining his top speeds ensures him that he can keep being speedy while being tactical.

Fighting Style:

Divine Dragon: Using high speed slashes from his Seishin Buki or precise multiple strikes with his hands and feet are his main ways of combat when he's not using his elemental hand to hand combat. While he's using his elements with this high speed they give his punches and kicks the extra boost by making them a bit more able to cause more damage, help set stuff on fire, and give him resistances to certain elements when he's not Air Locking with his Angelic forms. He doesn't grab but if he does expect a sword or hand through their gut, because of the brutal fighting style he uses in and out. Leaving him with a savage but focused fighting style.

Seishin Buki

• Seishin Buki Name: Nox Nyctores: Genhieitsuba. [Arch Enemy Weapon: Flying Shadow Illusion]

• Seishin Buki Appearance:

• Seishin Buki Abilities: Originally the sword he used as a human was the family heirloom sword that was passed down to generations of Ikari's family lines as a human, but once he became an Iramasha it went from a normal sword into the Seishin Buki of his because of the deep bonds the sword held from his past and well the past of his bloodline as well. The blade is based on using high speed illusion based attacks. Being that it seemingly moves at such high speed that it seems like he hasn't moved his blade once. Furthermore, while the blade is active it's considered to be constantly draining energy, because it forces him to use illusion slashes. Furthermore, the blade if slashed with takes on the flames of Kagutsuchi because of his bond, so easily making the blade very hot, and hard to tell since it's black, so only way to know this is to be slashed or hit the blade with a strong water or Ice attack, unless the user has a heat tracing ability it stays true to being unknown. Uniquely it has Setsuba Genhieigeki similar to Kakeru's but more based on shadow than just sheer high speed. The sheath is the tell on what skill he's using at the time, if one pays attention to the dragon or lack of a dragon it tells the user what's being used.

Illusion Slash: This is the basic ability it seems like he's slashing from far away, but he uses his chaos energy to create mini sonic explosions based on the chaos energy at any range, as long as he has the energy to use it. While he's using this skill he can't slash because of the blade's high speed slashes creating the booms forcing him to cap the blade, but he can use at most four in rapid succession because of the fact they can stack to cause an explosion strong enough to take out a city if Ikari puts enough energy into it. He has to wait a turn between uses. When Illusion slash is being used, the Dragon goes a grey color. This can be used the most frequently, being that it’s the least draining and most toolbox of his skills.

Kyouten Kaen: Using Illusion slash, he uses the flames of Amaterasu on his blade that are innately there. He can make mini solar explosions from the basis of the Sonic explosions of Illusion slash, and the fact that Amaterasu's flames are as hot as the sun. While this is in use, the dragon on the hilt will shift from it's normal color to a red color as if it was an enraged red dragon. He can only use this once per two turns, because the explosion is very powerful capable of leveling three cities around Ikari if he puts enough energy into the attack, he can only use the extremely powerful aspect of this move once per four turns, due to the energy output needed for this attack normally this can be used once per two turns because it does drain a bit more than the normal illusion slash, which can be used every turn.

Setsuba: This unique skill of Ikari’s Seishin Buki is that it takes on Enton, ikari’s Inferno/Blaze release and allows it manipulate it by swinging the blade if ikari wills it, it can make walls of black flames, or spirals of flames. As long as he has the energy and will to use the ability he can make the sword do pretty simple, but effective flame attacks, even sprout flames from the earth by pushing the blades tip into the ground. If they get hit by it it’s possible for them to be set on fire because of the flames being so consuming when used with the Seishin Buki. The longer the distance the weaker the attack gets, the closer the stronger. He can use this skill every other turn.

Setsuba Genhieigeki (Section Wave Illusion: Flying Shadow Strike): Utilizing high speed battojutsu slashes, Ikari uses his mastery of Genhieitsuba. Activating it so that the blade slides out faster from the sheath than normal doing a series of slashes, Then capping the blade as the effects of his slashes ending feeling he slashed over ninety-nine times in a row with very powerful and elegant slashes. While he's using Setsuba, Ikari cannot use Illusion slash when in usage. Furthermore, while it's in use the user is hit with the flames of Amaterasu on the blade, making this easily one of the most dangerous attacks that Ikari has. When it's first used, the Dragon disappears from the sheath then reappears from the fact it's supposed to be like a shadow struck the user. This is the only move he can use constantly, because it's mainly him using high speed slashes at blinding rates, the down side is that he has to hit the user with the first slash to continue with the other slash. After the first hit, the flames on the blade dissipate on the blade because of the high speeds the blades reaching.

If they can defend, counter, or dodge the attack then they are in the clear. If defended if Ikari has more strength and speed over their defense, then he can break the guard.

Unique Weapons:

Name: The Sword of Diminished White. [白の薄れる刀]
Weapon Type: Katana.
Description: This blade was created for him as a human. He kept this sword as a treasured weapon that he hardly used for the corrupted nature or so he thought, and the fact he felt darker for using it, although it was trying to use it for good. The blade is an unblemished white blade. The handle is white wrapping with red gems placed into the handle as well with a black six pointed star shaped hand guard. The Sheath is a white sheen with a black dragon inscribed on it on both sides. It allows him to draw upon the darker nature of his heart and soul allowing him to diminish the light around him, allowing him to draw the light into his blade to charge it for three turns. Then once fully charged it allows him to draw upon the light energy and release it in a series of slashes or beams. Another aspect of the Katana is that it draws on his inner good, to boost his speed, strength and endurance. Allowing them to rise one step stopping at master. The Final effect is that Ikari for 2 turns isn't allowed to draw on the light part of his Chaotic Energy once allowed again he can channel it into a large scale series of light beams. the blade rests upon his right hip with his Seishin Buki just next to this Blade. The Katana is lighter than his Seishin Buki, and can be used with the same skill set as his Seishin Buki with an increased cost, and cool down added of one turn. This shifts the nature of the attacks to holy allowing his angelic nature to be used. The blade is much harder to break than normal weapons due to them being made of a stronger metal that can take more punishment akin to it's sister blade, and the Seshin buki's strength.

Name: Sword of Diminished Black. [黒の薄れる刀]
Weapon Type: Katana.
Description: This was the other sword that was created for him as a human, and he kept this sword as a pair with the Sword of the Diminished White. Where as the Sword of Diminished white has a white blade this one is black in color. The hand guard is a white six pointed star shape. The handle is black wrapped leather with red gem inlays. The sheath is a black in color with a white dragon emblazoned on it. This allows him to draw into the darker energy of his chaos energy, and allows him to capture the darkness and the light nature of his heart allowing him to brighten the area for pulling the darkness away revealing the light. He can draw upon the energy for three turns, and charge the blade up and once charged up fully, it can do similar to the Sword of Diminished White, where that once charged it boosts his Strength, Speed, and Magic to one step higher stopping at Master. If fully released, it allows him to create a large dark rift open doing an AoE of dark energy, it has a cool down of two posts. He normally summons this blade when using it during Nintoryu. He can use the same set of skills as the Seishin Buki, with an increased cost and cool down of a turn, although it shift the natures into an evil/dark type. The blade is much harder to break than normal weapons due to them being made of a stronger metal that can take more punishment akin to it's brother blade, and the Seshin buki's strength.


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Iramasha Template

Powers/Abilties [力と出来る物]


• Angelic Powers:
Soul Enhancement: The Angel Iramasha appear to have an ability where they are able to use energy from other souls to power themselves. For example, if they were in the Soul Society they would be able to call upon small bits of energy from multiple Plus's and some Shinigami to eventually and gradually make themselves much stronger. This will also work with other Iramasha as they are naturally incline to help each other and will succeed in making both Iramasha somewhat stronger for a short amount of time. But, Angel Iramasha's must remember that if they do not get full approval from each soul they take power from only a small fraction of that soul's power will come to them. So, unless there is a mass acceptance of Angel Iramasha being able to take this energy, this is usually done in more populated areas with large amounts of Plus's, Iramasha's, Human's or Shinigami. This ability also does not work as well with Arrancar, Demons, Vizards or Hollows; the races listed would need to fully give the Iramasha their energy and be committed for this one to work.

It is also rumored that if enough souls are gathered by a very powerful Iramasha, one may even be able to rival the Soul King himself in times of crisis.

Soul Creation: Within certain realms, The Angel Iramasha have been blessed with the ability to manipulate certain factors within their environment by The Soul King himself. For example, while within the Soul Society Angel Iramasha on a higher level have the power to create certain living beings from the allowance of the Soul King, easily control the weather, forge various objects from nowhere to attack opponents with and even form imaginary realities within confined areas. They've even gone as far as to reshape other opponents or allies body to their own needs if enough power is backed behind it. This ability requires more power to master, however, so the higher your tier level, the better you are controlling this. Along with that, it's only at it's strongest in the Soul Society, with the World Of The Living coming in a close second. For, when they are not in the Soul Society, they rely heavily on the supply of reiatsu, reishi and reishi in the air in order to perform these feats. And in realms such as Hueco Mundo, The Kokuryuteshi's Realm and Demon World; this becomes increasingly hard to perform, but manageable.

Divine Purification: As with most types of Angel's, The Iramasha Angel do have the ability to purify various races. What in the world does that mean? It's really quite simple. If they are able to weaken or overpower a demon for example it would be possible to make an attempt at converting them into a more pure race such as an Angel or even going as far as to rebirth them as a human to atone for their sins. The same can apply for Vizards, Demon's, Arrancar's and Hollow's. However, these are more extreme examples of purification. On the combat side of things, this purification also becomes heavily useful against these races attacks. For example, a high class Iramasha Angel would have the ability to negate certain Demon Spells or cut through a weaker level cero shot off from an Arrancar or Vizard. Along with that, the Divine Purification would even allow for them to even shift the blast entirely into a holy energy and use it against said Arrancar or Vizard to cause more damage. Not only that, but more highly skilled Angel's could even disarm or immobilize certain low class or weakened Demon's or Arrancar merely by touching them and attempting to rid their existence by the pure angelic radiating inside of them.

This Purification can even be used for non-combat purposes or healing purposes as more powerful Angel's have the ability to even cure people of illnesses, do away with most toxins or poisons and even perform miracles by sometimes making the most impossible injury or damage done to person become undone. Those who are even on a lower level can at least give their comrades a sense of extra energy with their presence, do away with most common sicknesses and things of this nature. Along with that, this purification can even be extracted from some Iramasha's to be converted into various objects that generate holy barriers that have the potential to reject most types of foul creatures and do great damage to them or prevent them for entering the area altogether.

Soul Reading: Angel Iramasha's have the ability to actually look into ones soul (See: Inner World) in order to determine what a person or creature is like on a more spiritual based level. For lower level Iramasha, they can easily be rejected, injured or whatever else have you if they wish to enter someone's Inner World without permission. On top of that, it also requires more effort on their part as they are not accustomed to it as more powerful ranking Angel's within the Iramasha are. However, as they get stronger, eventually they will no longer require the need for permission and can sometimes enter a persons Inner World without their consent. When this happens, the person in question will either fight them off to eject them out of their soul, allow them full access or The Angel Iramasha will deal with whatever rules the Inner World they are entering has in store for them.

Now, moreover, if someone is able to fully accept this Angel into their heart it can be possible for The Angel Iramasha in question to do positive deeds for them. Take this situation for example: There is a Plus Soul in danger of being overwhelmed and turning into a hollow. If an Angel Iramasha is present, they can easily enter that Plus's soul and remove the hollow infection so that they may pass on to the Soul Society in a more peaceful matter. Another situation that would be considered a good deed with this ability is an Angel Iramasha even taming one's Ziamichi Spirit in order to enhance that Ziamichi's overall control and power. And the last example of this ability being used for good would be for an Angel Iramasha to somehow awaken a person's hidden or suppressed memories. So, by these three examples alone, there are many ways for an Angel Iramasha to do good, but there is also many ways for them to do negative impact.

Thus, on the flip side, an Angel Iramasha can possibly enter an Arrancar's Inner World and begin the task of destroying their vast collection of Souls until said Arrancar was no more or dropped dead if they failed to fight said Angel Iramasha off. Another example of using this for negative impact would be to completely shatter a Shinigami's Soul Chain if they were able to locate it or said Shinigami did not reject or rebel against The Angel Iramasha. Finally, they could even split a Ziamichi Spirit or Hollow away from their host and cause some serious mayhem for said host.

Therefore, this ability must be used with utmost caution. It can turn the tides in a battle, or can easily be used against an Angel Iramasha if an experienced fighter knows how to handle dealing with someone inside of their inner world. Alas, though, most Angel Iramasha choose to simply use this ability as more or less a passive move to see inside a person's soul. So, on that final note, use it as you may.

Elemental Releases
Basic Releases [Foundation]

Katon: He can release flames by using hand seals or his will while he uses this skill he can make anything from Fire balls, to walls of flames, he can shape and whip around fire based moves around, He can shoot fire from his mouth, from the skies. If he has the reishi to do it then he can do it. His Fire is naturally black, so it's hard to distinguish if his Fire is Enton based or Katon based like normally. This is basic fire release and nothing else. Furthermore, he can pair it with Wind to make a stronger release or to put more power into an attack to over power it. This was the first release he mastered.

Fuuton: Wind release, allows him to manipulate wind all around him and for him to create Wind. While it's in use he can use fire with it to make a new release based on how strong the fire is and what effect he's going for. While it's in use it's colorless due to his mastery of Fire and Wind he can effortlessly entwine the elements together in many different facets without much problem. Wind is natural to the world, and to him e can air lock it around him about 100 Meters because of this it's hard to know when he's air locking, but one can tell when he uses a flame technique. This was the second mastered.

Advanced Releases [Finesse]:

Enton: Blaze Release: This is the release based off of the flames of Kagutsuchi that he inherited. While Enton is activated it puts a large strain on his left eye while it's in use furthermore, he can manipulate it just as well as using Katon or any other fire release that he's using. Furthermore, He can create this without Amaterasu, but while it's used in that form, it's weaker than using Amaterasu since it's the superior fire basis than Enton without the holy flames of Amaterasu. Also when he gets enraged enough he releases Enton to such an extreme point it's almost catastrophic. This is the most draining skill to use because of the manipulation of something of the goddess of the sun so to speak. This is the last release to be Mastered.

Shakuton: Scorch Release, using this release against a water type or ice type spells major problems because it easily burns through all types of water, and hydrogen namely because of the sheer amount of heat being released and used, that this style forces a lot of heat out, but while it's being used. Also, he can manipulate large amounts of Heat in this release allowing him to use heat in the most dangerous way to suffocate. This uses more of the Flame side of the release than Wind, because it's meant to burn away everything in it's path. This was the third release to be mastered by Ikari.

Bakuton: Explosion Release this release allows him to make explosions out of nowhere, although this is dangerous, and useful, he can make large scale to small scale, and while he's using it, it's the second most taxing because of the skill and focus it takes to use this release makes his skills with it on par with a master spell slinger, when it's in use though Ikari has the skill and control to create something akin to a nuclear bomb or as weak as minor gas explosion. This release is more Wind than Flame, using flame as a catalyst to cause the explosions. This release can back fire, because if someone redirects this back at Ikari. He'd have a hard time to create a counter explosion back. This skill was learned out of necessity to make sure he covered all of his bases in learning Fire + Wind releases. This is the fourth release to be mastered by Ikari.

Note: The Fire/Flame based skills they can burn, except Bakuton which can blow off limbs and vitals etc, As long as Ikari has enough energy and will to do it, and they can’t produce enough energy and or something that can prevent them from getting burned. For Bakuton, if there enough energy and power behind the attack and the person can’t either dodge, counter, or evade the attack it’s possible for them to lose a limb or such from the sheer power, doesn’t mean it can’t be regenerated though. He can use Chaos energy in every release, and if it's used it powers up the skills to their strongest form using the two main types of energy that Ikari has in use. Also he use his releases in hand to hand combat, sort of like an elemental fighting style, but he can only use one element at a time and more complex or stronger the element in use the more it drains from him.

• Chaos Moves/Skills:

Heavenly Flicker: Utilizing chaos energy and high amounts of control he can move at top speeds leaving an after image of himself of where he was, he can with enough focus, energy, and speed warp to other places, but when he warps it's event only if it's a battle otherwise the purpose is for traveling between the many areas of the world. Furthermore, his body seems to flicker so it looks like a huge burst of Chaos Energy is rushing you instead of a human giving off the appearance of something more deadlier than just what seems like a human with chaotic energy. This is his customized Chaos Warp, that’s more useful for him since it helps him to move not only fast, but efficient, this is what Ikari’s Chaos warp became once he began to mix Reishi, and Chaos energy into a move.

Heavenly Light: Using the Chaos energy he has from being an Iramasha and the fact his mother is pretty much the Medical leader. He learned how to heal wounds on his friends and himself by using the chaos energy to resonate with the wound and then begin to seal it up. The Longer the he puts energy into the wound the better he can seal it up. This doesn't mean he can lolnope death at all, but it helps him to heal himself and others. He can't just lolnope someone havhing their head cut off, but if possible he can seal it up he will try to make sure, unless the damage is too intense for him to seal up, or it's impossible due to it being completely missing. He typically uses this healing spell the most, because it's his most effective and most useful healing skill. He can sure use chaos energy naturally to heal, but this makes it more organized and with pin point accuracy because of Sharingan’s capabilities with sight and seeing reishi and the colors to tell what kind of thing he’s dealing with.

Heavenly Blast: Using Chaos Energy he began to form an offensive beam or fireball or something of that nature. While he's using this move while mobile he can change the direction of the beam, as long as it's not a 180 degrees, it's 180 degrees then it can't bend or move that direction. If he wants he can detonate the blast causing a Chaos Explosion. When it explodes it has enough of a punch to break through most guards as long there's enough energy and strength behind the attack to break through the guard, and as long as the user can out speed, counter or block and keep the guard up, they’ll be fine for the most part, This was his first move learned for an offensive attack against people.

Heavenly Slice: Using Chaos energy he can imbue it into his Seishin Buki or make a sword out of chaos energy and he can use it to create a strong wave or explosion of Chaos energy that radiates outwards that’s strong enough to break guards, slice through mountains, or other tough structures like that. It’s meant to be a very powerful and dangerous close range attack, but ikari’s mastery over it makes it so he can make the attack go a bit farther than just his blade a good mile, if he puts enough energy into the attack. The more energy and will he has to fight the more longer this attack can be unlit it reaches a mile, after that it’s pointless because it won’t expand or get any stronger from that point on.

Heavenly Shield: Utilizing Chaos energy Ikari can form a large defensive shield that can take a good amount of attacks before it breaks. It can be sustained as long as he has the energy to do so. Once the shield is up, the Chaos Energy reacts with the air making a solid shield for Ikari to use. If someone can over power his strength and Magic they could break the shield as well as if they have a special piercing skill is another way they can break the shield. This can be cast on other people as long as Ikari is within a range of 50 meters out. Any farther and he can't protect him with the shield.

Angel Forms

• Awakened Divinity State Appearance:
"It's time to get serious."

• Angelic Release Stage One Abilities:

Seiryuu's Call: This skill allows him to show his angelic side and the connection to something greater the Azure Dragon of the East, by first unlocking all restrictions on his Chaos Energy. He gets more control on air locking which is the skill where he has absolute control of air and by extension wind and storm abilities. While he's awakening this up The winds and weather stop around him. It's like the weather just went oh shit this guy is waking up. Once this starts it's going to get dicey because he has an insane amount control on the winds, which power up all of his flames because his flames uses the winds to help him in his path. The AoE is about 500 Meters around Ikari when this happens, This is the only consistant release, but it also drains on Ikari because the fact of his Chaos energy and Reishi mixing with the air to make it stand still and to be in his beck and call in that 500 Meter range. If one can break ikari's energy or break the lock itself they can essentially break this down so they aren't locked in the 500 meter range.

Seiryuu's Roar: This is the skill that made the Azure Dragon of the east well known for. Its roar, the show of power that it is. The ability of Seiryuu's roar is that he can cause large chains of lightning bolts and hurricane force [F-5] winds around him. While it's active with Seiryuu's call he can manipulate the winds much better to he point that it seems like it was his main skill as an angel which is a lie. The true skill of this is the manipulation of the weather because of the connection to something greater than himself. he can make the lightning go in multiple directions and he can only use it in this state for 3 times with at least a turn in cool down to two depending on how many bolts are used and how many times they are turned. If more than 10 bolts are used and 2 turns then it goes for a longer cool down if less turns or bolts then it's one turn.

Seiryuu's Claws: He can make the winds/weather he has locked into swords and manipulate them in many ways, It can be simple as wind blasts, or as advanced as weather control of the area within the Air Lock. While he's using this skill he can't use any other skills besides the constant of Seiryuu's Call. When this is active it has the appearance of dragon claws are around Ikari as if something was there. Furthermore, his control of the Air Lock is at the most finite, meaning that he has the best control during this skill. while he's using it It can be used 2 times per turn for4 turns and has a cool down of two turns. All weather control must be within the Air lock, and no where else.

• Awakened Divinity State Appearance:
"I'm the Answer to the darkness, I shall protect the weak."

He also can sprout black wings in this form if he does he can fly with them or just the fact he can normally fly.

• Awakened Divinity State Abilities:
Seiryuu's Call V2: This is the evolution of this skill, by first unlocking all restrictions on his Chaos Energy. He gets more control on air locking which is the skill where he has absolute control of air and by extension wind and storm abilities. While he's awakening this up The winds and weather stop around him. It's like the weather just went oh shit this guy is waking up. Once this starts it's going to get dicey because he has an insane amount control on the winds, which power up all of his flames because his flames uses the winds to help him in his path. The AoE is about 500 Meters around Ikari when this happens, This is the only consistent release, but it also drains on Ikari because the fact of his Chaos energy and Reishi mixing with the air to make it stand still and to be in his beck and call in that 750 Meter range. This can be sustained longer than the first one because more energy is being released to keep the Air lock Stable. if someone could make the lock unstable or break Ikari's energy they could essentially break the air lock.

Seiryuu's Rage: While Seiryuu's Call V2 is activated Ikari controls his reishi and his Chaos energy to cause a resonating effect that causes in the detonation of the air lock causing such a strong explosion of energy, And F-5 Hurricane force winds whipping around because of the detonation of energy It's AOE is 500 And the closer to the epicenter you are the more damage one can sustain. This doesn't mean Ikari is out of the clear as well, because he has to either get out before it completely explodes, or be able to create a counter explosion to keep him from getting the full effect of the storm as it pushes out away from him being the epicenter of the explosion Since he is the epicenter of the explosion he must remain still when he activates the explosion. This explosion consists of Chaos/ Reishi and the weather in the area being broken down and then it explodes out because of the sheer changes within the area in such a short period of time. This explosion can only be used 3 times in a thread and once it's used has a two turn cool down.

Seiryuu's Cache: When the air is locked from Seiryuu's Call V2 Ikari can utilize the wind to make bunches of weapons out of the stagnant air and weather. These weapons can be wielded in his hands, and while they are in his hands he can use the element if there's one attached to the weapon, as in water, wind, Lightning etc. While this is activated it takes away constantly from the air lock weakening it, because it's using parts of the lock to create the weapon. Over time this can become quite taxing, and dangerous because the more weapons he creates the more he has to keep up with and that can make him distracted. If he makes more than 10 weapons at a time, there's a potential that it can shatter the air lock, causing the weapons to break.

• Akai Doragon Forumu [Red Dragon Form]:

Basic Skills:

Sword Master: In this form Ikari is one with his Katana for once, and not a mage with a sword. His sword skills are fully laid out to be dangerous. He has a unique sword style that hinges on the theories of Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū, which translates to Two Heavens as One. The Basic principle is the strike of non-thought which allows a practitioner to use the style without any delay or worry about how the strike goes out it just goes out. In everything that's related to swordplay you just are, there's no thought behind it. His sword strike speed is considered to be nearly on par with Kakeru's when this form is active due to the deeply rooted style of Hyouhou Niten Ichi-Ryu breaking his mind from actively having to think about striking to just striking.

Immunity to Fire: Although he has high resistance naturally to getting burned, in this form all forms of fire he's Immune to due to the fact this form is at one with the Sword and the fire backing it. Furthermore, Since he's used to fire, Heat doesn't affect him as much either, but if it's cold enough to remove all traces of heat, then his body would naturally freeze from the fact there's no heat unless he actively makes heat to keep himself warm. He can withstand fire and enhanced fire types because of his ties to the Red Dragon Soul. With that said he has an amazing fire skill, but he can be dwarfed in heat and fire skill if someone were to be better than him at it.

Sword Mage: He's used to combining his strikes with his natural affinity to Magic to make them extremely potent able to deal multiple strikes in one attack. He's magically skilled because of his understanding of his flames. He's able to use many flames at once while fighting with his sword and able to imbue his sword with flames much more rapidly. Within this form his Flames are considered on a power that's unusual to see on Ikari. While he prefers to use his sword typically he uses magic to augment his strikes and give him range when necessary. Also this improves his flow within his fighting style.

High Speed Combatant: From the rigorous training from Hyouhou NIten Ichi-Ryu he's gained a high amount of speed and reaction speed. Being that speed in this style is absolutely critical as much as being very powerful. He's made into a glass canon if someone can shut him down quickly then he's useless and it doesn't matter how fast and strong he is, if he's shut down. But his speed is definitely fast, but his reaction speed is very dangerous also in this form, because of the philosophy and practicality of the strike of non thought he doesn't have to contemplate his strikes, he just strikes.

• Custom Form Abilities:

Dance of Seiryuu: This is manifestation of the mastery of Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū, and mastery over Fire to the point where his fire is considered to be very dangerous enough to the point where he can burn through most high powered ice abilities. Also, He's able to use Nitoryu the Sword Style where you use a sword in each hand, or being ambidextrous and able to switch hands mid swing to augment strikes. It's considered to be the most difficult style to use because of the hand and eye coordination to keep up with. It's a powerful style, and yet it has very weak defense, because if someone were to overwhelm a Nitoryu user, they would be defenseless because of the focus on making a strong offensive to make up for a lack of a defense. True Fire Style is a high speed and high offensive style making the user a glass cannon. This styles manifestation of fire, sword skill mixed with high speed reactions and high speed movements. This is built of the notion of knowing your powers and being able to react to the many powers and skills of the people he fights. Typically this style would of died out many of years ago, if it wasn't written down, and since Ikari had regained his skill with swords, this style is one of the most dangerous sword styles that he knows.

Custom Flames:

Red Dragon Flames: These are the natural flames if Seiryuu spat flames out of his mouth. They are tied directly to the natures of Seiryuu being the master of Air and the Gravity. In this respect they are made able to eat all kinds of air and get more powerful, and on the same end, they are capable to being made to crush and capture someone if necessary. The whims of the user is key in using these flames the will of Ikari controls the power of these flames. These flames are normally a brilliant red and orange color scheme being more red when they are more powerful and orange when they are meant to be utility based as a construct of a jail etc.

Flames of Heaven and Hell: The concept of these flames is the dual tone of holy and evil energy called chaos energy. In that sense, Ikari can split these up into Holy Flames like Amaterasu, and Unholy Flames like Kagatsuchi. The Holy flames are much stronger in purifying and sending things to heaven or Soul Society, and are capable of destroying Unholy/Evil beings easier. The Evil Flames or darkness flames that he use are akin to Hell and meant for destroying Divine beings. These flames are based on the strength of the user and their will power. The flames are usually black and white in color due to the fact they are flames based on pure judgment alone.

Chaos Flame: As with everything being created there must be a balance this holds true in swordsmanship as well as magic. This is the balance between the extremes of Flames of Heaven and Hell. With these flames, they are commonly used against being who are neutral based in terms of good and evil and tend to do more damage to them because they hit on both aspects as a weak point instead of a solitary aspect. These flames appear as grey in color due to the fact the aspect of affected users are focused on are the moral greys of the world. As the flames are considered to be weaker than the judging flames of Heaven and Hell. These flames are based on Will and Speed of the user.

Seiryuu's Embrace: Ikari is allowed to use his Seiryuu Skills from his Ascended form in this form, but they cost most energy to use in and less out of battle. In Akai Doragon Form, he's the closest to the form of being one with Seiryuu and in short, this form has the most control over what Seiryuu has given him in terms of power and magic allowing him to be much more effortless in using the skills of ascended form being almost an ultimate form for him. Although he can use less energy while using his ascended moves, they aren't as powerful as their original form. If he places more energy than normal however in to the attacks he can match the power of his Ascended form to ensure he's strong enough to be damaging with the Seiryuu skills This allows him to be in mental contact with Seiryuu in case he does need to summon him, and that summoning is the bond of the Red Dragon Soul.

Red Dragon Soul: The soul of the Red Dragon allows him to do many things, one is manifest a Red Dragon form of Seiryuu, although once summoned it takes on Seiryuu's appearance. This is considered to be where he Summons out Seiryuu on his own. Also it allows him to manipulate his Dragon Counters to allowing them to activate or not. Naturally speaking Red Dragon soul gives him a strong aura that seems to want to destroy people. Although if someone had a higher will than Ikari they could make this aura be negligible at best. This is the passive ability of Red Dragon Soul to allow him to be able to manifest the aura, and manipulation of of the Dragon Counters as well. The basis of the soul is to reconnect with the deep bonds of Seiryuu the Dragon who has taken care of him from day one, and has returned to show just how powerful he can get with the right push and guidance from him. The Soul of the Red Dragon is also how he awoke this form in the first place.

Dragon Counters: Every single time that Ikari uses a fire attack or a sword attack he gains counters to add to his blade. The more counters added to his blade the stronger it becomes with five counters it's hard enough to easily slice through a mountain, at Ten counters it's strong enough to slice through the hardest metals. He can also release the Counters and they improve the speed of his attacks at 5 released he can swing his sword and release attacks at 2.5x speed and at 10 counters he can go 4x speed. The increasing of speed lasts 3 turns before a turn cool down. Ikari can only have 15 counters stored at one point, and he must either use or store a counter per turn. He starts out with three counters to start. This ability is the second passive being that this fuels his strength as the Red Dragon Samurai. This passive also has a cool down when used of per turn.

Air Lock: For Ikari the usage of Air locking came much faster than he could of imagined allowing him access to this not just from his angel forms but now naturally allowing him to use air locking in many forms allowing the same amount of usage as Seiryuu uses. Although Seiryuu's other powers are locked up currently because of the limiters placed upon himself it doesn't mean that he can't help Seiryuu unlock them it means that Ikari is mastering the basics of Seiryuu's magic within his own allowing him to be imbedded almost seamlessly into Ikari. Although Ikari can't be a dragon like Seiryuu he has a form that proves his deep bond to Seiryuu which is the Akai Doragon form which allows him even more powerful access to this because of the deep ties to it it powers up his Air locking and subsequently his Gravity locking as well. Ikari doesn't use manipulation of the weather because he uses the air lock to also burn everything around him in seconds because he's forcing the air to literally melt while breaking down the processes of everything into base form. This means that Ikari uses his own strong flames with the air lock to make an area so hot that it literally burns from the inside out and at the same time from the outside going in. If a human were to be caught into the air lock plus him heating the area up they would be instantly dead from the flames and from the heat cooking them hotter than anyone could imagine. Ikari's Air lock is superior in one area than Seiryuu and that's in adding elements to make the air lock that much more dangerous.

Gravity Lock: Ikari's Gravity lock follows the same rules as Seiryuu seeing as he gained his from Seiryuu, but differ because when he starts Gravity locking he uses it in the way of total destruction making Gravity not into a tool box of skills, but into a heavy weapon of death allowing him to augment his strikes to change gravity to being able to move faster than normal to hitting harder or cleaving through things easier as well. The most violent basis of gravity lock for ikari is that when he uses it is that he can crush things and make it into projectiles like Seiryuu, but when he uses it with air lock it's to kill things like Seiryuu. The basis of his Gravity lock is killing whereas Seiryuu would use it more to restrain and probably stop at that, Ikari would kill someone if they are gravity locked, because Ikari tends to shy away from this because of nearly killing an innocent human when he first unlocked it in the forest of Karakura years ago. Although he usually forbids himself from normally using it, but if the call is great enough and Ikari sees the need to use it, then he will naturally use it and augment his power accordingly. Also he doesn't drop meteors with his Gravity lock, that's what he can do naturally, but he will add more impact strength to guaranteed that whatever was going to be hit is definitely crushed or not exploded with much more rock upon it. ikari's Gravity lock is much more violent than Seiryuus but Seiryuu has more control over it making his superior.

Class Information

• Class Title: The Angel of Seiryuu.

• Class Traits:
Tenkigan: He developed this from when he was living and it became a signature of his, his eyes are almost always in this form 99% of the time. It drains on his Reishi a bit, but it's normal for him to use these. When his eyes are full of Tenkigan it's when he's at his most dangerous. In basic terms he can see the energy type the person has, and what kind of species, but not how strong they are from just reading the energy, that only can be met by battle. Furthermore, his eyes can see almost everything as long as he has enough speed or energy to do so. While this is active his reaction time is increased by ten fold, because of the fact it's rapidly taking information and processing it with his mind. His eyes have adapted the Reishi and Choas Energy into a way where they can manipulate the air locks environment outside of his angel forms, and at the same time manipulate the holy fire. Ikari's eyes also help him to catch if he's being hit by an illusion and pierce it, causing the illusion to shatter to pieces like glass around him. If he uses them in tandem they cause enough strain that he has to focus more in depth. He can keep the eyes on as long as he wants because his eyes are typically in this state due to him unable to shut the eyes off because they were on, and they remained on. They'll turn off when he sleeps 0r his knocked out or killed etc. Although these are always on, they constantly drain a bit of energy, but to Ikari it's negligible at best in his case because it's so innate to him that it's not an issue.

Kagutsuchi: The flames of Kagutsuchi were considered to be the flames of death, but in the case of Ikari, it's the flames of heaven for him. These flames were born of his desire to protect the people he loves while they are the strongest flames that IKari has in his repertoire it's also the most dangerous because they can without careful control can destroy Ikari if he's not ready to control them. Also since they are strong, if Ikari's Magical skill is higher than another persons he cause the flames to eat the opposing magic as long as it's stronger. While it doesn't discriminate in who it attacks normally as long as it's in front of the flames. Ikari can turn off the flames because of this, he has enough control to manipulate the flames more than just a huge ass flame torrents, they can be made into minute ways. While this is dangerous it's the most common offensive attack he has.

Tenkikaze: Ikari realized that he had quite the knack for Locking things like wind and this is his response to his Angel forms, while they have the best control of Air Locking that he knows of, his eyes noticing this could be useful to have as a skill in general made it so. Since it's in between that 500-750Meter range, as it's in the middle it's not the strongest nor the weakest Air Lock, although while it's created. Ikari manipulates what's within the Air lock as in the weather and the air. As this is dangerous to use on Ikari as well since he's controlling the winds within the area he has to be mindful no to break his own locks, since his eyes are powerful enough to break his own locks if he doesn't focus properly.

Ame no Uzume no Mikoto: This skill is a bit weird, but while he has Tenkikaze activated He can remove objects within the area of effect of Tenkikaze, as long as they aren't soul bound to the user like a Zanpakutō, etc, He has a better magical skill than the other person, and finally that it can be returned from the alternate dimension. While it's in that dimension it's not harmed it remains the same in fact, the only thing that changes that for the short amount of time. That it's in the world the person can't use it or the object that's removed can't be used, Unless they can bring the object from that world, they have enough magical skill to negate it. They can negate that skill because of of a clause in a skill that has a logical conclusion. Once he removes that object he can't remove anything else until three posts are up. Once, those posts are up then it has a two post cool down. It can be used three times before it drains ikari's energy too much to be used stably in a match.

Shinryu: Manipulating the sheer amount of heat from the flames of Kagutsuchi, Ikari can make the heat within the air lock so hot that it begins to melt strong forged steels, and other like such within the Lock. Since ikari's body was built for the level of heat it doesn't affect him as bad as someone who isn't used to the heat or doesn't have a way to replenish their liquids over a long period of time. While this is the most extreme manipulation of his heat, it's also the most effective because it's considered be one of those attacks that Ikari uses when he's so mad that he doesn't want to burn down the area, but just a part of it because of the fact it gets to him. When this is active in battle it' becomes one of the most dangerous attacks because of the intent Ikari is putting behind it. This doesn't mean it can't be countered, if they have a way to counter it they can. This is mostly dangerous for those who can't counter it or think they can just tank their way through it. The stronger Ikari's magic is over their Pain endurance the more it'll effect the person. This can only be used twice due to the sheer amount of energy being used one and two Ikari can burn himself out from using this attack since he's stuck in the AoE of it. So Ikari will only use it twice because of the potential to kill himself with the person he's fighting.

Bishamonten: Unleashing the Reishi and Chaos energy around and in him he boosts all his physical skills to their peak, also while this is in use, he uses the true power of his hand to hand skills allowing him to be very deadly in close range, and if he's paired with his Seishin buki. He can easily use the skills that he knows interchangeably. Furthermore, while his energy is in rapid use, his Speed is at such high rates of speed that he moves at top speed he looks like he's rapidly making clones when he moves using Heavenly Flicker as his own movements, so that he's at top speed when released, also while he's released he has better control of all of his skills while in play since it's the most powerful limiter release he has on himself.

Note this lasts for eight turns before it ends. Once it ends it has a three turn cool down because of the sheer energy being output this can be used only two times, because of the energy output.

• Illusionary Skills:
Breaking Reality: By having eye contact with a user while Tenkigan is active, he must pour a lot of energy into this skill. He creates an Illusion that can range as simple as the mind thinking it's missing something, or as complex as thinking that Ikari had been killed. The more energy he puts in and the longer the eye contact per turn the stronger the illusion can get, although if someone can break the illusion or has an ability to break the illusion then they can get around this.

Silent Heaven: This skill is based on if Ikari's eyes picks up if he's caught into an illusion he can reverse that illusion back or break it depending on the person it is and what kind of an illusion it is. This can't reject phenomena, but illusions or things tied to those can be defended against. Ikari must have Tenkigan active first. Once he uses it, he's forced to work with the illusion played on him, only doing minor altering, so that the user has a hard time picking it up, since it's not as expansive as Other counters to illusions,, but he can definitely reverse the effects as long as he has Tenkigan activated, He has enough magic Power and he can actually break it with his will being stronger than the others when he uses the counter set up.

Note:Tenkigan must be activated, and he have enough Will + Magical power to counter the Illusions being cast on him.

Unique Tenkigan Skills:
Broken Heaven: Ikari calling upon the heavens to grant his plight he calls upon the worst kind of death to place he's at, which is dropping meteorites on the area. While it's activated the Meteors are large and strong enough to cause massive damage to everyone there. When Broken Heaven is in use Ikari MUST remain still, otherwise the Meteorites will implode upon themselves. Furthermore he can only create four in one shot because of the massive amount of energy it takes out of Ikari to do it. When The Meteorites Crash into ground the cause such a large and violent blast that most normal living things will die, if one has a strong enough attack they could break up and or even stop the meteorites, or had a way to send them else where as in a redirection tech, or even a guard that can take most of the damage can save someone from this attack. although it's the strongest and most taxing it's the longest to use because the user has to be absolutely still during it.

Note: He can only use this once per thread due to the amount of damage it can produce, and the fact it takes so much energy to use, after this is used, Ikari cant use it for a good ten posts, and if used twice Ikari is immediately drained of energy and can't fight for the rest of the thread.

Rebuilding Kagutsuchi: Using the flames of Kagutsuchi and the high manipulation skills within the air lock he has created with his eyes he can create an AoE bomb of sorts that causes a large explosion of holy flames, that their contents can not be messed with unless their skill of magic is higher and stronger than Ikari's. When it explodes it creates such a rise in heat that it seems that the area is going to melt down around him. While it's limited to the area that Ikari's in for a good 3 miles, but while in that three miles as it goes out farther and farther it gets cooler making it easier to sustain the damage that this attack causes. Once he uses the attack however it causes such a drain and it also shatters the air lock that he's created so that it's an effective reset of his skills, but the energy put in is so extreme that IKari even feels the effects even though heat/ flames doesn't bother him normally, but these ones do because of the fact it's from the gods and not of his fruition.

Can only be used twice in a thread with a three turn cool down between usages. On third usage he can't fight anymore.

Wrath of Kagutsuchi: Ikari Using Ame no Uzume removes some of his flames for that Turn. While they are in the other world unlike what he does with others, he does something more harsher, causing the flames to spread wildly in the other world until the point of three turns charging once he opens Ame no Uzume again causing the flames to spill out in such a violent way that seems like the area is set on fire in the skies and in the air causing a giant flame hurricane that gravels over 2 miles, gradually getting weaker as it travels farther. As it travels and burns more, the flames start to lose theit heat and burning until they can barely burn a black mark into the ground. This can only be used two to three times since the strain of using Kagutsuchi and Ame no Uzume is so draining on Ikari's normally strong reserves.

Statistical Sheets:

General Skills:
  • Durability: Advanced.
  • General Speed: Master.
  • Strength: Master.
  • Weapon Skill: Master.

Racial Skills:
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Advanced.
  • Chaos Warp: Master.
  • Chaos Fighting Style: Master.
  • Gem Creation: Advanced.

Will Skills:
  • Willpower/Determination: Master.
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced.
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced.
  • Focus: Advanced.


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Ikari Murakami [APPROVED, 0-4+]   Thu Jul 02, 2015 10:46 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [O]
  • Appropriate Age [O]
  • Gender [O]
  • Appearance Present [O]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [O]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [O]
  • 10 sentences for personality [O]
  • History is of appropriate length [O]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [O]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [O]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [O]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advance
  • Pain Endurance: Advance
  • Focus: Advance

Comments/Notes: I'm okay with the skills that he had before, especially since this is a rework of a character that is already created. He doesn't require an rp sample since he has been roleplaying here for a while. I switched the Master in Pain endurance over to Will power because I really don't see the reason why it was even in pain endurance when his character is literally sword fighting, and magic. So if you don't like it >3>; Sux2BU It's a way better fit in Will Power/Determination.
Tier: 0-4+

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Ikari Murakami [APPROVED, 0-4+]   Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:38 am


Upon his request, I'm going to go ahead and move this character into the inactive character section of the site. Whenever he is ready, he can pick it back up.


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Ikari Murakami [APPROVED, 0-4+]
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