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 Fukiko Suika

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Fukiko Suika   Sun Jul 05, 2015 12:41 pm

Fukiko Suika App

- Name: Fukiko Miyamoto
- Titles: The Mischievous Demon Kid
- Gender: Male
- Appearance Age: 17
- Age: 292 years old, being born at year 2122, July 16.
- Affiliation/Rank: Soul Society/

- Appearance Description: Fukiko is around 5'9 feet tall, with brown, sun burned skin, amber dark eyes in shadowed room and more green/brownish color in well light room. He has thick eye brows and lashes, while those one couldn't call long. No, they were definitely thick. The males hair are in a color of old paper or parchment. Even with all of his constant training, he has quite slim and even feminine body figure, as well, that his skin is quite soft on touch. There is a pair of horns coming out from his hair, which of course aren't seen in his Gigai.

If in Soul Society, his preferences are quite plain, simple kimono, usually in light sand color, white or grey. On top of that there is a colorful Haori, something like a jacket for Japanese. It is usually in dark colors, but with bright flowers on it. If for stealth missions, it will be in neutral, brown color. Of course, when attending duties, it will be changed to a Shinigamies standard black Kimono, though Fukiko haven't wore it for years, do to his absence.

The last thing to be mentioned is the talisman, which is directly attached in the middle of his face. It is written on a simple paper and the symbol has no important meaning. If blown by wind, it doesn't move and only surrenders to Fukiko's touch. On the boys right palm lies a another symbol, this time drawn in a circle. This symbol has no meaning at all, but again, if tried to wash, it doesn't come off.


While Fukiko isn't a introvert person, there are only few who can see his true nature. This is for a obvious reason, as the male had spent years after years between Hollows and Demons, not knowing what it means to trust someone. Those few who he could trust in that time were still to be held suspicious, as the place knew no mercy. Things as friends and allies, for a Shinigamie in Hueco Mundo it wasn't possible.

Though he was lucky to be able save his sanity and keep what made him into a human. The boy is polite, pleasant to be around and helpful. He won't turn down someone in need and isn't a type to seek violence, if not needed. On the other hand, he didn't think twice in killing every Hollow and Demon, which stood in his way when looking for his brother in Hueco Mundo.

He is a person to set goals. And when he sets it, there will be no stopping him. The boy can fail once, twice, three times, but he will again and again come back and try to get over the obstacle in the way. What if he can't do it? Then the male will just find another way to reach his goal. Find a way around. But not before ten, twelve times he had rushed at the problem head forth.

What he has more is the guys complete obedience to law. It may seem wrong. It may seem suspicious, but if it is his duty to obey it, he will. And for that the male won't let anything get in his way. Friends, work colleagues, nothing will stand in his way to deal the rightful judgement. Cause for him law is Soul King and Soul King is what keeps Fukiko's hopes for a brighter future. He had witnessed the power of the great creator and will stand loyal to him o matter what. No life or death will stand in his way. No tricks or manipulation will cloud his vision. The male knows, while he obeys the rules of God, his path will be a steady route forth.

When studying or working in a big project Fukiko can become something of a zombie. It is because of how deep he goes in the project, how his mind absorbs every thread of information and then tries to put it together to form what he needs. There is a colossal amount of info in the males head and so it is only logical, that he sometimes locks himself out from the world, be it a cave in the Deserts Of the Hollow Realm or a cabinet of his home, and spends days on a wild idea. After that everyone can see very well that he had achieved something, as the male just radiates pleasure out of himself.

And then there is the moments where one needs to ask is this the same man mentioned before. Because in social life, while he is semi-social, active and almost always smiling, he also is shy, when it comes to physical contact. Not even that, he gets nervous even if talked about it, where the most sensitive subject is his virginity and the fact that the man hadn't lost it in all his 292 years. If mentioned, he will go off as a bomb, acting all childlike and changing color to tomato red.

In battle Miyamoto shows again another side of his. Because of the almost 120 years, which he spent in Hueco Mundo, in battle the male knows that there is no point wasting words or actions. All his focus will be directed at the environment, how to utilize it and the fastest way to deal with his enemy. There will be this complete coldness in him, which will allow not to get distracted or anything of that nature. Fighting creatures with no morals has created a ability for him to not underestimate anyone, but also not to put one higher, then they are, as it also can influence the outcome of a battle.

But still, under all this lies the reason he was given the title Mischievous Demon Kid. This is something he had locked and oppressed for many years, in so even locking away his Devils Essence in that way. The boy is childish to the extend of playing pranks, whining about meaningless things and just being unreasonable. He may act spoiled, but in the same time be generous. He will be curious about everything and poke his nose where he shouldn't. Life is a game needed to be played and he will enjoy every moment of it. Smile is a permanent thing on his face, as well, as careless attitude. A real shame this part of him is pushed aside.

Natural Skills and Abilities:
-Attractive Spiritual Presence: From age of four Fukiko and his brother Natsu had strong spiritual presences, marking them one day to become Shinigami. While ones presence attracted people to him, because in it they felt better, one was avoided, because people felt sick around him. At age of 7 Fukiko's spiritual presence actually served as a physical boost, making one in his presence to heal faster, become stronger and more resistant to pain. Not only that, spiritual beings, with them including Hollows, felt attracted to the male. Those weaker, around tier 5-4, felt a need to be close the male, fulfill his desires and so. While Natsu's presence on that moment became unbearable for those without any power. They became sick and even their bodies were physically damaged by him. Shinigamies weren't effected that bad, but it wasn't pleasant to be near the boy.

Later on it was decided that it would be better if his spiritual powers would be half sealed, for the safety of him and others. A seal was put on by the headmaster of Shinigami Academy. When the boy asked, when he will be able to remove it, the headmaster just said that when he will be able to take it off, he is free to do so. His brother received a seal similar to his.

Anyhow, the three seals are located on different parts of him. One is on his forehead, it is a regular paper talisman with no special appearance, but suppresses his power by three minor tiers. The other two are on his Zanpakutõs, both put on by himself. They surround the swords and make them look as cats. Through this seal they also can interact with the outside world...As much, as a cats body allows them to, that is. These seals each suppresses his Tier by one minor each.
Seal Appearance:

While completely sealed, he can spread his spiritual presence to boost others by one level in General Speed, Strength and Durability, while it doesn't go pass Advanced. The people also receive minor constant healing. Low level Hollows and Pluses are attracted to him like flies.
When the seal on his forehead is removed, the stats mentioned before are boosted by two levels, not surpassing Master. Minor injuries are constantly healed for those exposed to him. Hollows till Adjucha level are attracted, if he is in the same Realm and lower level Hollows will be drawn to him as from a bait, even feeling the guy from other Realms. Other spirits, even Shinigamies, could feel a weird attraction to him. This is the main reason why his Spiritual Presence needs to be sealed away.
Upon completely being unsealed the stats raise by three levels, still not surpassing Master, and their tier is raised by one minor level in it. Hollows of different strength will feel his luring presence even through other Realms and even medium injuries will be healed. Other spirits, if not his tier or higher, will feel a huge desire to stay by his side all the time, which can come unhandy in battles. To note, all boosting effects work only on those around Fukiko, as he himself is immune to them. Also, the radius in which his presence boosts ones stats etc. is 1 km.

-Vile Forging: Upon living in Hueco Mundo's endless deserts Fukiko unlocked Bankai of Hanasani Gakujitsu-Sho. In the process it gave him a choice of billions different knowledge. He may choose one of his liking and in so the boy decided to pick a quite disturbing, but in that time practical skill.

The knowledge the male chose was about molding a soul and carving the flesh into a item, similar to Zanpakutō. While it wasn't as powerful as the real thing it posed a threat to a enemy, if used by skillful hands. First, of course, he needed to hunt down a living Hollow. It wasn't a hard process, as Hueco Mundo was full of them and, if desired, Fukiko could attract them as flies to a honey pot. After capturing one, he needed to start long lines of rituals, spells and so on till he created the desired object. For the Hollow it was a endless process of pain and torture as his body, while him still having full awareness of his body, was being carved, melted and forged into the object in question.

Of course first hundred times were a failure. The male needed to learn how to work with the Reishi, understand how it links with each other and so. He needed to understand the most perfect forms for the object so he could lure out their full potential. Only the males stubborn nature and power to stay true to his goal allowed him to master this technique. But after he did it, Fukiko created objects that only made him more dangerous to the residents of Hueco Mundo then before.

To explain how works his forged weapons, then it is actually quite simple. The original soul of the forged weapon serves as Zanpakutō's spirit. The body is changed into a medium. It can vary from a standard katana to a leather jacket. It all depends on how Fukiko had wished for it to be forged. To gain the objects obedience and access to its power set, one needs to through meditation open a path into the inner world of this object, meet the spirit and subjugate it. If not done in that way the user will have to settle with sealed abilities of the weapon. Though, if the user is strong enough, he can try to force ou more from the weapon, but then it can damage the object, as well, as he still won't have access to the power source the item itself has. Another side effect to note is that part of the spirits nature will pass on the wielder, if one of the release forms are used.

So it goes to the part what makes these objects so similar to Zanpakutō. The one thing is the fact that these objects still hold the individual energy sources as Zanpakutō spirits. It means that a person who has mastered control over the object can use it, while not wasting his own power. And this is why it is more useful to forge these objects from strong creatures. When it comes to release forms it depends on many factors, as how strong the being was before the transformation and how skillful was the craftier of the object. To note, Fukiko's skill is tied with his Kidō skill, which means as it grows, grows his understanding about how the forging works.

-Rapid Strike Battle Style: When fighting it is in Fukiko's nature to make his attacks fast and deadly. He will bounce around the battle field, avoiding the enemies attacks, but when he lands for a close attack the boy as a dual wielder will turn into a meat slicing machine. He will try to land as many attacks in the short moment, as possible and while they will seem chaotic, in truth each of these attacks are well aimed and precise. It is because in 120 years of constant never ending battles the male had developed t be able focus on things even if unimaginable speed, as it was needed when fighting 20 and 30 Hollows at one moment.

The downside to this fighting style is that it takes a lot of stamina in quite short moments of time. Of course, if you are fighting like that almost all your life, you develop quite huge amounts of stamina to use, but even with them the Shinigami can't sustain a constant, active battle for longer then 15 posts. If he is going all out constantly, it will end in greatly tiring him.

-Fast Speaking: While quite skillful in Kidō, being able to cast some without a incantation, but still keep the current strength, the male had many times needed to have them as strong, as he could. There was countless battle where only the ability to have large variety of attacks had saved the male from death. And because of that Fukiko had learned how to make the incantations in speed that takes only take one third of the time it usually needs. While useful, it also tasks quite amount of mental stamina and focus to do it, so if repeated too often, the guy can start to misspell words or have other errors with the text. This is the reason why he keeps this technique for special occasions only. A note here, he can probably be a good raper with this skill too!

-Reishi Rush: Fukiko had over the time developed a faster Reishi current in his body, then it is for a ordinary Shinigami. It helps when using energy based attacks, such as Kidō, because the attack or what ever he intended can gather itself in much faster pace. In battle it would mean that he needs only half the time, for example, to charge Hadō 58-Tehran it would take only half of the moment to do it, in so surprising the enemy in question. It is a passive ability, but in so its drawback is that if on him is used seals that bind Reishi it can lead to most devastating results for him and those around.

-Spirit Synchronization: As being a lure for ghosts and other spiritual entities over the years, he had learned how to connect with them in more ways then one could imagine. With by passers, like random Shinigami and so, he can talk with them in their minds as from a telephone. No, he can't read their minds, but he can speak with them they can reply, if want to.

Those who are more emotionally attached to him, be it in anger, rage, love or sympathy, he can speak were ever he wants to and show visual images, if needed. The emotional link would be around one has about their work mate. If the link is more deeper, best friends and so, he can attempt reading ones mind, show images that can be compared to illusions, as he can put now also the things he had felt, heard and seen in his life. This was actually used against Hollows, as every one of them deeply desired to have the male for themselves. Though, to do this it would be needed for the male to be let in ones mind or he would need to overcome their will with his own. Another perk in this level is that he can now synchronize his energy with one of his allies, in so making them stronger.

The last level is only with spirits in him himself. Those would be Ziamichi spirits, Inner Hollows or, in his case, Zanpakutō spirits. Without even being near his swords Fukiko can activate their Shikai and use all powers that come with it. It allows the male not to remove the seals and also go on missions where his swords could be detected otherwise. It also allows, if need is desperate, to manifest fully his Zanpakutō spirit outside his own body, but it isn't a thing to do too often, as it puts on quite a extra strain to sustain them, while they use their attacks, fueling those with their own energy.

-Veteran In Battle: Fukiko had fought enemies in his strength and stronger for more then 100 years. He had fought hundreds of Hollows in the same time. Dozens of Demons. So you can imagine him having some sort of battle experience. The male had received countless injuries, survived great deal of mental and physical pain, as well, as he had fought even around 100 Hollows in the same time. He knows his way around the battle field, though you can probably say that it may be a problem for him to fight in team.

-Dedicated Scholar: From the moment he was born, in Shinigami Academy and later afterwards Fukiko had always had a light head. He had no trouble learning new things, memorizing facts or do something more practical. From one point he was a book worm, talented in Kidō and arcane arts, but the fact that his brother was always with him pushed the male also to use this head of his, so he could fight as well, as his brother. Or at least close to it.

With this talent he also started from relatively early age to play with Kidō, understand how it works, what forms its properties and how to adjust it, if needed. It was from these research when he understood how to combine Kidō in battle, as well, as create his own.

-Kidō Use: As a Kidō practitioner Fukiko can well mix various styles of the way to use these spells and utilize them well in battle. While more draining, then, for instance, use just his Zanpakutō abilities, it gives him also a bigger variety of attacks against his enemies. His skills practically were well put to the test in the same Hueco Mundo, as Hollow powers differed a lot from each other, holding surprises for the male all the time.

-Tools Of Oni: A aspect he discovered in his early youth was the talent he had with weapons, as well, as skill to forge new ones. While not inheriting the traits Suika members usually have, monster durability or strength, he showed himself again really skillful when it came of using his head. The male learned fast and soon was a great asset in this art. His made weapons were durable, strong and sharp enough to injure any enemy he wished too.
What was more, upon unlocking the Demon Essence he was able to tap into its devastating energy and fused it in his work, creating various enchantments. The wide knowledge of Kidō also assisted in this. Now most of his crafted items are distributed among the clan members.

-Oni's Restoration [Rare Bloodline Trait]: This is a trait that is related to the mystic proprieties that an Oni's body can possess. And, for that reason, Oni Restoration is a rare trait in The Suika Tribe. It is often said that only one in ten children are capable of attaining this trait. And, even from that small pool who have do it, most often do not realize it's full potential until much later in their age.

Thus, essentially, there are those in the Suika Tribe who are able to otherwise have various levels of slow, moderate and fast-paced regeneration. In the different tier levels below, you will learn the different levels of regeneration that they have as they train and progress in their power.

Four Tier - When a Suika Tribe member is at four tier, their regenerative capacities allow them to recover from cuts, bruises within the same post. They can also recover from minor blood lost quite well. Moderate blood lost may take two to three post; while major blood lost can take upwards of four post. Urgent wounds such as internal organs being crushed, limbs being lost and damaged to the nervous system will take much longer to reform. Somewhere in the period of five post. If they invest a large sum of energy, they can increase the speed of their regeneration upwards of one to two post across the board.

Three Tier - This is when this ability becomes more potent. External injuries ranging from cracked or broken bones can be recovered within one to two post depending on how extensive the damage is. Deeper burns, wounds and damage to organs can also be eased in roughly two post as well. Furthermore, due to how their body is constantly regenerating themselves, Suika Tribe members of this caliber are known to have far longer lifespans than their lower level counterparts. This is because cellular and genetic damaged is greatly lessened at this point. Other traits include the fact that they can endure sever blood loss, and more severe wounds will take longer times to heal.Things such as losing kidneys, limbs and large chunks of their body will take around three post to recover from.

Two Tier - At this point, their regeneration would have been taken to another level. Minor wounds heal almost instantly, but they often can tire out a Suika Tribe member's spiritual energy OR physical energy if done too often. Since this can be supernaturally sped up with their reaitsu, or it can take place naturally on their own as the Suika Tribe is capable of regenerating without it. Furthermore, on that note, a Suika Tribe member's spiritual can be replenished rather quickly from battle after this point. Within every post they do not sustain damage, they are capable of recovering five to ten percent of their energy. And, they are able to recover upwards of fifty to seventy percent at max.

Other feats include being able to recover damaged nerves and healing them to a great extent after a few post (Most often three) have passed with no further injury to their nervous system.Lost of limbs and internal organs can also be recovered in one post, but can leave them physically tired if repeated too often and depletes their energy. Cellular degeneration is also reduced to the point where those with this level of regeneration are essentially granted eternal youth. Toxins and drugs also seem to have little effect on them; which can also be a downside as their bodies will often reject most forms of medicine in favor of its natural healing.

One Tier - Reaching this level of power will take The Suika Tribe members regenerative functions to a new height. At this level of strength, it is possible to form extremely high resistances to diseases, toxins and poisons to the point of forming a near immunity to them. As, they would have 90% resistance against them. Furthermore, all injuries to their organs, bones and limbs can be recovered within the same post at fast speeds. However, this does not equal to infinite regeneration. At some point, it will continue to zap their stamina and they will tire out. So a Suika Tribe members repetitively gets their limbs and body blown out, at some point the regeneration will be slowed or outright stop working until the next thread. So it is important not to be careless.

Other traits that are notable is the fact that The Suika Tribe's regeneration becomes so potent at this stage that just their blood is capable of recovering twenty to thrity percent of an allies stamina, energy and health by drinking it. Granted, they can only consume this blood three times per thread, but it is still useful for them to use as a back-up. And, on top of that, their body is often constantly returning to its peak, physical form. So, while their energy levels may take abuse from constantly forming, they can maintain their NATURAL born strength even through critical injury.

Zero Tier - When reaching zero tier, the regeneration seems to even bridge the gap between mental barriers and even restores willpower. Often time, when they are mentally stressed, A Suika Tribe's member regeneration can reform self-confidence, reduce self-doubt and cause them to keep pushing forward until they secure their victory. This can lead to high levels of pain suppression to the point of ignoring pain even when in focused states.

Additionally, their stamina increases to such a high point that it is rather difficult to exhaust or permanently injure them until you wear them down. That isn't to say they are unbeatable, but you had better bring some serious firepower to impede their level of regeneration because they are constantly reforming their bodies and refueling themselves with the pool of power they would have attained at this point.

-Devil's Essence: Ability Fukiko and Natsu unlocked relatively early in the Suika clan, upon turning 61 years old, it was the main reason why both boys attained small horns on their head and had the power to make their pupils slit like a cat. Also after unlocking this power their minds even more set into childish level.

Their mask covers only the lower part of the face, mouth and chin, being dark blue in color. The boys eyes gain a cold light and nails grow a bit sharp. Like any Suika in this state, he too gets a major boost in power and skills, as well, as his physical health returns to its prime in this form. Only entering this form and two threads after the one where he used Devil's Essence the male returns to his childish side. Without these effects, there is dramatic increase in his energy level, being able to raise the males tier by two minor levels. But what more, he gains a tangible substance of Devil's Essence to use in different demonic spells and item crafting. It can be altered and shaped to his desire and if the male has enough will and Mental Deduction he can create grand spells with it, though they will all be demonic in nature.

- Reiatsu Color: Rainbow with mix of silver

- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Akuma Funmu no Kitsune

- Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Akuma Funmu no Kitsune, or Kitsune for short, is a well built man with broad shoulders, hard muscles and square face features. His hair varies from white to sky blue, depending on the mood, and from them a pair of white fox ears are coming out. A giant, blue/white tail is coming out, able to cover whole of the males body, if needed.

His eyes are yellow, with slit pupils. Red marks are drawn around his eyes and ending with a red lines in outer corners. Two red lines are also drawn on his cheeks, each on every side, and a red symbol has been put on his forehead ending at the base of his nose. The spirits nails are long, sharp and colored in dark blue color. They are the reason for few jokes from Hanasani's side.

He wears a blue Jukatana with sewed arms. The base color of it is blue and it is decorated heavily with bright, multicolored flowers. In one hand he keeps a pipe, symbol of the spirits connection with fire. It is always light and a pleasant scent of temple candles can be sensed.

- Inner World: Fukiko's inner world is a faint copy of Soul Society. It is a large place with its Seireitei, Rukongai, rivers and meadows. The time changes, depending on the males state of mind. From night, when he is tired of life, to a sunny and fresh spring day, when he is feeling ready for new tasks. All this can be rather bothersome for his both Zanpakutō spirits.

If asking where exactly their spirits reside, then for Kitsune it would be a training ground, perfect place to test his and those who enter his private quarters skills. For Hanasani it would be 5 Divisions barracks, as he enjoyed living in them when he was Fukiko brothers Zanpakutō and still thinks of the place to be the most calming.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : Without the seal Fukiko's Zanpakutō Akuma Funmu no Kitsune is a regular size katana, the blade being around the length of half of his arm. The handle is white, with red, thin rice rope tied around it in a checker pattern. A white fox tail talisman is attached and the blade itself is also white with a silver line in the middle. The arm guard is in a shade darker then white.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:
In this state it doesn't matter if the seal is or isn't on the Zanpakutō.
-Burning Desire(Passive): Fukiko's Strength, General Speed, Durability, Focus and Pain Resistance is boosted by half a level, meaning, that if his Focus without this ability would be Adept, then it would be greater then Adept has usually, but not as good, as someone with Advance in it.

Additionally, everything he touches or slashes with a object he acknowledges as "him" will gain the ability to do burn damage. Depending on the objects in question durability, the damage can be a small burn, if it is in level of Advance or higher, and can go to third degree burns, if ones defense is lower then mentioned before. While the ability doesn't take almost any of his power away, Fukiko still needs to activate it by a mental command. Upon making one his body is surrounded by red aura.

-Fire Flickers: Upon snapping his fingers a fire spark shoots out in a size of a small arrow. While being quite easy to deflect, the male can shoot in rapid motion these, as well, as give them simple direction orders. Upon impact they explode and then heat up the small radius where they hit to 200 degrees in Celsius. Though, the homing skill is harder to use, when there is more then 10 projectiles shoot in the same time.

- Release: Posses!

- Shikai Description: In any way, the sword has or hasn't got a seal on, Fukiko's body and everything he touches and again acknowledges as "him" will be covered in red aura, around four centimeters in thickness. The aura around his head will form something of a ears and from his tailbones location a huge tail, made of this energy, will emerge.

- Shikai Abilities:
In Shikai, if the seal is on his blade, only part of his powers will be unlocked.
-Flaming Passion(Passive, Activates upon release): Fukiko's Strength, Focus, General Speed, Durability and Pain Endurance will be raised by one level, while it can't go pass Master. Also, the red aura serves as a armor, being able to hold of attacks that go till Master in strength or energy attacks that are in par of Kidō 83 and below. Those above are strongly reduced in power till they reach the male.

Additionally, the previously mentioned burn damage he inflected had raised to the level where his touch is around 2000 degrees in Celsius or around 3500 in Fahrenheit. One will need defense Master and up to not get himself charcoaled in the place where he hits. More strange, this heat of his heavily effects barriers and energy made constructions, as it eats through them. The reason for this is because his aura feeds from energy and burns anything for fuel it can get in its reach.

The drawback for this cloak is quite heavy. At first 10 posts everything is fine and this usually is the time when Fukiko tries to get upper hand of his enemy and even finish him off. After this time period the boys skin will start to just burn like paper under a candles flame. After 3 more posts he will have patches of uncovered flesh visible, as well, as his covering aura will have grew thinner, now being able to protect him only from attacks till Advance. The effect on energy type attacks doesn't change. In this period he will suffer constant pain as being burned alive in a oven. After two more posts, if he is still even consciousness, all males skin will be burned off and the outer layer of his muscles will look as well cooked meat. In this moment his eyes would have been boiled and useless, as well, as all buffs he had before are lost now. His defense is unchanged. After one more post the male would explode in a sea of fire, the flames reaching the heat near the suns and turning everything in 3 km radius into nothing more then ash.
If the male wishes to turn off this aura he needs to offer as a sacrifice one of his limbs. He will still have the stat boost.

-Kasai Kuriketto: It can only be activated when removing the seal from his Zanpakutō. The sword lights up in bright flames as the fire surrounds the land in 3 meters around the male. It can instantly generate heat up to 3000 Fahrenheit and burn energy type constructions in strength of #80 Kidō. He can manipulate with these flames s he wishes, shooting projectiles, creating a barrier around him and so on. The area where he can manipulate with his fire is the view of sight he has. To note, they are manipulated with movements of his sword.

The drawback for this ability is that he can't use Kidō while the flames are activated and will start to strain his energy reserves in time. If this ability is turned off it needs 2 posts to recreate the flames.

- Bankai Description: When performing Bankai, Fukiko needs to swallow his sword. In that moment he speaks "Bankai!" All his body is covered by a pillar of extremely hot flames. Air burns up to around 2000 degrees in Celsius, making it dangerous for lower tiers and those with weak defense to be him near. After the fire had seized, it takes around two, three seconds to transform, in the places of the male stands his Zanpakutō spirit.

- Bankai Abilities:
Bankai can be activated only when the sword in question is completely unsealed in Shikai.
-Shackles Of Spirit: The reason why Kitsune gave his Bankai for free was because when Fukiko enters it the spirit completely takes over his body and actions, pushing the male in his place. It's a huge risk as the Zanpakutō spirit has a bad temper and is a warrior who doesn't care for those around him. In so, if needed, he is ready to sacrifice life only for the sake of victory.

But that isn't all. While in Bankai Fukiko's spirit can use all his power he has. Though, that also means he can't use Fukiko's and this is another reason why the Bankai's duration is shorter, then it should. Again, the plus is that energy wise when the male exits Bankai he has more energy then usually others in his level. Though, his body will be a bit exhausted from the transformation.

-Raging Nova(Passive): Fukiko's Strength, Focus, General Speed, Durability and Pain Endurance will be raised by two levels, while it can't go pass Master. If the stat is already in Master level, it will become stronger then usual Master level is, but won't go till GrandMaster. His skin can now defend from attacks reaching almost GrandMaster, as well, from energy type attacks in level of Kidō #94. Those above are strongly reduced in power, because big part of the attack will be absorbed by the males skin.

The heat he sends out in Bankai is almost 4000 degrees in Celsius, which is around 4600 degrees in Fahrenheit. Matter and energy is reduced to nothing, as well, as no one without special, strong defense could sustain the heat the male radiates in this form. The area of this destruction is 400 meters around him.

The drawback for this ability is that it effects anyone in the radius and can't be turned off. It means Fukiko wouldn't activate his Bankai, if with anyone. To add a extra note, this is also quite tasking for his energy reserves, so his Bankai can be sustained only for about 5 posts, before turning off.

-Fire Manipulation: As the name states, in Bankai the Shinigami can generate incredible amount of fire from his body. With it, as in Shikai, Fukiko can do what he pleases. The fire reaches the same heat he generates and is extremely dangerous to his opponent. The flames feed of energy and because of that they are extremely good against energy based structures and creatures.

- Reiatsu Color: Rainbow with mix of silver

- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Hanasani Gakujitsu-Sho

- Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: A teen in his 17, Hanasani is tanned, around 1,72 meter tall and sports short, black hair. The males eyes are in pleasant amber color, with slit pupils in the middle. The spirit is wearing a white a black high schools uniform and a white kimono on it, explaining to anyone asking that the uniform is just something he saw in Earth Realm and took a liking too. On his forehead there is a large paper talisman, as one Fukiko has. In the right he holds a black paper sun guard, but in the left hand a round, white clay jar, full with sakei.

- Inner World: Fukiko's inner world is a faint copy of Soul Society. It is a large place with its Seireitei, Rukongai, rivers and meadows. The time changes, depending on the males state of mind. From night, when he is tired of life, to a sunny and fresh spring day, when he is feeling ready for new tasks. All this can be rather bothersome for his both Zanpakutō spirits.

If asking where exactly their spirits reside, then for Kitsune it would be a training ground, perfect place to test his and those who enter his private quarters skills. For Hanasani it would be 5 Divisions barracks, as he enjoyed living in them when he was Fukiko brothers Zanpakutō and still thinks of the place to be the most calming.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : Without the seal Hanasani Gakujitsu-Sho looks almost the same, as his companion in Fukiko. The length and form is the same, though what differs is the color scheme the sword has. The blade is black, with a orange line in the middle. The handle is brown wood, with multiple colorful paper talismans attached to the end and two gold bells.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:
In this state it doesn't matter if the seal is or isn't on the Zanpakutō.
-First Word: Weightless(Passive): It is a constant ability, that allows Fukiko to cast Kidō till #30 to its fullest strength, without need of incantations what-so-ever. On further note, these Kidō also doesn't take any energy from the user, as the Zanpakutō itself sacrifices the needed power. Of course, if the young Suiki wants to perform these Kidō stronger, then they are intended originally, then he will need to offer part of his energy too, to do it. On the additional note, max count of Kidō Fukiko may cast using this power is 10 per post.

-Second Word: Joy: Fukiko from his body can generate up to 15 small spirits in the same post. If 0 Tier the max spirits one can form in a thread is 120, 100 in Tier 1-1, 75 in Tier 1-2 and below, 50 in Tier 2 and below and 35 in Tier 3. Each spirit looks like a ball of energy, each in different color. Inside these spirits are different objects, representing the Kidō they store.

So, what these spirits do. First and the most important, they are manifested to each store one Kidō. Upon a mental command they will release this Kidō as Fukiko wishes. The speed of the spirit is one matched Advance in Hoho. For Fukiko to control more then 20 spirits at once it takes a bit Focus, so his reaction can become a bit slower in a battle, if managing that many. If not controlled, the spirits just blindly follows their master around.

Any Kidō can be stored in the small spirit and Fukiko doesn't need even to cast incantation for them, but because of that it takes 25% more energy to create the Kidō, then it usually would. Additionally, the enemy can tell what kind and how strong of a Kidō is in the spirit, by sensing the power little guy is radiating, as well, as there is a big, black number on the back of the spirit.
Little Spirit Appearance:

-Third Word: Secret: Fukiko can take out a blank talisman from the symbol on his palm. In this talisman he can store a Kidō, which then later can be used by any who had obtained the piece of paper. The talisman won't require the users energy to release it, as Fukiko had already used his create this paper. Though, same as with the spirits, he needs to pay 25% more energy to create these, but also doesn't even need to say the incantation to get the full strength of the Kidō. These talismans can be used as traps for enemy, Fukiko can control them remotely to detonate, or given to his allies in time of need. He also likes to prepare before hand few, but it needs to be stated in OOC in the start of the thread what kind of talismans he did prepare. The set contains of: 1 strongest level Kidō, 2 Kidō's 10 numbers lower, 5 Kidō's around #60 and 10 Kidō's with number 40 and lower.

- Release: Speak!

- Shikai Description: If completely released the sword turns into a old tome. On it's cover there is his Zanpakutō's name written. The pages of the book is blank, but fills with symbols, when activating a certain ability. The action to enter in full Shikai is that he puts the sheeted blade against his tattoo on his palm and mutters the release phrase. First, a voice of a young boy, heard by everyone in the battle field, will ask Fukiko does he really want to do it and the payment will be demanded. Upon approval the sword will sink in the symbol as the boys arm would be made from water and release white, blinding light after which the before mentioned book would appear.

- Shikai Abilities:
In Shikai, if the seal is on his blade, only part of his powers will be unlocked.
-Fourth Word: Compensation(Passive, Activated upon releasing Shikai): This ability activates upon entering Shikai and is related with the payment mentioned before. While Kitsune's payment took something from the males body, Hanasani's damaged the boys mind. At start, first ten posts, his mind is untouched and he can freely use his powers. Though, like its counter part, after these ten posts heavy mental strain starts to damage his mind. 3 posts after the advised maximum Fukiko's desire to fight will quickly fall, as his willpower and focus drops by one level. After two more posts it goes to the level where the world around him is nothing but a grey picture with nothing to live for. In this state he will surely stop fighting and just like a doll stare in empty space.
But that isn't the worst part. After two more posts everything, his will and so returns, but the males mind is completely twisted, turning him into a beast, murderer with a huge craving for death of all and everything. The most painful part in all this is that the "real" Fukiko can now sense everything he does, but has no way anymore to stop it.
To deactivate this ability without turning off his Shikai the young Suika boy must accept a change of personality for a period of 10 posts. In this time he can become reckless, lazy, too active and so, become more dangerous to foes, as to his allies.

With that, what is his gains? First, Fukiko can now cast Kidō till #60 without incantation in their full strength and as previously he doesn't use his own energy for the first 12 Kidō in the post. Second, his Kidō is boosted up to three times in strength, in so making even the most lowest number spells deadly for the opponent. His own Kidō skill is raised to almost GrandMaster level in sesce of power, though not in knowledge. What else, his Kidō manifesting speed increases even further, then before, taking only 35% of the time it usually needs for a Kidō to perform. It also grants him Reishi absorbation, power to get back part of the energy he spent on the attacks, as well, as the energy his enemy had released. The last perk for this extensive ability would be Reiatsu ignorance, which allows him to be completely immune to other Reiatsu and effects they may cause. While Fukiko himself doesn't really understand how this exactly works, some who had seen it guesses that he has just a powerful shield, as the male always shines when is exposed to any Reiatsu.

(Additionally Fukiko can also use the second and third word)
-Fifth Wong: Saints: This ability unlocks a pool of summons for the male, which are great aid for him in battle. These pawns can use Kidō the male himself knows and their skills change with time as Fukiko's power grows. To summon them the male pulls out a paper doll, whispers its name and let it burn in rainbow energy, after which the named summon appears. In Tier 3 he can at once sustain 1 pawns, in Tier 2 he can sustain 2 pawns, in Tier 1 he can sustain 4 at the same time and at Tier 0 up to seven pawns. Each pawns tier is one major level lower, then his, though it doesn't influence their Kidō skill, which is always one level lower then Fukiko's. The drawback would be that while summoned, he can't enter Bankai with this Zanpakutō and their set limit of existence, if not destroyed before, is 10 posts. Reaching 0 Tier this drawback is negated, as Fukiko would have full control of his Zanpakutō and enough power to sustain these summons as long, as he wants to. In Tier 1 he can sustain one summon as long, as he wants. Recreating them still demands quite amount of energy though. While it is advised to summon each of these summons two times per thread, Fukiko can do it maximum four times, but then he will feel drained from most of his energy.
Devil Sukja/Nicky:

Frozen Maiden/Claris:

Frail Helper/Nini:

- Bankai Description: Upon activating his Bankai the book in his hands would scatter into millions of pages, covering his body from head to toes. Then it would erupt in white light and sweet smelling wind, strong enough to blow off the roof of a house. Upon it ending the male would now be dresses in long, purple dress-like robe, with a strange, white mask on his head.

- Bankai Abilities:
-Sixth Word: Silence(Passive, Activates upon entering Bankai): Fukiko can use any Kidō without limitations, the first 15 in the post without taking his own energy and the time taking to cast the Kidō is only 20% of the original time. Fukiko can now not only cast Kidō as from himself, but also from any point in 500m radius around him. That makes the enemy not only to need watch his back, but also under his feet, above him etc. To further make Fukiko a foe to not underestimate in a battle he can use the teleporation Kidō on his person 7 times per post, with a drawback that it takes a moment where a purple symbol appears in the spot he will then be. Though, this moment is really short and one would need Master in Focus to catch it.

The drawback is that his Bankai literally works only 1km radius around the spot where he activated it. There is no marking to show it and if the male exists or is pushed out of that zone he will exit Bankai, as well, as become exhausted power-wise. What gets worse, after 5 post duration of his Bankai, Fukiko starts to loose one memory dear to him with every post pass 5. In so it can even lead to total memory loos, if the fight drags on too long. In the same time it is also a way to extend the period he can in his power level be in Bankai.

Items Name: -//-
Where did acquire it: -Link the thread or explain-
Items Description: -Describe the items appearance and abilities-

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Kidō/Vile Forging: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hakuda: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Coding By: [THEFROST]

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Ho'kay, I'm moving this character into archives because the owner has requested it. Hopefully you'll get around to finishing it whenever you have finished your other projects.


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Childhood: Fukiko and Natsu was one of those Shinigami born in Soul Society. Or more precise, they came there as twin babies which died in their birth. At their first day these little boys demanded food and attention, showing signs that one day they would become something more then just regular citizens of Rukongai. The sector they started their lives was one of the lowest and in so their life's weren't full of joy and happiness kids in their age should have. As babies they were taken care as much, as their adoptive parents could, but as the boys grew their appetite, and what more, powers grew too.

Both started to show interesting signs of their Reiatsu being able to effect those around them. While Natsu's harmed people and things around him, Fukiko's on the contrary attracted spirits and even Hollows, what wasn't good. You can think this trait of theirs would set each apart, but it didn't. They became even closer, as only each of them could balance the other one. Soon everyone statred to fear and hate the twins, as their power wasn't something the poor villagers could live with. They saw it as a bad omen and sent the boys away, telling them to not come back again. In so they traveled from district to district, looking for food, shelter and help. Being together helped them not to feel so alone and thanks to that they also learned not to hate the world around them.

These travels of their ended them up in meeting a quite strange individual. He was a Shinigami, strange in appearance and way of talking. For his age the man acted quite silly, even the two kids could tell that, but he was a lot of help to them, when both were in dire need of it. All three met few times, talked and both boys needed to admit the strange guy was fun to play it. He didn't go pass playing jokes to people or just kicking fool around with them, doing exactly nothing. These were fun days, before Fukiko and Natsu's life were changed forever.

Upon a regular meeting of the nice man he offered the two kids a interesting proposition, wouldn't they want to join his clan. At first both felt confused, but soon after that this confusion turned into excitement. Joy even. Of course they agreed, as family and a place to call home was all these had ever wanted. If you ask what was the mans motive to join two poor brats into a strong clan, well, as a Shinigami he could see that both Reiatsu level was raising far beyond the level it could be ignored. Fukiko was probably the cause of a dramatic increase of Hollows in that time and Natsu's presence was causing something of a disease spreading across the Rukongai districts both had visited. Those two were needed to control and, hopefully, trained into proper Shinigami. Or else this problem would be needed to dealt in other ways.

But for that was no need and not one of the boys ever learned how lucky they had been at that time. The first impressions of the Suika tribe amazed Natsu and created doubts in Fukiko. For one twin this was a place where everyone held his own interest in fighting, brute strength and violence. For the other one this place was just a bit too crowded and...Brutish. Fukiko had been always the one hating too much fighting, while he agreed it was needed sometimes. Though both agreed this was much better then living on the streets and living off pity gifts.

Later on these two became full fledged members of the Suika tribe. Thanks to the blood they acquired from their care taker both Oni nature soon started to awake in quite impressive speed. At first the twins acted calmer and more grown up, then they usually were. Both helped everyone around and looked for a thing they could do for the clan. Like expected Natsu started to train to become a warrior, one who would be feared by all servants of evil. Fukiko in the end took up smiting, as it required strength, as much, as knowledge and was a small test for his young brain.

Couple of years passed and it was quite obvious these two were complete Suika material. Upon getting used to the life in the clan they became more relaxed and also with it everyone learned what kind of dare devils and tricksters they both were. This was the reason why Fukiko and Natsu both earned the same title, The Mischievous Demon Kid. Sometimes they went too far and then they were punished. Sometimes their jokes amused people and sometimes annoyed, but there was nothing really stopping them, as both in the same time took their duties and studies as serious, as few only could. Then became the time when the clan decided sending them to Shinigami Academy.

Shinigami Academy: When this chapter of their lives started, both were around 16 to 17 years old. Their Reiatsu level had grown to the extend bracelets to seal away it was put on their wrists. It was necessary for not only other safety, but also their own. Both brothers took studying and learning quite seriously, as they didn't want to bring shame to the tribes name. The entrance exam for both were a piece of cake and didn't cause any problems. Because of the talent they had already, the twins were thought before in the basic of Shinigami skills by the tribe members, they earned their spot in first class.

This was again a moment when their interests and skills were split. While Natsu showed amazing skill mainly in Zanjutsu, his brother was as excellent when it came to Kidō. Soething of a childish rivalry started between the two and for four school years others could with amusement watch as Fukiko and Natsu tried to outmatch each other. This is also the reason why while at first sight he seems like a complete Kidō user, if needed the man as well can use swords, fists and other types of weapons.

Of course both were given their Zanpakutō's at the time and thought how to communicate with them. Like almost everything, it also became as a contest of who will be first. And they managed to overdo it. Not only the both boys found a way to communicate with their swords, it wasn't long before they started to reveal their powers and unlock Shikai. Though you can say that none of them were too happy when unlocking their powers. You see, for the amusement of others, Fukiko's Zanpakutō was more based on battle and fighting, while Natsu's was clearly a Kidō type sword. It brought so much irritation at first, that both didn't talk or do much for a whole week.

Though after a long talk with their teachers, each other and even with their Zanpakutō's both boys decided to live with what they had and make most of it. Upon that time both male Reiatsu had grew so powerful and uncontrollable that the Headmaster Of Academy needed to put both a seal on so it would get in their lives. While it didn't lock away all their power, it took a lot away, pulling both even a bit back in their development. In four years they finished it!

First 60 years as Shinigami: After returning home and again starting living with their tribe members both as well took the duties of Gotei 13. Natsu obviously joined Division 11, while Fukiko took up himself to work in Division 5. In the same time they spent as much time in their tribe, striving to prove that they can be of some use. Though thanks to their constant pranks, which didn't end despite their age, both still managed to get on everyone's nerves time to time.

The reason for this was because upon returning home both males more and more started to understand their Oni nature. It was something childish, fun, with a spice of evil and mischief. It allowed them to act like kids, see the world like it, in the same time growing more matured. This weird combination was good in that way, that the twins always saw the world in bright colors, Fukiko could learn with a open mind and Natsu always kept his sweet innocence even after all his heavy battles.

It was the reason why later on everyone needed to admit that their physical appearance didn't surpass that of a 17 years old kid. The Oni blood kept them from aging or "growing up" in some way. It became even stronger when both, in age of 62, unlocked what the Suika tribe called the Demons Essence. As you can imagine for both it was almost the same, showing just how deep of link these kids had for each others.

Related to matters with their squads both did good. They didn't wish for high positions, the desire of "fun" was the only thing that urged the boys to do anything. For Natsu fun was destroying one Hollow after another, beating stronger and stronger enemies. Becoming stronger himself. You could say that for the male it was like drugs. The stronger he become, more power he desired. Fusing with a childish nature it would seem he should become a reckless and easy to beat enemy, which was the biggest mistake most made. Because, while he had his brother, the young shinigami always somehow kept his head a bit outside of the water. It was like Fukiko was his mental pills.

While his brother pleased himself with slaughtering Hollows Fukiko studied and trained. It was like training and improving himself was the only thing the boy knew to do. In truth his childlike nature best showed in how he wanted to be the best. In how he wanted to know everything about anything. And, while the boy didn't want to admit, he wanted to be the best. Because of that he had himself being thought of fighters in his clan, those skillful with Kidō in Gotei, learn the basics of stealth and such. Of course, each person has things they could do better then others, which for the boy was Kidō, but where he lacked talent the male made up with hard work.

The Tragedy, Hueco Mundo and Returning:

Coding By: [THEFROST]
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