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 Crossing Plain[Ikari]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Crossing Plain[Ikari]   Tue Jul 07, 2015 8:49 am

North Rukongai, district 25.

"Guess it's about time to return. To bad nothing happened though." A normal two men patrol, nothing to difficult. A relatively safe area with just some small trouble now and then. Saki's partner just told her it's about time to return to the base. In fact their entire patrol was just walking around and sometimes greeting a random stranger which passed by.

Suddenly out of nowhere, from the side of the buildings the duo was assaulted by Hollows. She could feel it coming and dodged a fatal blow, but still received a wound on her right arm. She moved a bit away from the hollows and the danger but staying in sight of both of them. Luckily it wasn't bad enough so she couldn't wear her sword anymore. She could see her partners body, but she didn't knew if he was only unconscious or really dead. There were only two of them, but she knew that it might not be as easy as it looked like with her being alone. Saki wasn't going to wast any time while these hollows were going to get closer. They both looked kind of humanoid, of course both had a white mask and a hole in their chest, standard for a hollow. She aimed her finger at the mask of one of the hollows and started an incantation.

"Pierce their soul and tear their flesh, Hadō 3: Piercing Shot " A bolt of pure energy flew at the hollows mask and hit it, but didn't quiet do enough damage to pierce it. From they cry of the hollow she would guess it did hurt it though. Her scarf waved a bit after she fired her shot. Good now she had two ranging hollows and her partner was out of commission. She couldn't leave him here though. She had to find medical attention for him, somewhere. Oh and dealing with these hollows would be nice as well. She saw them charging at her. Saki raised her Zanpakutô and held it in a horizontal position, aiming for the hollow's mask again. When they were about four meters away she used her swords special ability and her sword became longer right through the mask of the hollow she just hit. Resulting in a large crack and a big splash of water over both hollows. Oh and the hollow she hit was screaming about the pain. Looks like the mask is really the creatures weak spot. She wouldn't wait to finish the beast off. She took aim one more time and...

"Hadō 4 - Byakurai." A short phrase uttered before the beast fell down on the ground without a mask and then disappeared. Then she remembered there was another one? Where did it go? Then she felt a piercing pain in her back. The creature sneaked behind her while she was finishing off his ally. That wound wouldn't heal for a while. She fell down on the ground, after which she stood back up. With her uniform smeared in blood and breathing heavily she reaffirmed her fighting stance and started to fight with the last hollow. It seemed in melee that the hollow had the upper hand. She had to think of a way to disengage and fight at a longer distance, but how?
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Crossing Plain[Ikari]
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