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 Yuel Duulheim Upgrade: Renkinjutsu

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yuel Duulheim Upgrade: Renkinjutsu   Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:24 am

  • Name Of Character: Yuel Duulheim
  • Link To Character Profile: Yuel Duulheim
  • Reasons For Upgrading: The main In Character reasoning behind this seemingly premature upgrade is entirely on part of Yuel's imaginative mind that constantly presents new paradigms of already accomplishable results, simply for the sake of it. In this case, urged to do so out of danger, Yuel delves into the possibilities with the push of imminent death and brings out a concept that at the time seemed sketchy at best. Out of character, it's a plan I already had in mind, simply being enacted earlier than intended. It's somewhat necessary to the rest of her concept to progress the character.

    When facing a Gillian and robust Shinigami protecting her, Yuel tries to find a way to alleviate the situation. Mainly for herself, but after seeing someone exert themselves for her--something only the people of her village and beloved "shishou" have done, thus earning not only her respect but nigh-unconditional love--Yuel intends to aid the man as well. Unfortunately, she has not actual ability to do so, particularly because she's powerless. As a result, she invents a way for powerless people specifically to enact feats nigh miraculous. This is possible due to her vast reserves of knowledge on things ranging from earthly physics to the mechanics behind the abilities of supernatural beings. Combining these two subjects results in this upgrade.

    Specifically, this new technique she develops combines concepts deriving mainly from Demon Magic and inherit Quincy abilities. Demon Magic involves using seals some times, but those seals need energy supplied to them to activate. Hypothetically, similarly to how Kido is invoked through verbal incantations, Yuel thought it possible to through the use of writing--specifically, interlocking seals the resembles demonology from the Renaissance Age and New-Age Alchemy--and the addition of spiritual energy, some form of incantation was possible. Unfortunately, as a powerless person she lacks any sort of pool of spiritual energy to power such a seal; however, it's true that even 6-0s--excluding only the oddest of exceptions--withhold some sort of energy signature, meaning even at minuscule levels they emit spiritual energy. That in mind, if somehow this energy could be enhanced, a seal should theoretically work. This is where the concept of Quincy abilities come into play. Using her blood as initiation, thus having a direct source of spiritual energy since she doesn't know how to control that tiny level of reiatsu she holds, a seal activates which sucks in roaming spiritual particles in the air, which connects to other seals in a chain reaction that consumes nearby energy similarly to quincies, reads demon-esque seals like kido incantations (since it consumes reishi and not Za Koa), and executes them into supernatural effects. Naturally, this takes some time, and depending on the complexity of the seals or series of seals, it can be activated within seconds to several posts.

    In truth, Yuel will not be the first to use this. I'll be having another character from millenia ago use this, but not really publicise it. Yuel will have unknowingly conceived this idea from a memory in the back of her head, from an old book given to her by the grandma frequently mentioned in posts relating to her gourd and tiger-skin thingy. She didn't entirely come up with the idea herself, though she is responsible for piecing together some concepts that needed some genius thought to connect together, so in a way it's still fair to say she invented at least the new-age form of this skill.
    What Are You Upgrading: Renkinjutsu: Since Yuel doesn't know of any other instances of this ability being used and has no idea what to name it, she just calls it in her native tongue, literally "alchemy", as it's reminiscent of Renaissance alchemy concepts.

    Renkinjutsu Kaishi Undō - A play on words. Separation of "Kaishi", meaning "Start", and "Undou", meaning "Motion" is similar to Kidou, in which separating the two characters results in the individual characters also meaning "start" and "motion" respectively. Basically refering to "invocation", this seal is the one which sucks in roaming spiritual particles to activate connecting seals off of a minimal amount of spiritual energy. Of course, to even activate it a certain amount is needed, which is why it requires direct blood from the person to activate. Smudging the intricate lines that make up the seal disengages the process. Although there's no byproduct as a result of the failure, the time spent gathering reishi is still wasted.

    Renkinjutsu Tentodoke - A bit of a stretch on english translation of the kanji, this seal meaning "Heavens Notify" produces a clear beam of energy in similar manner to a Chaos Blast or Cero. Looking through it is similar to looking through a stream of clear water being poured without any air bubbles. The other sides is a bit distorted, but the colours can be made out. This ability largely depends on the surroundings. If there's a denseness of spiritual energy, the potency goes so far as to utterly decimate even the side of a mountain after absorbing reishi for around two posts. But, within the span of a single post in a fairly average density of latent reishi? At most, a building could be speared through. Naturally, the size of the beam is entirely dependent on the size of the seal made. It should be noted that smudging the intricate lines that make up the seal can very well disrupt the flow of spiritual energy that produces such an effect, and a byproduct of the disruption will immediately cause the energy to burst out violently, easily allowing the same amount of damage to be done around a radius at a 1:10 ratio, 1 being the size of the seal. That being said, the seal should be carefully maintained, or else the one who activated the seal is easily in danger of immediate death.

    Renkinjutsu Kuchi no Honō - Easily translating to "Mouth of Flames", Kuchi no Hono is activated similarly to Tentodoke, typically as with all other seals. requiring as many as six seals which circle around the invocation seal, needing an entire post to create these seals before activating them, naturally the potency of this ability is far greater than Tentodoke. Upon activation, a fire engulfs the area of 100 metres that swallow the surroundings utterly. The heat of the flames reaches a point that instantly melts iron and turns rocks into lava. The rebound of failing to fully activate the seal will result in the energy signature that started the whole process--being traced by the blood used to activate the invocation seal--will transfer all that heat energy to the user as opposed to being expelled in the intended manner, dealing the full brunt of damage to them internally. Basically, instant, painfully fiery death.

    Renkinjutsu Ransora - The intention of Ransora--translating into Disrupt Sky--is to essentially create a vaccum in the surrounding area. With the seal as the epicentre, the surrounding 50 metres loses all air. This state of no air lasts for one post, and when that post is over, the seal slowly retracts all the air back into that space. For that amount of time, there's literally no air resistance and therefore friction above the ground, aside from outside factors. On top of that, there is no air pressure, and only gravity to pull upon you. Of course, there's no air to breath either. Disrupting the seal will cause all the air to rapidly come back into the vacuum, literally causing a 50-metre implosion. Without adequate durability, the user of the seal will almost certainly die.

  • Any Extra Notes: Since it's specifically operating on the concept that you don't even need to be spiritually aware to use it, I'd prefer if the addition of this technique doesn't affect Yuel's 6-0 tier.



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Yuel Duulheim Upgrade: Renkinjutsu   Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:07 pm

Okai' I'll approved it~

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Yuel Duulheim Upgrade: Renkinjutsu
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