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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 A Chance Encounter

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Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1051

It was now cemented for however long the contract would last, both Azure Iramasha and Maid-Chan were officially bound to each other to the small scroll that served as the contract. The cemented deal seemed to be something that the two were fairly alright with now, despite the awkwardness that had just been apparent between the two beings. Nevertheless, they both continued to act how they wished to, or, didn't wish to act really. Both were nervous still, both had those feelings of odd awkwardness flowing from the beings and they both were entirely out of their comfort zones. Despite this, Azure was constantly holding up the facade of being calm, even though his body and mannerisms were still feeding into the odd state that the two were both in. He shifted from left to right as his skin jumped at the woman's touch. It had, as said, been years since anyone had touched him so freely, it was still a worrisome feeling for him when he wasn't so sure of those actions. Shaking his head, he looked off as Maid-Chan continued to speak aloud.

The one thing that Azure knew would be hard for the girl is the word Master. Despite her past employers more than likely being called Master, Azure could not uphold such a title for her to call him. He owned no one, and with that it meant the girl would need to learn to call him by his first name, Azure.

"You shouldn't be worried about me being upset. I would tell you if I was, we both seem to have already acknowledged that we would. And please, don't call me that. My name is Azure, you know I'd rather hear that than Master." The man nodded at her as her eyes gazed towards his hand, the wound that had recently been gushing blood seemed to subside quickly, only tiny trickles making their way to his fingertips. She was quick to move forward from her shivering state, her body shifting with the cold rain as she gripped his arm tightly. It was an odd sensation, the soothing healing that was felt throughout his entire arm was a wonderful feeling, but due to his own demonic energy swirling within the arm's bloodstream it felt odd, as if there was some occurrence happening within its depths that called out to the girl's technique. Letting a soft sigh escape his lips, he smiled once more as he watched her work.

The girl was cute, it couldn't be denied. Azure wouldn't deny feelings of attraction when it came to her movements, it wouldn't be such a problem for him while she resided in her home, but in reality he wouldn't speak such words to her unless something... extreme brought it forth. It was possible, but if felt these feelings, ever, something drastic would have to happen. It didn't matter what brought the feelings about, the only true thing that mattered were the actions that followed.

Nevertheless, the woman motioned towards his speaking, her mind seemingly absent from the conversation due to the scar that sat among his stomach. It was funny to watch the girl act as if she was entirely aware of the situation. Despite not knowing what he had said, Maid-Chan seemed to respond in the best way possible. Her attempt was rather lackluster, really. Her little stature stood beneath Azure, nearly skin to skin while the two stood unclothed in the now drizzling rain. She moved without knowing, and it was obvious when she made an odd jump away from his being. Before she could really stop herself from the act, Azure allowed his arm to outstretch around her waist, pulling her back in. Yet another act that seemed to come without thought, his body radiating warmth as if he were made of pure heat. Smiling, the male turned his gaze back down to the small girl, tightening his hand against her hip.

"We'll be heading to my apartment here in Karakura City. I live here due to my job with the Vanguard and I've only got one other place to live currently, which is actually rather far from here. So, I hope that's alright with you..."

Shifting, Azure completely ignored however the girl was currently reacting to how he seemed to completely take over the situation and began to cool only slightly. The energy that had previously sat dormant in the man's chest began to flow vigorously through both the air and his being, the sudden change in stature seeming to grow ever more clear to those that would watch the scene unfold. Azure's body, alongside that of Maid-chan's began to collide together, an image of their previous position fading into the background of the world as if they never existed in the first place. Almost an instant after, their bodies began to reemerge within his small, one bedroomed apartment. It wasn't spacious for someone in his position, only containing a tiny living room and connected kitchen and a single bath.

Their bodies rested against the hardwood floors of the apartment's living room, Azure releasing the girl as he grabbed her clothing and his own shirt from her closed arms. She would resist more than likely, but Azure wouldn't be taking no for an answer. With that, he turned and walked along the hall to his bedroom, stopping midway in order to toss the clothing in a bundled wad into the top down dryer washer that sat snugly against the cubbyhole in his wall. Allowing it to start, he moved to the bedroom now, cracking the door behind him as he yelled out to the girl.

"If you'd like, you can dry off now."

Without much thought, Azure removed his pants, tossing them aside as he allowed himself to slide a pair of gym shorts to replace the underwear that followed his pants. He opened the door once more, his slicked back black hair dangling against his forehead, his shirtless chest still glistening from the rain water that was previously pressed against them both.

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A Chance Encounter
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