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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Guide To Brawling

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Guide To Brawling   Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:29 pm

Guide to Brawling! (no! no! Not Bawling! Brawling!)
Brawling Is a form of fighting where your character literally could throw everything into the melting pot of martial combat to keep things interesting. However the normal style of combat is just as good as the barbaric brawling technique. For the basics of it all, you have to initiate or join a fight by making your attempt to enter combat obvious. It does not have to be fancy or OVER 9000 times powerful! The trick is to walk right in and learn to duck because most likely those who joined the fight would get pounded because it is a tactic to take out the weak first. Vice versa, your character can initiate and things get more interesting as your enemy is learning about you starting from the moment that he or she sees your character.

Q1: Some jackass wants to attack my character for no reason! Should I do what you told me in the Powerless Guide?
A1: No! In regards of combat, it happens without warning (for your character), so play along, knowing that your character cannot die without your consent in its death. Your character would be injured or scarred for life, but heck, what would make a better story than to finally get five of your character’s buddies go and start pummeling your bully as an act of revenge?

Q2: My character is a pacifist, so I cannot fight! Why should it be important?
A2: Simple. Refer to A1. Move on. The best you could do is defending yourself or run away like a chicken from a hungry farmer. But being a pacifist does not mean that you are strictly disallowed to fight. You can pummel your foes into unconsciousness! Being a pacifist means that you cannot kill, but you can still smack the smirk off that frowning penguin with a steel rebar.

Q3: I’m thinking of a fighting character, is there something I should know?
A3: Yes. Do not bring a knife into a gunfight. Learn from other people who role-played combat situations before and do not try to try to fight another player who know what they are will just have the white flag stuck up your butt for that.

Q4: What is battle conditions and how can I avoid them?
A4: Battle conditions are factors that made fights not last so bleeping long. No one can last forever so that is why battle conditions are introduced...for realism. Having that is impossible to avoid whenever you are participating in a combat situation, even if you are a bystander. Exhaustion and injuries are prime examples of battle conditions. The aftermath of combat is determined from the battle conditions acquired during combat. Since there are so many factors, it is best to ask a combat veteran of role-playing for insights on what your character is in for. If you want to totally avoid it, do not even bother trying to enter a fight in the first place.

Q5: I have made an attack and I got many more to apply, how can I make it work out?
A5: This is where the headache began. You are referring to using a combo or a sequence of actions. When performing combos, you must include future actions in the future tense in another paragraph. Start it with “IF” and make the criteria that the players can see so they have what is coming at them. Know this; even if someone planned to use a combo on you, you do not have to take them all, but advisably, block or evade the first attack because once hit the first time, the follow-up attacks are more likely to succeed. Oh not ignore them, it will not grant you immunity, it actually counts as an automatic hit and do not pull the rabbit out of the hat on the defending part, no one likes a sleazy magician who tried to be Neo.

Q6: I have a plan and I wondered if plotted fights are allowed?
A6: No. No. And No. Definitely No. Plotted fights are considered boring and inadequate since anyone can predict the outcome like predicting who will win in World Wrestling Entertainment between The Rock and Kane. Keep the fight unplanned and people will keep guessing...if they did not know the outcome yet.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Guide To Brawling   Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:54 am

Fucking Sticky'd mate! Nice going here!


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The Guide To Brawling
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