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 Operation Earth Expansion: Gotei 13 Mission [Kingston, Jamaica; July 25th, 2415, 8:00 AM]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Operation Earth Expansion: Gotei 13 Mission [Kingston, Jamaica; July 25th, 2415, 8:00 AM]   Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:48 am

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 1852

Well, you couldn't win them all. Shin simply shrugged his shoulders, almost even ignoring Hayden till he mentioned how he didn't want to help the humans and Shin simply turned towards him with with a dark glare of sorts.

"Oi baka, I thought the Vanguard was all about protecting the humans? Do you honestly think we won't rebuild the things we destroy? The Gotei has a special budget specifically for that. And we are protecting them, despite your distrust. Now either help them, or leave. Neither me nor Tetsuya can afford to worry about babysitting you because you think you have something to prove. Want to prove your worth? If no civilians die I'll let you fight me like you want so badly. Be warned however, if you choose to do otherwise and join in the skirmish, I can't promise neither me nor Tetsuya will won't accidentally kill you, kid. Bankai"

Shin said with venom in his tone, his usually playful nature not in the mood to deal with what this kid thought was his duty versus what they needed him to do. Shin's own reiatsu spiking massively as he entered his Bankai state, his own reiatsu and shape changing. His clothing now garnered a black haiori and his reiatsu was sinister and lethal. The mere feel of it could easily make someone not used to it or prepared feel sick to their stomach. However, he wasn't using it for intimidation as, the moment he entered it, the entire Stealth Force he brought with him appeared, all clad in black and kneeling, waiting for his command as he brushed his hair over his head.

"Escort the civilians of of the city and into my barriers until we can create a safe passage for them elsewhere. While I'm gone, you're under his supervision. Obey this Vanguard until I return. Juri, take these and give one of them to him. You'll needed them to move in and out of the barriers without....dying. Tozansho."

Shin said as suddenly to the side of the camp, a five way layered pyramid of Reiatsu formed next to them., the outer layer of it and innermost layer of it being blue, while the rest where a greenish-grey as the five layer pyramid stood as a haven for the refugees. Shin then placed both of his hands together around two pieces of candy and as he did, both of them began to glow and radiate a green energy. They would act as keys to open or close the barriers while Shin was gone as he handed them to one of the Stealth force. He would soon place the other near Hayden before they would all suddenly disperse, along with Shin. The mere act of holding the candy would put a sense of death in any that held it due to the nature of Shin's reiatsu. Soon enough, Shin paused outside the city and emitted a certain pulse of reiatsu from his Bankai. It became a sort of morse code, though it was different. It was a code he was developing for the Stealth Force. He instructed them to also inform the Unabara that human safety was top priority if they weren't with Tetsuya. Shin also informed all involved to remove everyone from the center of the city, as that was where Shin was going to draw the enemy ranks so the outside guards would be distracted for the others to move. Soon enough, Shin entered the center of the city and unleashed his full reiatsu, immediately causing an outcry of demon screeches and hollow screams at sensing it now. Within a few moments, he could see waves of Gillian and demons beginning to form and circle towards the center, with the ones already there moving towards him. However, he immediately then saw surrounding him in a circle, the three Adjuchas surrounded him and smirked towards him. As a collection of Gillian began to prepare Cero, Shin merely shook his head.

"I'm more of a private party type myself, let's get intimate, shall we?"

Meanwhile, the scout continued observing as the Arrancar stood there for a moment, simply silent as the hollow screams occurred. He simply shook his head.

"Fools. I always forget the simplest of Hollow fall for the old buglamp trick. I'd normally say he's a fool also but, his energy reeks of death. I doubt they stand a chance against him. How about you?"

The Arrancar said as suddenly, hundreds of thousands of bees erupted from his form towards his back towards the scout. The Scout swiftly dodging and falling back as the Arrancar laughed and shook his head.

"You hide alot of things. I can't see you, smell you, or even hear your heart beat. But my senses are unique. As you see, I can control living things around me and even store them in me. But, how can one control even the tiniest of bugs so proficiently? It's simple. I can sense life energy. So unless you're gone from this world, I can find you. I can also do many things with the life I control. Cero Enjambre."

Upon saying this, something unusual happened. All the bees began to glow a bright red. But not just those bees. Mosquitos and other insects in the area did around where they were, the air looking like a see of fireflies of death as they moved around them and swarmed around himself. And then, some began to converge on their location, while others hit in a random fan all around them, though some still stayed as a defense. Each explosion would be akin to a low level Cero though in large numbers were a nuisance. The area lighting up with explosions before the Arrancar chuckled.

"That was just a demonstration. I doubt that even phased you. So allow me to make this fun. Manda a todos ellos, titiritero!"

A wave of reiatsu soon burst forth from the Arrancar in a wave, temporarily obscuring vision, before the dust settled. It's form was now covered in various shapes. Both of it's fists were surrounded with bright, pink petals of some sort of flower. It's eyes morphed to be more insect like, it had the wing's of a raven coming from it's arms, and wings of a bee coming from it's back. A long stinger protruded out of the center of it's chest. It's hollow mask acting as the base for the stinger. His head was shaped like a lion's however and he smirked towards them in his new form.

"I am Goragon the Controller. All life is at my control. And I can do with that life as I see fit. Regalo del Maestro."

Shortly enough, something unusual happened. The glowing red bees stopped glowing and then, grew larger in size till they were roughly the size of Tetsuya in weight. Their arms and legs extended into white, hollow-like appendages and each of them gained a Hollow mask and colors. Soon enough, each then moved in formation, some charging towards Tetsuya, while others circled around Goragon.

"Sinfonía de balas."

Shortly after this announcement, the Hollow Bees surrounding Goragon began to aim their stingers as they glowed a bright red and, while they rotated around him, began to rapid fire Bala from their stingers in all directions while rotating. The charging bees themselves would even get hit though, they were charging up their bodies with Cero Enjambre as they glowed red, now the force of the Cero being much stronger than before.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Operation Earth Expansion: Gotei 13 Mission [Kingston, Jamaica; July 25th, 2415, 8:00 AM]   Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:16 pm

So the situation was such that they were detected the fight was still very much in his favor. Tetsuya could he do it without releasing shikai was the question, the earth wrapped around the legs of Goragon. He tapped his toe he was gonna show this Arrancar something he'd never seen before, it was sudden and almost instant. The speed and extension of his Zanpakutō coming out of the sheath couldn't be followed. Tetsuya calmly thought about the distance of the attack he needed to do. He needed to kill the creature instantly, but how the earth crushed those legs. He glanced towards the being as spores fell around the area, in sealed form he could do a bit. Tetsuya didn't bother showing yet as he used a God Step. To move himself he vanished the bugs were left with an after image as he appeared in front and disappeared again. He cut the hollow seventy times over the body and vanished again. It wasn't over yet, he gripped the sword with two hands and came from above finally. He swung his sword down creating a force of gravity so powerful that the Arrancar in question wouldn't move. And Tetsuya was ready to follow up, the crushing force of his swing sent a cut down the path. No humans were harmed as he finished off the creature with relative ease he figured. But it wasn't over till he was certain, the amount of power and pressure in that swing was great. He raised his hand and that's when those two would understand. Spiritual pressure came from Tetsuya that massive, his spiritual energy was enormous. This was what made him different from some of the other Captains. Tetsuya's sheer reiatsu was a weapon for him, spores were flooding this place. As he stared towards the direction of his enemy, it was almost time to really begin. "You dead, or can I fight seriously?" Tetsuya wasn't lying as he released the pressure that came along with his power. It was like a shunko but just sheer power alone allowed him to blast things away. Tetsuya was a Hakuda demon and something to fear when he fought seriously.

Tetsuya wasn't going to allow this to slide freely, this arrancar made an error. Any npc who got close was going to get vaporized by Tetsuya's sheer crushing pressure. Only this arrancar if he lived stood a chance. Even if he did dodge the sword strike the blow and pressure would of taken something in turn. His eyes remained empty as he looked on, the earth shield around his skin creating a double skin for him. Would absorb damage from the bee's not to mention he moved far to quickly within God Step to really be followed. His eyes looked on as he raised his hand, detecting the signature of the hollow. he watched as he was prepared to fire a focus reiatsu blast into the creature. Everything depended on the amount of power that was given to him. Tetsuya gave the scout an unspoken signal as he walked forward. The entire place was covered in spores as plants began to grow around him, it was time to begin this battle. If this hollow had any skill at all the games would begin. Tetsuya wasn't about to just let this slide freely, everything was beginning to get fun. He'd entered into the main area, so too did the enemies. He side stepped and began simply knocking them away. His energy alone was enough to send these bugs flying, what else could they provide him. He was expecting more entertainment then this, how disappointing it was.

[center]Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]

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Operation Earth Expansion: Gotei 13 Mission [Kingston, Jamaica; July 25th, 2415, 8:00 AM]
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