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 The Chikaras Res-

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Chikaras Res-    Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:52 pm

  • Name Of Character: Sting Chikara
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: He’s at the relevant tier for the upgrade, if I’m not mistaken of-course.
    What Are You Upgrading:
    I’m presenting the Chikaras Resurrection. (You have to say that with a Spanish Accent)

    In terms of appearance, his golden hair turns black and gains length: his clothes are destroyed by the black electricity that resonates from his release but the area below his waist line is covered by what appear to be scales composed of carbon. His release is composed of abilities that originate from him and those that originate from his Hollow.

    For the most part, the Hollow maintains dominance in the relationship between the duo, primarily because of Sting limited Hollow Control.

    Carbon Clouds: In the release, the individual has the ability to release large black clouds of carbon that form compounds in the air that are similar to the composition of carbon monoxide. To most individuals the fumes would be rather deadly, however can only be maintained within a hundred meter radius of Sting immediate vicinity. When Sting releases into the state, the clouds are instantly generated for further manipulation. The clouds are somewhat thick and block both sight and reishi. This is an ability that stems from the inner hollows personality and general skill set. The cloud effectively removes traces of Sting presence while affecting the vision of his enemies.

    Carbon based skin density manipulation: Essentially what this allows is for carbon based properties to be applied to Sting skin. In this releases state he has patterns across his body that are made carbon. The carbon in those areas is really dense and can spread anywhere across the body at Stings will. As it spreads it increases the density of the area that it spreads to, essentially acting as another layer of defence. On a chemical level, the carbon particles are adsorbed onto the surface of Stings skin, while atop his skin, they converge, packing extremely close together. The density pars that of diamond because it isn’t held with covalent forces but is bound by reishi.

    Ascension: In his released state, Stings speed is maximised. This is because is primal instincts are invoked by the release. He loses the sense of a human and becomes more of an animal throughout the course of the release. It’s this and the compression of the excess spiritual energy that comes with the release that dramatically boosts his speed and reflexes. Throughout the course of the enhancement he acts on instinct. His hearing is advanced as is his sense of smell, hearing and touch. As a result of this, there are multiple triggers in the environment that prompt Stings response.

    Dos: All of the abilities that are available in the masked state are then available in the release.

    Destructo: This ability essentially revolves around close quarter combat. In the released state, Stings punches release immense force on impact. The ability closely resembles the Bankai release of the Vizard, Kensei Muguruma. When Sting punches an opponent, the damage dealt is at the explosive power of his maximum potential, regardless of the swing he took prior to the punch. In addition, as long as his fist remains in contact with the opponent, the opponents endlessly ‘assaulted’ by the power of his maximum capacity punches.

    In combination with the aforementioned, Sting can form the dense carbon around his fists to add a little more of a rough oomph to his punches. Upon contact, the carbon spreads across the opponent’s body for as long as Sting maintains contact.

    Carbon Burial: The carbon that’s bestowed upon the opponents body throughout the course of every punch will eventually spread across the whole body, provided that there is enough available. The carbon will proceed to spread and alter its configuration, tarnishing the opponents own reishi by combining their reishi with that of a hollow. The opponent will find it difficult to move his/her limbs while engulfed in the carbon. Over a period of a post, the carbon will effectively aim to take over the opponent’s body in a sense of immobilizing it through binding with the fibres that hold the being together, be it skin or reishi.

    Once the aforementioned is successful, Sting will release a single punch that will shatter the structure that is created by the carbon/opponent combination. The carbon pieces will take reishi with them as they shatter, making it difficult for the reishi to recede. Even if the final strike isn’t performed, the opponents will be scarred with the carbon which will spread across their body almost like a disease. If only small proportions of carbon are on the opponent’s body they have thirty five posts before the carbon fuses with the carbon from the atmosphere and proceeds to spread further across the opponent’s body, turning them into nothing but a statue of sorts.

    Black Brother Cero: The cero forms in between Stings horns and is amplified depending on the environment that it’s deployed in. If the cero is deployed in a carbon dense environment such as earth, the cero will generate a network between the carbon molecules which will create a web of energy that releases the cero over a much larger area than that of a regular cero. The Cero itself is Black in color and decimates anything in its path. If it comes in contact with an opponent it spreads carbon across their body, the very same carbon that his punches spread; it’s this carbon that later allows for Carbon Burial to be used. Prolonged exposure allows for more carbon to spread and for more of the individual to be destroyed. At point blank range, this will instantaneously release carbon into the opponents body which will catalyse the process leading to the need of Carbon Burial.

  • Any Extra Notes: Happy Roleplaying!

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Chikaras Res-    Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:04 am


I'll go ahead and approve you with the stipulation that it will be unlocked in his next heavy fight with a 0 tier character; or major event/mission. So you have semi-approval for now and I'll be moving it to accepted upgrades.


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The Chikaras Res-
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