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 Invasive Species (Operation Discovery)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Invasive Species (Operation Discovery)    Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:30 am

"Wow..." was all that Pierre said as he exited the gates and stepped into the Sugiura Dimesion. The Sun? was shining and the skies were the clearest blue. Everything looked so similar, if not identical to the human realm. "This is so strange" he thought to himself as he started to walk through the realm. This wasnt the first time he had left the human realm, he had gone as far as the Soul Society, but that could really just be considered an extension of the human realm, since that is where all living things went after they died, usually.

Being a Nature Iramasha he could feel the nature energy that made up everything, and here it was.... strange. He felt like he didnt belong. It wasnt as if the energy was unwelcoming or telling him to leave,he just felt out of place. It was that feeling of feeling welcome in a place, but you can tell you are different, that feeling that everyone is watching you.

He walked around for a little while in the direction of what seemed like a quaint village. On the way he came across a large tree, this was the perfect moment to see what nature felt here. He walked over to the tree and put his hand on it. The tree felt normal energy wise, but he felt as if it was eerily different. Being the Nature Iramasha of Plants he wanted to investigate further. He easily pushed on of his hands into the tree. It felt like a normal tree did, besides the whole slightly unwelcome feeling he was getting from everywhere. He pulled his hand out and said to himself "How curious."

He continued to walk towards the town, remembering why he was really here. He was here to help with relations between Iramasha and Sugirua, and in his case it was to open relations with the NAture Iramasha. It really did seem like they were a secluded bunch. They were very few of them and they tended to be a little busy making sure the world was working properly, in a sense.

He walked into the quaint looking village, as some of the locals obviously stared at him. Since he was A nature Iramasha, he didnt count as something that was "living" in a sense, even though one of his attributes as the only plant Iramasha at the moment was life. He basically had a very small, almost none existent spirit signature.

And well there he was. He would talk to anyone who would approach him. That was what he was there for.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Invasive Species (Operation Discovery)    Mon Jul 27, 2015 8:13 pm