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 Julius Smith [Approved 1-5] [1-4 in Release]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Julius Smith [Approved 1-5] [1-4 in Release]   Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:04 pm

• Name: Julius Smith
• True Age: Around 400 years
• Appearance Age: 10 years
• Gender: Male
• Orientation: Serves under the Denava Of Creation.

• Appearance: Julius in his height barely reaches 5 feet. He weights around 60 pounds, but it is quite possible, that ten pounds are his clothes and Zanpakutō. In appearance, people couldn't give him more, then ten years. The arrancar has big, wide, blue eyes, in a light teal tone. Julius skin isn't pale, but also it couldn't be called as tanned. A cute, pink tone. On forehead he has a blue mark, his knights symbol. The boy has snow white hair and two bone ears on his head, not counting the real ones which are well hidden in his massive hair. Two white fox tails comes out from the place, they should come out.

The Arrancar clothe are a traditional priests jōe, changed a bit to match the boys style. In the lower part it had been made shorter, so the long end won't get in the way, while he is running. The arms of jōe are longer, reaching almost the ground. Talking about legs, he has white socks, maybe a bit too big for him, on. Julius wears black sandals which are attached to his leg with long, red threads. They had been wrapped around his legs. Around the Arrancar waste a shimenawa, sacred rice rope, had been tied, holding his blades sheet horizontally. While sandals are black and strings are red, everything else had been kept in white and blue tones. Also, attached to the shimenawa is a small bag, but, as other had learned, it can hold more, then it seams.

• Bone Appearance: Two bone ears comes out of his head. The outer part is white, while the inside is black.

• Hollow Hole: A quite large hole can be found on his back. It is covered with his jōe.

• Reiatsu Colour: Teal

Before resereccion:
Hipper active: Like a kid, Julius seems as he would contain endless energy. He is doing something all the time, moving, jumping, running around and so. It seems, that there isn't a moment, when the arrancar isn't doing something. This activity can also be heard, when he is speaking. Like kid, words sometimes blur together, making it hard for others to understand Julius mumbling. The only time, when this hipper activity seas to run this Arrancar body, is when he has to do something for his mission.
Loyal: Maybe he looks, as ten years old, but actually the arrancar had lived enough, to learn what loyalty means. He will never lie, never betray or otherwise act against his friends, work colleagues or master. Of course, this loyalty has its limits. He will never give his life for others, then his mater, believing that there is a bigger goal waiting for him somewhere in the future.
Curious:[/b] The boy is curious and he is curious about everything! He wants to know why, when and now you did it. Julius is one of those people, who enjoys seeing "what's inside the teddy". And yes, that means, he is also ready to go through cutting your guts open for the answer. But usually it doesn't go that far.
Julius was and still is cruel. If asked, the boy would try to convince, it isn't on purpose. He wants to be nice and good, and all of that, but sometimes people are so weak and miserable, that his leg slips and they are moaning in agony next moment. Then apologizing has no real meaning and the arrancar just puts them out of their misery. Pleading for mercy is something, people shouldn't do in front of him. Julius hates it, thinking that it is the lowest state a living being can go. If you start to plead, the boy takes extra time to kill you.
After resereccion:
Now, after his resereccion, Julius becomes more matured, but also more teen like. He acts, as if all the world would be in his palm and brags with his power, like mad. Usually his enemies think, that it is amusing and take him lightly...a mistake in deed. In a real fight, Julius becomes serious, determined and quiet. He won't waste words or actions to brag off or something like that. His eyes will be fixed to his opponent and his opponent only. If he will find a weakness in the enemy, the warrior will try to exploit it.

• History: Every story should start with the birth. It can be a birth of a new order, birth of a country, birth of love or, something as simple and complicated as birth of a child. Julius parents were residents of one of few left isolated Japanese temples. Far in the mountains, it didn't have almost any connections with the civilization. This was the reason, why the servants of the temple grew older, but no one new came to help. That time, when he was born, the boys parents were as poor, as poor you can get. They didn't have home to live in and food was a problem too. Hearing about their situation and the fact, that they were expecting a unwanted child, messenger from the temple came to ask, if they don't want to give the kid, in exchange for a fair sum and a place to live, until the baby comes into the world. For the parents it was a gift sent from heaven. People, who would take on their burden of a child, plus, would ease a bit their financial weight.

After 5 months Julius came into the world and the parents left, without hesitation. About this, of course, the boy would never found out. The priests told him, that his parents died in a accident, wishing him to serve for the temple rest of his life. Years passed. As a child, he grew isolated from the world. No friends, no family, only old temple priests, that was in hurry to make him also into one. So the years passed, until he became fifteen. An age, when a young man would want to travel cross the world, meet new people and find goals to fulfil. For him it wasn't like that. He still was trapped far in the mountains. About what happens outside of the temples walls he learned from a rare travellers, that were going through the mountain, on which his prison was built.

That was the year he died and his revenge bloomed. It was supposed to be his initiation into priests. No one asked, if he wanted to, but the time he didn't care. The boy realized, that, after this, his body and soul will be owned by the temple. Memories of what happened that day was foggy. The morning came as always...then he had the first ceremony, where his sins were washed away in cold mountain lake...then the smoke and heat...arms touching him.
Few days later Julius died from fewer. His body was too weak and, together with no will power, it was bound to happen. Upon leaving his body, he first felt relieved, that this all is over, but then he heard the priests say, while standing around his dead body, that it was meant to happen. It was faith and nothing more. Non existing blood boiled in his dead veins, hearing those...those bastards say something like that. Julius felt a sharp pain in his chest, but it made his anger only greater. Suddenly something left his chest, something dear to him. Everything faded.

Now, this story will continue with a new birth, birth of a Hallow. The temple was in chaos and one of the reasons were the priests them selves. Like you can imagine, Julius became a Hollow. It was a quick process, where his grieve and anger had become a huge amount of power. How did he use it, you ask? First, the boys idea was to just kill them, as they did it with him, but it didn't In the place he choose to make this temple a prison, as it was for him. And what is a prison, without suffering. This Hollow had a magnificent ability to take over ones heart. It let him control his targets, whisper dark thoughts in him or make he see things, that aren't actually real. So he played with the temples residents, making them go mad and, when their spirits were broken, killing them. Everything like this lasted for three years, until there was only one priest left. The poor guy was scared, everyone had died and the remains of last one was just terrible. The priest had been literately smeared across the wall of the room, where Julius once lived. But now he wanted to leave this place. Wanted to go and find someone new to play. The last one was the key.

Again, he possessed the man, but this time made him think, that it is time to leave. Leave this possessed temple, where his all his brothers had died. Julius wondered, why the old fool didn't think of this himself sooner. So, finally, after so many years, he left the temple. Soon after entering the first big city, the old man also died, but a bit more peacefully, then the others. For some time Julius played with random by passers. Possessing still was his favourite way to kill and he kept to that. It was, of course, before he found a new game to play.

In hospital, new born section, the Hollow possessed the pure hearts of only recently born babies. After that he was taken to home, cared, loved. He let the kids grow around seven, eight years, lived as any kid would live and then...made his victim die. It was so fun to see crying mothers and broken fathers. Usually he would suck out the child soul in the most inappropriate times. Like, in the kids birthday. Or, while eating dinner. You should see the look on peoples faces. After done with one, he would start on another. This also was a good way to hide from the pesky Shinigami, that were going around purifying Hollows.

Of course, it lasted until the moment his hole started to starve for something more then human souls. The first trip to Hueco Mundo. About that phase of his life there isn't much to tell. Actually he doesn't remember it so well. Only that he was pissed off, when becoming a Gillian. How someone dares to interfere with his games, it was unforgivable. Soon he took again control of things and Gillian after a Gillian he grew into a adjucha. Now his toys were other adjuchas. Julius didn't as much posses them, as fool with them. Tease them, pretending to be a scared weakling...and then scaring the shit out of them, when less expected. You can imagine, that it wasn't as fun, as his previous game, but adjuchas souls were more fulfilling, then any child could ever be...Even, if they weren't as fun.

Now the last part of this story. Happened maybe ten years after he became adjucha, when a force, far more powerful, then anything he had felt before, actually stole him. It was a place, never before seen by his eyes. Like matter would shape into someones mind, creating the most impossible, but beautiful things. In the middle of the beauty a creature, bigger then life, stood. It seemed, that he is made out of pure night sky. Stars and planets could be seen flowing in the figure. He held Julius in his palm, like a pea and stared with calm look. When it spoke, it seemed, that the words would come out of his own mind and it seemed weird.

• Sealed Zanpakutô: The Zanpakutō is shorts. Its blade is no more then 1 feet long and for actual fight maybe even useless. The swords hilt is white, wrapped with light blue ribbon.

• Racial Abilities:
Bala (虚弾 (バラ), Bara; Spanish for "Bullet," Japanese for "Hollow Bullet") a technique of firing his hardened spiritual pressure against his enemies. Less powerful than a Cero, but it can be successively fired at 20 times the rate.

Cero (虚閃 (セロ), Sero; Spanish for "Zero," Japanese for "Hollow Flash," "Doom Blast" in the Viz translation) a powerful spiritual light fired by Menos Grandes and Arrancar.

Descorrer (解空(デスコレール), Desukorēru; Japanese for "Loosed Void", Spanish for "Drawing Back/Opening"): A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo.

Garganta (黒腔 (ガルガンタ), Garuganta; Spanish for "Throat", Japanese for "Black Cavity") is how Arrancar and Hollows are able to move in and out from Hueco Mundo. It is a spiritual pathway connecting the Arrancar's world, Hueco Mundo, to other worlds. Besides the World of the Living and the Soul Society, it can also open the gates of the Dangai and K-World. A turbulence of Reishi blows within Garganta. To move through it, travellers must create footholds using the Reishi.

Hierro (鋼皮 (イエロ), Iero; Spanish for "Iron," Japanese for "Steel Skin") An Arrancar's outer skin with high spiritual hardness that serves as armor.

Pesquisa (探査回路 (ペスキサ), Pesukisa; Spanish for "Inquiry," Japanese for "Probe Circuit") An Arrancar ability to measure and locate spiritual pressure.
For him, this ability is especially strong. He use this often to locate hollows and Arrancar, that can be his potential play mates. It is weird, but in the same time, while being great at sensing creatures, he can poorly hide his own presence, what comes unhandy, when playing hid and seek.

Enchants Sonído (響転 (ソニード), Sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound," Japanese for "Sound Ceremony") The Arrancar equivalent to a Shinigami's Shunpo.
Julius Sonido is especially fast, giving him the ability to move as some of the greatest in Execution Squad. Even those in Espada should be hard to hit or even see him. This also can be seen in the Arrancar movements and attacks.

Howl Cero: This is Julius substitute for Grand Ray Cero. Loading it in his mouth, the boys cheeks grows larger and larger and then, with a huge gasp, he lets out a huge amount of energy in teal colour. Like the Grand Ray Cero, it disrupts everything around him and destroys the environment around it and everyone, that gets in its way. This attacks makes him fatigued for a post.

Keen senses:[i] It seems that Julius has very high senses even for Arrancar. With his eyes, the boy can see up to 4000 feet and hear even further. He can smell things up to 3000 feet and hear things up to 2500 feet. Of course, this all comes with problems too. Things, that are too loud, can create headaches for him. Too bright light can blind him much easier, then others and strong odours can make him sick, if he gets too close to them.

[i]Raptures Claws:
The Arrancar hardens his spirit pressure around his nails, creating teal coloured claws. They are sharp and can easily cut through most hierro. These nails can be kept active as long, as Julius wants, but, if he uses cero or bala, while this tech is active, starts the cooldown of five posts.

Master Weapon smith:Julius is a master blacksmith, but this talent comes from his master/God, not from himself. He can create weapons equal to zanpakutōs, but the way how they are created, differs from the way shinigami weapons were crafted. The boy sometimes spends days in his smith, melting, moulding and shaping the spirit material to create only one weapon. While doing this, he believes, that this is shaping a sinless body. The main ingredient in his weapons are the souls essences he extracts.

Gate To Nirvana: Julius palm disappears into the air. Then a "click" can be heard and a Seikaimon type door appear from nowhere. When opened, a yellow and red light could be seen coming from it. This is a portal to the boys palace. Home, where he resides, not bothered by anyone. The gate can be opened only by him, his master and other masters knights.

Master Swordsman: Maybe it doesn't seam like, Julius is master fighter with swords. Usually it can be seen, when he is using one of his blades, that were forget before or, when in his Resereccion. The reason, why he doesn't use his own zanpakutō, is that, when pulled out, the Arrancar automatically enters his release form and it isn't always needed.

• Unique Abilities:
Gift of God:
Extraction Ritual: One of abilities, given by his master, is to remove souls essence. It's a ritual, that requires only, that he chants the incantation and touches the targets chest. The extractions target is paralysed, when spirit energy starts to leave his body and enter the boys palm, but after the chants post, Julius needs to stand still for a post, in which time everyone can disrupt the ritual. Although the target may be too weak to use any attacks. Until now he had tried it only on hollows and in the result they crumble into dust, leaving a small, shiny ball in the Arrancar palm. Incantation:
I hear your screams, the pain you are in!
I hear the suffering,
I can hear your pleading!
Come and join me!
Come to the light!
Leave this shell!
This body, that had served long enough!
It is time to create...
...And be created!

In the appearance it was mentioned, that a shimenawa had been wrapped around his waste and held the sheet of Julius sword. Well, this rice rope was also one of gifts, given by his master. If someone would try to attack the boy from the back, steal his zanpakutō or something like that, this enemy would come to a painful conclusion. The shimenawas knot on his back, when sensing a opponent, would untie itself quickly and with a speed of Julius Sonido wrap around the enemy. Then the trapped person could only get free, if using strength of advanced and up or using on it something like cero or stronger. If broken free, the ropes would return in their original form, on his back, and regenerate after two posts. While wrapped in these ropes the targets spirit energy is slowly being drained and he can't use any powers, only his physical strength.

While this is his defence for back attacks, he has another set of these ropes, hidden in his long jōe's arms. No one knows from where they come, but the Arrancar can unleash from every arm five shimenawas. Like the one on back, this too has a high probability of suppressing a variety of abilities, when wrapping the enemy and drains its energy. The difference from the backs rope, is that this one can stretch as long, as needed and has a strength level, nearing masters. It can go through almost any material, but in the same time, frail enough to be cut by shikai level blade or something of cero power. If severed, the part of rope, that isn't connected with his arms falls down as a regular rope, while the part, that is connected with his arm still can manipulate and act. On low energy level Julius can't use shimenawa. When entering resereccion the rice rope disappears.

Arena of Divines: A spell to create a field, a high-class barrier, that is very hard to enter or exit and extremely difficult to bypass. When the chant is spoken, from sky drops six giant pillars, surrounding the 500 feet radius. Between them milky white shield forms, enclosing the area in a dome. Because of the constant night, this dome, if formed, could be seen anywhere in Hueco Mundo, because of its size and light it emits. The dome is around 400 feet height and reaches around 300 feet under ground. You should be around tier 0-5 to brake out of it! The field will last, until there is only one fighting capable person. The Chant:
I call upon my Fathers soul!
I call upon my Mothers wisdom!
Guide me into this conquest!
Guide me into this victory!
I ask you for your blessing!
Let me battle for your honour!

Flames Of The Sinner: Blue flames surrounds the target, dealing damage, based on the targets reishi. If he hold greater power, the damage will be also greater. If he holds lesser power, the damage will also be quite small. For this attack Julius needs a special talisman. Usually the Arrancar keeps ten talismans in his bag, whenever he leaves his palace. After using a talisman, target becomes immune to its effect for the next two posts. The talisman needs to be attached to the enemy, for him to burst in blue flames.

The Breath Of The Serpent: Calling upon the force of his God/master, the Arrancar can collect energy in his body. When released, the energy raises high up in the sky and forms into a giant Chinese dragon, made from teal coloured energy. Then the beast strikes at his enemy. If three times it misses, then the beast just disappears, but, if it hits its target, it would be like a essence of brute force would have taken the body and was trying to rip it in all directions. To outspeed this dragon, the target should need to have a sonido of adept or more. This attack goes through any hierro. The drawback is that for the next post Julius will be unable to react, for the great power of the holly energy had weakened his body a bit.

The Moons Blessing: Reaching his hands up in the sky and chanting lets him use this spell-like ability. On ground silver flowers start to bloom, creating a delicate, sweet scent. This spell lasts for four posts and after chanting this, the post ends.
Everyone in the field sees their most deepest desires to come true. While wonderful, this spell mixes the illusion with reality. Plus, the field not only shows the person his desires, but also other people desire, who are in the field. To shake this spell of...stop breathing.


Unique Hollow ability:
Julius can posses a target, that is a tier weaker, then him. The possession lasts for ten to twelve posts, if the targets willpower is advanced. If it is mastered, then the possession lasts for 7 posts, but, if it is adept or lower, then the possession can last to twenty posts. While possessing someone, he can access their powers. The minus for this power is that, if alerted about his presence, the Arrancar can't invade the targets heart. For this to work, the target mustn't be in alerted state. When preforming this tech, Julius turns into blue flame, that hits its targets chest.

• Resereccion Name: Zorro

• Resereccion Release Phrase: Crecer, Zorro!

• Release Actions: The Arrancar just pulls out his zanpakutō from the sheet. Teal coloured energy wraps around him, destroying all the clothing. A faint scent of temple candles could be felt in the air.

• Resereccion Appearance: When the light fades, in place of the little boy, anyone would see a teen. Julius height now would be around six to seven feet. While not huge, his body would seem much muscular. In place of his two wolf kind ears, now half of his face would be covered with a white wolfs mask. In the place of his ears, two long, white horns could be seen. The teen now wears a solid iron armour and a huge broad sword is attached to his back. Also, he has a bit unpractical cape on his back.

• Resereccion Abilities:
The Arrancar strength, speed and defence is dramatically augmented. In this form he can even surpass master level. Also, all his racial and hollow unique power is raised in power.

Blue Force: Teal colored energy wraps around a body part of the Arrancar, making this part stronger and more durable. For example, if covering his swords blade, the male could easily cut through Grand Ray Cero and so.

Massive Spirit Energy: Now Julius spirit energy overflows his body, creating a teal colored layer of energy. Like a hierro, it defends, but fairly surpasses the strongest of the original. Now everyone, even with little skill in sensing spirit energy, can feel his power and how great it is.

Raptures Slash: Hardened spirit energy goes around his blade, making it again glow in teal color. With a slash, the male releases this energy, making the energy slash like Cero Obscura. After this kind of attack, the Arrancar needs to wait for a post to do it again.

Extensions Of The Sword: Using this ability, lets Julius create different types of energy blades. One type is a wave of hundreds of swords, made of hardened reishi, to attack the place, where the Arrancar points his sword. Another type is, when he trusts the blade into the ground, making the earth around him erupt in twenty beams of cero like energy. Then he can also make his blade extend longer, but the extension is made out of teal, compressed cero, making it more stronger, but not so explosive. All these attacks have a cooldown of 3 posts.

Giant Within: Like with the dragon, for four posts Julius can push out a giant medieval knight, made of teal coloured energy. He raises in the size of Gillian and have a massive destructive power. It repeats the Arrancar movements and lasts for four posts. This ability can be used twice per thread.

Battle Ground: Julius spirit pressure slowly turns from teal to red. Then it flows and covers a field of two hundred feet, him being the fields centre. Everyone in this field feels a rush of strength flowing through their veins, making them stronger. The drawback is that it makes their power burn out twice as fast. This is a passive ability and Julius is immune to its effects.

Twin Tail: Maybe the Arrancar most effective ability is to create a perfect copy of himself. It lasts for ten posts and has all the same attributes, as the original. Including his bad temper. Can be used once in a thread.

(Leave the skills alone until the application is approved. You can then go back and add them if you want to)

General Skills

  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

Racial Skills

  • Perquisa: Advanced
  • Sonido: Master
  • Cero/Bala: Advanced
  • Hierro: Adept

• RP Sample: (Roleplay as if you were making a thread on the site. This gives us an insight as to how you would RP)

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Julius Smith [Approved 1-5] [1-4 in Release]   Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:48 pm


I'm leaving this stamp of approval here because this character was associated with Nix's old account. I'm saying that this was previously approved and is just being moved to a new account.


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Julius Smith [Approved 1-5] [1-4 in Release]   Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:02 am

Placing this char within inactive chars due to member activity.

If you wish for this to be moved back to Approved please feel free to post within this thread

Staff Help Thread


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[adm]Removing this character from inactive and placing it into active characters as per request.[/adm]


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[adm]Moved to death application upon request:


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Julius Smith [Approved 1-5] [1-4 in Release]
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